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Monday, October 17, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 10/17/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring BGG & rcookie

DIGIman1 says(9:58 AM):

(9:58 AM)MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to MOD.DIGIman1!

DIGIman1 says to 1bobby(9:59 AM):

ty :)

loop says(10:15 AM):

Iraq participates in the forum of the Amman Financial inclusion

Last update: Monday , October 17 2016 - 8:43

Iraq participates in the work of financial inclusion forum, which begins its work on Tuesday in the Jordanian capital Amman. He said the international expert d. Sadiq al-Shammari he would present his research, which deals with financial inclusion and to support small and medium enterprises and micro.

He noted that the work of financial inclusion forum organized under the slogan "the strategic orientation of financial stability", organized by the Union of Arab Banks and the Central Bank of Jordan. And it will address the forum, which lasts for two days at the Inter Continental Hotel in Amman Hall by five sessions of several working papers presented by money and banking experts.

This means financial inclusion deliver the economic viability of banking products to all members of society through the expansion of lending to small and medium-sized enterprises and micro in a bid to fight poverty around the world.

He said the axes Forum included the importance of financial inclusion in the economic development, the importance of financial inclusion in promoting financial and social stability, 'the role of Islamic banks and institutions of economic empowerment in the mainstream financial services' and the role of central banks and associations of banks in promoting financial literacy and consumer protection' financial inclusion and to support small and medium enterprises and micro. As well as financial inclusion in the fight against money laundering and the reduction of financing terrorism.

Shammari pointed out that financial inclusion began to adopt in most countries of the world to achieve economic feasibility and taking away many groups in society to live below the poverty line, switching categories bad into the hands of working Mentjh.ocd that the central bank for domestic banks allocations, estimated Petrleon and a half dinars come to expand the lending area and to achieve the renaissance of the productivity of the largest number of citizens of these loans and coverage, pointing out that the international experiences in this field has achieved positive results and the transfer of the economies of the deterioration of the case to a gradual recovery phase.

BGG says(10:20 AM):

True Terror Is to Wake up One Morning and Discover That Your High School Class Is Running the Country - Kurt Vonnegut


loop says(10:22 AM):

Daesh cleared all its headquarters and retreat to the right side of Mosul

History of edits:: 17/10/2016 18:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Daesh terrorist gangs on Monday to evacuate all headquartered in the left side with pulled to the right side of the connector.

A statement of the board of the popular crowd from sources inside Mosul , saying the agency received {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that "gangs Daesh terrorist evacuated of all headquarters of mosques, churches and circles state located in the left side and pulled to the right side of Mosul.

He was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Chairman Minister Haider al - Abadi, announced late Sunday night, the start of the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, calling on residents to cooperate with the liberated forces to accelerate the process of liberation.

For its part announced that the leadership of the fight against terrorism, the allocation of safe corridors for civilians before the arrival of the liberated forces to Mosul, according to device commander Abdul Ghani al - Asadi.

As called spokesman for the popular crowd, MP Ahmad al - Asadi, the people of Mosul to the lack of displacement, describing the cooperation of intelligence as "dazzling."

For his part, the commander of the armed forces in the Kurdistan region, this morning, the participation of more than four thousand fighters from Peshmerga forces in the liberation of Mosul, three in the northern axis of Khazer Almousel.anthy

1bobby says(10:23 AM):

This chat room/forum has more news than any mainstream media :)

1bobby says(10:23 AM):

Appreciate all involved

SRW says to BGG(10:23 AM):

Well, just as long as they don't call me!! Might not like what I have to say about politics these days. On both sides of the aisle!! :D

loop says(10:24 AM):

The picture with this article is great. A herd of Toyotas getting out of dodge.

BGG says to 1bobby(10:25 AM):


1bobby says to loop(10:26 AM):

Toyota hates that :)

BGG says to 1bobby(10:26 AM):

From my FaceBook feed this AM:

Dear media - you all suck.

The End

(BGG Quote) :D

1bobby says to BGG(10:27 AM):

Quote of the day! lol

BGG says to 1bobby(10:27 AM):

It's getting a lot of "attention" :D

SRW says to BGG(10:28 AM):

Don't hold back now BGG!! :D

1bobby says to BGG(10:28 AM):

If you got a nickle for every "like" on that one, you wouldn't need IQD as an investment

rcookie says(10:29 AM):

Party leader Talabani: the joint forces liberated 20 villages on the first day of the two axes

Monday , October 201 617 18:19

rcookie says(10:30 AM):

(Daesh) clears Compare and pull back to the right side of Mosul

Author: AHF

Editor: AHF

17/10/2016 18:15

Number of Views: 76

Long-Presse / Baghdad

It announced the popular crowd, Monday, evacuating elements (Daesh), all their headquarters in the left side of Mosul, and they withdrew to the right side of the city.

A statement by the flags of the popular crowd received (range Press), a copy of "elements (Daesh), evacuated their headquarters from all mosques and churches and state circles on the left side and pulled to the right side of Mosul."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Monday (17 October 2016), the start of liberalization city of Mosul process (405 km north of Baghdad) from the control of the organization (Daesh) terrorist, and stressed that the process is led by the army and federal police, pointed to thwart all attempts to prevent the process starting.

The organization (Daesh) took over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014 the past), before extending his terrorist activities for many other areas of Iraq and is committed where "many violations" promised local and global points of "crimes against humanity and genocide.

1bobby says(10:31 AM):

20 villages! What a push

1bobby says(10:31 AM):

most days we'd be lucky to see one village liberated

loop says(10:32 AM):

Thwarting a robbery of more than five billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank

History of edits:: 17/10/2016 12:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} revealed the board integrity, Monday, foiled an attempt to steal more than five billion dinars, and a quarter of a billion of the state's Rafidain Bank, noting "the failure of the scheme prepared by a customers bank to steal money by manipulating electronic clearing procedures."

According to the Authority in a statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that " the Court of specialized integrity issues felonies sentenced in absentia the right of the convicted} {O.a.a spend in prison for ten years, based on the provisions of Article 444 {/ IV and XI ten of the Penal Code}; for trying to steal public funds. "

According to details of the case to" embark O.a.j} {convicted of stealing the amount of {} 5,4000,000,000 five billion and four hundred million dinars by manipulating the electronic clearing instruments by instrument drawn by him for the benefit of the beneficiary {R.j.s} divisive case, a customer of one of the private banks, which have been addressed to the attempted theft and stop the exchange of the instrument under a phone call. "

He noted that" the facts and the statements of the legal representative of the Rafidain Bank and Ahli Bank and testimony of witnesses, as well as all the recommendations of the ongoing administrative investigation of the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of Finance, and the presumption of escape of a convicted for justice upheld, the charges against the convicted, which brought the court to adequately criminalize the convicted conviction, Vgmt him under Article wisdom. "

The statement continued that" the decision of the referee to ensure issuance of an arrest warrant against him, and the support of booking movable and immovable property, and giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision become final ".anthy

rcookie says(10:32 AM):

Battle of Mosul numbers: more than 100 thousand against five thousand elements Bdaash

MIDDLE EAST Last updated 21 minutes ago.

MosulDaeshIraqi army , the Iraqi government , Iraqi police

صور من أرض المعركة.. عمليات تحرير الموصل من داعشصور من أرض المعركة.. عمليات تحرير الموصل من داعشصور من أرض المعركة.. عمليات تحرير الموصل من داعشصور من أرض المعركة.. عمليات تحرير الموصل من داعشصور من أرض المعركة.. عمليات تحرير الموصل من داعشصور من أرض المعركة.. عمليات تحرير الموصل من داعش

Image 1

1 من 6PrevNext

New York, United States (CNN) - Iraqi troops launched and backed by armed militias , restoration of Iraq 's second largest city and a stronghold of the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and al - Sham city of Mosul operations , or what is known as "Daesh."

