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Monday, October 31, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 10/31/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring rcookie

DIGIman1 says(6:01 AM):


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Ame9632557644 says(6:01 AM):

stupid numbers after my name anyhow

DIGIman1 says(6:02 AM):

i an just so pumped and ready for the monday morning..........in this dream i had.....it was awful....

Ame9632557644 says(6:02 AM):


Ame9632557644 says(6:09 AM):

what si teh temp there Digi? my weather says its 33 at thr AP

DIGIman1 says(6:12 AM):


Ame9632557644 says(6:13 AM):

still cold uggg U POOR guy

rcookie says(6:17 AM):

First Published: 2016-10-31

Iraqi forces begin the second phase of the battle of Mosul

Iraqi military sources say that the troops resumed their advance toward the left coast of the city of the three axes and declare control of the five villages.

Middle East Online

Difficult road towards Mosul

MOSUL - Military officials said the Iraqi forces resumed Monday coordinated attack on Mosul, the last major town controlled by the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq targeted the eastern bank of the Tigris River, which divides the city.

The anti-terrorism unit of the army halted progress last week after he made progress on the ground faster than the forces on other fronts so that the rest of the troops to narrow the gap and get closer to the city.

Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga forces began the attack on 17 October, air support and ground of the US-led coalition to fight the militant group. And given the military campaign aerial cover of the international coalition led by the United States.

Joined forces loyal to Shi'ite Iran to fight Saturday in order to cut the road between Mosul and tenderness main stronghold of the organization in Syria.

The battle is developing for the restoration of Mosul to become one of the heaviest fighting in Iraq during the ongoing unrest since the ten years after the US-led invasion in 2003 toppled Saddam Hussein.

A military statement said "kicked off the hordes of anti-terrorism forces and ninth Armored Division and the third brigade in the first division and 16 infantry division of the progress towards the left coast of the city of Mosul, three axes," referring to the eastern bank of the Tigris River, which flows from north to south.

Another statement that it has control of five villages north of Mosul, where also being deployed peshmerga fighters.

Full fighters organize an Islamic state on the campaign, which began two weeks of suicide attacks with car bombs and deploy snipers firing mortars.

Officials from the United Nations and the villagers say that the militants also torched oil wells to cover their movements and taken thousands of civilians from the villages to the connector to use them as human shields.

According to the worst expectations of the United Nations to the possible displacement of one million of the population because of the fighting, which the UN says it has already paid around 17,500 people to flee this number does not include those who brought them the remnants of the retreating militants forces to Mosul.

And it entered the restoration process of the city of Mosul, Iraq's second city and the organization of the last bastions of the Islamic state in the country, its third week.

rcookie says(6:20 AM):

$ 50 billion of the Central Reserve

economic Number of Views: 44 31/10/2016 12:36

BAGHDAD / Center Brief National NNC- said the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, the central bank has the cash mass of up to $ 50 billion.

He said Haider, in a press statement that "the money supply maintained by the central bank for the award of the dinar Iraq up to $ 50 billion," denying "the money supply drop to $ 45 billion, according to some media."

He continued that "the amount of financial loans received by Iraq in the current year amounted to approximately $ 10 billion; to secure the weapons and ammunition needed by our security forces in the liberation of the cities Daesh operations of the terrorist gangs, as well as secure the amounts of some ongoing projects."

Economists point out that Iraq is losing $ 9 billion a year from the cash reserve at the central bank, which raises many concerns for the future of the cash reserves of foreign currency.

Iraq has suffered a financial crisis; due to lower international oil prices, as well as the war waged against Iraq Daesh terrorist gangs Waltz is still in control of some cities.

From: Mohamed Tayeb

rcookie says(6:21 AM):

Minister of Electricity: the completion of an advanced power systems


economic Number of Views: 29 31/10/2016 12:50

National Center Brief / NNC - Minister of Electricity Engineer Qassim Fahdawi announced Monday by the cadres of the ministry and the company public Zora completed design and build a solar home system 5kw capacity.

