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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 10/9/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring BGG

Ame says(6:17 AM):

GM Sir

DIGIman1 says(6:17 AM):


DIGIman1 says(6:17 AM):

cant tipe yet

Ame says(6:18 AM):

hus I can't think yet

Ame says(6:18 AM):

HUSH ^ lol C I can't tipe either lol

Ame says(6:19 AM):

gonna go C if Nan is present today

Ame says(6:19 AM):

nope she is AWOL

Ame says(6:28 AM):

am mayhem time

(6:49 AM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

DIGIman1 says(6:49 AM):

gm larry :)

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:50 AM):

gm hows it going :)

DIGIman1 says(6:50 AM):

better thanks :) hows it going there?

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:51 AM):

don't know just got up lol, coffee is a making

DIGIman1 says(6:51 AM):

cup 5 sip 6 here.....its JUST starting to kick in....

(7:01 AM)larrykn changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

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larrykn says(7:17 AM):

Nineveh issued instructions to the people of Mosul with the approach of the liberation struggle

2016/10/9 11:35

[Oan- Baghdad]

Nineveh issued a command of editing operations, instructions to the population of the city of Mosul with the approaching date of the liberation of the city from terrorist gangs Daesh process.

A statement by the flags of Nineveh operations in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "for all citizens in the areas that will see large-scale operations, please include:

1. followers and instructions safety instructions.

2. Avoid gatherings and locations Daesh.

3. Non-displacement and commitment to housing.

4. Do not believe rumors Daesh and refrain from promotion.

5. supporting the FNL during provided

6. youth uprising as possible

7. making any useful information on the pockets of the organization.

8. protect public and private property

9. caught the ground and the liberated areas

10. prepare [now] for the post-Daesh.

She pointed to the safety instructions and preventive procedures to be followed during the start of intensive aerial bombardment, "noting that" air strikes will never target civilians at all, but as a matter of precaution, please save the following instructions:

1. Develop the adhesive tapes on the windows shaped [X] and then a plus sign [+], then The closing curtains.

2. separation of the gas tube completely and prefer them out outside the house the garage, garden or skylight.

3. switch on to keep up, and keep cutting wet and clean cloth.

4. The lack of crowd and assembly during or after the aerial bombardment for half an hour at least

5. prefers not to drive a vehicle unless absolutely necessary

6. closing water taps [faucets] located inside the house in a court.

7. Securities and jewelry and precious objects collection in a safe place and a secret.

8. prefer having a battery-powered radio to follow the instructions and directives that will air radio command.

9. prefer to go down to the Aoutie floors in the building and stay near the walls, not in the middle of the room.

10. not to use the elevators at all.

11. not to stand on the roofs of buildings.

larrykn says(7:18 AM):

12. keep calm and convince the kids that it's just a game, or the sound of thunder before the rain.

13. Stay away from front windows facing the street as much as possible.

14. keep bandages and sterilizing materials and first aid materials in the second room, knowing that disinfectants wounds [Sbarto] and [medical alcohol] is a fast-flammable materials.

15. Upon arrival of military forces does not try to get close to them quickly for any reason except after obtaining permission from Bowler on the military wheel summit, and after obtaining consent, not approaching them more than 25 meters [any rapprochement length of 10 small cars] distance, and do not in any movement a quick or sudden.

16. The best way to put out the raging fire in the person is wrapped in a blanket or a large piece of cloth and quickly

17. If anyone around you who are suffering from trauma tried to sign him and demand him to breathe into a paper bag or sack a small nylon] if possible.

18 - on women, not to scream as much as possible in order to preserve the psyches of children and the certainty that the bombing would not target civilians deliberately entertained.

19. not to use mobile phones, but the need for maximum or to report the existence of terrorist pockets in your region [will be published hot phones dedicated to this matter soon figures.

20 - to keep the amount of drinking water [10 liters per one adult and 4 liters per child under twelve.

20 - stay indoors as much as possible.

21. Be cautious about the news and rumors that will attempt to organize anti deployed to influence the morale and trying to manipulate the feelings of civilians, and not to believe rumors.

larrykn says(7:18 AM):

Muthanna Electric Announces complete disclosures for investment contracts maintenance

Sunday 9 October 2016-12:56 pm

Muthanna, electricity distribution Department announced Sunday for complete disclosures for investment contracts to provide service and maintenance revenue in the electricity sector.