According to information obtained by CNN from officials and sources of the Peshmerga forces, the total forces battling al Daesh exceed 102 thousand specifically 102.600 thousand fighters, while the estimated number of its fighters in Mosul , five thousand only.

Iraqi troops make up the heart of most of the troops in this battle where the number of the Iraqi army and other security forces of up to 54 thousand, solves the second in terms of number of Peshmerga forces, which amounts to 40 thousand, while the number of US troops five thousand and 3600 element of the coalition forces from other nationalities is of America.

It is reported that Ahmad al - Asadi, a spokesman for Bashim popular crowd (Shiite militias fighting alongside Iraqi forces against Daesh) said in previous statements that "nine thousand fighters of the Sunni tribes in Iraq will take part in the Battle of the restoration of Mosul within the ranks of the crowd.

Asadi pointed out that "there are about five thousand fighters of the minorities in the popular crowd of Christ, Turkmen and Yezidis."

1bobby says(10:33 AM):

Gotta love the ratio there

1bobby says(10:33 AM):

Investment confirm granted an investment license in 1336 for projects worth $ 90 billion since 2009

1bobby says(10:34 AM):

ok screwed that one up. Still early, I'll screw up alot more

kalis says(10:34 AM):

i wonder how long it will take them to win ...??? mosul

rcookie says(10:35 AM):

Project industrial city in Dhi Qar

Investment confirm granted an investment license in 1336 for projects worth $ 90 billion since 2009

Author: MK

Editor: BK

10/17/2016 17:47

Number of Views: 122

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced the National Investment Commission, on Monday, for an investment license granted in 1336 for projects worth a total of $ 90 billion since 2009, indicating that 636 of them worth $ 27 billion, "parked or lagging behind", for different reasons.

This came in a speech to the head of the Sami Raouf Al-Araji, during the first economic conference to activate investment projects in Iraq, which was held today, the partnership between the Commission and the provinces, in the guesthouse of the Cabinet, the Green Zone, under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, attended by economic figures and managers investment bodies in the provinces, and attended (range Press).

He said, "The National Investment Commission granted during the period from 2009 to 2016 nearly one thousand and 336 are distributed to various sectors in the whole of Iraq investment license, with a total value of up to $ 90 billion," adding that their "700 incomplete achievement and the 636 project stalled or dilatory for various reasons worth $ 27 billion. "

The President of the Commission, that "the Commission announced that in 2015 the last of the 920 investment opportunity, while General announced the current 2016 for 692 chance of projects strategy or a large, medium or small," following the "housing sector announce the project Rasheed Camp in Baghdad, which includes construction of 70 thousand housing units and commercial centers, medical and recreational accomplished in three phases. "

The al-Araji, that "will direct the project after the end of military operations and stop the military base in the camp for work," noting that the distribution of housing projects on all of the provinces would be by 25 thousand units per each province was actually starting to work it. "

The head of the National Investment Commission, that there are "a number of investment projects in the transport sector in the whole of Iraq, five of which are investment deals in the railway sector, as well as the port of Faw, which will consist of an oil port and another for the transport of goods."

Araji said that "a number of investment projects in the manufacturing sector is 113 representing iron and steel projects, the manufacture of electrical equipment, batteries, pharmaceuticals, waste recycling, flat glass and industrial cities," noting that "there are 78 investment opportunities in the tourism sector, and 169 opportunity in the services sector to establish a modern commercial complexes and refrigerated warehouses, and rehabilitation of the old central market, and 150 investment opportunities in other sports and youth sector allocated to the provinces, and 158 agricultural opportunity in the provinces have been allocated nearly seven million acres. "

The head of the National Investment Commission, that "the body facilitated during the period from 2010 to the current 2016, he was awarded 44 thousand and 599 visas to people from outside Iraq, are linked to investment projects procedures."

For his part, Trade Bank of Iraq, Faisal Alhmas manager, in his speech at the conference, said that "the bank has change its organizational structure and the introduction of a number of sections, including government banking and Department of banking institutions to provide financing services to projects which are economically feasible, which works to recruit human resources."

