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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 10/5/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - No Featured Members

(1:00 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

(1:21 PM)1glen was kicked out by 1glen!

jfd says(1:24 PM):

I thought that with the China addition to the SDR basket that our dollar would go down in value not up.Economist wrong again as usual.

Okie Dinar says(1:37 PM):

Big drop in gold prices up to 208, 000 Iraqi dinar

Hits count 30 date 05/10/2016-18:52

-Economy Baghdad.

Gold price fell from Iraqi 21, Wednesday, to 208 000 of counterweight.

The price of gold today, 21 mm Iraqi 208 thousand, and 340 dinars, while in the past four days, 214 000 to a counterweight.

It is said that one of five gold counterweight fines.

Okie Dinar says(1:38 PM):

State - owned companies have indicated their willingness for the reconstruction of liberated areas

Views 49 Date 10/05/2016 - 18:47

Economy News / Baghdad ...

General Company for the design and implementation of projects announced one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals full readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of the affected areas in Anbar and Salahuddin province.

The center said Director of Information and Public Relations at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a statement received "Economy News," a copy of it today, "The company is fully prepared to participate in the reconstruction of the affected areas of vital facilities and infrastructure, roads, bridges and the reconstruction of buildings and power plants and also water treatment plants, so come through the efforts and expertise of the company in this area, where the company has the reconstruction of bridges in the province of Basra Fayhaa bridge and bridge navigational aperture ".

And the company's general manager Issam Kazim said that "the company and through engineering and technical cadres, high-efficiency and experience accumulated prepared fully to contribute to the reconstruction of the affected areas," adding that "the company's many projects across the country from northern Iraq until the south as projects of electricity in Baghdad and Babylon and Anbar, a project of modern villages in Najaf and the establishment of industrial cities in Dhi Qar and Basra, and many of the major projects that the company executed in favor of the government departments in the governorates of Iraq. "

Okie Dinar says(1:38 PM):

Both from MadDScout :)

(1:46 PM)loop was kicked out by loop!

(2:00 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

Okie Dinar says(2:05 PM):

Oil rises in us crude inventories drop support

Hits count 22 date 05/10/2016-19:11

Economy News/follow.

Oil prices have escalated. early trading Wednesday, after a report on us stocks may drop for the fifth consecutive week, but crude contracts remained close to the level of $ 50, which he sees as many traders currently fair value of oil.

By 06:49 GMT ascended WTI futures to $ 49.22 per barrel increased 53 cents or 1.1 percent from the last adjustment.

Global measurement ore rose Brent to 51.38 dollars per barrel increased 51 cents or one percent.

Traders said the rise in prices is largely due to a report from the American Petroleum Institute released late Tuesday, showed that crude stocks in the United States probably fell for the fifth consecutive week by 7.6 million barrels.

Us energy information Administration will announce official figures for stocks, but analysts polled by Reuters predicted that the opinions Department report shows increase in crude stocks by 2.6 million barrels in the week ending September 30.

(2:07 PM).OkieDinarCOPY changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:08 PM):

I'll be around if you need me :) Thank you for copying!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(2:08 PM):

Thanks for what you do for everyone. Now go have fun

Okie Dinar says to 1bobby(2:08 PM):

I will :) Thanks!

1bobby says to Okie Dinar(2:08 PM):

You betcha

larrykn says(2:11 PM):

O no 1Bobby is in control ,,, watch out :D (lol)

1bobby says to larrykn(2:14 PM):

lol I think subby and all you guy's still worry when I have the helm :)

1bobby says to larrykn(2:14 PM):

How ya been?

larrykn says(2:14 PM):

not really , we know we are in good hands :)

larrykn says(2:14 PM):

doing good ty an yourself,, ready for tomorrow night

1bobby says to larrykn(2:15 PM):

That's great. Know what, me too :) I hope it's fun for everyone

larrykn says(2:15 PM):

I'm sure it will go well :)

1bobby says to larrykn(2:16 PM):

Just something to do towards the end of the week type thing. Hopefully people enjoy it and we all (including me) learn a lil something

larrykn says(2:17 PM):

sure we will

larrykn says(2:17 PM):

I'm hoping the end of this ride is about over

1bobby says to larrykn(2:18 PM):

I'm hoping it's over before 6:30pm cst on Thursday lol

larrykn says(2:18 PM):

lol I can understand that lol

1bobby says(2:21 PM):

Economist: restrict economic activity with Turkey is a pressure card to withdraw troops from Iraq

By sd sd -October 5, 2016 Treasures Media / follow-up

Durgham competent economic affairs Mohammed Ali called on the Iraqi government to invite companies to cut travel tours to Turkey , noting that restrict economic activity with Turkey the most powerful leverage to force it to withdraw its troops from Iraqi soil .