Fahdawi said in a statement to the ministry, that the system is working conditions of the Iraqi network and three operating modes at the same time (with the national grid - and without Aloutnah- network and night without a national electricity).

He pointed out that the system to export surplus output from the daytime to the national grid, pointing out that this work was completed the efforts of specialists from the ministry in the Department of renewable energies, energy efficiency and public company Zora.

He added that such a system could be a solution to the problem of remote villages and districts isolated from the national grid, as well as can be entered in the residential sector to reduce peak load, which opens great prospects in the introduction of solar energy systems in the distribution sector.

rcookie says(6:26 AM):

Parliamentary economy reveal the "differences" in oil money between registered and actual accounts

Author: AB, HH

Editor: AB, HH

31/10/2016 09:02

Number of Views: 527

Long-Presse / Baghdad

A commission of Economy in the House, on Monday, the existence of differences between the imports of oil sales registered in the Ministry of Oil accounts and funds deposited in the Ministry of Finance account and confirmed that those differences I noted several years ago, and with the Finance Committee and described accounts and garment oil as "transparent" It acknowledged the existence of "simple" differences between registered and deposited imports.

A member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Jawad al-Bolani said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The economic and financial committees are obliged to disclose facts that pass without referring year after year and that relate to the existence of differences between the value of oil exports recorded by the Ministry of Oil, and the funds deposited for the account of the Ministry of Finance for those exports. "

He said al-Bolani, that "the financial value of imports for oil export in the general budget for 2017 amounting to 67 trillion dinars," stressing that "the amounts that will go to the Ministry of Finance of those funds account after passing in the Fund (DFI) is less than that, as happened during the the past three years. "

For his part, member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Masood Haider in an interview with (long-Presse), "The Ministry of Oil transparent in the calculation of the amount of oil, where that information goes in detail to the Central Bank and then that money goes to fund (DFI) and then turned again to the central bank, which in turn converts it to the Ministry of Finance. "

Haider said that "the process will take 60 a day," pointing out that "there are differences in the value of money, but it's very simple."

Ame9632557644 says(6:27 AM):

can we NOW?

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(6:28 AM):

NOOOOO lol ask me tomorrow lol lol

DIGIman1 says(6:28 AM):

gm subby lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:28 AM):

Good morning!!!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:28 AM):

can you copy before you leave? :) thanks!

DIGIman1 says(6:28 AM):

just about to...:)

Ame9632557644 says(6:28 AM):

I Already asked him 2 do taht subby :P

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(6:29 AM):

:P:D good lol

subgirl says to rcookie(6:30 AM):

GM looks like there is a bunch of Awesome news already coming.... :) thank you for sharing!

rcookie says(6:37 AM):

NEWS WORLD | Mon Oct 31, 2016 | 7:28 am EDT

Iraqi forces resume offensive towards eastern Mosul

left right


left right

Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) take part in an operation against Islamic State militants south of Mosul, Iraq October 30, 2016. REUTERS / Stringer


left right


left right


left right


left right


left right


left right


BAGHDAD Iraqi troops resumed on Monday a coordinated offensive towards Mosul, the last major city held by Islamic State, targeting the eastern bank of the Tigris river that divides the city, military officials said.

The army's counter-terrorism unit had paused its advance last week after it made ground quicker than forces on other fronts, to allow them to close the gap and get nearer to the city.

Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters started the offensive on Oct. 17, with air and ground support from the US-led coalition against the hardline Sunni group.

Pro-Iranian Iraqi Shi'ite militias joined the fighting on Saturday, aiming to cut the route between Mosul and Raqqa, Islamic State's main stronghold in Syria.

The battle for Mosul, still home to 1.5 million residents, is shaping up to be one of the toughest in a decade of turmoil following the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.

"The operation to liberate the left bank of Mosul has started," said a military statement, referring to the eastern bank of the river that flows from north to south. Another statement said five villages were taken north of Mosul, where Peshmerga fighters are also being deployed.

