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Monday, October 17, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 10/17/16 - Part 6

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 6 - Featuring BGG

(7:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:02 PM):

Mags there has been such awsome news about Mosul! you will need to read it this evening!

magnetlady says(7:04 PM):

There has been some in the mainstream news streams too, but i'm sure the guys have found better info

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:04 PM):

oh yes, rcookie and loop has been bringing in so much lately! wow!

jetset says(7:21 PM):

good evening everyone!

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:21 PM):

Good Evening! :)

subgirl says to jetset(7:21 PM):

Good Evening!

jetset says to subgirl(7:27 PM):

hi there!

jeffusa says to jetset(7:27 PM):

sup bro

jeffusa says to subgirl(7:31 PM):

hello cavity fairy

subgirl says to jeffusa(7:32 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(7:32 PM):

you are pretty silly to say that lol

(7:37 PM)jackflash101st was kicked out by jackflash101st!

Movack says(7:42 PM):

hello everyone

scarlet says(7:42 PM):

hello everyone

subgirl says to Movack(7:42 PM):

Hello :)

subgirl says to scarlet(7:42 PM):

hello :)

Movack says(7:42 PM):

hi subby

scarlet says(7:42 PM):

hello subgirl

subgirl says to Movack(7:42 PM):

hey how are you?

subgirl says to scarlet(7:43 PM):

how's it going?

Movack says(7:43 PM):

great and you

subgirl says to Movack(7:43 PM):

I am good thanks :)

Movack says(7:43 PM):

been very bust with the move we are doing

Movack says(7:44 PM):


scarlet says(7:44 PM):

Im good subgirl, how are you?

subgirl says to Movack(7:44 PM):

you are moving?

subgirl says to scarlet(7:44 PM):

I am good too thanks :) been lots of news brot in here...

Movack says(7:44 PM):

yes new home finished

subgirl says to Movack(7:44 PM):

WOW very very nice :)

subgirl says to Movack(7:45 PM):

very glad for you and your family! :)

Movack says(7:45 PM):

finishing up alst of interior paint trim

Movack says(7:45 PM):


subgirl says to Movack(7:45 PM):

Sweet! :) bet it looks nice :)

Movack says(7:45 PM):

i see alot is in the news today

subgirl says to Movack(7:46 PM):

yep there is... rcookie and loop has been bringing it in all day... :)

Movack says(7:46 PM):

and it does look great

subgirl says to Movack(7:46 PM):

Mosul is coming along very nicely!

subgirl says to Movack(7:46 PM):

yes it does!!

Movack says(7:46 PM):


subgirl says to Movack(7:46 PM):

:) yep!

subgirl says to Movack(7:47 PM):

things are doing great... I have to copy, brb

jeffusa says(7:48 PM):

ISIS evacuates its headquarters and withdraws to east side of Mosul

subgirl says to jeffusa(7:50 PM):


Movack says(7:50 PM):

I can live with that has tag $4$

subgirl says to Movack(7:51 PM):

do you like the $$$$ signs? lol

subgirl says to Movack(7:51 PM):

that is why I use that to copy with lol I like it too lol $$$$$$$$

Movack says(7:53 PM):

reading now , way awsome news

subgirl says to Movack(7:53 PM):

yes it sure is! :)

jetset says to Movack(7:54 PM):

several articles quoting pentagon sources as well as GOI sources stating that Mosul is ahead of schedule!!!

jeffusa says(7:55 PM):

Masum: Mosul’s liberation and ISIS’ collapse are imminent

Movack says(7:55 PM):

I watched a CNN news clip yesterday on US news that it had begun and now see iraq stating as well

scarlet says(7:55 PM):

change is imminent...

scarlet says(7:55 PM):

they can't use american money forever

BGG says to jetset(7:56 PM):

Of course it is... 25 days or less... Look - see?? WE DEFEATED ISIS!!

Movack says(7:56 PM):

Boom shac alacka

scarlet says(7:56 PM):

boom shac alacka lol

subgirl says to Movack(7:56 PM):


scarlet says(7:56 PM):

good one

BGG says to jetset(7:56 PM):

*cough*cough* - (we started it all too...) *cough*

Movack says(7:56 PM):

hi BGG

BGG says to Movack(7:57 PM):


scarlet says(7:57 PM):

hi BGG

BGG says to Movack(7:57 PM):

How are you??

