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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 10/10/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - Featuring rcookie

subgirl says to rcookie(7:31 PM):

thank you for all you do here!! :) looking forward to the call tomorrow night at 7pm CST :)

subgirl says to 1bobby(7:31 PM):


rcookie says to 1bobby(7:32 PM):


subgirl says to 1bobby(7:32 PM):

thanks bobby for copying this afternoon :)

rcookie says(7:32 PM):

Bank wins vouchers treasury $ 200 billion dinars

Monday , October 10 2016 12:40

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Bank won, on Monday, vouchers treasury $ 200 billion dinars, noting that he cut the highest discount rate.

The central bank said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "The Ministry of Finance held a public auction for the sale of treasury remittances for 182 days and $ 200 billion dinars."

He added that he "cut the highest discount rate 2.50%," noting that "one bank alone participated in this auction won the bid," without mentioning the name of the bank.

The foundations of the Iraqi Central Bank as an independent institution under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, an independent body which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and management of foreign reserves and the issuance of currency management, as well as to regulate the banking sector to promote system Mali, competitive and independent.

The Central Bank of Iraq being daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the exception of public holidays.

rcookie says(7:35 PM):

Jubouri confirms the Egyptian prime minister the importance of facilitating the granting "visa" for Iraqis

Monday , October 201 610 12:43

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

The head of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Masri to the Prime Minister Sharif Ismail on Monday that Egypt is always what was present in the Iraqi arena as desired positive, while stressing the importance of facilitating the granting of visas, "visas" for Iraqi expatriates to their second Egypt procedures.

Jubouri said in a statement issued after a meeting with Ismail, during his visit to Cairo, and received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "The two sides discussed prospects of joint cooperation and ways to support Iraq economically by increasing trade exchange between the two brotherly countries," stressing that "Iraq's need for the urgent support of its Arab brothers, especially sister Egypt. "

Jubouri said that "Egypt has always been present in the Iraqi arena as desired positive, and we look forward to more," stressing the importance of "facilitating the granting of visas for Iraqi expatriates to their second country Egypt, especially in the educational and economic measures."

For his part, Ismail confirmed the statement said, "the absolute cooperation with the Republic of Egypt, Iraq, in all political, security and economic fields."

It is noteworthy that Saleem al-Jubouri discussed with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, on Sunday (October 2016) 9, developments in the Arab and regional situation and ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

The al-Jubouri, arrived yesterday (8 October 2016), to the Egyptian capital of Cairo on an official visit to participate in the International Conference of Parliaments.

(7:35 PM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

1bobby says to rcookie(7:37 PM):

Have a great evening my friend. Thanks for making copying fun and informative :)

rcookie says(7:38 PM):


rcookie says(7:38 PM):

Deputy: Parliament will question Iqbal Zaidan al-Jaafari and file waiting for the evidence

Political Since 10/10/2016 12:00 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

Confirmed by Front Reform MP Nahla Alhbabi, Monday, that the interrogation does not target a specific character or component and a block, a process guaranteed by the Constitution, and once you provide evidence enough to state deputy can submit a request to question the minister or the chief of or an executive, and after obtaining the signatures of a number of MPs .

She's Alhbabi / balances News /, that "interrogations do not target any personal was in the government, regardless of her leadership was or not, the right of the House of Representatives questioning of available files of corruption against him and put in front of parliament and public opinion."

She said. "Cancel the process of questioning Secretary of State does not exist and are baseless, if Matovrt professional conditions required of them the evidence and other evidence which the call for interrogation."

She Alhbabi that "there are many interviews in the near future, including the questioning of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal and Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan according to the movements of the House of Representatives in order to reveal the facts to the public for the purpose of the calendar and no political Tsagit as some claim of political blocs."