Islamic State militants has been fighting off the two-week offensive with suicide car bombs, snipers and mortar fire.

They have also set oil wells on fire to cover their movements and displaced thousands of civilians from villages toward Mosul, using them as human shields, UN officials and villagers who spoke to Reuters have said.

Worst-case United Nations forecasts see up to 1 million people being uprooted by the fighting, which UN aid agencies said had so far forced about 17,500 people to flee - a figure that excludes those taken into Mosul by the retreating militants.

(Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli and Dominic Evans; editing by John Stonestreet)

(6:37 AM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

rcookie says(6:38 AM):


DIGIman1 says(6:38 AM):

the coffee will kick in....i know it....soon would be nice....

magnetlady says(6:38 AM):

Good morning eveyone

subgirl says to rcookie(6:38 AM):

thanks for the great news!!!

DIGIman1 says(6:38 AM):

gm mags gm cookie :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(6:38 AM):

hey Mags :) GM!

rcookie says(6:39 AM):

Edit five villages within the northern axis toward Tilkaif

Monday , 31 October 2016 09:52

Alsumaria News / Nineveh

A security source in Nineveh province, on Monday, that security forces liberated five villages within the northern axis toward Tilkaif spend.

The source said in an interview for the Sumerian News, "The joint security forces were able, today, to edit five villages within the northern axis toward Tilkaif spend."

The military announced the media cell, on Monday, that the security forces began to progress towards the left coast of Mosul of the three axes.

The joint security forces and continue the support of the army aviation and the international coalition process of restoring the connector from the grip of the "Daesh," and that after the announcement of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi starting at zero hour (October 201 617), for the Liberation of Nineveh.

subgirl says to DIGIman1(6:39 AM):

digi have a good day today!! :) be safe...

rcookie says(6:39 AM):


rcookie says(6:39 AM):


rcookie says(6:41 AM):

Iraqi defense: the start of the second phase of fighting the northern axis of the connector

Oct 31, 2016


Iraq Alonadol- announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Monday, starting the second phase of the northern axis battles within the ongoing military operation to restore the city of Mosul in the north from the grip of the organization of the Islamic state "Daesh" terrorist.

The ministry said in an urgent statement read out on state television, said that "units of the northern axis embarked, today, is implementing the second phase of its goals in the battle coming, Nineveh."

Within this stage, the Iraqi forces were advancing towards the storming spend Tilkaif, adjacent to the North of the Parties of the conductor, East River "Tigris", which cuts the city into two halves.

And it announced the Joint Special Operations Command (army), last Thursday, to regain control of more than 80 and the village area perimeter Mosul from the grip of militants organize "Daesh" terrorist and killed 772 militants during the period from 17 to October 27 / October 2016.

Government forces began on 17 October, a large-scale military offensive air support from the international coalition countries to extract from Daesh Mosul, the last main bastion for militants in Iraq

Ame9632557644 says(6:44 AM):

its Am Mayhem time here now go see who did what to Whom

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(6:45 AM):

lol have fun lol

rcookie says(6:46 AM):

Haider al-Abadi confirms Iraq's desire to protect the independence of the judiciary and the protection of the state

Wrote: October 31, 2016

Abadi -22

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Iraq's desire to protect the independence of the judiciary and the protection of the state.

A statement by the Office of the latter Abadi discussed with the head of Iran's judiciary Sadeq Larijani ways to strengthen relations between the two countries and cooperation in the fight against terrorism and corruption.

He said al-Abadi Iraqi government's keenness to cooperate with the judiciary to protect the independence of the judiciary and the protection of the state, noting that Iraq's battle and achieve victories on the organization Daesh For his part, renewed Larijani, his country's support for Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity, stressing the desire of Iran and its keenness to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in many areas .

rcookie says(6:47 AM):

Iraqi army enters Karama neighborhood in Mosul

News Code: 1227273 Category: International

31/10/2016 - 15:06

Iraqi army

Said a senior officer in the Iraqi army, on Monday, Iraqi forces entered the Karama district in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, while close to breaking into the eastern neighborhoods of the city after taking control of the village of angles,.