He said in a statement that government pressure measures can be imposed on Turkey to change its stance toward Iraq , stressing that it is possible to instruct the Commerce Department to restrict the granting of import from Turkey licenses except in the case of essential commodities and the ruling reduced remittances by Iraqi banks and the central bank to Turkey of the minimum" .

He noted that "restrict trade and tourist traffic would harm the Turkish economy billions of dollars without affecting the Iraqi economy but on the contrary, it will reduce the volume of imports and the drain of foreign currency ."

He continued, "This method is the most powerful leverage over Turkey that Iraq is considered a promising market for investment and trade." http://www.knoozmedia.com/159790/%D8...9%84%D8%A7%D9%

1bobby says(2:22 PM):

That Turkey thing is getting weird. Ty Romello

(2:31 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

clay says to 1bobby(2:31 PM):

thanks bobby :)

1bobby says(2:35 PM):

You betcha

1bobby says(2:36 PM):

Here's tomorrow's Parliament agenda

1bobby says(2:36 PM):

Parliament will hold its meeting tomorrow in the presence of al-Jaafari

2016/10/5 21:08

[Oan- Baghdad]

Hold the House, its regular, on Thursday, in the presence of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

And it includes the agenda of the meeting, according to the information department of the parliament "vote on the draft support doctors law, voting in principle to the draft second amendment to the law the abolition of the legal provisions that prohibit courts from hearing lawsuits No. 17 of 2005, the first reading of a proposal to protect the diversity and prevent discrimination law."

It also includes directing "an oral question to the Foreign Minister of MP Hanan al, and report and discuss the draft law of the government banks, and report and discuss the Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act."

The table also includes a "report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law take care of minors No. 78 of 1980, a report and discussion of the proposed First Amendment law of the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 as amended, and the report and discuss the proposal of the First Amendment to the law of the Iraqi Media Network No. 26 of 2015 Act, and report and discuss the proposal ownership of low-income residential land law. "

It would be "for the discussion about the follow-up to water and electricity file, and the formation of a joint committee on the subject of media reports accusing some senior Oil Ministry officials of corruption issues" on the agenda.

1bobby says(2:47 PM):

Representative of Iraq at the UN Security Council: the government is moving internationally Turkish intervention

2016/10/5 21:57

[Oan- Baghdad]

Representative of Iraq at the UN Security Council, Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, said that the Iraqi government began to act internationally on the Turkish intervention.

Hakim said in a press statement, that "the Office of the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister told us to meet with President of the Security Council and has already been done to explain the position of Iraq from Turkish violations and also we met with Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Odhna Iraq's position on the violations and statements of Turkey and the Turkish parliament to extend the stay of troops violations and clear." .

He added that "the President of the Security Council was fully Mtvhma to the situation in Iraq as well as the deputy secretary and I consider that the situation is serious and will contact the UN envoy in Iraq to clarify that."

Hakim stressed that "there is support for the position of Iraq to the Turkish violations and not as a resolution under Chapter VII of the Turkish troops out."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives yesterday voted to reject the decision of the Turkish parliament to extend the survival of Turkish forces into Iraqi territory [in the northern city of Mosul] Iraqi government and called for consideration of these "occupied and hostile" forces while taking mutatis to deal with them and taking them out of the Iraqi territory if it does not respond to Iraqi demands with demand from the competent judicial authorities by moving the litigation to hold accountable the claimants to enter the Turkish troops and launch support statements and justifying their existence. "

The Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador to leave for Iraq to clarify the remarks "provocative" the last of his country's officials about the upcoming battle of Mosul.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called last Sunday, to maintain the demographics of the city of Mosul, after its liberation from Daesh, "then where inhabitants have all different ethnic backgrounds."

1bobby says(2:47 PM):

Good move Iraq :)

(2:52 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

Ame says(2:53 PM):

if anyone knows anyone on the East coast of Fl please stay in touch with them they are about to be SLAMMED by Matthew

clay says to Ame(2:54 PM):

thanks Buddy

clay says to Ame(2:54 PM):

be safe

Ame says(2:54 PM):

yw Clay

Ame says(2:55 PM):

Gov Scott has ordered a mandatory coastal evac 4 S Fla

clay says to Ame(2:55 PM):

gonna be a rough weekend for many

Ame says(2:55 PM):


clay says to Ame(2:55 PM):

many are already heading up to Greenville SC

Ame says(2:55 PM):

I just went through my list to include running my Genny getting ready

clay says to Ame(2:56 PM):

gonna disrupt my hunting plans

clay says to Ame(2:56 PM):


Ame says(2:56 PM):

so Banbi lives another weekend Eh ?

clay says to Ame(2:57 PM):

lots of peanut butter and water

Ame says(2:57 PM):


clay says to Ame(2:57 PM):

time will tell lol

Ame says(2:57 PM):