It is noteworthy that many of the provinces, businessmen and investors still complain of red tape and complications in the granting of investment licenses, and administrative corruption, as well as delays in granting land for investment projects, in spite of making two amendments to the investment law.

1bobby says(10:35 AM):

That's the one I was looking for. Thank you

(10:36 AM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

SRW says to 1bobby(10:36 AM):

Can you imagine the relief the citizens are feeling now!! It's got to be amazing and crazy! The people are free and now can live a life we as American take for granted every day!!

kalis says to SRW(10:36 AM):


RickeyT says to SRW(10:37 AM):

it is about as far from our life as it can be, I don't thing you can imagine their life.

1bobby says to SRW(10:37 AM):

100%. Mosul residents are on edge for sure. Lots of IED's have been planted. Saw 1 report vehicles have been loaded with explosives and parked throughout Mosul

1bobby says to SRW(10:38 AM):

That said, with all the great reserachers here, for day 1 we couldn't have asked for better

rcookie says(10:40 AM):

Coalition hold a meeting in Paris to discuss the process of Mosul

The French defense ministry said Monday that the most prominent defense ministers participating countries in the international coalition against al Daesh Islamic state will participate in the meeting to be held on 25 under way in Paris to discuss the process by which Iraqi forces led the support of the coalition to restore the city of Mosul.

And he will meet with French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian 12 ministers, including Foreign Minister Ashton Carter.

Iraqi forces backed by coalition began its operations at dawn on Monday to recover from the grip of Mosul Daesh which dominates the city since mid-2014.

The alliance's defense ministers have met in Paris on 20 July last to discuss the progress of processes against regulation.

SRW says to 1bobby(10:44 AM):

My hope is that those ISIS nuts get their 20 virgins and they all of them have aides and any other diesese imaginable!! Then a third eye from our special forces. No, I can't imagine Rickey, Just pray for their well being and a life that can be lived free and fillled with hope!!

jeffusa says(10:46 AM):

"I am expecting the military operation to be completed in one-two weeks, but, as we all know, it is impossible to guess correctly the exact date of the end of any military operation," the source said.

loop says(10:47 AM):

Samir Abbas Alnasiri *: CBI solid steps in achieving development goals


The central banks are financial institutions sober sovereign and independent in carrying out its tasks and monetary policies, which oversees and monitors the banking sector is the financial advisor to the government. Central Bank of Iraq was a key role in the [...]

The central banks are financial institutions sober sovereign and independent in carrying out its tasks and monetary policies, which oversees and monitors the banking sector is the financial advisor to the government. And the Central Bank of Iraq, his role was fundamental in the economic management of the process in Iraq after the change in 2003 during the administration of monetary policy and achieve their goals, where over Iraq during the years (2003-2016), an important stage in its economic system since the change included the beginning of new applications for economic construction rely building introductions transition from the philosophy and strategies of the central economic system in the management of the economy to the philosophy and strategies and mechanisms of a market economy. The most important hallmark of this stage is the pilot exercise and assumptions that economic policies that rely primarily on the experiences of countries preceded us in the application of market economy mechanisms without relying on the fundamental economic underpinnings for this transition, as confirmed all the studies and reports issued by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The confusion of vision and lack of coordination between fiscal and monetary policies and different economic policies and the lack of clarity in the economic approach of the new building of the economy contributed to a clear contribution to the dispersion of applications in the monetary policy and the different visions and strategies to reach the central objectives set, in addition to the lack of some of the legislative environment materials of economic laws that govern the operation economic, leading to the disorder in the application. But the Iraqi Central Bank and the banking sector's footsteps big steps toward the development of the transition from Sairafi activity to development activity. Since the issuance of the laws governing the banking business in 2004 and the issuance of central bank law 56 of 2004, great achievements have been made in reducing the hyper-inflation that was suffered by Iraq and its access to good rates for the year 2016 amounted to 2 percent.