And it announced military sources, that the federal police regained control of the 61 villages in the southern axis of the connector, after fierce battles with militants Daesh. The sources pointed out that it was the evacuation of nearly one thousand and four hundred displaced families, since the start of the battle of Mosul until now.

Source: agencies

rcookie says(6:53 AM):

0/31/2016 (00:01 pm) - hits: 130 - count (3771)

Detect theft of more than 75 billion dinars in the Rasheed Bank


The Inspector General's Office of the Ministry of Finance on Sunday, revealing a robbery more than 75 billion dinars in a good Bank, confirming transfer involved to eliminate through a body integrity.

The Office said in a statement received "range", a copy of it, "the Inspector General's Office of the Ministry of finance revealed a robbery for 75 billion and 629 dinars in a good Bank," referring to "complete the investigations revealed the theft last month and refer those involved to eliminate through Commission of integrity."

He added, that "citizen (j. M. P) ran the robbery through remittances collection from one of the branches of the agricultural Bank and deposited in his personal account a good bank branches and then withdraw and deposit amounts in other people's account (banking offices owners and citizens) ", stating that" the Office has taken the necessary investigation and audit record time. "

He continued, "has been arrested who were involved in the robbery and placed with the competent authorities, in cooperation with the Commission of integrity."

rcookie says(6:55 AM):


Parliamentary Finance are working to amend a number of paragraphs of the 2017 budget

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that it is working to amend a number of paragraphs of the year 2017 budget law to suit the present situation of the country.

Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi in an interview for "Economy News," said the committee working on a daily basis to solve a lot of problems in which the budget for this year occurred due to some of its clauses do not fit the current situation of the country.

Tamimi, showed that the committee is trying to adjust the number of paragraphs in the budget, such as imposing taxes on certain sectors that do not affect citizens directly, as well as further reducing the expenses of the three presidencies, such as cars and furniture, offices, and other incidentals.

The House of Representatives ended last Monday, the first reading of the draft federal budget law for next year 2017.

According to the budget bill, which was sent by the Cabinet to the parliament, the "income forecast 79 billion dinars, and at a price of $ 42 per barrel, and by 3.75 million barrels per day, and at a price of 1182 per dollar exchange rate."


[7:08 AM] rcookie:

31-10-2016 02:55 PM Finance headed Halbusi visiting the Central Bank to assess the work of the mechanics of the auction and the repercussions of the rise in the dollar exchange rate

The Finance Committee headed MP Mohammed Halbusi visit to the Central Bank of Iraq has been meeting with the governor and officials from the auction sale of foreign currency.

The visit came to stand on the mechanics of the auction action and the implications of the high dollar exchange rate against the dinar and the development of practical solutions to address the crisis and ways to revive the industrial, agricultural and commercial sector ..

[7:18 AM] rcookie:


[7:18 AM] rcookie:

Names and any block they belong. Owners of private banks involved in money laundering and smuggling out of the country (details)

31-10-2016 12:52 PM

Orbit news

An informed source revealed Monday, the names of owners of private banks involved in money laundering and smuggling hard currency to banks outside Iraq.

The source said in a press statement, there are many private banks involved in money laundering and smuggling out of Iraq:

1. antrkontental bank owned Roz Nuri shawis Kurdistan Alliance

2. Bank of Assyria belongs to Salih-Kurdistan Alliance

3. the Mediterranean Bank owned by Humam hammoudi-block citizen

4. the Middle East investment bank owned by Ahmed's PM-citizen Hill

5. United Bank of investment owned by Adel Abdul Mahdi-block citizen

6-Islamic country bank owned by Alaa al-Musawi-block citizen

7. an investment bank owned by Talal Mansoor Al-zawbai-strong Union.