The House of Representatives may interrogate ministers are both Defense Minister Khalid Abdi, who's parliament voted to sack him after a vote of no conviction Pajupth, and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari told the same Alaspab.anthy 29

From: Flaih slain

rcookie says(7:42 PM):

Parliamentary Legal is proposing to reduce the retirement of members of parliament and the private sector

Political Since 10.10.2016 at 11:18 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Parliamentary Legal Committee, unveiled Monday, to prepare a proposal for a draft law on the retirement of the private sector, pointing to prepare another proposal for reducing the number of deputies.

The MP said the committee Salim Chawki in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "Citizen bloc adopted a lot of bills, including the Amendment Act 21 of 2008 for provincial assemblies where they were read the first reading, and proceed to the second reading in order to rationalize the work of councils and reducing the numbers and retrenchment. "

He said Shawki, "There is another proposal for reducing the preparation of Representatives; but it includes a constitutional amendment," pointing to "the study of a project proposal retired private sector law."

The House of Representatives ended in 11 of last August, the first reading of the draft legal amendment the third and fourth provincial law No. 21 of 2008.anthy 29 / A 43

rcookie says(7:44 PM):

The rule of law: the House of Representatives will reconvene Tuesday in the presence of al - Abadi

10-10-2016 12:03 PM

It confirmed the MP for the coalition of state law, Nahla Alhbabi, that the House will resume its sessions Tuesday next week in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to display the names of the candidates for the vacant ministries.

She Alhbabi that the House will resume its sessions next Tuesday of next week, adding that the meeting will see the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to provide the names of the candidates for the vacant ministries, including interior, defense, expected to see a session of sharp differences on the names of candidates and rejected the names of candidates for the security ministries ,, and was Chairman of the Board Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged to provide the names of candidates for the vacant ministries after the resumption of meetings of the Council.

subgirl says to rcookie(7:55 PM):

WOW lots of news coming out today! Thanks rcookie... love the electricity article... GE going over to Iraq... think lots of businessses going over... Very exciting!

magnetlady says(7:55 PM):

Evening subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:56 PM):

Hey GE to you mags! how was your day?

magnetlady says(7:56 PM):

rcookie, hey

magnetlady says(7:56 PM):

Long one

magnetlady says(7:56 PM):

But good

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:56 PM):

oh I bet it was!

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:56 PM):

glad you made it home... :)

magnetlady says(7:56 PM):

9-6 straight thru then after had a couple errands to do.

subgirl says to jeffusa(7:56 PM):

NO WAY!!! lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:57 PM):

you WERE busy then!

magnetlady says(7:57 PM):

You doing OK? subby, don't like to hear headache's

magnetlady says(7:57 PM):

I was pretty busy most all day

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:57 PM):

yes I am much better..

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:57 PM):

thanks for asking tho :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:57 PM):

that is good! makes your day go faster...

magnetlady says(7:57 PM):

Well if I can help for a little longer to give you a longer break?

subgirl says to jeffusa(7:58 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(7:58 PM):

sure if you want to copy I'll let you lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:58 PM):

let me copy again :)

magnetlady says(7:59 PM):

She won't be there to charge them

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:59 PM):

mags you are not suppose to help him????? lol :D

magnetlady says(7:59 PM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(7:59 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(7:59 PM):


rcookie says to magnetlady(8:00 PM):


rcookie says to magnetlady(8:00 PM):


magnetlady says(8:00 PM):

Hey cookie. getting ready for tomorrow night.

(8:00 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

magnetlady says(8:00 PM):

good to see you too rvcookie

magnetlady says(8:01 PM):

oops that was an oops

magnetlady says(8:01 PM):

but a pretty good oops hahaha

(8:05 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:06 PM):

thank you mags for copying!!! :)

magnetlady says(8:06 PM):

You are most welcome subby. sorry I didn't get in earlier

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:06 PM):

oh you are fine :) bobby copied for a long time this evening and I slept :)

(8:08 PM)wickedwitch1 was kicked out by wickedwitch1!

(8:19 PM)jeffusa was kicked out by jeffusa!