Muthanna electricity distribution manager said Ghaleb Al-yasiri told radio Marbad, to implement an investment project in this sector will solve all the problems of electricity services regarding maintenance and collect wages through pitching smart gauges, explaining that the number of houses that have been keep track of how many total 154 a dwelling in conservative areas pan add to the agricultural and industrial sectors.

He noted that the company invested bear wages plus maintenance compared to 13% of the funds withdrawn.

Spoilt yasiri said his requests for extended companies wishing to invest for 10 days after the period established by the Ministry to allow the largest possible number of companies to submit proposals.

larrykn says(7:19 AM):

The martyrdom and wounding 46 people by bombings and terrorist attacks rocked areas of Baghdad.

October 09, 2016

Forty-six people fell between a martyr and wounded by a series of terrorist attacks and explosions rocked different parts of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

Medical sources confirmed killing five people and injuring 22 others following a terrorist bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber wearing a belt targeted hosseiniya convoy in the Baghdad area.

Two people were also killed and eight others were injured as a result of an improvised explosive device near a public market in husseiniyah area in a bomb explosion planted in the highway patrol to target in the Youssifiyah area tribal crowd, killing two policemen and wounding four others.

Forensic Medicine Department said that receiving three bodies belonging to the unidentified men was found by security forces earlier in one of the abandoned embankment area arenas in Sadr City and traces of gunshots in different parts of the body.

larrykn says(7:21 AM):

Industry and its Union agree to adopt mechanisms and plans for the advancement of industrial reality

2016-10-09 12:31

Baghdad scales news

He met Minister of industry Mohammed Sudanese sheyaa Agency, Sunday, head of the Iraqi Federation of industries subaih Al Saadi and his Entourage to discuss ways to promote the reality of Iraqi industry.

According to a statement by the Ministry received/balance of news copy, "the Minister said during the meeting on the need to develop mechanisms and plans to develop and support the industry in Iraq through cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi industrialists and made him a partner with the Ministry in preparing الروئ and drafting laws to possess expertise and long experience in this field.

The statement added that "the Minister stressed the importance of activating the Iraqi laws relating to the protection of the product," pointing out that "industry support doesn't come through statements but needs a national will by everyone and to strict government decisions in this regard especially that Iraq possesses the competencies and business people who have accumulated experience and national will."

And the statement that "the Minister stressed the need of all State institutions to listen to industrialists and to ensure implementation of existing laws that go into maintaining the industrial sector".

For his part the President of the Federation of industries, said "full readiness to cooperate with the Ministry and harness all the potential and capacity to move national industry and raise the production capacities, improvement and diversification of domestic production.

larrykn says(7:22 AM):

British newspaper: Mosul battle kicks off next week

2016/10/9 10:02

[Oan- follow-up]

British newspaper predicted, that kicks off the battle to liberate the city of Mosul next week.

According to the Sunday Times report on the preparations for the expulsion of terrorists Daesh of Mosul, according to the newspaper, it is expected the start of the Battle of Mosul, the long-awaited, next week, as "US President Barack Obama wants to draw a decisive blow to Daesh before he leaves office in January." .

The report spoke of concerns about a "humanitarian catastrophe" prospective, "as the organization of militants dug trenches and minefields processing and poured oil in the water channels to light fires around the city where there are a million people.

The newspaper quoted Vali Nasr, dean of the Johns Hopkins University and former adviser in the Obama administration, saying that "the battle of Mosul would lead to large numbers of refugees, which would increase the suffering and the tragic situation in the region."

The report certainly concluded that the loss of Mosul will be a blow to the Islamic Daesh but it will not be the end, where he still has a stronghold in the city of Raqqa Syria.

DIGIman1 says(7:23 AM):


larrykn says(7:23 AM):

this could be the week :)

larrykn says(7:26 AM):

Deputy calls for the rehabilitation of the unemployed and the reopening of loans to eliminate unemployment

2016/10/9 13:33

[Where - Baghdad]

She called the National Alliance MP Jamal al-Muhammadawi, on Sunday, to the rehabilitation of the unemployed and the reopening of the loans to eliminate unemployment.

He Muhammadawi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "the need to unemployed rehabilitation work in professional courses and incarcerate them in investing in the country to combat poverty businesses, unemployment, and giving them skills to enable them to set up their own business in the light of the economic and the lack of grades" crisis .

He stressed during a meeting with the Director of Labour and Social Affairs Department in Basra, Mohsen Abdul Samad Muzaffar to "simplify procedures and reduce red tape loops and provide facilities for the promotion of transactions privacy of these segments of society."

And he demanded the return of the "Open the granting of loans worth ten million dinars for the unemployed to eliminate unemployment and poverty alleviation and the creation of a wider work area by opening special projects."

A number of politicians and officials confirmed earlier on the need to compel investment firms operating in Iraq to be manpower in those companies from the region. "

larrykn says(7:28 AM):

Oil gas production increasing to 2017 standard rate

2016/10/9 10:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry plans to increase the production of associated gas to oil operations to 2017 at the standard rate.

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "Jabbar allaibi oil Minister held a meeting at the headquarters of the southern company in Basra, Sunday, with the directors of the national oil companies in Basra, Missan, Thiqar, besides oil departments and relevant departments in the Ministry to review the Ministry's plans to develop oil fields.

During the meeting, allaibi stressed "the need to move forward with increased oil and gas production by activating the national effort to add licenses companies to the remainder of the year 2016 as well as for the next year 2017."

"The oil sector in Iraq possessed energies and efficient elites that can achieve big breakthroughs possibilities available," praising "the work of Ministry companies terms and achievements over the past years."

He stressed "the need for progressive pace invest those energies of a national effort to increase oil and gas production rates during the rest of this year and next year 2016 2017 within plans and objectives set by the Ministry.

"The oil Ministry is working to provide all the facilities and appropriate working environment", pointing to "move forward on ambitious plans to develop the oil and gas sector, and that the Ministry's plan aims to achieve an increase in national production of associated gas to petroleum operations in 2017, adding the amount ranging from 350-450 million standard cubic feet per day, as well as the implementation of the Ministry's plans to develop oil fields and increase production."

"Transport Minister heard a detailed explanation of the work and plans of the companies to increase production within national effort and strive to achieve the goals despite the economic and financial challenges in the country".

larrykn says(7:29 AM):

Customs opens "yellowish" and "great achievement" in its history

09/10/2016 13:33

Public body announced llkmark, the crossroads Center opened the "yellowish" dam ", (160 kilometers north of Baghdad), usually they contribute to shortening the completion of transactions from six days to just half an hour," a "most important" achievement in its history since the implementation of the law on customs tariffs.

The Commission said in a statement that "the Director-General of the public authority llkmark, Kazem al-Musawi, the crossroads Center opened today in the great dam area yellowish, Diyala, Kirkuk, with representatives from the Prime Minister's Office and the security services", noting that "yellowish checkpoint located between great Khalis dam area (15 northeast of Baqubah), work and completed the first treatment at 1:00 pm.

Promised KIA llkmark, this "achievement contributes to the alleviation of the truckers transporting various materials, after they spend five to six days to complete the transaction, while it takes only half an hour," saying that "this is the most important in the history of customs tariff structure since the implementation of the law."

He was an actor in the popular crowd of Diyala, numb, Uday (July 27, 2016), about having "big corruption" in Tehran, yellowish point on the road between Baghdad-Kirkuk controlled by influential views security leaders, while the amounts expected from point up to about 400 billion dinars not received local and federal Governments, stressed that point hire per hour $ 30 thousand dollars.

larrykn says(7:30 AM):

Private sector development conference starting in Erbil

09/10/2016 13:33

In Erbil, Sunday, the work of the Conference on activating the role of the private sector in the economy of Kurdistan region, with the participation of businessmen and economists Iraqis and foreigners.

He said "the economy news reporter that the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and industry in Kurdistan Arbil Conference systems on activating the role of the private sector in economic development in Kurdistan, noting that he had participated in the Conference, a number of government officials and businessmen, investors and economists Iraqis and foreigners.

He added that the Conference will discuss in two days several axes highlighted the partnership between the public and private sector in economic development and how to manage economic crises and work environment and investment in Kurdistan and the role of vocational training in the development of the private sector and economic development for the post oil and the development of the private sector in higher education, explaining that the Conference will make recommendations and proposals for the territorial Government to develop the private sector.

larrykn says(7:30 AM):


DIGIman1 says(7:31 AM):

thank you larry :)

larrykn says(7:31 AM):

yvw :)

DIGIman1 says(7:32 AM):

...rinse and repeat as required

larrykn says to DIGIman1(7:33 AM):

let me know when you got to go

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(7:33 AM):

not likely going far today....

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(7:33 AM):

still pretty sore...

larrykn says to DIGIman1(7:34 AM):

back is still hurting?

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(7:34 AM):

yeah, taking it easy for another day today....

larrykn says to DIGIman1(7:34 AM):

ok, well whenever you need a break I'm around :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(7:35 AM):

ok cool thanks :) i'll be sorta lurking as i try to stay mobile over here....

larrykn says(7:35 AM):

cool , I understand

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(7:35 AM):


larrykn says(7:42 AM):

The Central Bank buy 139 $ 141 million today.

2016-10-9 14:47

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} sold the Central Bank, on Sunday, 139 million dollars, on Monday to sell foreign currency.

The Bank said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news}, that "the amount sold today reached 139 million, and 101 000, $ 193, 1182 dinars exchange rate of the dollar, with the participation of 31 banks and 14 remittance company."

"The sale transfers to bank accounts abroad be priced at $ 1190 each DT either cash sale price is priced at $ 1182 dinars."

"The size of remittance payments and credits totaled 86 million, and 296 alpha, and 605 dollars, while quantity sold 16 million in cash and 750 thousand dollars."

He was General Manager of the Bank's credit and banking control Ihsan HostMonster yasiri, said on the 4th of September last, in a press statement that "the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of foreign currency amounting up to 50 billion dollars and is very natural with a country three years ago to a large fiscal deficit in the country", noting that "the foreign reserves are according to the International Monetary Fund on the security side."

He said that "more than 90% of Central Bank sales during the documentary used globally, dependent either direct sales through the window of the sale of foreign currency to sustain the economy and pump the dollar for trade".

larrykn says(7:43 AM):

Danielle: Turkey would reveal its entry agreement into Iraq before the UN Security Council.

October 09, 2016

Iraqi parliamentary sources revealed the existence of information confirming that the introduction of Turkish troops to Iraq had been through an agreement between the two Ministers of defence and the Government of Kurdistan.

A member of the Iraqi Parliament from Nineveh Danielle Awsat Turkish information indicating that Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi article agree with Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz on the 27th of November in the year two thousand and fifteen and with the knowledge of the Federal Government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to enter the Turkish troops to a postwar Iraq.

Juburi pointed out that that agreement was confidential and no one knew at the time it had not been submitted to the Parliament, stressing that the Turkish side will reveal this Convention before the UN Security Council after Baghdad Government referred the matter to the Council.

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Ame says(8:17 AM):

Did I miss IT?

Ame says(8:19 AM):

looks like everyone has left to go cash in

DIGIman1 says(8:19 AM):

i uploaded a video of paint drying, we are all watching that....

Ame says(8:19 AM):

ahh TY

BGG says(8:26 AM):


DIGIman1 says(8:27 AM):

gm bgg :)

Soonergirlie says(8:29 AM):


magnetlady says(8:32 AM):


magnetlady says(8:32 AM):


plowboy says(8:32 AM):

good morning, soonergirlie and Magnetlady

BGG says to magnetlady(8:32 AM):

GM Magnetlady :)

DIGIman1 says(8:33 AM):

gm mags :) gm plow :) gm girlie :)

plowboy says to DIGIman1(8:34 AM):

hello, Digi

plowboy says to DIGIman1(8:35 AM):

how's work?

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:35 AM):

its like i never left lol

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:36 AM):

back to the same old trauma.....

plowboy says to DIGIman1(8:36 AM):

Is that good?

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:36 AM):

i guess.....

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:36 AM):

its not bad....

plowboy says to DIGIman1(8:36 AM):

workplace politics?

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:36 AM):


DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:37 AM):

very dirty place and nothing works

plowboy says to DIGIman1(8:37 AM):

hard to make cabinets I assume

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:38 AM):

this is a seating shop.....chairs/benches etc....

plowboy says(8:39 AM):

off to church

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(8:40 AM):

k....be safe....

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scarlet says(9:13 AM):


Ame says(9:24 AM):

1st down

scarlet says(9:26 AM):

you don't know what a 1st down is

Ame says(9:26 AM):


scarlet says(9:27 AM):

how are you snoop?

Ame says(9:27 AM):

good 88

Ame says(9:27 AM):

u ?

scarlet says(9:27 AM):

im ok,...

Ame says(9:27 AM):


scarlet says(9:27 AM):


Ame says(9:27 AM):

ohh I mean thats great

scarlet says(9:28 AM):

sooooooo what is new?

scarlet says(9:28 AM):

how is di?

Ame says(9:28 AM):


Ame says(9:28 AM):

we are all well thanks

scarlet says(9:28 AM):

and your dog?

Ame says(9:28 AM):

he is well also so is my cat

scarlet says(9:28 AM):


Ame says(9:29 AM):

Ox and Squirt

scarlet says(9:29 AM):

that's right

scarlet says(9:29 AM):

do you still hang out in dv?

Ame says(9:29 AM):

what a glorious day here after teh storm

Ame says(9:30 AM):

ocassionally I make an apprearance

scarlet says(9:30 AM):

it is a beautiful day

Ame says(9:30 AM):

now in fact I am there

scarlet says(9:30 AM):

is anyone in there?

Ame says(9:30 AM):


scarlet says(9:30 AM):


Ame says(9:30 AM):

if shoild I say A me lol

Ame says(9:31 AM):

singulat one

Ame says(9:31 AM):


scarlet says(9:31 AM):

i got ya

scarlet says(9:31 AM):

i was wondering where ame came from

Ame says(9:31 AM):

now U know

scarlet says(9:31 AM):

my day is complete

Ame says(9:32 AM):

good I can go now

scarlet says(9:32 AM):


Ame says(9:32 AM):

Di is making an apple pie from fresh picked apples from back home

Ame says(9:32 AM):

her Bro and sis in law flew doen

scarlet says(9:32 AM):

oh nice

Ame says(9:33 AM):

her crusts are to die 4

scarlet says(9:33 AM):

i bet

Ame says(9:33 AM):

I gotta go make a smoothie now

Ame says(9:33 AM):


scarlet says(9:33 AM):


Ame says(9:33 AM):

BEHAVE if U can

scarlet says(9:37 AM):

lol i always be have

scarlet says(9:37 AM):

right digi

DIGIman1 says(9:39 AM):


DIGIman1 says(9:39 AM):


scarlet says(9:39 AM):

good morning

DIGIman1 says(9:40 AM):

good morning

scarlet says(9:41 AM):

i thot that went pretty well...

scarlet says(9:41 AM):

that was pretty tame for us

DIGIman1 says(9:41 AM):

we dont want to frighten anyone....

scarlet says(9:42 AM):

lol i know, i am a guest

DIGIman1 says(9:42 AM):

just about to make some brekkie.....salmon fillets....

DIGIman1 says(9:42 AM):


Ame says(9:45 AM):

ur gonna "get it" if U harass MY Digiman 88

DIGIman1 says(9:45 AM):


scarlet says(9:46 AM):

hmmm, and YOUR digi man??

Ame says(9:46 AM):


scarlet says(9:46 AM):


scarlet says(9:47 AM):

i thot you had a pie to go eat

Ame says(9:47 AM):

its being made nosey :P

scarlet says(9:48 AM):

me nosey? how do you think you got he nick name SNOOP

Ame says(9:49 AM):

I followed YOUR example silly

scarlet says(9:50 AM):

that was the old me

scarlet says(9:50 AM):


Ame says(9:50 AM):


scarlet says(9:50 AM):


Ame says(9:50 AM):

besides you ARE old

scarlet says(9:51 AM):

take that back

Ame says(9:51 AM):


Ame says(9:51 AM):


redalert says(9:51 AM):


scarlet says(9:51 AM):

i hate getting older...hate it

Ame says(9:51 AM):

quit breathing then silly

scarlet says(9:51 AM):


Ame says(9:51 AM):


scarlet says(9:51 AM):

im too nosey

Ame says(9:51 AM):

good to have U back to throw darts at 88

scarlet says(9:52 AM):

hey, it's nice to be back to have darts thrown at me

scarlet says(9:52 AM):

although my back is getting full of stabs

Ame says(9:52 AM):

I know machochist U

redalert says(9:52 AM):

where ya been scarlet

scarlet says(9:52 AM):

ok, i have no idea who redalert is....give me a hint

Ame says(9:53 AM):

ur supposed to SNOOP it out 88

scarlet says(9:53 AM):

ok,..i said give me a hint!!!

redalert says(9:53 AM):


scarlet says(9:53 AM):


scarlet says(9:54 AM):

and I have been in a deep dark hole, trying to climb out

Ame says(9:54 AM):

let me know IF you make it ok?

scarlet says(9:54 AM):

it's easy to fall in, it's hard to get out

scarlet says(9:54 AM):

im out, so calm down snoop

Ame says(9:54 AM):

yes Mistress

scarlet says(9:55 AM):

ok i let the nosey one slide lol

Ame says(9:55 AM):

if its that easy to quiet U down I will keep doing it :P

scarlet says(9:55 AM):

i am not a quiter

Ame says(9:56 AM):

ooops I gotta fix my bird feeder it just botke

Ame says(9:56 AM):


scarlet says(9:56 AM):

good, glad it broke

scarlet says(9:56 AM):

and take your time lol

scarlet says(9:57 AM):

i see he hasnt changed a it

scarlet says(9:57 AM):


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