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Monday, October 24, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 10/24/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring rcookie

clay says to scarlet(2:19 PM):

hi there :)

scarlet says(2:19 PM):

hey clayyyy, what's up

Ame963255 says(2:19 PM):

your nicer to her than I am Clay

clay says to scarlet(2:20 PM):

same O you?

clay says to Ame963255(2:20 PM):


scarlet says(2:20 PM):

same also

scarlet says(2:20 PM):

and if he was nice to me, i wouldn't know what to do lol

clay says to scarlet(2:20 PM):

praying Mosul is our key

scarlet says(2:20 PM):

has to be

loop says to subgirl(2:20 PM):

My pleasure.

Ame963255 says(2:20 PM):

don't let her fool U clay she is Irregular

clay says to scarlet(2:20 PM):


loop says to clay(2:20 PM):


clay says to loop(2:21 PM):

hey there buddy :)

scarlet says(2:21 PM):

the timing on mosul is a good sign

scarlet says(2:21 PM):

hi loop

Ame963255 says(2:21 PM):

how ya been 88?

scarlet says(2:21 PM):

but, JMO, they could have wiped out isis years ago

scarlet says(2:21 PM):

i have been really ****py actually, you??

Ame963255 says(2:22 PM):

thats good 2 hear 88

(2:22 PM)jeffusa was kicked out by jeffusa!

Ame963255 says(2:22 PM):


scarlet says(2:22 PM):

lol , i knew that would make you smile lol

Ame963255 says(2:22 PM):

I have been top shelf

scarlet says(2:22 PM):

ya ya

Ame963255 says(2:22 PM):

get my implants uncovered Wed

scarlet says(2:22 PM):

oh cool, good for you

Ame963255 says(2:23 PM):

soup again 4 a few days after

scarlet says(2:23 PM):

you like soup anyway, you will be fine

clay says to Ame963255(2:23 PM):


Ame963255 says(2:23 PM):

as a matter of fact I DO 2

scarlet says(2:23 PM):


Ame963255 says(2:24 PM):

now I am done being nice

scarlet says(2:24 PM):

where is digi?

Ame963255 says(2:24 PM):

Go Away

ogg says(2:24 PM):

good day all My God Bless you today thanks for the chat.

Ame963255 says(2:24 PM):

be well OGG

scarlet says(2:24 PM):

bye ogg.

Ame963255 says(2:24 PM):

its not my day 2 watch him 88

scarlet says(2:24 PM):

well someone has too

Ame963255 says(2:25 PM):

he will B happy 2 hear that I'm sure

clay says(2:25 PM):

ogg u 2

subgirl says(2:26 PM):

OGG you have a great day too :) cya soon...

Ame963255 says(2:26 PM):

hey 88

scarlet says(2:26 PM):


Ame963255 says(2:26 PM):

do U remember how nutty I drove Viz back in DV with my pink text

scarlet says(2:26 PM):


scarlet says(2:27 PM):

how is viz/

Ame963255 says(2:27 PM):

haven't seen him in a yr or so

scarlet says(2:28 PM):

pretty sure you drove viz crazy without your pink text lol

Ame963255 says(2:28 PM):


Ame963255 says(2:28 PM):

naw nebver

scarlet says(2:28 PM):

naw never

loop says(2:28 PM):

Parliamentary source: a budget deficit in 2017 amounted to 21 trillion dinars and will cover loans

economy Since 10/24/2016 19:53 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

Parliamentary source revealed in the parliamentary finance committee, on Monday, short of the budget deficit in 2017 of more than 21 trillion dinars, indicating that the government required to cover the deficit, according to the bill of internal and external borrowing and cash amounts retained in the Ministry of Finance account.

The source told / balances News / "The total deficit in the draft budget submitted by the government in 2017 amounted to about 21 trillion dinars and 659 billion dinars."

The source, who preferred anonymity, that "the government required disability cover in the budget of 2017 of the internal and external borrowing and amounts retained cash in the Ministry of Finance account and the ratio of the expected savings from the increased sale of the source of crude oil prices or increase crude oil exports."

And it ended the House of Representatives, today, the first reading of the draft 2017.anthy 29/33 h budget

scarlet says(2:28 PM):


Ame963255 says(2:28 PM):

I used to boot him just 4 fun then disappear

subgirl says(2:30 PM):


clay says(2:31 PM):

old DV wow has time flown

clay says(2:32 PM):

hey Mrs BGG :)

MrsBGG says to clay(2:33 PM):

Good afternoon :)

clay says(2:33 PM):

Good to see ya hope your having a great day

MrsBGG says to clay(2:33 PM):

How are you and the family?

MrsBGG says to clay(2:33 PM):

yes, thank you! And hope you are as well!

clay says(2:33 PM):

Good thanks my 2 kids came to visit this weekend was fun

clay says(2:34 PM):

well 2 of the 5 the other 3 live here lol

MrsBGG says to clay(2:34 PM):

Awe, how fun! Family time is great :)

MrsBGG says to clay(2:35 PM):

How is the little grandson now, probably not so little anymore...

clay says(2:35 PM):

just over a year

clay says(2:36 PM):

a real terror lol

MrsBGG says to clay(2:36 PM):

awe, lol

clay says(2:36 PM):

loves putting everything into the garbage can

clay says(2:36 PM):

but always smiling

MrsBGG says(2:36 PM):

happy boy is good!

MrsBGG says(2:37 PM):

yes it seems like the little ones enjoy everyday things the most! boxes plastic...

rcookie says(2:39 PM):

Within the budget 2017..tkhvad mission staff and the closure of 50% of the ministries attache offices abroad

Political Since 10/24/2016 20:41 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

A source in the parliamentary Finance, Monday, Oivadat reduction of staff in the budget of 2017 to 50% and reduce the number of employees in foreign missions to 25% and the closure of all ministries attache offices abroad.

The source said, L / balance News /, "The 2017 draft budget sent by the government stipulated that reducing the external scholarship expenses and accounted for essential purposes and reduce the number of delegates to 50% with determining the period of deployment least duration and not to organize any conference outside Iraq."

The source, who preferred anonymity, said that "the government required the State Department in the budget of 2017 to reduce the number of employees of foreign service personnel in missions by at least 25% of the current owners," adding, "it was informed of the ministries of culture, trade, defense, health, education Higher scientific research, the closure of their respective attachés abroad or transfer them to the headquarters of embassies and reduce the number of employees working in the attaché by not less than 25%. "

And it ended the House of Representatives, today, the first reading of the draft 2017.anthy 29/33 h budget

rcookie says(2:40 PM):

Iraqi army frees nine new villages on the way to Mosul



Monday, October 24, 2016 - 19:32 GMT | Posted Number: 19 582

Enable the Iraqi army, the Liberation nine villages, part of the ongoing military operation to restore the city of Mosul from the grip of the "Daesh."

The Joint Special Operations Command (army), in a statement, on Sunday evening, said that "the main theme of Qayyarah (axis of Nineveh operations command position Mosul) was liberated villages Hrarh, and the sidewalk, and extra- curricular, and Taiwibh."

The statement added: "As liberated federal police forces, in the same axis, the villages of Abu Vhkh upper and lower, and Okhuynh, and an eye, and upper and lower uncertainty, and the ship."

He explained that "the leadership of the ninth band, under the theme of Alkwyr, began to inspect the villages of Abraham, justice, and Kanye thief, and balawat", previously edited.

And on the organization of "Daesh" losses during the 12 hours of military operations, the leadership said that "299 element of Daesh killed in military operations hubs Alkwyr, and Qayyarah, Mosul Dam), as well as the bombing of 20 car bomb, destroying 45 of an explosive device."

The leadership of the "Peshmerga", earlier on Sunday that its troops recovered eight villages north-east of the city of Mosul, and is on the 9 km from Mosul.

An official statement said the Iraqi army said that "our continued progress on Daesh in the north and east of Mosul, account, and managed to free eight villages" in the vicinity of the town of Bashiqa, northeast of Mosul.

The statement said that the eight villages are liberated, "Bear two solutions, and Fadilah, and Omar Qabjee, and Kanouni, and Bahzany, and the destruction of evidence, and Tees major devastation and ruin Minor Tees"

rcookie says(2:42 PM):


MrsBGG says to rcookie(2:42 PM):

Good afternoon :)

rcookie says(2:42 PM):


rcookie says to MrsBGG(2:42 PM):


MrsBGG says to rcookie(2:42 PM):

Thank you for the News!

loop says(2:43 PM):

Abadi: edit Mosul process is going faster than schedule

By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw 6 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

New Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Monday, October 0.2016, its rejection of the presence of Turkish troops in the country 24, pointing out that the restoration of Mosul process is going faster than schedule.

Ebadi said in a joint press statement with his Swedish counterpart Stefan de Louvain, who arrived in Baghdad this morning, said that "Iraqis are united and fight together in Mosul and our high level of commitment aspect of human care and the displaced, and our goal is to liberate the citizens of Daesh and restore stability and services," he said, adding "the Iraqi forces are continuing at the same time freeing the remaining of Anbar province, down to the border with Syria."

He said the Iraqi prime minister: "We reject interference and to encroach upon our national sovereignty and we hope good relations with all neighboring countries, Jalili Turkey, the battle Iraqi planning and execution and there is no any ground force foreign to the ground and do not want Turkish military force and untrue to claim the Turkish side to participate in the war."

Abadi said he thanked "for Sweden for its support for Iraq in all fields, stood with us in our fight against terrorism, training, and efforts to restore stability," stressing "his pride for Iraqis residing in Sweden and hello to their participation in the construction of their country along with their brothers."

For his part, the Swedish prime minister said that his country "attaches importance to Iraq and the development of bilateral relations, and we stand with Iraq in the face of terrorism, which does not know borders, we have discussed cooperation against Daesh welcome military progress in Mosul," and expressed "condolences to Iraqis for the families who sacrifice in this war." .

He continued: "We intend to double the support and training to ensure a victory because it will lead to stability in the region, and we support political and economic reforms launched by al-Abadi."

And he reached the Swedish Prime Minister, on Monday morning, to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to discuss several files with Iraqi officials, led by the ongoing battles to regain Mosul.

loop says to rcookie(2:43 PM):

Not... Not

loop says to rcookie(2:43 PM):


rcookie says to MrsBGG(2:44 PM):


rcookie says to MrsBGG(2:45 PM):


clay says to MrsBGG(2:45 PM):

so true

clay says to rcookie(2:45 PM):

hey bud good news :)

Elane says(2:45 PM):

What??? I thought politics were out of this dinar site?

rcookie says to clay(2:45 PM):


rcookie says to clay(2:47 PM):


Elane says(2:48 PM):

I know that rcookie. I truly do...

Elane says(2:48 PM):

We lost the first US soldier in Mosul... have a cousin retired military..Imvery aware of it

loop says(2:49 PM):

Parliament extends the legislative term of one month to pass the general budget discussions .. Parliamentary Finance for "Zora": priority to supporting low-income and activating investment and job creation and the reconstruction of liberated areas

October 24 2016 21:03 | Number of views: 12 Author: alzawraapaper

Zora / Yousef Salman:

House of Representatives ended the first reading of the draft federal budget for the 2017 Act, with the voice of an extension of the current legislative term for a period of one month, prior to adjourn to the middle of the week Almqubl.kma cost of the Presidium of the parliament's legal committee to prepare a formula based on the parliamentary requests concerning a number of issues decisions important for the purpose of voting in the House of Representatives, before the end to read the report and discussion of the proposed body the popular crowd and the forces of law H.ovi the meantime, the parliamentary finance committee has confirmed it is to lift the support of the security forces allocations and file re provinces and cities liberated stability within the budget Amh.oukal Act Prime Committee Mohammed Halbusi's »Zora» that »some of the federal budget for the year 2017 items need to be reviewed because the budget in its current form lacks the presence of a real insights to address the economic crisis» He pointed out that «the budget items require the provision of job opportunities for citizens and activate the investment side, and this is what will be done Finance Committee in the coming days ».

He criticized the existence of support for oil companies and some foreign companies set out in exchange for the negligence of the Iraqi private sector in the draft budget for the year 2017 Act », while stressing the need for adding items to ensure that the needs of citizens and to support low-income and provide jobs and activating Alastosmarah.oadav activities that« no justice and fairness dues peasants exchange for previous years delay these amounts are due and payable and the government's commitment to do so without the need to add a control items in the budget of 2017 to delay their dues exchange », indicating that» will be the budget items concerned marsh ».ccant parliamentary Finance Committee announced that the General budget Law, which file is included parliament began the first reading at its meeting yesterday, does not include the allocation of functional degrees government sectors.

He said committee member Masood Haider in a press statement that »the total state budget amounted to 100 trillion dinars, of which $ 5.6 trillion dinars added external loans to 95 trillion dinars are out of the budget« adding that «the total oil revenues amounted to 67.5 trillion dinars, and 11.6 trillion dinars in non-oil revenues«, indicating that »the deficit accounted for in the light of this, 21% of the budget« He continued that «oil production ceiling is estimated at 3.75 million barrels per day, including 550,000 barrels of the Kurdistan region «, adding that« oil price rate of $ 42, depending on the movement of oil prices in the global market «He stressed that« the security and defense sector allocations took the lion's share of about 22% of the total expenses of the General budget Law « , while pointing out that «the budget has not been allocated any degree of functional new government sectors include a commitment to the terms of the international Monetary Fund, which contributed to the preparation of the formulation of the draft general budget of the federal law in cooperation with the government«, while likely Haider to be approved to vote on the budget bill in parliament during the constitutional periods specified.

(2:50 PM)patti was kicked out by patti!

Elane says(2:50 PM):

Thanks Loop!

rcookie says(2:50 PM):

Rail train going to transport visitors from Baghdad to the holy city of Karbala on Saturday

logo jumhuriya

Rail train going to transport visitors from Baghdad to the holy city of Karbala on Saturday

Mon, 24 Oct 2016 19:06:30

# Algmehorah_uz

General Company for Railways announced for the conduct of a train to transport visitors from Baghdad to the holy city of Karbala on Saturday at the request of citizens.

The company said in a statement received by Republic News Agency, that "at the request of honorable citizens of the people of Baghdad will operate a special train to visitors on Saturday , 29.10.2016 stems from Baghdad Central Station heading to Karbala time 8/00 train station in the morning and return the same day to have access to the Baghdad station time 7/00 evening. "

"The wheels will provide the movement of visitors from Karbala station to perform the visit to the shrine Mosques and secure their return."

The company noted that " the price of the ticket will be 6,000 thousand dinars back and forth and the transfer of visitors by modern air - conditioned DMU trains where the visitor will find a decent during the flight service and comfort, speed and safety."

loop says to Elane(2:51 PM):


Elane says(2:51 PM):

Good news!

rcookie says(2:52 PM):

Anti - terrorism device edit Mosul commander within days

Security Number of Views: 79 10/24/2016 21:44

He confirmed the commander of counter - terrorism device Lt. Gen. Abdul - Ghani al - Asadi, on Monday, that the security forces involved in the battle to liberate Mosul achieved its stomach goals, as he pointed out that the strikes were carried out by the international coalition was successful.

He said al - Asadi, said that "our units , began at dawn today, complement some of the goals toward the city of Mosul have been cleared mission areas, as has been the restoration of a number of villages, in addition to a beautiful camp , " he said , adding that "we are now at a distance of 5 to 6 km from the periphery of the city ".

He said al - Asadi, that "all axes successful in achieving the stomach and set for it by the Joint Special Operations Command and the direction of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces goals , " noting that "all troops advancing the desired direction and God willing will meet all convoys on the outer perimeter of Mosul."

Joint security forces continue to eighth day in a row in the liberation of the province of Nineveh operations of the organization "Daesh , " while those forces were able to achieve significant progress since the start of operations through the liberalization of a number of villages and towns in different parts of the province , notably in terms Bartila.

rcookie says(2:54 PM):

Details of the decision to reduce the number of members of the House !!

24-10-2016 09:30 PM Hits: 1787

Orbit News -

Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Monday the details of the decision to reduce the number of members of the House of Representatives submitted by the citizen 's parliamentary bloc.

Said committee member Ibtisam al- Hilali in a press statement, " The MP for the citizen 's parliamentary bloc Hamid vegetative blessings of the House proposal to cut the number of members of parliament to only two - thirds , " indicating that " The resolution can not be passed , by a majority of the present House of Representatives, but it also requires the amendment of Article forty - ninth of the Iraqi constitution. "

She Hilali, that " the above - mentioned article states that for every one hundred thousand Iraqi voters have one deputy in the parliament, and the decision referred to include for each two hundred and fifty voters only one deputy , " adding that " the number of deputies in the new parliamentary session will be two hundred and fifty deputies just in case It has to approve the reduction decision. "

She Hilali, that " the decision requires to amend the constitutional article on the election through a referendum obtain the approval of two - thirds of the citizens , " adding that " the face of the speaker of parliament to form a committee to amend the constitution of between 19 and 25 members."

Hilali showed that "al - Jubouri , proposed merging the popular referendum on constitutional articles to be modified with the provincial council elections to be organized early next year, to isolate the new parliamentary session elections alone.

MrsBGG says to loop(2:54 PM):

Good afternoon :)

MrsBGG says to loop(2:54 PM):

Thank you for the News!

loop says to MrsBGG(2:54 PM):

Good afternoon. How are you this fine Monday?

MrsBGG says to loop(2:55 PM):

Blessed thank you for asking :)

MrsBGG says to loop(2:55 PM):

How are you ?

loop says to MrsBGG(2:55 PM):

Truly is an honor and a pleasure to be able to bring news when I can. Thank you for making this site possible.

rcookie says(2:56 PM):

International coalition waging intense raids unprecedented in the first week of the Battle of Mosul

Monday 24-10-2016 | 9:10:49

Twilight News / announced US Special Envoy of the President to the international coalition in the war against al "Daesh" terrorist Brett Mcgork, on Monday, the alliance launched during the first week of the military campaign to regain Mosul Daesh, intense raids in an unprecedented way since the start of strikes on the militant group over two years ago.

Mcgork wrote on his page on the social networking "Twitter" tweet site, seen by The Twilight News, that the coalition forces since the 17th of the month of October being directed in 1776 a missile at the terrorists "Daesh."

He Mcgork that these attacks have resulted in the destruction of 136 locations for terrorists targeted 18 tunnels and 82 vehicles carrying 26 wheel and 60 pieces of weapons and mortars.

The leadership of the Iraqi Joint Forces, which include all of the security forces have confirmed in a statement that the editing process resulted in Mosul since its launch from the liberalization of 78 villages and regions.

As a spokesman for the International Alliance of John Dorian announced that his forces attacks that killed hundreds of terrorists "Daesh" who were trying to advance towards Mosul flying to liberate the Iraqi forces.

And it launched the process of liberalization of Mosul, on the seventeenth of October this after a period of preparations and lengthy dialogues, targeting process boggled the city of Mosul and other areas of the province controlled by the organization "Daesh" terrorist for more than two years.

loop says to MrsBGG(2:56 PM):

I am doing very well. THanks

loop says to rcookie(2:56 PM):

Thanks for all the news!

MrsBGG says to loop(2:57 PM):

Awe, we are so blessed with so many precious people who serve & help! Thank you for serving! We have an amazing team here @ DU!! To God be the Glory!!

rcookie says(2:58 PM):


MrsBGG says to loop(2:58 PM):

And you'all have a great sense of humor which makes it fun too!! :)

Elane says(2:59 PM):

Thanks for all of the " news"!!

MrsBGG says to Elane(2:59 PM):


Elane says(2:59 PM):


MrsBGG says(2:59 PM):

Whoo hoo!! We have the bestest News Team here @ DU!!

(3:00 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

rcookie says(3:01 PM):

Fatlawi: dual nationality seeking to maintain "their earnings" and rulers of Iraq Ganstin campaign (details)

24-10-2016 08:30 PM Hits: 1186

Orbit News -

Said Chairman of the will of the MP Hanan al Movement, on Monday, that the dual nationality seeking to maintain "their earnings , " asserting that most of Iraq 's rulers current of citizenship campaign, as pointed out that abandonment of sexual gained Act will prevent the presence of those responsible in the decision - making centers.

She Fatlawi in a press statement, that " the text of the Constitution to give up their nationality acquired both took political and security position , " pointing out that "pass abandon acquired nationality law will prevent their presence in decision - making positions and thus will not allow to pass it ."

She Fatlawi, that " the other campaign sexual trying to maintain their earnings and the majority of the governed today are dual campaign , " asserting that " the loss of nationality acquired other means loss of decision - making."

MrsBGG says(3:01 PM):

rcookie, loop, MadDScout, 1bobby, Romello, angeleyes, BGG and the list goes on!! Whoo hoo!!

MrsBGG says to Elane(3:01 PM):


rcookie says(3:03 PM):


rcookie says(3:03 PM):

First Published: 2016-10-24

Iraq goes with service contracts system in the development of oil fields

Baghdad announces that it will negotiate with the international oil companies in accordance with the new conditions under which those companies sharing the burden of lower oil prices.

Middle East Online

New conditions take into account the rising and falling crude prices

London - launched the Iraqi Oil Ministry, a new round of bidding to develop 12 oil fields and small and medium will directly negotiate the terms with the companies at a time when it is trying to move from service contracts concluded by the former to develop giant fields system.

The distribution of the fields before the three provinces and includes four and five in Basra, Maysan and three in central Iraq, according to the tender published the location of the Iraqi Oil Ministry documents on the Internet.

Qualifying in advance of the tour companies are 19 companies, including six Japanese companies and Emirati include Dragon Oil and Mubadala Petroleum and Crescent Petroleum and also Glencore Swiss for exploration and companies from China, Russia, Italy, Kuwait, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

The new call will allow oil companies "to submit their proposals for the contract as business and financial models" in an apparent shift from the service used in the giant oil fields south of the country for decades.

The ministry will conduct direct negotiations with foreign oil companies, individually or in the form consortiums and will use the talks as a basis for the establishment of development and production contracts.

Under service contracts used by Baghdad in the rounds after 2003, including those of the southern oil Bhakolha giant such as Rumaila and West Qurna 1 and 2 and crazy, the ministry paid for oil majors fees fixed denominated in dollars for each barrel of oil being produced.

While this was a good model for Baghdad, when oil prices were high, the price decline over the last two years to make Baghdad pay the same fees for companies such as BP, Exxon, Shell and Lukoil at a time when oil sales revenue dropped significantly.

The Oil Ministry said repeatedly it wants to renegotiate the terms of service contracts with international oil companies to link the fees received by companies in exchange for the development of its fields to oil prices as well as the burden-sharing with the companies when the drop in crude markets.

Companies that have not been pre-qualified in the tender after paying fees worth 15 thousand dollars and provide proof of the technical and financial capabilities have been involved.

The Ministry of Oil information and data in all fields crafted bag About compared to 50 thousand dollars.

loop says(3:04 PM):

2017 budget: a government solution to end temporary contracts and raise the real estate tax

The news agency Buratha 78 24/10/2016

Draft financial budget of the state of the 2017 Act guarantees, a government solution to end temporary contracts with the ministries and government institutions.

She said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Magda Tamimi said, "Article 12 / VI of the draft budget law stipulates: [prevents recruitment in government departments all manner contract with the possibility of renewal of previous contracts in the event of a need for it]," pointing to "a good bonus awarded to each employee as a temporary contract if he wishes to end his contract with the ministry or government institution. "

The show, "The contractor has not been proven on the permanent staffing if his contract is finished fundamentalist, making him a cash bonus equivalent to three months salary for each year of his contract that this bonus does not exceed 24 months."

Tamimi pointed to "the existence of an exception to people about it, such as military advisers or experts Bmajalhm serve the ministry and the institution."

She drew Tamimi to "Include a paragraph about the budget granted leave for a five-year employee with a salary my name and be full without pay if more than this period."

She noted that the government raised the rate of property tax in the budget of 2017, "noting that" Article 38 of the draft budget law stipulates: "is adjusted tax rate under Item 1 of Article [2] of Property ID Tax Act [162] of 1959, as amended by section 6 of the CPA order No. 49 of 2004 by ten percent to twelve percent of the annual revenue of the real estate property. "

The House of Representatives has ended Monday at its first reading of the draft 2017 budget law, and of 100 trillion dinars deficit by 21%.

rcookie says(3:06 PM):


rcookie says(3:06 PM):

Toyota" reveal the countries that provided "Daesh" four-wheel drive vehicles

Local Since 10/24/2016 20:26 pm (Baghdad time)

Follow-up - the balance of News

According to the results of an investigation by the "Toyota" the Japanese company about the sources of supply of the "Daesh" terrorist with thousands of cars, the four Arab countries bought and handed over to the organization.

Information indicates that the Syrian and Russian governments Tzlmta of the company, "Toyota" a preliminary report on the car images received by the company from the Russian military intelligence.

According to information, the salient features of the report that 22 thousand and 500 cars bought by Saudi citizenship import company, while Qatar has bought 32 thousand cars, and the UAE bought 11 thousand and 650 cars, while the Jordanian army has imported four thousand and 500 cars, the adoption credit Saudi nationality from several banks, all of which are now with the organization Daesh.

According to the information, all the cars now with the organization "Daesh", where the number of cars owned by "Daesh" type of Toyota more than 60 thousand cars and four-wheel drive and all of the model "DOUBLE CAB" started.

The US authorities announced the opening of an investigation into how "Daesh" for the large number of cars, but observers said that Washington itself received hundreds of these cars to Syria.

For its part, "Toyota" the company confirmed it had suspended auto sales in Syria since 2012.

The former US ambassador to the UN, Mark Wallace, the Toyota-type "Land Cruiser" and "Toyota Hilux" became part of the brand "Daesh."

He said Wallace, Daesh became buys a lot of car brand "Toyota" and these cars have become an important factor to support the organization in hostilities.

He noted the Iraqi ambassador to the United States Luqman Feeli, that the Iraqi government is confident that the "Daesh" managed to buy hundreds of cars of the brand "Toyota" new over the past years, in addition to the purchase of used cars.

Observers are wondering about the secret of the American concern of the vehicles are the "Daesh", which did not appear until after the Russian raids in Syria and dropped many positions of leadership and control of the terrorist organization in the country.

He said Syrian Information Minister Ali al-Ahmed adviser, said in the report issued by the company, "Toyota" on the sources of supply organization Daesh thousands of cars, it was not surprising for us, but confirmed the information that we have been since the beginning of the war had talked them on Syria sources of financing "Daesh."

The Minister of the Syrian media adviser, in a special statement Russian news agency Sputnik, it was not just a conclusion, but there were documents is a satellite imagery which columns to show vehicles entering the Syrian territories.

"The conduct of Toyota investigation at this time, in spite of earlier assurances of the involvement of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in providing material and logistical support for terrorists, but it means that there is pressure from the West to Saudi Arabia in order to push it to make further concessions."

And Abizaid Al-Ahmad said, "The United States announced its intention to end its support for Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen, in addition to the US senator told about the involvement of Saudi Arabia in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in addition to a number of statements condemning in others, only confirms the validity of what we have said it more Western pressure on Saudi Arabia. "

According to the Russian Agency for the results of the investigation conducted by the Japanese Toyota about the sources of supply Daesh organization with thousands of cars, it has confirmed that the four Arab countries bought and handed over to the organization. And after that the Russian military handed the Japanese auto maker Toyota pictures of dozens of cars confiscated by the Syrian army in the battles on the ground have all been with Daash.anthy 29 / tc n

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"Daesh" Afajkh bridges and streets of Mosul left coast and the withdrawal of the majority of his gunmen to the right

Monday , October 242 016 21:47

Alsumaria News / Nineveh

It revealed a local source in Nineveh province, on Monday, that the organization of "Daesh" The booby-trapped bridges and main roads in the left coast of the city of Mosul, as he emphasized that the majority of the militants withdrew into the organization the right coast with Iraqi forces approached.

The source said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "elements of al-Daesh they make, today, booby-trapping the bridges, the main link between the left coasts and right in addition to the main roads with the approach of liberalization Mosul city center," noting that "the organization is aware that the security forces approached City center".

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "the organization to withdraw the majority of his gunmen to the right coast, who holed the final battle," explaining that "three lines put the bodice and Fajkh a number of cars that have been stolen from the people in addition to relying on the so-called Cubs succession in bombings suicide. "

The commander of the anti-terrorism device Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi confirmed on Monday (24 October 2016), that the security forces embarked on the task of clearing the areas towards the city of Mosul, and explained it at a distance of 5 to 6 km from the periphery of the city.

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