(8:27 PM)sagecanyon was kicked out by sagecanyon!

daytrader says to subgirl(8:39 PM):

Hey subgirl. You feeling better?

subgirl says to daytrader(8:39 PM):

yes I am feeling better thank you :)

subgirl says to daytrader(8:40 PM):

had a bit of a headache...

subgirl says to daytrader(8:40 PM):

how are you doing?

daytrader says to subgirl(8:40 PM):

Just got online a bit ago and read the logs for today. The news is incredible!!!

subgirl says to daytrader(8:40 PM):

yes it is! rcookie and crew has been bringing in news all day!!!!

subgirl says to daytrader(8:40 PM):

I love it!

subgirl says to daytrader(8:41 PM):

I am not concerned with maliki at all!!!

daytrader says to subgirl(8:41 PM):

Will read the news articles after the Voice.

subgirl says to daytrader(8:41 PM):

but his name has come up a lot today!

subgirl says to daytrader(8:41 PM):

lol ok lol

subgirl says to daytrader(8:41 PM):

enjoy your program lol

daytrader says to subgirl(8:42 PM):

Not concerned with Maliki. Loved the article that stated the courts decision does not return the three VP's to their positions. Hope they can get the Constitution amended quickly on that one.

subgirl says to daytrader(8:42 PM):

Yes I agree!! :)

subgirl says to daytrader(8:43 PM):

I am sure they can!!

daytrader says to subgirl(8:43 PM):

And really great to see Abadi bringing some of the COM candidates names to Parliament. He really needs to get those jobs filled.

magnetlady says(8:44 PM):

evening daytrader

subgirl says to daytrader(8:44 PM):

Yep I saw that article too :) will be glad to have that done...

magnetlady says(8:44 PM):

I decided to have some popcorn and an apple

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:45 PM):

Hi Mags. Been listening to the Voice, and thought of you. Know you love music as much as I do.

magnetlady says(8:46 PM):

yeseree I sure do

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:46 PM):

Do like the two flavors, but prefer chocolate with my popcorn.

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:46 PM):


magnetlady says(8:47 PM):

I like chocolate, but if there is another choice . . .

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:48 PM):

I don't eat it very often, and an apple is way better for me.

hutch says to daytrader(8:48 PM):

Hi Day ! Ready foor tomorrow night ?

magnetlady says(8:48 PM):

my dad always had at lest one appe a day

hutch says to subgirl(8:48 PM):

Hi Super Subs !

daytrader says to hutch(8:48 PM):

Truely looking forward to it.

subgirl says to hutch(8:48 PM):

Hi there hutchster lol

subgirl says to hutch(8:49 PM):

hope you had a good day?

hutch says to daytrader(8:49 PM):

It will be interesting for sure !

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:49 PM):

My favorite is Gala

hutch says to subgirl(8:49 PM):

Quiet, which is good!

subgirl says to hutch(8:49 PM):

yes I like quiet lol

magnetlady says(8:49 PM):

thats what Im eating

hutch says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):

Hi Ms Mags !

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):

Like the crispness, lots of flavor and very juicy

subgirl says to hutch(8:50 PM):

really looking forward to tomorrow night...

magnetlady says(8:50 PM):


subgirl says to hutch(8:50 PM):



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 cst 641-715-3640 pin# 528733 #

magnetlady says(8:50 PM):

one handed typing popcor

hutch says to subgirl(8:50 PM):

We may start a few minutes early in chatroom

magnetlady says(8:51 PM):


subgirl says to hutch(8:51 PM):

cool :)

subgirl says to hutch(8:51 PM):

should I say something on a banner about that or not?

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:51 PM):

Pretty good one handed. Would take me a couple of minutes to just do one sentence one handed.

hutch says to subgirl(8:51 PM):

no we will just do it casual

subgirl says to hutch(8:52 PM):

ok :) sounds good to me

jeffusa says to hutch(8:52 PM):

casual dress? or business attire

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:52 PM):


hutch says to jeffusa(8:52 PM):

Uniform for you !

magnetlady says(8:52 PM):

well thatswhat I have done all my life is type

subgirl says to hutch(8:52 PM):


jeffusa says to hutch(8:53 PM):

i don't think it fits anymore.... the material shunk

subgirl says to hutch(8:53 PM):

I like casual lol

daytrader says to magnetlady(8:53 PM):

I can type about 40 wpm, but prolly not readable. LOL

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:53 PM):


hutch says to jeffusa(8:53 PM):

Ive been blaming on the material too ! :D

subgirl says to hutch(8:53 PM):


jeffusa says to hutch(8:54 PM):

can't be me...

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:54 PM):

no way??? lol

hutch says to jeffusa(8:54 PM):

We dont do "blame" very well do we ?

subgirl says to hutch(8:54 PM):


subgirl says to hutch(8:54 PM):

I can tell you two are cuzins lol

jeffusa says to hutch(8:55 PM):

not a democrat.... need to work on it's someone else's fault

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:55 PM):


hutch says to jeffusa(8:55 PM):

I concur ! :D

hutch says to jeffusa(8:55 PM):

always is...

subgirl says to hutch(8:55 PM):

you two are too much lol

jeffusa says to hutch(8:56 PM):

my Dad explained to by backside MANY times when I was a kid THAT it was my fault lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:56 PM):

:D(lol) lol

hutch says to jeffusa(8:56 PM):

Been there as well,

hutch says to jeffusa(8:56 PM):

More of that is needed today

subgirl says to hutch(8:57 PM):

(y) yes it is!!!!

daytrader says to hutch(8:57 PM):

Agree with that one, but now that's abuse.

hutch says to jeffusa(8:57 PM):

that.... or send them to the cavity fairy !

jeffusa says to hutch(8:57 PM):

as I had my belt in my hand I was explaining this to my grandkids last night

subgirl says to hutch(8:57 PM):

no you dont lol lol lol

hutch says to daytrader(8:57 PM):

shame... isnt it

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:58 PM):

oh no lol

hutch says to jeffusa(8:58 PM):

how'd that go over ????

daytrader says to jeffusa(8:58 PM):

Bet their eyes got very BIG

jeffusa says to hutch(8:58 PM):

well I got thier attention and the room got clean and was cleaned again today without asking...

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:59 PM):


hutch says to jeffusa(8:59 PM):

nice !!!!

subgirl says to jeffusa(8:59 PM):

great job!!! lol

daytrader says to hutch(8:59 PM):

Now many young have little discipline, or appreciate that there can be consequences for actions.

jeffusa says to hutch(8:59 PM):

but I want to be Grandpa... not Dad... I want to fill them with sugary stuff and send them home...

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:00 PM):


hutch says to jeffusa(9:00 PM):

thats what im talking about !!! thats the fun part

subgirl says to daytrader(9:00 PM):

yes that is right! UGH

(9:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

daytrader says to jeffusa(9:00 PM):

Some call that retribution!!

daytrader says to jeffusa(9:02 PM):

My Mom always appologized to my wife when she had wished my child to be just like me!!!

jeffusa says to daytrader(9:02 PM):

Bill Cosby should to say when not molesting woman.... I hope you have a kid just like you.... well My daughter did get a kid just like her.... why do I get punished....

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:02 PM):

you need a one bedroom house!!!

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:03 PM):


jeffusa says to subgirl(9:03 PM):

yes I do..... I have one BIG question... lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:03 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(9:04 PM):

ok what is your question?

jeffusa says to subgirl(9:04 PM):


jeffusa says to subgirl(9:04 PM):

don't you tell me soon

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:04 PM):

in time Jeff in time lol

jeffusa says to subgirl(9:05 PM):

remember I have a belt and will use it

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:05 PM):


subgirl says to jeffusa(9:05 PM):

so there lol

subgirl says to jeffusa(9:06 PM):

I am in Iowa and you are in where??? lol

jeffusa says(9:07 PM):

my favorite comment about Trump's video.... If so many women are offended by his words, who bought 80 million copies of "50 Shades of Gray"

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