8. the Tigris-Euphrates Bank for development and investment, owned by Talal Al-zawbai-strong Union.

9. connector development bank owned by Usama Najafi-strong Union.

10. investment bank owned by Khamis dagger-strong Union.

11. Beirut Arabic country bank owned by Mahdi relationship-State law

12. the Iraqi trade bank owned by Walid ornaments-State law +

13. Dar es Salaam owned by Amanda-liberal block

14. a bank owned by Hamad Al-Mussawi guidance-free block

15. the Lebanese French bank owned by Mohamed Al-daradji-liberal block

[7:21 AM] rcookie:


7:22 AM] futuremoney:


[7:26 AM] rcookie:

Iraqi troops to enter Mosul in 'matter of hours,' counter-terrorism chief says

By Mohammed Tawfeeq and Angela Dewan

Updated 8:21 AM ET, Mon October 31, 2016

Iraqi forces advance towards the village of Sin al-Dhuban, south of Mosul, on Thursday as forces gained ground toward the key city

Iraqi forces advance towards the village of Sin al-Dhuban, south of Mosul, on Thursday as forces gained ground toward the key city

Irbil, Iraq (CNN) Iraqi special forces are hundreds of meters from ISIS-controlled Mosul and will enter in a "matter of hours", the country's counter-terrorism chief said Monday.

"The soldiers of the Counterterrorism Force are advancing very fast. I would not say a matter of days but matter of hours before advancing and (to) start cleansing the city of Mosul from terrorism," General Talib Shegati said in an interview with state -run Iraqiya TV.

A coalition of around 100,000 Iraqi-led forces have been in a decisive push toward Mosul since October 17 to end more than two years of the militant group's brutal rule.

On Monday, they launched a new phase in the offensive, advancing on three separate fronts.

Mosul has been an ISIS stronghold for more than two years, and although the ISIS fighters are vastly outnumbered, they have put up fierce resistance in pockets of the territory around the city.

Since the offensive began, they have carried out mass executions of civilians, lit toxic sulfur and oil fires to fend of coalition forces, and used civilians as human shields to ward of air strikes.

[7:28 AM] rcookie:

First Published: 2016-10-31

Iraq's vice president regain office

The Financial Department of the Office of the Iraqi presidency says that the costs of the return of three deputies to the office of three billion and 500 million dinars annually.

Middle East Online

The return of corruption of the big doors

BAGHDAD - announced sources from the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq for the return of the three Vice-Presidents Osama Nujaifi and Iyad Allawi and Nouri al-Maliki to direct their work, after the decision of the Federal Court, which overruled the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi abolishing the post of vice-president. In a move that will cost the state in which they live to the beat of a severe financial crisis billions of dinars.

Iraqi President Fuad Masum, welcomed the return of his deputies, Nuri al-Maliki, and Iyad Allawi, and Osama Najafi, their return official positions again as Vice-President of the Republic.

He met infallible, Sunday at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, with three of his deputies, for the first time since their dismissal by the Prime Minister Abadi, a year ago, in a move that raised the ire of many ethnic observers who confirmed some of them can not be re-vice president Fuad Masum, to their posts without a vote, the House of Representatives them.

And they gave as the reason that the fact that the House of Representatives voted by the support of the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi dismissal of a key vice presidents and ministers, which means that according to the Constitution to vote on all of their dismissal, and makes the decision to return to their posts once again in need of a parliamentary vote on them again in their own words.

[7:28 AM] rcookie:

And more than three Vice-Presidents return to the office of the deepening of the financial crisis in the country in the country in light of what this would cost a return of additional dollars to the budget of the state economically debilitating. According to a document issued by the Department of Finance for the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, that the cost of returning the Vice President of the Republic to the office of three billion and 500 million dinars annually.

The document said that "the Department of Finance to the Office of the Presidency of the Republic proposes to the Chief of Staff, approaching the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Finance Ministry, to add three billion and 500 million dinars on the allocation of the Presidential Office's budget fonder 2017".

She added, "The increase is aimed at banks related to the offices of the Vice President that salaries include a $ 592 million insurance, in addition to one billion and 324 million dinars Kmstelzmat service," indicating that "intermediate goods estimated B852 million dinars, while an (asset maintenance) 331 million dinars ".

According to the document, Voan "Capital expenditure for the Vice-Presidents of the Republic estimated B249 million dinars, while the amount of grants, subsidies and debt service allocations of 150 million dinars," adding that "the total amount of those expenses estimated three billion and 500 million dinars."

It should be noted that the Federal Supreme Court has issued a decision on the tenth of this month, its decision regarding the lawsuit appeal presented Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's decision on the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic declared void, and the return of three vice-presidents to the positions they are president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, the head of coalition Uniting for reform Osama Najafi, the head of the National Accord Party, Iyad Allawi.

[7:30 AM] rcookie:

Parliament will hold its meeting tomorrow to discuss the rights of Turkmen law

Monday 31-10-2016 | 3:21:57

House Alaraca..r n p p

Twilight News of the Iraqi Council of Representatives / held on Tuesday for its regular review and approve a number of bills including the draft rights of Turkmen law.

According to a statement of the Council responded to the Twilight News, he said that the meeting tomorrow include a vote on the draft Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, and the vote on the draft law amending the decree passport filter atomic endowment No. (1) for the year 1955.

He added that the council also will vote on a draft of the Iraqi National Paralympic Committee Act, as well as discuss the draft report and the protection of witnesses and experts and informers and victims law.

It is also scheduled to decide the parliament discusses draft law on ratification of the Convention on the financial loan the World Bank submitted to the Republic of Iraq, signed the law on 03.02.2014.

As well as the report and discuss the draft law on ratification documents Bucharest Conference on the Law for the year 2004 attached to Universal Postal Convention, as well as the first reading of the draft law of the rights of the Turkomans.

[7:36 AM] rcookie:

First Published: 2016-10-31

One-third of global oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait

'OAPEC' says the oil reserves of the three countries is estimated at more than 500 billion barrels of total world oil reserves.

Middle East Online

A third of the oil reserves in the Gulf

RIYADH - Arab countries Organization of Petroleum Exporting "OAPEC" she said, if oil reserves to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait of about 511.2 billion barrels, or about 30 per cent of total world oil reserves.

The "OAPEC", the monthly published by the world's total proven oil reserves estimated at 1.697 trillion barrels at the end of 2015, with proven oil reserves estimated in the OIC member states, during the same period, about 701.6 billion barrels, which accounts for about 41.3 percent of total world oil reserves.

They pointed out that since mid-2014 has been postponed pumping towards $ 222 billion in capital investment and development operations for about 4.2 million barrels of oil equivalent per day of maximum production capacity, noting that it could lead in the long term to a reduction in supply and a rise in prices.

Reported that the average oil production in the Member States of the Organization of OAPEC amounted to about 27 million barrels per day in 2015, the problem of the proportion of 29.5 per cent of total world oil production. The "OAPEC" that the International Energy Agency predicts that global oil production up to 100.4 million barrels per day by 2040 and that oil production up to the seven Arab countries, namely Algeria, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to 35.3 million barrels per day, accounting for about 35.2 cent of the total global production in 2040.

She said, "OAPEC", "The current prices contributed to the decline in the level of investment in the energy sector and postpone or stop many projects, and in this regard, see the Arab countries Organization of Petroleum Exporting need to increase investments in the energy, oil and gas on a particular sector to ensure market stability."

She stressed the importance of taking appropriate actions related to the environment at the regional and international levels to preserve the planet, referring to Article IV of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where governments agreed by the Parties to the Convention to take the necessary action under the Framework Convention, including actions related to funding, insurance and technology transfer in order to meet the needs and dealing with climate change-related issues.

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