I have a gen adequate to run my entire home with out working ti hard

Ame says(2:57 PM):


Ame says(2:57 PM):

and we are on a well so water is no issue

clay says to Ame(2:58 PM):


Ame says(2:58 PM):

I have the capacity to store almost 100 gallons of gasoline

Ame says(2:59 PM):

and a LP Stove in teh garage with 2 100# tanks full

clay says to Ame(2:59 PM):

you r ready :)

(3:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

RickeyT says to Ame(3:03 PM):

you sound like a prepper, how much ammo do you have?

clay says to RickeyT(3:04 PM):


clay says to RickeyT(3:04 PM):

hey there buddy

RickeyT says to clay(3:04 PM):

how are you?

clay says to RickeyT(3:05 PM):

good thanks less stressed

clay says to RickeyT(3:05 PM):

taking my son hunting in SC this weekend

RickeyT says to clay(3:05 PM):

did you hit a windfall?

clay says to RickeyT(3:05 PM):

I wish

clay says to RickeyT(3:05 PM):

how have you been

RickeyT says to clay(3:06 PM):

trying to gain a little strength, this chemo has helped slow things down, but, you know how it is, I don't like losing who I was

RickeyT says to clay(3:08 PM):

I am going to buy a magneto phone

RickeyT says to clay(3:08 PM):

and a bigger net

clay says to RickeyT(3:10 PM):


clay says to RickeyT(3:10 PM):

I'm with ya bud

clay says to RickeyT(3:10 PM):

day at a time

RickeyT says to clay(3:10 PM):

hand pick my fillets

clay says to RickeyT(3:11 PM):

did your garden ever come back after the flood

RickeyT says to clay(3:12 PM):

turn the crank and wallah, floating fish steaks! Garden all drowned, didn't have the strenght to do it again

RickeyT says to clay(3:14 PM):

going to the White River in Arkansas Oct 24thru the 30th, trout fishing, without the magneto, they don't appreciate the fine art of "harvesting" there

clay says to RickeyT(3:15 PM):

well good luck and have fun

clay says to RickeyT(3:15 PM):


RickeyT says to clay(3:15 PM):

I will, going to try for the state record Brown, 39 pounds 4 oz

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:19 PM):

Just out of curiosity, is it a state record if you use a magneto?

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:20 PM):

no sir, I will only use that on my private ponds, I need to cull out some of the larger ones, getting way overpopulated

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:21 PM):

Nice. I wish you luck

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:21 PM):

Thank you.

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:21 PM):

going to try shad for the brown...

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:22 PM):

Fishing is such a fine art

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:22 PM):

the last time I went, I hooked 2 that would not fit in my net

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:22 PM):

Ever try Fly?

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:23 PM):

Tried it once, caught a 250 pound sucker, me!

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:23 PM):

Fly fishing i should say

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:23 PM):


1bobby says to RickeyT(3:23 PM):

Took me awhile to even get decent at it

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:23 PM):

almost removed my left ear

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:24 PM):

That's funny and very common

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:25 PM):

I generally do corn for the rainbows, or night crawlers, on ocaSSION CRAWDAD TAILS, SHAD DOES GREAT FOR BROWNS

clay says to RickeyT(3:25 PM):

wow 39lbs

Elane says(3:25 PM):

Just received a voice mail that Obama ison t.v.. talking about the Paris Agreement.... thats ALL I know

clay says to Elane(3:25 PM):


Elane says(3:25 PM):

Very welcome Clay!

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:25 PM):

Wasn't the Paris Agreement a climate based agreement

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:26 PM):

Bull Shoals has a trophy mounted at their visitors center, impressive!

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:26 PM):

Maybe one day we can have a Dinar Updates fishing tourney

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:26 PM):

it is about climate change

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:27 PM):

I am willing

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:28 PM):

Of course we'd all have brand new boats lol

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:29 PM):

a aluminum shoals boat

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:30 PM):

I am thinking a Red Fin

(3:30 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:31 PM):

I would REALLY like a amphibious track machine

1bobby says to RickeyT(3:31 PM):


clay says(3:32 PM):

I'd like a bank account ({)

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:32 PM):

get on a gravel bar or log, drive over it

baxter says(3:32 PM):

Me too Clay.... :)

1bobby says to clay(3:33 PM):


clay says to baxter(3:33 PM):

hey there buddy are you ready for some hurricane

RickeyT says to 1bobby(3:33 PM):

I have been shopping

baxter says(3:34 PM):

LOL... I just got back to Florida last night... been in OHIO.... wife finally let me fly her up there in my Mooney

clay says to baxter(3:34 PM):


woodywoodpecker says(3:34 PM):

hey clay, some of my friends are flying in from the east coast to get away from the hurricane so I have to find them some treesw to stay in

clay says to woodywoodpecker(3:34 PM):


woodywoodpecker says(3:34 PM):


baxter says(3:34 PM):

Hadnt been up with me in five years... we had some rough weather...and scared her to death... this trip was real smooth..

clay says to woodywoodpecker(3:34 PM):

I'll be in the woods myself

clay says to baxter(3:35 PM):


baxter says(3:35 PM):

we are supposed to get 40 to 50 MPH winds here

clay says to baxter(3:35 PM):

thats all

baxter says(3:35 PM):


baxter says(3:35 PM):

I live way inland

clay says to baxter(3:35 PM):


woodywoodpecker says(3:35 PM):

wow.....that would nearly blow me out of the trees

baxter says(3:35 PM):

you bet

clay says to baxter(3:35 PM):

thats right

RickeyT says to baxter(3:35 PM):

that is a normal day here

baxter says(3:35 PM):

:) woody

baxter says(3:37 PM):

its going to be bad around daytona beach though... they are even evacuating the hospitals..

clay says to baxter(3:38 PM):

my brothers in Boyton and I cant get in touch with him

baxter says(3:39 PM):

they will get hit pretty hard im afraid..

clay says to baxter(3:39 PM):

my brother?

baxter says(3:39 PM):


clay says to baxter(3:39 PM):


baxter says(3:39 PM):

My cousin lives there as well

clay says to baxter(3:39 PM):

was gonna tell him to come up here

clay says to baxter(3:40 PM):

he doesnt answer his phone

baxter says(3:40 PM):

some of the forecasts are showing it coming on shore near there... but others show it out to sea about 30 miles

baxter says(3:40 PM):

they just dont know yet

clay says to baxter(3:40 PM):

either way a 4 hurricane is bad

baxter says(3:40 PM):

yep... its huge

clay says to baxter(3:41 PM):

cant imagine

baxter says(3:41 PM):

400 miles across

baxter says(3:42 PM):

30 miles either way... is a huge wind difference....

Ame says(3:42 PM):

Clay have U spoken 2 ur bros?

Ame says(3:42 PM):

hiya Bax

clay says to Ame(3:42 PM):

only 1

baxter says(3:42 PM):

hi Ame..

Ame says(3:42 PM):

are U ready up there 4 thisw?

baxter says(3:42 PM):

I think so... I put all the pool stuff away..

Ame says(3:42 PM):

Otown is now under a hurricane warning not watch

baxter says(3:43 PM):

where are u

hutch says(3:43 PM):

Mr White is in Jax bch. You guys be careful

Ame says(3:43 PM):

40 miles S of U just off 27

clay says to hutch(3:43 PM):

hey bud... you aint kidding

baxter says(3:43 PM):

oh...ok.. I dont think we are going to get much over 50 MPH

Ame says(3:44 PM):

IF teh projected path verifies yes

Ame says(3:44 PM):

IF it doesn't I am ready

baxter says(3:44 PM):

I know... if it doesnt change..

Ame says(3:45 PM):

as luck wold have it I have a Tampa VA Eye appt 2morrow

baxter says(3:46 PM):

Oh.... you will be ok headed that direction

baxter says(3:47 PM):

They had a line of cars on the news 7 miles long over at Daytona... people getting sand bags... they were only allowed 10 bags... what are you going to save with ten sand bags..

Ame says(3:47 PM):

its coming home dialated I am concerned about

baxter says(3:48 PM):

traffic may be heavy... be careful

Ame says(3:48 PM):

I kow ALL back roads ;)

Ame says(3:48 PM):

I saw taht yikes

baxter says(3:49 PM):

you live near lake wales then?

Ame says(3:49 PM):

15 miles N

Ame says(3:49 PM):


baxter says(3:49 PM):


baxter says(3:50 PM):

that 27 traffic down there is terrible

baxter says(3:51 PM):

so much construction to Clermont..

Ame says(3:51 PM):

I never get on 27 going to VA

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby(3:51 PM):

i'm here if you want a break :)

Ame says(3:51 PM):

yes Di was telling me none here tho

baxter says(3:51 PM):

I got to eat.. see ya later..

Ame says(3:51 PM):

Digi did U get that fed ex notification email?

Ame says(3:52 PM):

be well

clay says(3:52 PM):

later Bax

DIGIman1 says to Ame(3:55 PM):


clay says to DIGIman1(3:55 PM):

hey buddy

1bobby says to DIGIman1(3:55 PM):

Sure you want me to do a copy?

DIGIman1 says to clay(3:55 PM):

hiya clay :)

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby(3:56 PM):

yes please :) thank you for copying :)

1bobby says to DIGIman1(3:56 PM):

Appreciate it buddy

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby(3:56 PM):

(y) :)

(3:56 PM).MOD.DIGIman1 changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1.copy!

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