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Friday, October 28, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 10/28/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring rcookie

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:15 PM):

Good afternoon digiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) lol

loop says(4:16 PM):

Mosul and the economic dimension

29/10/2016 0:00

Dr.. As Abdul Hadi

Is talk these days about the future of the city of Mosul after «Daesh» or post - editing, but an observer can be noted that the modern question is about the only political future was not one mention of the economic future, and despite the importance of the political future , but we see the economic aspects are equally important about them, and the neglect and limited oil only interest, such as the one the causes of the political and security crises in previous years.

This «truth» the true it requires reconsideration of the relationship between economics and politics , making it the last variable follower of the first to draw paths strategic future.

What can happen economically beyond «Daesh» in Iraq? While the answer accommodate what could be an entire paper we will try to shortcut commensurate with the place, in the field of agriculture will re - edit Mosul amounts to one million tons of wheat and barley to the food basket of locally produced note that the lands of Nineveh could contribute to raising agricultural production of all crops to the limits of 25 percent of the local need as well as possible and within a few years to turn Iraq into a source of crops , major (wheat, barley, maize) if the use of some modern technologies in the field of irrigation.

On the other hand, the annual budget will get rid of the military expenditure accounted for up to 20 percent of them over the years and these expenses can be transformed into investment expenditure and re - infrastructure in the liberated cities reconstruction of what contributes to strengthening the economic growth process.

Also can run Mosul airport which will provide many job opportunities for the people of the province Moreover, the return of the people of Mosul they up to two million people means the return of a significant proportion of the Iraqi labor productivity and increase after that disrupted those workers as a result of displacement and displacement, and thought must be a serious project dry canal linking Iraq to European countries via Turkey, which is strategically Iraqi economy project, hoping that this is a new start for the Iraqi economy .

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:16 PM):

we raked up 2 huge piles of leaves and took them to the compost! UGH

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:16 PM):

sorry digi lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(4:17 PM):

been working hard lol :) hope you had a good day?

subgirl says to loop(4:17 PM):

thank you loop :)

loop says(4:20 PM):

Industry draw Authority to undermine the integrity of corruption

29/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning

In a move that raises the transparency in the implementation of the course work a student and Minister of Industry and Minerals Integrity Commission to send a specialized team to audit the investment plan contracts, participation and investment of the Ministry of Industry to previous years.

Detection and Minister of Industry and Minerals / Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan for submitting a formal request to the Commission integrity to check some investment contracts and participation and investment concluded by the ministry during the previous years.

The Sudanese: that the investment plan estimated volume of hundreds of billions of dinars as well as investment and participation , which amounted to 170 contracts Astosmaraa.amadava that after reviewing the contracts show that the decades there are technical violations and financial and legal accompanied approvals referral projects and transactions of its own exchange, as well as some of the investment and rehabilitation contracts that are not based on the economic and technical feasibility, which resulted in the waste of public money.

It is noted that the most important trends reform the Iraqi government concerning the treatment of financial and administrative corruption I consulted in the joints of some institutions.

And between the Sudanese that the contracts concluded by the ministry was supposed to re - run factories and companies to be a good supporter of the industry and the economy of our country, stressing that the ministry is run by the Supreme destinations oversight of the Inspector - General and the Department of control and audit will be supportive and dolly to the work of the Commission on public integrity team, noting that the volume of notes on the contracts need a long time to resolve the dossier within the possibilities existing in the ministry reason that invited him to call the integrity Commission team to resolve those files as soon as.

To a description of the economic member of the Baghdad forum Jassim Al Aradi this step task and successful start to undermine the financial and administrative corruption accompanied by the implementation of some projects in the various ministries.

He noted it was the first step on the road to transparency that contribute to the disclosure of all phases of the work, and therefore we get to the smooth flow of funds check the economic viability of Iraq, especially as a lot of talk was raised on the manipulation of the exchange processes that accompany the implementation of investment projects .

loop says(4:38 PM):

The Supreme Council is betting on "national reconciliation" for the post-Daesh

Friday 28-10-2016 | 8:09:42

Twilight News / ISCI said on Friday that the document of "national reconciliation" must be the road map to the Iraqis in the post-regulation Daesh to ensure the "communal harmony" between the various components.

This came in a statement to the Council responded to the Twilight News, in the wake of a conference held by the General Authority for Zaamah Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, who also heads the National Alliance.

The participants praised "the role of supreme religious authority in the protection of the people and take care of the national earnings and democracy as well as the pivotal role of the institution of the National Alliance and the role of the new presidency in the cemented its role and supplying them with the capabilities and quality energies."

He described the conferees "document of national reconciliation roadmap communal harmony and nation building and a formula to save the country and the society and legitimate political should be adopted to bring military victories, especially after the approval of the National Alliance forces and approved by the United Nations and marketed between partners and regional countries."

They stressed "the unity of all Iraqi territory, warning that any violation of the sovereignty of Iraq under any pretext Hajpan interventions and the recent violations of the borders of Iraq," calling for "dialogue solve regional conflicts and mutual respect between the parties and to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship."

And saw the conferees that "post-Daesh stage very dangerous stage and the task which requires the elected national government support in the paths enhance label affixed state and the establishment of reforms and national reconciliation and the fight against corruption and provide security and services," appraisers "tangible progress in the work of the House of Representatives", calling the block home and the rest of the blocks to legislation laws set forth by the Constitution.

He also called on the conferees "to form its decisions are binding and extents be with the Constitution," Adin "The formation of the Council of reconstruction proper framework to do this step."

They stressed the "rentier state to leave the state collection and an end to the state monopoly of the economy and encourage investment and the private sector and diversify the economy, including oil and gas investment ores."

They also called for "legislation of the oil and gas, financial, distribution and company National Oil and Gas Act, as well as their emphasis on attention to the housing sector to solve the housing crisis and the distribution of low-income rates with mortgage and converting money-losing state-owned enterprises into profitable projects symbolic."

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hutch says to loop(4:57 PM):


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loop says(5:15 PM):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the selection as a member of Iraq's Rights Council of the United Nations Human

By Ziad al - Haidari 4 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Foreign Ministry announced, Iraq 's membership of the UN Human Rights Council win.

This came in a statement by ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal seen by Roudao Media Network, "after the quality of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry's efforts lasted for more than two years by the Delegation of Iraq permanent at the United Nations and the Department of Human Rights, United Nations General Assembly voted on Friday to elect Iraq and for the first once a member of the Human rights Council of the international Organization along with thirteen other countries. "

And the beauty, "The man is an intergovernmental body within the UN system Rights Council, established in 2006, is responsible for the promotion of all human rights and protection in all parts of the world, and address cases of human rights violations and make recommendations thereon, as the council holds periodic meetings at the UN Office United in Geneva. "

Ame9632557644 says(5:17 PM):

€ € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € €

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(5:18 PM):

hey there lol

subgirl says to DIGIman1(5:18 PM):

thank you again for grabbing chat!!! :)

(5:18 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

Ame9632557644 says(5:18 PM):

Digi U gat a funny incoming

subgirl says to DIGIman1(5:19 PM):

going to go to a birthday party for my son! :) BBL :)

Ame9632557644 says(5:19 PM):

enjoy Subby

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(5:19 PM):

thanks :)

subgirl says to Ame9632557644(5:19 PM):

have a good night AME :)

Ame9632557644 says(5:19 PM):


subgirl says to Ame9632557644(5:19 PM):

yw :)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(Whisper message)(5:19 PM):

yvw :) have fun! lol thats an order lol

cricket22 says(5:20 PM):

Hello everyone!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(5:20 PM):

lol you got it lol

Ame9632557644 says(5:20 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(5:20 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(Whisper message)(5:20 PM):

cya laters!!

DIGIman1 says to cricket22(5:20 PM):

hey cricket :)

cricket22 says to Ame9632557644(5:20 PM):

Hey D! :d

cricket22 says to Ame9632557644(5:20 PM):


cricket22 says to DIGIman1(5:20 PM):

Hi Digi! :)

(5:21 PM)baxter was kicked out by baxter!

hutch says(5:26 PM):


Ame9632557644 says(5:28 PM):

shutting down now GN All

cricket22 says to hutch(5:40 PM):

Hi sweetie! :)

rcookie says(5:42 PM):

Iran in the face of the challenges of the application of an action plan , " the Task Force on Financial Action"

October 29, 2016 in the media center , articles comments on Iran in the face of the challenges of the application of an action plan , " the Task Force on Financial Action" closed

It issued a "Task Force on Financial Action" at the conclusion of the regular meeting of the year in Paris last week, "public statement" on the "non-cooperative jurisdictions and high-risk" - a category that still include Iran. The first meeting of the International Commission on the Status of standards for AML / CFT since suspended the so - called "call to take counter - measures" against Iran for years at a time when Tehran is working to apply the "action plan" to address the shortcomings in the fight against laundering systems money / combating the financing of terrorism. "urged the Task Force on financial action" in a statement issued on October 21 / October members to "continue the recommendation of their financial institutions to apply due diligence to enhance the scrutiny of labor relations and transactions with legal persons and legal persons from Iran." The organization also brought reminders that Iran will remain within the public statement until a complete plan of action fully.

"Task Force on Financial Action statement did not come" at the mention of any progress made by Iran at the level of implementation of the plan which has faced strong domestic political opposition. Beginning in mid-October / October, it was still to be a special act of "Shura Council," Iranian team entrusted with the task of reviewing the plan to determine whether the required measures are inconsistent with national interests.

Objections to the plan of action

Issued, "the Task Force on Financial Action '' public statement 'about the authorities Shortened strategically in the fight against money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism after the general meetings in February and June and October / October each year. Iran reported in this data since 2008, when the organization to review its procedures for dealing with "non-cooperative jurisdictions and high-risk."

While issued a "Task Force on Financial Action" in 2008, Iran issued a statement in which it said the country was not cooperating and a high-risk, Asdat Task Force in 2016 approved two other statements in which Iran has shown its commitment to a political action to address the shortcomings

In my monthly in June and October / October of this year, it approved the "Task Force on Financial Action" that Iran has agreed - and have shown in fact a political commitment at a high level - to implement an action plan to address aspects of the strategic deficiencies related to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism

rcookie says(5:43 PM):

In my months of June and October / October of this year, "the Task Force on Financial Action acknowledged" that Iran has agreed - and have shown in fact a political commitment at a high level - to implement an action plan to address aspects of the strategic deficiencies related to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. In contrast, the organization announced that it would suspend its call for the imposition of additional restrictions and take care procedures due designed to protect the financial sector from the risks resulting from Iran. However, despite the suspension of these countermeasures, it did not stand a lot of indicators that national regulatory authorities proceeded to amend its guidance for financial institutions on Iran, which still regards as a high-risk destination.

Although the action plan, "the Task Force on Financial Action" for Iran did not openly published, objections militants were concentrated in Tehran on three areas: (1) modify the legal definition of terrorist financing in order to line with international standards (2) and the recognition of international sanctions and the application of (3) and cooperation and the international exchange of information.

Criminalize the financing of terrorism

It continued, "the Task Force on Financial Action Statement" to shed light on Iran's failure to confront related to terrorist financing deficiencies, noting that until the country's treatment of these issues, "will remain the task force is concerned about the risk of financing emanating from Iran, terrorism and the threat it poses to the international financial system." . As part of efforts to urge Tehran to modify the "Combating the Financing of Terrorism Act" adopted in 2015 fully to criminalize the activities of terrorist financing and the development of operational rules, one of the main problems faced by the "Task Force on Financial Action" clause contained in the legislation and excludes the following activities from the definition of terrorism "the steps taken by states, groups or organizations edit a view to putting an end to any foreign occupation and colonialism and racism." Fill those "whitelisted" the presumed terrorist organizations means that the funding of similar entities will not be considered contrary to the law. And Iran would have to delete this item to be considered as a decision to invite "Task Force" for states to criminalize terrorism under the "United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism."

rcookie says(5:44 PM):

Although the hard-liners in Tehran are opposed to similar changes as they see Kmsaa to cut funding for Iran's proxies terrorists or cut, it is unlikely to fall, "the Task Force on Financial Action" its position in this regard. And US Treasury Secretary Daniel Glaser assistant said in his gallery within the lecture series within the Stein Program on Counterterrorism at the Washington Institute on 13 November / first said that "combating the financing of terrorism laws which exclude national liberation movements or any other types of movements were not acceptable in the past for the "Task Force on financial action" I do not expect its acceptance in the future. " Similar cases have emerged in the past in Latin America and Africa, where mainly sought with the legacy of colonial states to impose exceptions to the freedom fighters and anti-racism groups and similar groups. Represent Iran as the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world threat qualitatively different, so it is important to adhere to "the Task Force on Financial Action" position.

Other future challenges

In response to the action plan, directed the Secretary-General in force for "guardians" of the Iranian Guardian Council, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, to combine during Friday prayers on September 9 / September, saying: "I do not understand how they were able to sign this document secret. I've studied Persian and English versions of them and quickly concluded that they want to give our information, financial and banking to the enemy. We want us to punish ourselves. They want us to punish the individuals and institutions who do not agree with them the enemy. They want us to punish [ "Iran's Revolutionary Guards" and institutions associated with the Revolutionary Guards and individuals. "

And probably shed a plan of action, "the Task Force on Financial Action" for Iran light on the criminalization of terrorist financing and the development of mechanisms to facilitate international cooperation. However, it is unclear whether the development of the ability to impose "targeted financial sanctions" is part of the most prominent issues identified by the task force - at least not in the manner portrayed by committees and other Iranian critics. And requests, "the Task Force on Financial Action" from countries such as the development of this ability to be able to implement the UN sanctions related to terrorism and the financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, States are required to legal, regulatory and administrative structure put in place to implement targeted sanctions against such activity involved entities, whether on its own or at the request of another state.

rcookie says(5:44 PM):

Despite this general intention, critics link the application of an action plan, "the Task Force on Financial Action" application specific Western sanctions on Iranian entities. Perhaps the star of some of these concerns about reports from sending banks Iranians letters to units of the construction company "seal of the prophets" of the "Iranian Revolutionary Guards", a company that is still subject to US sanctions secondary until after the conclusion of the Iranian nuclear agreement in 2015. The letters were leaked to the Iranian press that the two banks Saadlan for further foreign exchange transactions on behalf of these units due to Western sanctions. Scabs resulting Iranian officials have been urged to emphasize that the messages were not linked to the plan, "the Task Force on Financial Action" and refused to comply with international sanctions.

However, it may reveal the adoption of the requirements of the "Task Force on Financial Action" and their implementation with regard to the transparency of legal persons for the associated commercial interests "of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards," the quasi-governmental organizations and other Iranian special interests that have benefited from the ownership requirements of the non-radical or vague. And it formed the difficulty of full ownership of the Iranian parties to select the corresponding one of the factors that commended Western financial institutions from doing business with Iran again. It is concerned about the commercial banks risk facilities to deal with the institutions of unclear ownership, which is rejected by regulators. Add to that the risk of the possibility of banks dealing unwittingly with owned partly entity or entirely from the "Iranian Revolutionary Guards" is still subject to the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union, or with another Iranian entity, the bank is considered to be a danger to his reputation or danger of another kind .

And, however, updates have been made to the "Frequently Asked Questions" of the "Office of Foreign Assets Control," the US Department of the Treasury on 7 October / October suggests that some of the activities Practice with the units of the entities subject to the sanctions "are not necessarily subject to sanctions," likely to pay multiple warnings involved in the guidance of the Ministry of the Treasury banks to consider that doing business with Iran is still associated with significant risks, especially since the offense the death may lead to the loss of the possibility of access to the US financial system "would not necessarily be subject to sanctions person who is not a US deal with an entity that is not listed within a "list of parishes under a special insert] but a minority owned or controlled wholly or partially Iranian citizen or person in connection with Iran and is included on said list. However, the "OFAC" recommends the adoption of caution ... to non-Americans to consult with local regulatory bodies about the outlook due diligence in local constituencies. In particular, the US is keen on the match due diligence procedures with internal risk assessment and comprehensive commitment to policies. "

rcookie says(5:45 PM):


In an effort to put an end to the controversy in the "Shura Council," Iranian Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs Ali Tayyip Nia said during a parliamentary hearing last month that his country is not obliged to acceptance of all conditions set by the "Task Force on Financial Action". According to a report released on September 27 / September about "the French news agency," he declared that "We will not allow any international body with access to our intelligence. We will not accept any definition or examples of all forms of terrorism from any authority other than "the Security Council" of the United Nations. But what may raise the biggest concern was the response that Tehran does not recognize the "international sanctions on members of the Revolutionary Guards and its institutions," indicating that Iran would not necessarily apply to restrictions imposed by the United Nations. As long as Iran continues to regard itself as the highest international standards, will face difficulties in convincing financial counterparties extent of seriousness in compliance with international standards.

During the coming period, Iran will need to find a way to implement the Action Plan by June 2017, the date on which it will bring back "the Task Force on Financial Action" to impose countermeasures. