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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Sunday 10/16/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring rcookie

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(6:13 AM)Ame96 changed nickname to Ame!

Ame96 says(6:13 AM):

are we rich yet?

DIGIman1 says(6:14 AM):

dunno....we gotta ask subby.... :D

Ame96 says(6:22 AM):

ok :(

Ame96 says(6:22 AM):


DIGIman1 says(6:23 AM):


Ame96 says(6:27 AM):

Am Mayhem time

DIGIman1 says(6:27 AM):


plowboy says(6:34 AM):

good morning

DIGIman1 says(6:34 AM):

gm plow....cant type yet

plowboy says to DIGIman1(6:35 AM):

hey digi. I woke up at 5, read for a while then went back to bed and now I;m up for good

DIGIman1 says(6:36 AM):

just finishing cup 5...its not working yet

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(6:39 AM):

took up a new hobby to give myself a nice distraction....

plowboy says to DIGIman1(6:40 AM):

oh and what would that hobby be?

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(6:40 AM):

i bought a 35mm film projector....from a cinema....

plowboy says to DIGIman1(6:40 AM):


DIGIman1 says to plowboy(6:41 AM):

gonna get it all setup and running here in my living room....and put the whole thing up on youtube

plowboy says to DIGIman1(6:41 AM):

ok, well I'll be glad to see the final product

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(6:41 AM):

just managed to find all the dolby surround gear from a guy in england

DIGIman1 says to plowboy(6:42 AM):

i will send you a link when i make the 1st vid

plowboy says to DIGIman1(6:42 AM):


Ame96 says(6:58 AM):

GM Plow

(7:01 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

plowboy says to Ame96(7:16 AM):

good morning, ame

(7:46 AM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

Ame96 says(7:49 AM):

surely is quiet in here

Ame96 says(7:53 AM):

corned beef N cabbage here tonight

BGG says(7:58 AM):


kalis says(7:59 AM):

Gm... Hey Hutch made dinar guru ...lol

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kalis says(8:02 AM):

my buddy called me this morning to tell me . I told hmmm . I think that site read all the site and cherry picks .. anyrate i think he is start understnad going there is the waste of time .. he said the 3 gurus who were calling for Oct 2016 are now saying Feb 2016 .lol I said they never call it here DU just facts and news

kalis says(8:03 AM):

we take care .

DIGIman1 says(8:03 AM):


DIGIman1 says(8:26 AM):

If you shoot a mime, do you use a silencer?

subgirl says(8:32 AM):

Good morning DU :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:32 AM):

thank you digi for copying this morning!!! :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:32 AM):

getting ready for church!!!

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(8:32 AM):

gm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can we retire???????

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:32 AM):

Hope you have a great morning!

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(8:32 AM):

you too!!! :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:32 AM):

so wish I could say yes BUT........ NOT yet!!!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:33 AM):

thanks digi.... :)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(8:32 AM):

ok glad i asked you now then cuz you will be so busy later :D

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(8:32 AM):

yvw :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:33 AM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:33 AM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:33 AM):

Be back at noon :) then I can help copy!!!! :)

subgirl says to DIGIman1(8:34 AM):

take care... :)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(8:35 AM):

k :)

david334 says(8:49 AM):

Looks like Maliki is going to be dealt with by his own party. http://iraqidinarchat.net/?p=45154#more-45154

david334 says(8:51 AM):

Noose tightening for Maliki http://iraqidinarchat.net/?p=45150

jfd says(8:51 AM):

Is Maliki not paying rent on the palace anymore?:D

david334 says(8:52 AM):

Downsizing is in among billionares

david334 says(8:52 AM):

Zebari is singing to the international court.

jfd says(8:53 AM):

He just wants to be president for ever like Barzani.

david334 says(8:54 AM):

Iran filed to sell its state own oil business. Capitalism breaking out all over the ME.

holly1 says(8:57 AM):


holly1 says(8:58 AM):

Cork Cork

Viewed Harithiyah 1305

holly1 says(8:59 AM):

Council Latif

What is the reason to climb without Traffic Haji

holly1 says(8:59 AM):

Nabil al-Mamouri

According to expectations because of demonstrations next Tuesday

holly1 says(9:00 AM):

Ayad Alsaffar

All necessary brief demonstrations to demand the currency to stop the auction because the lesson of this auction people much less than who is the only loser in all, life ..olahol and power but from God Almighty people.

holly1 says(9:00 AM):


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holly1 says(9:06 AM):

Channel Ghadeer - Alghadeer TV

35 mins ·

holly1 says(9:07 AM):

# Aajl_algdar

Our correspondent: delay the launch of # Saah_elsafr for the Liberation of Mosul in order to make room for the exit of civilians from the city

. Our

correspondent: full withdrawal gangs "Daesh" terrorist from # Kht_aelchorh the direction of the depth of the city # Mosul


Correspondent: the process is expected to take place # Tharir_almousel from 3 to 4 axes

. Our

correspondent: Army Air will provide air cover for the entire pieces # Alhacd_alhobei and security forces during the editing process of the city of Mosul

# Guenah_algdar


holly1 says(9:08 AM):

Samar Ali

O God, approached the end of Daesh pant promise of victory ... God bless you, my heroes of the popular crowd and our security forces heroine and air fervent hawks

holly1 says(9:08 AM):

Alln Basso Sony

All the battles the first reason for the delay is the parents if they did like us from the start and went out to Iraq was now an editor but it is important in a large Daesh

holly1 says(9:09 AM):


God bless you InshaAllah zero hour. Become a good hour and victory

holly1 says(9:09 AM):


DIGIman1 says to holly1(9:09 AM):

thank you :)

DIGIman1 says to holly1(9:10 AM):

stopping the auctions......hopefully good news

holly1 says(9:10 AM):

Jalal al-Mamouri

Iraq has been and remains a source of good for the world, but those who did not receive the functions of the government image that perpetuate the blessing

See Translation

Like · Reply · 1 hr

holly1 says(9:11 AM):

Abu Mohammed al-Hamdani

Tahir Yahya Jean and Prime Minister Jean Obovrhod transcends money and the right to dismiss fifty dinars from the state treasury Hessian Dhulh Olsrko state and treasury Cinsmehm people died of hunger and poverty, God curse them

Ame96 says(9:11 AM):

we are off 2 the\ Grocery store BBL

holly1 says(9:12 AM):

Fadel gesture

So already it was administered Iraq's then state so that the law had prevailed upon him ..

holly1 says(9:12 AM):

give Alqazaz

Where integrity and Inspector General of this !!!

holly1 says(9:14 AM):

Karbala news added 3 new people like photos .

59 mins ·

Hours from now before a swarm of Iraqi fighters heading toward Qayyarah base in preparation to storm the Nineveh ..

# Bkm_nntsr

holly1 says(9:14 AM):


rcookie says(9:36 AM):

Rafidain Bank eliminates the requirement age of ten million advance

Author: NS, TG

Editor: NS

16/10/2016 09:39

Number of Views: 849

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday, the cancellation of the age requirement for applicants of 10 million dinars for the staff of government departments to advance, as he emphasized a new mechanism to ensure the return of money the bank with a profit mode.

Rafidain Bank said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "the bank canceled the age requirement on applicants to advance ten million dinars for the staff of government departments and develop a new mechanism to ensure the continued flow of the advance and the inclusion of the largest number of employees in addition to ensuring the return of bank funds with profits and revenues ".

He said the bank, that "it was giving priority and preference to applicants on the advance who have smart and activated card to receive monthly salary and have no predecessor or previous loans," stressing the need to "remaining service of the applicant be enough to repay the advance advertised duration (5 years) in addition to the the requirement that the ministry, which is staffed by employees for reimbursement be lagging behind. "

The Rafidain Bank Select, on Saturday (15 October 2016), a mechanism to grant an advance of 10 million dinars for state employees, revealing a strategy of launching such advances, which include the payment covered by previous advances, including the same covenant, while calling circles covered advances to provide him to reveal all salaries of its employees.

The Rafidain Bank, announced on Thursday (6 October 2016), for the failure to extend the employee whose age does not exceed 50, an advance ten million dinars, while the condition of owning employee smart card "activated" for the loan.

The Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday, (second from October 2016), the launch of an advance 10 million dinars for state employees, as he emphasized that he will begin to consider staff requests submitted via the website needed to take.

It is noteworthy that the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives announced that, in the (25 September 2016), the staff advances worth 10 million dinars will be launched next week, and as revealed they will be spent through the card of "Ki-Card", stressed the conversion of some ministries loans on the Rasheed Bank .

rcookie says(9:39 AM):

16-10-2016 12:39 PM Fatlawi Abadi carry the responsibility to protect the judiciary

He stressed MP and head of the will of the movement, Hanan al, on Sunday, at a time when we express our respect for the mechanics of expression guaranteed by the Constitution, that this practice will not be an outlet for infiltrators and biased to bypass the official state institutions, as happened to break into the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers.

She called Fatlawi in a statement, the news agency received a copy of it, Abadi as chief executive officer of high to carry out all necessary measures to protect the judiciary procedures and we carry responsibility for any breach and will emphasize that any breach will be reason enough to question al-Abadi and his dismissal.

Also aspects of my call for the protesters to take into account the great challenges facing us and them start editing Mosul, which requires us all the efforts and support of our heroine, including the challenge of the Turkish assault and even Atstgl peaceful demonstrations by some lurking to achieve their goals and to disturb the Husseiniya atmosphere in which we live today.

rcookie says(9:41 AM):


rcookie says(9:41 AM):

Judiciary suspend work at the court next Tuesday and declare their support for the government

Political Since 10.16.2016 at 11:57 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Judiciary held Alathadahajtmaa, Sunday, ingredients all laid down in Article 89 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005 and (the Federal Supreme Court, the Supreme Judicial Council, the Federal Cassation Court, the Presidency of the public prosecution, the presidency of the judicial oversight body, the presidencies of the appellate regions and courts related them, the Central Criminal Court.) and examined the circumstances that surround them, and stood on the judgments and decisions made by the courts and judicial committees competent.

A statement by the judiciary received / balances News / copy of it, that it "discussed the sentencing of the Federal Supreme Court in the process (Cancel posts of Vice-President of the Republic) and found that it was released six days after the conclusion of the proceedings Almqtadhah to publish was based on the rule unconstitutional the decision to cancel positions mentioned to three constitutional provisions for Aojthad in their meanings (articles 69.75, 142) based on the first functions of the Court provided for in Article 93 of the Constitution was issued unanimously by the members of the court, away from the personalization and any influential only provisions of the Constitution, because the cancellation of It means modifying positions advanced materials mentioned of the Constitution without following the adjustment mechanism constitutional provisions set forth in Article 142 of it. "

The statement added, "It also meeting considered Matsdrh courts competent committees through the application of the provisions of the General Amnesty Law No. (27) for the year 2016, and found that these judgments and decisions have been made accurately and impartially and transparently to preserve the rights of the accused and convicts and families of the victims of the Iraqis, and that these provisions the decision ensured the law the right to challenge by judicial means plotted and intervention without these legal roads mean the judicial decision derailed fair character means a conflict with the principle of independence of the judiciary and the principle of separation of powers set out in articles (19 / I) and (47) and (88) of the Constitution. "

The statement noted that "the whole meeting their obligations to the full provisions of the Constitution and other legislation and applied impartially and objectively and transparently."

According to the statement, the meeting reached: -

1. support for the armed forces with all its factions and forces supporting them all in the liberation of the Iraqi territories and to secure stability.

2. Government support and solidarity with them in the preservation of Iraq's sovereignty, security and well-being of its people and the support of its actions taken in these areas.

3. appeal to the authorities, organizations and parties and groups of the Iraqi people Aziz all stand by the federal judiciary ingredients all support independence and its efforts to consolidate the provisions of the Constitution and legislation of other and respect for the provisions in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and financial and administrative corruption and to implement its provisions and decisions, and not to resort to influence them to be deflected from the performance its functions in accordance with the Constitution and laws.

4. appeal to the House of Representatives to speed up the legislation of laws (Code of Federal Judicial Authority), particularly the Federal Supreme Court Act, the Supreme Judicial Council and the Law on Judicial Organization, and the law of public prosecution in coordination and exchange of news and experiences with the federal judiciary in order to ensure the safety of its application.

5. The meeting decided to suspend the work and always at the headquarters of the federal judiciary in judicial institutions surrounding it (the Judicial Development Institute, the Central Criminal Court (court time) on Tuesday 18/10/2016 the exact location of the demonstration for fear of the occurrence of friction or skirmishes between demonstrators with respect for the right to demonstrate peacefully and between the associate and the citizens of the auditors of these judicial institutions.

6. He also appealed to the meeting, Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and officials all of ordering the protection of the federal judiciary headquarters and judicial institutions around them and prevent accessed from malevolent lurking in the demonstration to tamper with the records and Aldhaoy and public property, and the protection of the characters of judges and public prosecutors and their families, as well as judicial investigators and

DIGIman1 says to rcookie(9:42 AM):

(y) :)

rcookie says(9:42 AM):

staff members of the Federal judiciary In conclusion promised federal judiciary with all its components to be in it to perform its tasks, seeking to develop their potential and strengthen its independence, collaborating with all the faithful to serve the homeland and the citizen within the constitutional responsibilities and Aleghanonah.anthy 29 / d 24

rcookie says(9:43 AM):


rcookie says(9:44 AM):

Iraq Stock Exchange trading attributes the decline to the "economic impacts and exit of some stocks . "

Author: ASJ, HH, NS

Editor: HH, NS

10/16/2016 11:56

Number of Views: 596

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Izzat Iraq Stock Exchange, on Sunday, the reasons for the trading decline in the market during the current year 2016 the economic impact in the country and out of some stocks of companies because of its commitment to provide annual financial disclosure, as revealed that the decline in bank liquidity levels in some private banks and lower levels of savings the impact on the banking market transactions.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Iraq Stock Exchange recorded a decline in the value of shares traded since the beginning of this year until the end of September compared to last year, the same duration as the decline amounted to 38.79%, while the record the number of shares traded rose to 30 from September 2016 as compared to 2015 increased by 16.96%. "

He said Abdul Salam, that "the market value recorded a decrease between 2016 and 2015 by as much as 9.35%, and also the value and number of shares bought non-Iraqis registered a decline where the percentage reduction of the number of shares purchased for non-Iraqis, since the beginning of this year until last September and compared to last year same duration , 0.63%, "noting that" the trading value of purchased non-Iraqis registered a decline of 35.49%. "

And on the factors affecting the stock traded rates, Abdul Salam explained that "the most prominent of these indicators are the economic effects of the instability of world crude prices and its impact on overall economic activity in the oil-producing countries, as was the low financial indicators achieved the shareholding companies listed on the statements of financial accounts" .

He said Executive Director of the market, that "the other effects are suspended trading of shares of 32 joint-stock company, from August 2016 because of its commitment to provide annual financial disclosure and final accounts, as well as not to re-stock the Baghdad Company for soft drinks and Gulf Bank to trading the market due to ratify the decision of the General Authority for these two companies included a state merger in Baghdad gas company and the presence of a dividend ratio is uncertain in the Gulf bank company. "

The Abdel-Salam, the "low bank liquidity levels in some private banks and find a number of them to meet the banking requirements and low banking savings levels had an impact on market transactions in the corresponding high level of compactness of citizens also have repercussions on the trading transactions."

The Iraq Stock Exchange, announced on Wednesday (5 October 2016), recording a significant decrease in the number and value of shares traded during the month of September, compared with last August rates change in the index amounted to more than 70%.

rcookie says(9:45 AM):

Commerce announces the establishment of 172 national companies and 207 other referral to the forensic investigator

Local Since 10/16/2016 11:51 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Announced that the Department of Registration of companies in the Ministry of Commerce, Sunday, for the completion of the establishment of 172 national companies and two foreign company transactions, and other referral of 207 forensic investigator for violating controls during the month of September.

The Director General of the Department Ferial Akram Abdullah, in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "The circle has issued several resolutions concerning the amendment of contracts for companies distributed between the capital increase and the integration of the accounts of the company and liquidation of the company accounts."

She added that "it was registered offices represent a foreign company and registration of a branch of a foreign company and document the 182 listed companies, as well as pointing minutes and 207 refer to the company Investigating Judge for violating the guidelines and instructions."

She continued, "The department studied the final accounts for 1606 and the national company of the number of national companies, in addition to the integration of 16 companies accounts and settlement of accounts for 9 companies and capital increase of 17 companies and examine the accounts of offices and branches of foreign companies 122 company."

And showed Abdullah, to "circle the ratification of the minutes of the constituent meetings of companies, Ltd. guestrooms 86 Minutes, as well as ratification by 47 special minutes of the meetings of the General Authority for joint stock companies, as well as the ratification of the General Authority for individual companies limited resolutions 876 decision" .anthy 29 / A 43 guestrooms

rcookie says(9:50 AM):

Integrity Announces reduced the questions to be directed to Jaafari

Politician Number of Views: 29 16/10/2016 13:42

National Center Brief / NNC - Spokesman of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission Adel Nouri today, that their paradise plans to reduce the number of questions addressed to Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari during the upcoming session of questioning.

Nouri said in a statement Sunday that the Integrity Committee in the process of reducing the number of questions addressed to Jaafari during his interrogation session.

He said, so far, has been to collect 71 signatures to apply for questioning foreign minister, but there is pressure now exerted on lawmakers to withdraw their signatures as well as pressure to turn the questioning to the host or even the withdrawal of the application.

Nouri said, "that those pressures from inside and outside the parliamentary corridors to disable the oversight role of the legislative authority and to refrain from prosecuting corruption and the corrupt," according to the recipe.

He said, he had prepared 17 questions to guide them to Jaafari, but it will reduce the number, because it does not need to put all of us on the minister, adding that "Questions president would relate to offenses administrative and financial files corruption has the knowledge of the minister and his agreement to be passed."

The Parliamentary Integrity Commission had last month announced the adoption of MP Adel Nouri collecting signatures to make a formal request to question Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, like the questioning of the Minister of Defense and Minister of Finance.

The House of Representatives voted on 25 August majority to withdraw confidence from the Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, after being questioned by the board, as the Council voted by majority in last September 21 on the withdrawal of confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said after being questioned about allegations of corruption.

DIGIman1 says to scarlet(Whisper message)(9:50 AM):

good time for some brekkie then :D

scarlet says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(9:51 AM):


rcookie says(9:52 AM):

Iraqi army drops leaflets over Mosul in preparation for a military operation

Oct 16, 2016

20161015150842reup - 2016-10-15t150727z_167002264_s1beuhdctraa_rtrmadp_3_mideas t-crisis-iraq.h

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - - The Iraqi military dropped thousands of leaflets over the city of Mosul before dawn on Sunday, to alert people that the preparations for the process of wresting control of the city from the organization of the Islamic state has entered the final stages.

And carried messages from several publications, including to reassure the population that the army units and air strikes "will not target civilians," while another publication advised them to avoid regulation al sites.

According to the Iraqi government and military officials, that the attack on the Iraqi city of Mosul, another under the control of the Islamic state could begin this month.

The fighters of the militant group holed up and are expected to fight tooth and nail and routinely by the situation of civilians in the face of danger, during a previous battles to keep the land.

Referring to the concerns of the authorities of a mass exodus, complicate the process publications advised people "to stay in your home and not to believe rumors Daesh."

The number of Mosul's residents before the war, about two million, the largest of about four or five times that of any other city, extracted from the grip of an Islamic state that swept northern Iraq in 2014 and control of the territory in Syria as well.

The United Nations said last week that she is preparing for humanitarian efforts is the largest and most complex in the world because of the battle to wrest control of Mosul, which may cause the displacement of up to one million people and the use of civilians as human shields or even bombed gas.

According to the Iraqi army publications "should maintain calm and to convince the children that it's just a game, or the sound of thunder before the rains."

"Women should not yelling to keep the psyches of children."

She added, "If you see any military force is not approaching them more than 25 meters and do not in any quick or sudden movement."

rcookie says(9:53 AM):

Holidays Act waiting for the "final touches" atmosphere "appropriate" to include Eid al - Ghadeer

Author: AB, HH, MK

Editor: AB, HH

10/16/2016 15:35

Number of Views: 364

Long-Presse / Baghdad

A commission of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, on Sunday, the official holidays Act subject to the "finishing touches" to offer to a vote, he promised that "the atmosphere is now appropriate to consider Bourne official holiday feast," while the most likely to resolve the dispute over the National Day "soon."

The Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs on the Keywords in an interview (range Press), "The Commission is working to complete the final wording of the law of public holidays after finishing reading the first and second in order to be submitted for a vote in the parliament soon," noting that "the festival considered Ghadeer holiday was disputable, but the atmosphere is now suitable to install an official holiday. "

Keywords and added, "The National Day of Iraq is still the subject of dispute, and there are several options on it," likely to "settle the decision on it soon."

The presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives during the 19th session of the third legislative term of the first legislative year, which was held on September 24 2016 decided to postpone the vote on the draft law of public holidays until further notice.

And the voice of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, in February 2008, public holidays in Iraq Act abolished whereby public holidays had been in place by the former regime, most notably the eighth of February 1963 and July 17, 1968, and resulted in differences between the political blocs on some of the paragraphs of the law to postpone the vote on it in the first session of the parliament, and led the continuation of these differences also, especially on certain religious occasions National Day of Iraq to postpone the vote on the law in the current session of the Council in spite of reading a first reading in early 2012.

The Governing Council, which was formed after the 2003 decided to consider, on Saturday, each week an official holiday, as well as on Friday, while the state departments are on Thursday of each week, "half-time" and end some circles permanence before midday, with frequent occasions and holidays religious dramatically.

rcookie says(9:55 AM):

16-10-2016 03:15 PM Central to sell at the opening of the weekly auction of $ 151 million

Total sales of the Iraqi Central Bank, on Sunday, the opening of the weekly auction for the sale of foreign currency, of $ 151 million.

According to a statement of the bank, that 'the size of the amount sold today totaled 151 million, and 722 thousand, and $ 800, priced at 1182 dinars to the dollar exchange rate, with the participation of 31 banks and 14 financial companies transferable'.

He pointed out that 'the amount of remittances and credits amounted to 129 million, 282 thousand and $ 800, in what was the quantity sold 22 million in cash, and 440 thousand dollars.'

The statement, that 'the sale amounts transferred to accounts in banks abroad be priced at 1190 dinars per dollar, and the cash sales price shall be the price of 1182 dinars per dollar. "

The face of the Iraqi Central Bank, licensed banks and money transfer companies, broker for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies by reducing the quantities of all foreign selling of US dollar currency for those wishing to travel outside the country.

And select the bank to these entities 'sale amount of 3000 dollars instead of five thousand dollars for citizens wishing to obtain a dollar to cover their expenses abroad.'

He revealed judges specialize issues of money laundering recently that millions of dollars were smuggled out of the country by traders and bankers and fictitious companies and money transfer benefiting from currency auction sale of the Central Bank of Iraq.

rcookie says(9:57 AM):

Abadi resolved candidate to take over the defense portfolio name

logo jumhuriya

Abadi resolved candidate to take over the defense portfolio name

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 12:02:38

# Algmehorah_uz

MP for the coalition of state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, said on Sunday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi resolve the new name of the candidate to take over the defense portfolio, replacing Khalid al-Obeidi, without anonymity.

Jafar said in a press statement that "the Prime Minister to resolve the new name of the candidate to take over the Ministry of Defense as a promising alternative to him again, if rejected by the political parties", while not resolving the candidate of the Interior Ministry until now, the lack of conviction Abadi candidates Badr parliamentary bloc.

Jaafar said that the bloc has proposed to provide Abadi candidates for the vacant bags and one deal in order not to repeat the objections by the political, noting that "Abadi responded to that."

He was a member of the parliamentary legal committee and MP for the Kurdish blocs Muhsin al-Sadoun called earlier, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to speed up the submission of candidates for the portfolios for the purpose of completing the vacant ministerial cabin.

In this parliamentary bloc, the National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi confirmed on Sunday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi deal positively with the candidates of the bloc to take over the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense.

The national coalition of parliamentary awaits prime minister's response regarding the candidates for the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense.

rcookie says(9:58 AM):

The launch of a new batch of supporting small business loans

economic Number of Views: 20 16/10/2016 14:50

National Center Brief / NNC - The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, will launch a new batch of soft loans to support small projects for beneficiaries this weekend in Baghdad and the provinces.

According to a ministry statement, they "decided to launch a new batch of income-generating loans in Baghdad and the provinces this weekend, among diets were 18 and 19, which encompass the 2300 borrower a total amount of 23 billion dinars."

He pointed out that, "the distribution will be according to the ratio of the population and the amount of recovery for each province," noting that "the Board of Directors met late last month and decided to launch sums amounting to eight billion dinars recoveries from Baghdad and all the provinces, except for Kurdistan, along with the launch of 15 billion dinars of frozen funds to the fund. "

He added, "The recovery amounts vary from month to month, reaching two billion during the past two months to two and a half billion dinars each month."

With regard to loans to poverty alleviation strategy, the statement pointed out "the existence of 800 treatment ready for disbursement," declaring, "to monitor the amount of 15 billion dinars in coordination with the Ministry of Planning to cover loans for this year, as well as 10 billion dinars in the ministry of refunds for loans during the last term ".

And that "the ministry will obtain the approval of the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of launching soon," stressing that "the Board of Directors is considering the inclusion of martyrs of the popular crowd loans."

He continued, "The department plans include the buyout was exceptional, but the financial crisis and the delayed launch of the amounts, prevented the implementation of that."

rcookie says(10:00 AM):

Barzani officially announce the participation of "peshmerga" in the battle of Mosul

The new Erbil - Arab

October 16 2016

م كردستان العراق، مسعود البرزاني، رسميا، عن مشاركة قوات " البشمركة " في الهجوم على الموصل ، داعيا القادة العسكريين والجنود ووسائل الإعلام إلى " الابتعاد عن إثارة التنافس والصراعات الحزبية في جبهات القتال، وفي صفوف القوات أثناء المعركة " . The President of Iraq 's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, officially, on the participation of forces "Peshmerga" in the attack on Mosul , calling the military, soldiers and media leaders to "get away from the excitement of competition and conflicts partisan on the battlefield, and in the ranks of the troops during the battle."

وقال البرزاني، في بيان نشره الأحد، Barzani said, in a statement released Sunday, إن that الحرب ضد من وصفهم بـ " الإرهابيين " دخلت مرحلة حاسمة، و " تشارك قوات البشمركة مع الجيش العراقي في معركة تحرير الموصل . البشمركة تشارك موحدة الصف والصوت، بلا تفريق واختلاف أساسه المناطقية أو الحزبية " . The war against what he described as "terrorists" have entered a crucial stage, and "share the peshmerga forces with the Iraqi army in the battle to liberate Mosul. Peshmerga involved uniform grade and sound, without distinction and differences in the basis of regionalism or partisan."

وأضاف : " مهام وعمل كل الأطراف واضحة. كافة أفراد البشمركة هم أخوتي وأبنائي وأعزائي، وهم سند لبعضهم البعض . أدعو جميع الأطراف والمسؤولين ووسائل الإعلام إلى تجنب المزايدات الحزبية وإثارة التنافس الحزبي في صفوف قوات البشمركة. هم قوات إقليم كردستان، وانتصارهم لجميع أبناء كردستان " . He added: " the tasks and the work of all the obvious parties. All members of the peshmerga are my brothers and my children and my dear, and they support each other. I call on all parties, officials and the media to avoid bids partisan and exciting competition partisan in the ranks of the peshmerga forces. They KRG forces, and victory for all the people of Kurdistan . " .

وتابع رئيس الإقليم : " خلال سير عمليات معركة تحرير الموصل، أي عنصر في البشمركة أو مسؤول عسكري يتصرف بعيداً عن المبادئ الوطنية ويعمل بصفة حزبية، على الحكومة أن تتخذ الإجراءات معه، وتبعده عن جبهات القتال، كذلك بالنسبة للإعلام يجب إبعاد أي وسيلة إعلامية تروج للأحزاب عن تغطية المعارك من جبهات القتال، ومحاسبتها قانونياً " . He said regional president: "During the course of the battle to liberate Mosul operations, any item in the peshmerga or military official act away from the national principles and act as a partisan, the government should take action with him, and keep him out of the fighting fronts, as well as for the media must remove any media that promotes parties to cover battles from the war fronts, legally and hold them accountable. "

ويشهد إقليم كردستان العراق صراعات بين الأحزاب التي انقسمت على خلفية دعوات الإصلاح السياسي، وتعديل القوانين، وإجراء إصلاحات اقتصادية ومحاربة الفساد. And the Kurdistan region of Iraq is witnessing conflicts between the parties, which were divided on the background of calls for political reform, and amend laws, conducting economic reforms and fight corruption.

rcookie says(10:00 AM):

وقد تسبب الصراع بين الأحزاب في تعطيل عمل البرلمان منذ عام كامل، كما جرى إعفاء عدد من الوزراء من مناصبهم. The conflict between the parties have been disrupting the work of parliament since the whole year, it has also been exempted a number of ministers from their posts.

rcookie says(10:01 AM):

Bdaash leader killed and four of his aides aerial bombardment on refractories Mosul Bridge

a wish Since 10/16/2016 17:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

According to a security source in the joint operations, Sunday, the death of senior leader of al-Daesh and four of his aides aerial bombardment on the freedoms bridge in Mosul.

The source said, the reporter / balances News /, "Based on intelligence bombing of army aviation wheel riding senior leader of the organization Daesh and four of his aides at the Bridge freedoms in Mosul information."

The source, who preferred not to be named, said: "The operation resulted in the killing of the leader and his aides and cause minor damage to the bridge," .anthy 29/33 h

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"Elite Forces" announces full readiness to break into Mosul

Sunday 16-10-2016 | 5:50:04

Anti-terrorism device - XYZ

Twilight News Staff Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi one of the leaders of anti-terrorism device / said (Elite Forces), on Sunday, said that military units ready to storm the city of Mosul under the control of the organization Daesh.

Saadi said in a statement to Twilight News, said that "all military units, is now ready to implement the duty (to storm the city of Mosul), waiting for the orders of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi."

And the forces involved in the battle-Saadi said that "counter-terrorism device forces, and the forces of the Iraqi army, the clan and the crowd, and the popular crowd, and local police and federal police, and the Peshmerga forces."

He said al-Saadi "high morale of all fighters to liberate the city of Mosul."

Iraqi army and dropped tens of thousands of leaflets over the city of Mosul before dawn today to alert people that the preparations for the process of wresting control of the city of al-Daesh entered the final stages.

And carried messages from several publications, including to reassure the population that the army units and air strikes "will not target civilians," while another publication advised them to avoid regulation al sites.

Iraqi government officials and the army said that the attack on the Iraqi city of Mosul, another under the control of Daesh may begin this month.

rcookie says(10:03 AM):

Abadi UN: plan and strategy to restore stability to the liberated areas

Sunday 16-10-2016 | 5:26:02

Twilight News / Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Krandi preparations for receiving the displaced from Mosul battle and restore stability to the liberated areas.

Ebadi said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "What is important is not to liberate the land only, but editing rights and maintain a safe and this has been the creation of safe corridors for the citizens and we have a plan and strategy to restore stability in the liberated areas, demanding the international community and international organizations with the help of the government in this area."

The envoy praised the efforts of the government in dealing with al-Hakim, the displaced and ensure their return to the liberated areas.

rcookie says(10:05 AM):

Iraq announces receipt of more than two million pounds in compensation for explosives detection devices

Sunday 16-10-2016 | 5:19:09

Explosives detection device - h d

Twilight News / Integrity Commission announced on Sunday for Iraq took Tawwadat for explosives detection device in place internal Balsetarat, an estimated two million Bwand British, more than 3 million US dollars.

He said the Commission in a statement responded to the Twilight News, Anghodha succeeded in collaboration with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice to follow up the fate of the compensation money obtained by Iraq from the first convicted in the case of explosives detection (Jim Macroak), confirming receipt of the Iraqi Embassy in the United Kingdom instrument of $ (2.329.521.17) two million and three hundred and twenty-nine thousand, five hundred and twenty-one £.

The British court ruled to confiscate the convicted funds (Macroak) of $ (7.9) million pound compensation Iraq, the largest share of the amounts confiscated; for recognizing sold more than (6000) sonar device is suitable for employment in the amount of approximately 40 million pounds.

It is worth mentioning that the British convict (Jim McCormick), aged sixty-year-old had been jailed in Britain early May of 2013, and underwent a complex investigation lasted three years after being convicted of selling equipment to detect weapons and explosives, where he is charged with three counts applied in the field of fraud , showing the course of the trial that the detection devices produced by the convicted was not based on a comprehensive and complex research and program of modern development, but deliberately condemned to use legacy device was used to detect the game balls (golf of America), which is sold at $ (19.99 dollars) to sell it as a device to detect explosives weapons of $ (40,000) forty thousand dollars, where the Court found it difficult to differentiate between the two devices.

rcookie says(10:08 AM):

Five years .. leave trillion dinars surplus to the Treasury and warnings of unemployment and immigration

economic Number of Views: 70 10/16/2016 16:33

National Center Brief / NNC - After several actions pursued by the government to reduce costs and alleviate the financial crisis, the Government has recently resorted to think about wanting to grant employees vacation five years, in the hope of alleviating the burden on the country's economy, which has suffered the impact of lower oil prices.

* Law enforcement will provide a trillion dinars to the state treasury

He said the parliamentary finance committee member Sirhan Ahmed, in a press statement, "according to preliminary estimates, the application of granting Personnel Act five years leave, we will save about Trelaun dinars to the state treasury, if they were taking leave," adding, "But this law, a lot of disadvantages."

He explained, "We are afraid to leave the efficiencies and higher degree holders, and thus the country will clear scientific energies and owners of large scientific certificates, the spectrum there are those who do not want to enactment of this Act."

However, Ahmad, "but if you look on the other hand, there are those who believe that there is a great leaner in government departments, and this law will give the opportunity to reduce the burden on the Iraqi economy," noting that "there are those who believe that the enjoyment of such leave under the law can lead to a strong rivalry the private sector, which affects the workforce, and lead to more unemployment. "

He stressed, "There is of enactment of this Act does not wish, and my point of view, this law should not be prescribed."

* No new functional degrees under the application of the law

And whether there will be a new career marks in future fiscal years, any way to take some of the staff to leave, between "in the field of health, education, interior, defense, possible to witness functional grades, as it is an urgent need for these jobs," adding, "and the rest of the ministries can not there be plans to open recruitment. "

He pointed out that, "realistic solutions to the issue of sagging, and to address the economy lies in the fight against the corrupt and spoilers, as well as reducing the waste of public money."

* Resorting to long-term employees leave, according to the request of the International Monetary Fund

For his part, the economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine "There are more than 4 million and a half million employees in the state, and a large section of them surplus and the need for draining large amounts of the operating budget."

He added that "the International Monetary Fund, the request to reduce operating expenses so it will resort to this method to reduce because the salaries of employees in the state, amounting to 11 trillion dinars a year, but the allocations salaries {above salaries} is 29 trillion dinars, and this holiday will sack an employee for such allocations "noting," but when the employee leaves work in government departments must find his work in the local market. "

rcookie says(10:08 AM):

He noted economist, noted that "the private sector is also a paraplegic, so the staff leave will increase the burden on the private sector", stressing the need to "support the private sector and run in order to alleviate the burden on the government, as the absorption of these employees will create a positive process."

And that "not to create practical opportunities in the private sector, it will not lead to the desired result of the implementation of the law under any circumstances."

As if it would cause law enforcement to the recession, Antoine said, "The economic recession now exists, due to lower oil prices," stressing that "the failure of exchange by the government will increase unemployment, and if these forces are not harnessed {staff enjoying leave} to power production the agricultural sector, industrial, and tourism, we will not address anything about the situation. "

He ruled Antoine is the other, "the provision of future functional degrees in light of the economic situation despite the implementation of the law."

* Fears of granting employees leave "mandatory" for five years.

As explained by the Legal Committee of Parliament, Secretary Baker, "we can organize five vacation years to employees by law, according to the conditions and priorities, which must be saved employees' rights by ensuring the right to a decent living, and work on the dam outlets misuse of this law through the arbitrariness of some officials on their employees." .

He added, "There are some fears may be if a particular director hostile to an employee, it will give it compulsory leave, so you should put some things to be a guarantee to prevent misuse of this paragraph."

He explained Baker, "The retirement of the employee differs from such leave, since his conditions while this law gives room to re-employee to the service," noting that "the fundamental problem in this law is {compulsory paragraph} as it may lead to the misuse of some officials in the departments of this paragraph and abuse of staff by what they want. "

* The absence of the public sector of the energies necessary

He said the legal committee member of Secretary Baker, "There is also another problem related to concerns of some of the necessary energies out of the public sector and private certification professions and Altknykyin owners, as after taking them to leave will form a technically and scientifically void in their sectors."

And that "the bill is still in the discussion phase, and needs to take the views of the political blocs and advisers," stressing that "we will work to provide project formulation is reduce these concerns."

* Council of Ministers approved the granting of employee vacation five years.

The Council of Ministers, the voice on the sixth of September, the project is given the employee a long vacation routine Law, after Dqgah the State Council, and forwarded to the House of Representatives based on the provisions of Articles 61 item first, and 80 the second clause of the Constitution.

For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the granting of leave to employees in government departments leave for a five-year salary My name is full is to ease the pressure on staff and functional scores on the state and there are staff want to leave and now we have opened the door to them for that, noting that the holiday would be calculated to him for the purposes of retirement at a discount benefits from it.

He pointed to the Prime Minister, for preliminary approval to the inclusion of contract holders in the ministries annual leave, which is five years.

Abadi also announced, in the first of October this, the adjustment of the budget bill to give employees who want a long vacation for five years while retaining the nominal salary and pension rights.

rcookie says(10:08 AM):

It is mentioned, the pros and cons of the project grants Personnel Act five years leave, it seems that the Council approves {bill} requires activating the private sector, as well as other sectors, to create a task force to accommodate staff {certified}, and prevent brain drain.

It remains an employee in his resolution to submit to the law as contained in the paragraphs under any circumstances the application for leave to enjoy.

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rcookie says(10:11 AM):

Abadi is preparing to offer 20 candidates for independent bodies to relieve pressure on the blocks

16-10-2016 03:56 PM

Revealed the leader of the state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the determination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a candidate put up twenty independent bodies, within the next month.

Jafar said that the Tripartite Committee balance, which was formed during the first term, the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is one of the seventy-six, Undersecretary of the Ministry and the consultant chosen from various denominations and nationalities

Jaafar said that the Council of Ministers, approved those agents and advisers at the time ,, considering that the current Prime Minister, does not bear the responsibility of the House of Representatives not to authenticate them, yet

Jaafar pointed out that the appointment of al-Abadi, many of the heads of independent bodies by proxy, without obtaining the approval of the Cabinet or Parliament, the cause of problematic ..

rcookie says(10:14 AM):

Army Air destroys the headquarters and stores of weapons to Daesh area Aloossiat Mosul

a wish Since 10/16/2016 17:52 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

Revealed the Nineveh provincial council member Hossam Alabbar, Sunday, for the bombing of army aviation for a number of Daesh headquarters and armories in Aloossiat area completely and operated in Mosul.

Alabbar said, L / balance News / he "Based on intelligence bombing of Air recklessness and artillery sixteen headquarters to Daesh band and a number of them the weapons stores in the area Aloossiat first area in Mosul after the dam information."

"The bombing resulted in the destruction of the entire headquarters in preparation for the Advancement of wild security forces toward this region," noting that "elements of the organization began booby-trapped roads and concrete blocks surrounding the area for fear of entering the security forces."

According to a security source in the joint operations, today, the death of senior leader of al-Daesh and four of his aides aerial bombardment on the freedoms bridge in Almousel.anthy 29/33 h

rcookie says(10:18 AM):

Zain Cash expand its services for Iraqi consumers unique collaboration with toothpick shopping website

(Independent) .. With the increasing demand of people on the follow-up platforms and social networking sites and spend more time online networks and wide use of applications of smart devices, it has become necessary to work on linking traders and consumers directly through the activation of e-commerce and providing the means for safe and fast payment.

In spite of the fluctuation of the world's economies, but the «cyberspace» default Bosoagah was enough to offset the relatively cuff and resist the decline in economic growth rates, the Internet has become a critical element in the economic progress of many countries, especially the United States and China.

In Iraq, "Zain Cash" service posed by Iraq's portfolio, which allowed which convert the mobile phone into cash portfolio company emerged, and thus conduct their financial transactions over the phone at any time and in a manner easy and quick.

Today expanded "Zain Cash" services to include electronic payment online through the gate, "Zain Cash" first e of its kind in Iraq, where they can benefit from this service in many of the e-business areas such as electronic shopping, tourism and travel reservations, paying bills and purchases as a way easy, fast and safe payment gives customers and companies pay as you go through the online option at any time and from any device.

And featured cooperation with the site and the application of a toothpick, one of the first sites of its kind in Iraq, presenting e-shopping service and home delivery to all parts of Iraq, where it displays all the goods from fashion and accessories, cosmetics, electronics and hours and stationery and many others on the site, application, consumer can browse and choose the goods would like to purchase, and then the consumer can pay electronically from its "Zen Cash" account with immediate effect at any time and from anywhere using a smart phone or a computer and a matter of few seconds.

It explains general manager of the portfolio Iraq Tamimi weighs that "this cooperation that would contribute to the promotion of e-commerce in Iraq and allow the Iraqis to get a wide choice of services and products and the possibility to purchase via online adoption of electronic payment at any time and in a safe, easy and quick."

He commented Amar Amin, Director General of the toothpick company on the launch of this project, saying, "When we launched the application and site toothpick did not expect a large turnout in the first months were stunned that our sales on a permanent basis at a rate proportional 19% are increasing every month and that Del it shows that Iraqi consumers now looking for convenience, speed and ease of shopping needs online, and now we have strengthened the application and site toothpick means electronic safe payment allows customers to pay their purchases at any time on the clock and from any location has been impressed by the results, where increased our sales by 25% in the first two weeks. "

It is worth mentioning that the e-commerce users in the Arab countries the proportion of always growing, where up to nearly 90 million consumers. It is expected to reach the electronic trade volume to 15 billion dollars in the coming years, as occurred this boom after 2013 as it was dealing with e-commerce sites about 15% currently to up to 39% and still this rate is increasing dramatically, and Iraq stepping great strides to catch up Universal and the development of economic infrastructure and the trend towards the digital economy.

And aspiring "Zain Cash" by expanding its services and coverage on the electronic payment to spread the concept of e-commerce among Iraqis, and allow them to pay for their purchases and various their payments via their smart phones or their computers or tablets Smart from anywhere and at any time devices and it will lead to the promotion and development the use of online payment which is characterized by fast, easy and secure, and therefore will lead to reducing the size of the direct charge of cash transactions, and this would activate the e-commerce sector and the

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I your opinion has the Mosul battle began?

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Deputy: Parliament will host the Minister of Education for the failure of his ministry in the curriculum distribution

Political Since 10.16.2016 at 12:56 (Baghdad time)

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is there newstime tonight

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rcookie says(10:43 AM):

Peshmerga leader: US artillery shelled for the first time sites "Daesh" in Mosul

Oct 15, 2016


MOSUL Alonadol- commander said the Peshmerga forces Artillery Corps of the US Army bombed for the first time, on Saturday evening, the organization "Daesh" sites near the city of Mosul, Nineveh province in northern Iraq.

In a statement to "Anatolia" Omar Hussain, the commander of the Peshmerga forces explained (the armed forces of the Kurdish region in Iraq) deployed on the Axis camp Bashiqa, which is 20 kilometers from the center of Mosul, that "American soldiers in Ba'shiqah area they bombed for the first time sites" Daesh "( in Mosul) artillery. "

Hussein said that the US soldiers have set up camp on the axis Ba'shiqah a short time ago, noting that US artillery bombardment of sites will continue to "Islamic state."

Hussain pointed out that the international airline alliance carried out raids on sites "Islamic state" immediately after the bombing of the American artillery.

He added that elements of the terrorist organization lit plastic frames as well as petroleum products within the trenches dug on the outskirts of the city, in an attempt to obscure the vision of flying them.

It was not possible to get immediate comment from the government in Baghdad, not from the American side about what the leader peshmerga, especially since Washington has repeatedly stressed that its forces in Iraq based training and consulting all the functions, in addition to air strikes by the framework of an alliance to fight "Islamic state." .

On Tuesday, Joint Special Operations Command announced the arrival of military reinforcements southeast of Mosul, waiting for the zero hour to start the attack.

Since May / May the past, the Iraqi government paid military crowds near Mosul, which is controlled by the "Islamic state" since June 2014, as part of a plan to regain control of the terrorist organization.

In recent days, the Iraqi military said more than once that waiting for the zero hour for the launch of the process of liberation of the city from the organization, and says he Sastaidha before the end of the year.

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Parliamentary Finance: Baghdad and Erbil agreement will change the data in 2017 budget

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Economy News / special Finance Committee revealed that the governments of the center and the provincial agreement on appropriate solutions in the export of oil will change the data spending in the 2017 budget, said committee rapporteur Ahmed Hama Rasheed said in an interview for "Economy News", that the recent meetings between the government delegation province headed Massoud Barzani and the Baghdad government headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, resulting in output on the current crisis between the province and the center regarding oil exports from the region. He added that there is a real rational solutions emerged from the meetings will be announced soon, the results of these data will change the 2017 budget where spending will lend way after adding oil exports of Iraqi oil for export. He visited Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani Baghdad, the first half of the month of September last Baghdad and met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and other government officials as well as a meeting with political Bzaaamat. AJ

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American military: Iraqi army at his best to restore Mosul

16/10/2016 0:00

The city will be a test for the strategy of Washington against the «Daesh»

Missy Ryan nayR yssiM / Washington Post

when Iraqi troops begin its march towards Mosul this month Stnfarag in front of local leaders a chance to close the painful chapter began over two years ago when seized "Daesh" of the city. It is expected that the military operation to restore a complex city long battle to be when Iraqi forces deal begins with intensive defenses erected by the terrorists, which includes explosives, mines, tunnels and trenches.

Says "Jessica Lewis Mkvi Jessica Lewis McFate" a researcher at the Institute for the Study of War , "will fight" Daesh " in defense of the city of Mosul fiercely outweigh what appeared to him in the other sites, because this city is the jewel in the crown for him. "

big challenge

challenge is great no doubt, not only to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , which in his pursuit of victory with minimal losses, but also for President Obama who aspires to achieve victory on the battlefield in the last of his days on the throne of the presidency. to

achieve a military victory in Mosul will be witness to the fact that Iraqi forces have the ability, as US military commanders is witnessing a gradual rise in the preparation of their advisers and new entrants to the US mission there. in

preparation for the final assault assiduously aircraft US and allied aircraft on the deck the city in an attempt to weaken the terrorists. During the last two weeks , only 66 raid at least focused strikes on sites around Mosul, says Colonel "John Dorian John Dorrian" the US military spokesman in Baghdad , then adds: "We will not allow the enemy to keep digging and Atakndq at whim."

Before proceeding with the process stationed Iraqi forces in offensive positions vitality around Mosul, including a drunken, located to the south - east, and Qayyarah and accompanied by the counselors Americans and advisers coalition who will stay with them , sometimes even as they progress towards the lines "Daesh." consultative role painstakingly US military commanders to emphasize that the role Advisory troops in an attack in Mosul will be much different than it was before withdrawing in 2011 , when US forces operate technically in supporting local forces , but in fact and the application was responsible most of the military operations command of their own. in the latest deployment of US forces raised the "Pentagon" in the last month , many troops so far exceeded 5,000 troops. One of the main tasks to be performed by these soldiers is to help the Iraqi leaders on the movements of a large force coordinating many fragmented strength training about 12 Brigade of the Iraqi army and fighters of the clan , who will be joined in the wider operations fighters of the Kurdish Peshmerga and the factions of the powerful popular crowd. One defense official, who spoke on condition says concealment of his name in order to be able to speak freely: "strategy of the United States, based on the principle of (local forces , and with it and through it ), you will reach a crescendo point in the battle of Mosul and then the time is long in Raqqa also as we hope." there will be American soldiers Others also advise Iraqi units in the field.

rcookie says(11:06 AM):

Under the battle applicable rules now would be American advisers accompany local forces can at the level of the regiment, and this will bring them closer to direct participation if they gave permission. The US official said: "advisory role at this level risky, we realize this, but this decision will help us provide effective coordination. " spearhead also be accompanied by advisers Americans of the fight against terrorism , the Iraqi elite forces , which are expected to be the spearhead of the attack on the city as it did in the battles past." in the run -up to the battle of Mosul acknowledged the White House and other measures , including the use of Apache attack helicopters artillery systems and long-range "Haimarss" which is expected to play a key role in the final rush towards Mosul. at the same time , US commanders feel the need to reduce injuries among Americans to the lowest border in battle do not receive from Washington only reluctantly supported. Indeed , was not killed by the Americans during the operations since the return of troops to Iraq in 2014 only three soldiers. Powerful army Another key factor in the strategy from the standpoint of US military officials is to try to support the Iraqi army. Officials: say the morale of the Iraqis has greatly from what it was in May 2015 , while improved local forces retreated to outside the city of Ramadi , in another important setback for those forces. Many military leaders were replaced to provide the troops necessary equipment, and work alongside US advisers would give the Iraqis a new sense of confidence, say officials. Another official in the defense says: "We have Aaddnahm tough battle." However, many of the victories that Iraqis goals from against "Daesh" It was not possible without the combat capability of its high men of the popular crowd. US officials say they have put plans for extensive and detailed to protect the city during the bombing campaign them, especially the residents. On the other hand racing officials of the United States and United Nations in the preparation of the preparations to receive the numbers of displaced people have almost hundreds Alalov.lal exam largest US strategy is what will be followed by the battle of Mosul. While American officials say that the force will ensure that the city is composed of 45 thousand element of the police and the sons of the tribes did not show so far clear plans for how they will govern the city historically known this diversity. But the new Mosul leaders, whoever they will be, will entail for them to deal with the possibility of the existence of the remnants of the terrorist attacks in addition to the risk of renewed local conflict in the future. Winning in Mosul is important, but Mkvi warns that a partial victory against terrorists who might try to retreat to areas Other than the province of Nineveh , where enjoying the support and assistance, or perhaps trying to cross the border into Syria. military officials put into their account that they had worked out the possibility that terrorists are trying to flee westwards towards their stronghold and actual capital in Raqqa, perhaps using civilians as human shields, and then preparing the stage for the battle of the final in Soeria.tcol Mkvi: "restore Mosul will be an asset to him its importance." * translation - Anis al - Saffar

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Army troops up to Mosul dam across Kurdistan

16/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning of

Mosul / Sunrise Maher

coincide with managed security forces of pieces of new supply for »Daesh» Lines After cleansing and maintenance of Baiji Road - modern strategic, pieces of the army arrived at the Mosul dam across the province of Kurdistan in a move that confirms the continued cooperation between all Iraqi people to rid the city of terrorists.

Contacted morning quoted the colonel in the Ministry of Peshmerga, Abdul Aziz forgers, saying that pieces of the Iraqi army and reached across the province of Kurdistan to the Mosul Dam fact axis north of the city within the military Althacadat preparation for the liberalization of Mosul process.

He added that these pieces entered into the axle and began circulating it after obtaining the consent of the Peshmerga forces.

She also other pieces of federal police, to Qayyarah base, as it said its leader , the team Raed Shakir Jawdat, that is the duty of his pieces will be in the western axis, along the 60 km stems from Qayyarah base toward right coast of the city of Mosul, after the completion of all preparations and went to places Trooping.

It contributes to the flexibility of columns of military reinforcements movement, the seventh band maintenance of Using modern Beja- vital link between northern Salahuddin and Anbar after the completion of purified and cut supply lines «Aldoaash» within the areas of the island 's vast . in

turn, he told Dean in Nineveh police Mohammed al - Jubouri , who is in areas liberated us that aerial bombardments intensive and precise long - caches «Aldoaash» in the villages of Alahud and Hamidat near Qayyarah in Badush western Mosul Maasafar killed dozens of terrorists and destroyed equipment and wheels and stores of weapons and ammunition for them.

as reported fellow police Col. Khalid slaves, that the aerial bombardment also destroyed hideouts and wheels for Doaash in the district of Tall Afar , 20 km north of Mosul , as well as the killing of eight of them reached their bodies to the forensic medicine in Mosul.

the strikes Althacadat caused, according to an interview with Brigadier Thanon Sabawi, a correspondent «morning», escape most of the leaders of «Daesh» with the families of Tal Afar toward Syria , stressing that the judiciary has seen since the morning flight of dozens of leaders of terror from Arab and Iraqi nationalities wheels carrying tenderness number with holdings stolen from the people of Mosul.

He noted that gangs «Daesh» In an attempt to avoid a widening phenomenon escape among the leaders proceeded yesterday afternoon to carry out mass executions campaign affected 25 of its members in the yard hawks urban center of Mosul amid a crowd of people of Mosul and told them that the execution of Hola elements because you try to flee from the battle fronts on the area around Mosul, a sense of panic and fear as they await the start of the zero hour to start editing Mosul process between an hour and again, pointing out that «Daesh» refused to hand over the bodies of its elements executed to the Department of forensic Medicine in Mosul.

within follow the movements of terrorists «Daesh» and prosecute campaigns wherever they hid, they announced the Directorate of intelligence and counter - terrorism in the province of Karbala, on Saturday, in a statement press for the arrest of cell tanker bombers west of the province in coordination with the leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates, revealing that one of the suicide bombers blew himself up before his arrest, without causing casualties, a memorandum that Karbala is one of the stable provincial security, but they are targeted by the atonement malevolent groups , but the security forces to pre - empt attempts through proactive operations carried out in different areas of the province.

rcookie says(11:08 AM):

Abadi: the creation of safe corridors for the exit of the citizens of Mosul

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 15:58:10

Views: 34

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, for the creation of safe corridors for the exit of the citizens of the city of Mosul.

Ebadi said, during a meeting with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Krandi, said that "What is important is not to liberate the land only, but editing rights and maintain a safe, but this has been the creation of safe corridors for citizens to get out of the city of Mosul during editing operations."

He added that "there is a strategic plan to restore stability in the liberated areas," and urged the international community and international organizations to "assist the government in this area."

For his part, praised Krandi, "the government's efforts in dealing with the displaced and ensure their return to the liberated areas."

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Parliamentary demanding the opening of the economy, "Trebil" port to help the people of Anbar economicallyLike 0Number of Views: 571  14:32 2016/10/16  Share !# ِّ غ Participation 1 Likes 0:BAGHDAD / tomorrow PressA member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, Harith al- Harthy, on Sunday, the need to open Trebil and helping the people of Anbar because of .deteriorating economic conditionsHe said Al-Harthy for "tomorrow's Press," that "large parts freed from Anbar province, and there are security forces caught the ground and secured a lot of exits and roads, especially ".heading to TrebilHe said Al-Harthy, that "the economic situation in Anbar province suffers a significant deterioration and the central government's work to improve it through the activation of certain income-generating projects as at border crossing points as an outlet Trebil," noting that "it will help a lot of improvement in the economic and the living situation of the people. ".in the provinceAnd the Al-Harthy, that "the international road to Trebil which connects Iraq, Jordan, fully insured and the government can be opened for the recovery of foreign trade, which will generate money not only to maintain but also to the central government, which is today".the most in need of such projects

rcookie says(11:22 AM):

OCTOBER 16, 2016

Kurdish sources claimed that Mosul battle will begin at dawn on Monday with the participation of more than 60,000 fighters .. and the international coalition forces began intensive aerial bombardment of the city in the biggest military operation taking place in Iraq since the US invasion in 2003


Mosul Beirut agencies: revealed official sources in the Kurdistan region of Iraq on Sunday evening, the zero hour for the battle to liberate Mosul from the "Islamic state" has been determined, and that the attack would begin at dawn on Monday, while the cast of the Iraqi Air Force aircraft tens of thousands of leaflets containing safety for residents Help Mosul, just before the start of the military operation.

Iraqi sources said on Sunday that the US-led international coalition forces began intensive aerial bombardment on the city of Mosul, just before the big battle, which is the largest military operation taking place in Iraq since the US invasion in 2003.

In this context, the Iraqi federal police command announced that its troops were stationed at the base in Qayyarah positions, awaiting the start of the battle.

In conjunction with this, large units of the Iraqi army advanced from the center of Khazar, at the outskirts of Mosul, which is expected to take part more than 60 thousand fighters in the restoration process of the city.

Militias popular crowd and are an essential component of the parties involved in the battle of Mosul, which raises criticism Sunni forces after the violations committed by these militias in previous battles in Tikrit, Ramadi and Fallujah.

It is also involved in the process, anti-terrorism forces, in addition to the band "rapid reaction". And would be a "national mobilization", led by former governor of Nineveh, Liberation of Iraq, was present in the battle, which is composed of fighters from the Sunni tribes.

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