BGG says to scarlet(7:57 PM):


Movack says(7:57 PM):

I am good ty for asking

scarlet says(7:57 PM):

!hola lol

scarlet says(7:58 PM):

I guess i will go for the jets tonite

Movack says(7:58 PM):

It will be nice to move in to a home and say oh by the wat mr. bank oh never mind lol

Movack says(7:58 PM):


subgirl says to Movack(7:59 PM):


Movack says(8:00 PM):

yea just what i'm think LOL

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subgirl says to Movack(8:01 PM):


scarlet says(8:04 PM):

I want some horses, a small house, and some land

scarlet says(8:04 PM):

maybe a chicken or two

scarlet says(8:04 PM):

but then again , chickens can be mean

subgirl says to scarlet(8:04 PM):

that sounds good too :)

Movack says(8:04 PM):

just think of the fried egg sandwich tho

subgirl says to scarlet(8:05 PM):

but eggs are nice and I love chicken lol

scarlet says(8:05 PM):

a fried egg sandwich is the bomb

subgirl says to scarlet(8:05 PM):

lol yep

Movack says(8:05 PM):

cant go wrong

subgirl says to Movack(8:05 PM):

nope :)

scarlet says(8:05 PM):

i want to rescue horses, just let them roam

scarlet says(8:06 PM):

maybe have one to ride

subgirl says to scarlet(8:06 PM):

have not ridden a horse in like forever but they are beautiful animals!

scarlet says(8:06 PM):

yes they are, either they like you or they dont lol

subgirl says to scarlet(8:06 PM):


scarlet says(8:07 PM):


scarlet says(8:07 PM):

do you have animals?

subgirl says to scarlet(8:07 PM):

not any more... we used to have pigs and a cute guinea pig :)

scarlet says(8:07 PM):

awww, cool.

subgirl says to scarlet(8:07 PM):

yumo on bacon! :)

scarlet says(8:07 PM):


scarlet says(8:08 PM):

oh you ate the pigs??

Movack says(8:08 PM):

got to ask question --- when did home get put on exchange rate on CBI -- didn't notice that before http://www.cbi.iq/

subgirl says to scarlet(8:08 PM):

my kids showed pigs at the 4-H fair and the State Fair in August but they grew up and we dont do that anymore... :)

scarlet says(8:08 PM):

oh, but you don't eat them after the fair's do you?

scarlet says(8:09 PM):

or do you sell them?

subgirl says to scarlet(8:09 PM):

no but we did set one aside for us :)

Movack says(8:10 PM):

at least you know how they are raised

scarlet says(8:10 PM):


subgirl says to scarlet(8:10 PM):

the boys got money for selling the pigs esp if we won the fair...

subgirl says to Movack(8:10 PM):

yes def. :)

Movack says(8:10 PM):

any answer to my ??

subgirl says to Movack(8:11 PM):

we did that for about 8 years or so... very fun...

subgirl says to Movack(8:11 PM):

I am not sure?

scarlet says(8:11 PM):


subgirl says to scarlet(8:11 PM):


scarlet says(8:12 PM):

the farm animals are beautiful at the state fairs..

subgirl says to scarlet(8:12 PM):

yes they are and very busy and hard work to show them...

scarlet says(8:12 PM):

i bet

Movack says(8:12 PM):

and why at this point do they state home rate --- is their rate stated some where else

subgirl says to Movack(8:13 PM):

maybe you can ask tomorrow night at the newstime! :)

scarlet says(8:13 PM):


subgirl says to Movack(8:14 PM):

Newstime tomorrow night with Hutch/rcookie/mrwhite at 6:30pm CST and then a live call after newstime :) tomorrow night 10/18/16 :)

scarlet says(8:14 PM):

what is the live call's about?

subgirl says to scarlet(8:15 PM):

the 3 guys talk about what is happening in the news... and to answer any questions anyone has...

scarlet says(8:15 PM):

oh cool ok thanks

subgirl says to scarlet(8:15 PM):

you come into the room and ask the question and hutch will ask it on the call and the guys will try to answer them...

scarlet says(8:16 PM):

oh , got it

subgirl says to scarlet(8:16 PM):

yep :)

subgirl says to scarlet(8:16 PM):


scarlet says(8:16 PM):


Movack says(8:17 PM):

subby there is a very good possibility that we will be at the new place so maybe you could squeeze that question in if you remember. no internet there yet

jeffusa says(8:19 PM):

Nineveh – President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, announced on Monday that security forces cleared 200 km in the first phase of the battle to liberate the city of Mosul thanks to close coordination between the army and the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

scarlet says(8:21 PM):

interesting timing on it all

subgirl says(8:21 PM):

ok movack i will try to remember!

subgirl says to scarlet(8:23 PM):

yes it is! '

scarlet says(8:25 PM):


subgirl says to scarlet(8:25 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(8:27 PM):

(y) cool!!

Movack says(8:48 PM):

CNN will be runing news clip on Iraq in about a minute

Movack says(8:48 PM):

about mosul

Movack says(8:49 PM):

about a minute

subgirl says to Movack(8:49 PM):

(y) thank you!

Movack says(8:50 PM):


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