As data and financial indicators suggest that the Iraqi Central Bank was able to maintain for several years until the present time the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in a balanced way in spite of fluctuation and variation up and down depending on the difficult economic conditions, financial and economic crisis due to the decline in oil prices and the war on terrorism and speculation occur in the markets. Where he notes that the daily intervention of the Central Bank of Iraq in the management of the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the light of the details of monetary policy which has been adopted since (10/04/2003) Despite the criticism and the many notes but made a significant contribution in maintaining monetary stability and face any amounts needed by the market for the purpose of trade financing to the private sector and to meet the needs of the Ministry of Finance of the local currency.

To counter such criticism, the Bank issued and controls instructions and tried to control the violations that occur daily review and follow-up of money laundering at the bank offices and in banks, and electronic control proactive. As recently issued a money laundering guide confirmation to adjust the application of Money Laundering Act and the new anti-terrorism, in addition to his thinking continued to adopt a style of documentary credits and their replacement gradually instead of the current approach to control the foreign currency movement and reduce the disposition other than economic targets set for the application of monetary policy. Since the deal the buying and selling of foreign currency is one of the largest open market operations to control the levels of domestic liquidity and put surplus cash in the safe in the general budget and tracks consumer spending. The CBI has maintained in 2016 to stabilize the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar on the parallel market up (1290) dinars per dollar, as recorded in 2012 to 2015 at rates ranging from (2230-2250) dinars per dollar with the knowledge that the bank Central has kept the official price of transactions daily at fixed an economist's a good sign that the stability of the exchange rate during these years, despite the difficult economic conditions experienced by Iraq during 2014 and 2015 and is still going on because of the sudden drop world oil prices by more (65 per percent), compared to prices in 2014 and the lack of security and stability and the war on terrorism and speculation in the currency market, but he maintained a balanced rates of up and down. We expect to return to a normal level, especially after the relative improvement in global oil prices and increased volumes of oil for marketing purposes and the application of the new mechanism adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq in 2017.

loop says(10:47 AM):

The CBI also managed to retain foreign cash reserves up to $ 50 billion because of falling world oil prices and the conditions of economic recession. However, the form of Secretary of the Iraqi dinar cover to cover trade up to a six-month period and is globally certified standard rate.

This marks a clear fact that the CBI has been able efforts and clear over the past two years to boost the tally of foreign exchange in the bank lockers in foreign banks and reserves of gold in Baghdad and abroad well commensurate with the oil prices and developments on the local and regional scene.

It must be noted here that the big role played by the Iraqi banking system as a tool of monetary policy implemented by planned by and oversees the implementation of the Central Bank of Iraq, which constitutes the basic wheel in the financing and management process of economic development and attracting investment Iraqi, Arab and foreign. Despite what indicated by studies and official reports issued by international organizations and the Central Bank of Iraq that the Iraqi banking sector, because of the challenges it faces, did not contribute requested contribution to the economic development over the past above despite its evolution rates growing since 2003 until 2014, in terms of total assets and capital funds have evolved and Odaiah and its credit cash granted and capital adequacy in terms of total assets developed by (8 percent) in 2014 compared to 2013 as cash credit extended to the development of 28 percent for 2014 compared to 2013. the registered capital and deposits growth rates (13 percent) and (23 percent ), respectively , which is a positive indicator of the important role played by the banking sector in sustainable development.

(*) banking expert, member of the World Union of Arab bankers

Copyright Network Iraqis economists. Allowed to re-publication, provided that the source

MrsBGG says to loop(10:49 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to loop(10:49 AM):

Great to see you!

MrsBGG says to loop(10:49 AM):

Thank you for the News!

clay says to jeffusa(10:50 AM):

hey buddy well its a start

MrsBGG says to clay(10:50 AM):

Good morning :)

rcookie says(10:50 AM):

US air strikes pound Libya's Sirte to oust Islamic State militants

Smoke rises following an air strike as Libyan forces allied with the U.N.-backed government gather after they captured a new area from Islamic State militants in Sirte, Libya, October 16, 2016. REUTERS / Ismail Zitouny

Smoke rises following an air strike as Libyan forces allied with the UN-backed government gather after they captured a new area from Islamic State militants in Sirte, Libya, October 16, 2016. REUTERS / Ismail Zitouny

SIRTE, Libya US aircraft hit Islamic State targets with more 30 strikes over the last three days on the Libyan city of Sirte as pro-government forces push into its last militant-held districts, the US military said on Monday.

Libyan forces are close to ending a six-month campaign to liberate Sirte from Islamic State, which took over the city more than a year after taking advantage of factional infighting that emerged after the fall of strongman Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Forces mostly from nearby Misrata city are pushing ahead street by street, facing snipers and suicide bombers. They are helped by US air strikes since August and coordination with small teams of Western special forces on the ground.

On Sunday, Libyan forces recaptured the city's Cambo area, and swept out tunnels used by militants to hide and prepare ambushes, and seized a field hospital. They found charred bodies of militants hit by air strikes.

A Reuters reporter at the scene said they also came across booby traps using grenades and rocket shells.

"At the moment, the forces are preparing to enter Ghiza Bahriya district," Rida Essa, media official with the pro-government forces, said.

US aircraft carried out 36 strikes from Friday to Saturday mostly on enemy fighting positions but also on a car bomb, according to a US Africa Command statement on Monday.

The loss of Sirte would close down Islamic State's main stronghold in North Africa and its only base outside Iraq and Syria, just as the militant group comes under pressure in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Islamic State steadily imposed control on Sirte a year ago, and used the city as a base to launch attacks on oilfields and ports as well as to target checkpoints in nearby Misrata.

Since Gaddafi's fall in a war in 2011, Libya has slipped steadily in the fractional fighting among brigades of former rebels who first battled the strongman and then turned against each another. Islamic State profited from the security vacuum.

The Misrata forces leading the Sirte campaign back a UN-supported government in Tripoli that is trying to bring the rival factions together. But the Sirte campaign has also prompted moves by eastern commander Khalifa Haftar, who rejects the Tripoli government, to extend his influence.

(Reporting by Hani Amara and Ismail Zitouny in Sirte and Ahmed Elumami in Tripoli; Writing by Patrick Markey; Editing by Tom Heneghan)

MrsBGG says to jeffusa(10:51 AM):

Good morning :)

jeffusa says to clay(10:51 AM):

it has started full bore....

jeffusa says to MrsBGG(10:51 AM):


MrsBGG says to rcookie(10:51 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to rcookie(10:51 AM):

Thank you for the News!

clay says to MrsBGG(10:51 AM):

GM :)

1bobby says(10:51 AM):

****Bobby's a slacker. Gotta copy****

loop says to MrsBGG(10:51 AM):


loop says to MrsBGG(10:51 AM):

You are welcome.

clay says to rcookie(10:51 AM):

you've been knocking it out of the today :) Thanks

clay says to loop(10:52 AM):

hey bud

MrsBGG says to clay(10:52 AM):


loop says to clay(10:52 AM):

Hi Clay

MrsBGG says(10:52 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Hutch & Mr White – October 18 7:30pm EST – In the CHAT ROOM!!

loop says(10:52 AM):

Barzani: Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army on the outskirts of the city of Mosul

Monday 17-10-2016 | 6:26:02


loop says(10:58 AM):

A huge military operation to extract from Mosul Daesh

14:47:51 17/10/2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad ,

ces began an air cover of the international coalition led by the United States at dawn on Monday a wide - scale military operation and several axes to restore Mosul, Iraq's second city, from the claws of the organization of the Islamic state Daesh which dominates the city since June 2014 .

and achieved these forces , which includes units in the army and a "counter - terrorism" and the Peshmerga and the police and popular crowd, on the ground progress in the early hours of the start of the process, as it had regained control of a number of villages and areas surrounding the city.

Harbi media cell of the Iraqi Ministry of Defence said in a statement the ninth band forces in the army and reached the outskirts of Hamdania spend in Mosul after offered a depth of 18 kilometers, and cost the Daesh great losses in lives and equipment.

he said the federal police chief Lt. Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat national Iraqi news Agency (NINA) , for his part, said that the police forces launched toward the village Alahud village Naifa within the axis of Qayyarah, referring to clashes with elements Daesh.

According to the leadership of the popular crowd on its part that the subdivision destroyed 16 barracks Daesh in hand ] advice on the outskirts of Mosul.

in the same context, regained the Peshmerga forces , which involved about four thousand fighters, villages within the axis of Khazar and Alkwyr area southeast of Mosul , including the thief and a vertical big puppets and a waste Sultan.

landings Joey in the sulfur plant

and comes with Commission drunken regulated Patriotic Union of Kurdistan official Rashad Klaly reported that a private of the international coalition force carried out an airdrop operation and took control of the plant Chemical Mishraq in the city of Mosul.

he Kurdish official that the process that cut off Daesh to use dangerous chemicals to pollute the environment or endangering the lives of citizens in danger.

Mosul , the process may be long

and said the new commander of the international coalition against Daesh Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend said that " to regain control of the process the second largest city in Iraq will take weeks could be more than that , "and added that" the fight looks a long and difficult but the Iraqis prepared and we stand by their side, "pointing out that the coalition has rehabilitated more than 54 thousand men of Iraqi troops and equipment.

while he did not mention Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , who announced the start of the restoration of Mosul process any details of military operations, is supposed to be limited at first to encircle the city stage before the start of street fighting violent.

Iraqi Prime Minister General commander of the armed forces , Haider al - Abadi dawn on Monday , the start of military operations to liberate Mosul from the grip the organization of the Islamic state Daesh.

Ebadi said in a speech across the Iraqi satellite Alsmhan entering Mosul to release it from the organization of the Islamic state Daesh will be limited to the military and the police.

He added: "There was an attempt (...) to delay the editing process , but we and the lowest. This year , as we promised will be the salvation of Daesh We will fulfill our our promise. "

loop says(10:58 AM):

Addressing the people of Mosul , saying:" Snguets of criminals, and the forces that Thrrkm of Daesh came to Tkhaliskm, ask your cooperation fellow citizens. We ask you to cooperate with the security forces involved operations of liberation , as did the people of Anbar and other provinces which were under the control of Daesh. "

he wrote Abadi on his account in Facebook:

the announcement of the start of the battle of Mosul , hours after the overthrow of the Iraqi army tens of thousands of leaflets over the city to alert the population that the preparations for the operation to wrest control from Daesh entered the final stages.

and published by Iraqi forces batteries guns and rocket launchers outside Mosul as part of readiness for battle .

seen the movement of heavy military vehicles towards the city , which is expected to witness the fighting is the bloodiest since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein 's regime in the spring war of 2003

and spread to the west near the Mosul city of Arbil, units of the "Iraqi elite forces to the fight against terrorism" as well as US military.

It is expected to attract about 30 thousand of the common Iraqi forces in military operations for the liberation of the city with the support of the international coalition led by the United States forces.

source: Free / Agencies site

SRW says to MrsBGG(10:59 AM):

Rcookie and Loop are rolling the news in so fast and furious that I don't know whether to dance or just scream!! Its all great, this is going to be a awesome week!! Rcookie, Hutch and Mr. White have a great deal of news to cover and it's just Monday!! Wow!! You and Mr. BGG are the ones that make all this available to us!! Thankyou for this DU site!! (L)

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Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Hutch & Mr White – October 18 7:30pm EST – In the CHAT ROOM!!

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Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(11:02 AM):

Thank you!

loop says(11:04 AM):

Federal police chief announces the seizure of 10 Katyusha rockets south of Mosul

6:27:40 p.m. 17/10/2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

announced federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, on Monday, killing three members of the organization "Daesh" and the seizure of 10 Katyusha rockets and a motorcycle loaded with Baknabr mortar in Najma area south of the city of Mosul.

He said Jawdat in a statement that " the federal cuts killed Thelah Doaash capturing a moving mortar and destroyed a detachment mortar in the village of the star. "

said Jawdat, it was" the seizure of 10 Katyusha rockets and platform launch in Najma area, grab a mortar 120 motorcycle loaded with Baknabr mortar planting improvised in the star zone. "

declared General commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, in the early hours of Monday morning , October 2016 17, the start of liberalization city of Mosul operations from the grip of the "Daesh , " while the security forces have made progress in more than one axis of the liberation of the city process.

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MrsBGG says to SRW(11:05 AM):

Yes, they are! you are welcome :) We are blessed with an amazing team here @ DU!! So many who serve and help! :) And you are part of the team :) Water is very important!! To God be the Glory (L)

MrsBGG says to loop(11:06 AM):

Thank you for the News!!

1bobby says to MrsBGG(11:08 AM):

Good morning. Todays a beautiful day :)

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(11:09 AM):

(y) yes it is!

loop says to MrsBGG(11:11 AM):


loop says to MrsBGG(11:11 AM):

Go mobile networks aggressively to Mosul and the provision of free calls is the number 153 to cooperate with security forces

The news agency Buratha 43 17/10/2016

A security source in Nineveh province, on Monday, that the mobile phone networks came back "strongly" to the city of Mosul after stopped by organizing "Daesh" earlier, while noting the provision of free calls to cooperate with the security forces.

The source said that "Zain, Asia and Cork networks returned to service in the city of Mosul and cover the strong."

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "Military Intelligence provided free of charge to the people of Mosul, a phone so they could from which to provide the Directorate with information on the movements of Daesh terrorist and his works within the city," indicating that "the figure is 153, with a secret to ensure the caller."

loop says(11:12 AM):

Free phone number to report location of Daesh members!!

1bobby says to loop(11:14 AM):


SRW says to loop(11:17 AM):

911 whats your emergency? Ya bomb that big yellow builing with the red door. See those goons standing on the roof with heads covered? Take em out please... Got more info if you want... Let me get out of here first though.. I just live two streets down!! Give me five minutes and I'll be outta here!! :D

1bobby says to SRW(11:19 AM):


loop says to SRW(11:19 AM):


loop says(11:24 AM):

"what happened today made Mubarak's security forces and the flight of the elements Daesh and disagreements within the terrorist organization, exceeded expectations and possibilities."

Pensacola27 says(11:44 AM):

Hello Papa Hi Hijib I want 2 meat lovers pizzas with no ham or bacon.

1bobby says to Pensacola27(11:46 AM):


jeffusa says to 1bobby(11:47 AM):

crazy bread is from Little Ceasars... just saying

1bobby says to jeffusa(11:49 AM):

ok there goes 1/2 a Dr Pepper thru the nose :)

1bobby says(11:50 AM):

Online Fashion Retailer Opens to Iraqi Customers

October 17, 2016 in Iraq Industry & Trade News

Dubai-based online fashion retailer Elabelz has started shipping to Iraq.

According to a report from Forbes, it will “be the first pioneering player in the uncharted waters of Iraqi e-commerce market”.

The company, founded in May 2016, has reportedly developed a customized solution of delivery and payment for its clientele in Iraq, including free delivery.

CEO Nooruldeen Agha said:

“Iraq was the next hot cake to put into our rapidly expanding basket … I am excited, truly excited.

“Our expansion into Iraq is a significant and ambitious milestone for ELABELZ, we are officially the world’s first international e-commerce company that directly caters to the Iraqi market.”

(Source: Forbes)

SRW says to Pensacola27(11:50 AM):

Sorry, not have ham or bacon. Got goat? Want horse radish with that? :D

Pensacola27 says(11:50 AM):

Hello Papa Hi Hi jib, me forgot extra goat cheese please.

Pensacola27 says(11:52 AM):

Hello Papa Hi Hijab, you take US dollar?

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I take two one hundred dollar bills, I like those new ones!! Oh, and that pretty yellow car of yours too. For two huge goat pizzas and a large clay pot of Coke!! Half price today too!! :D

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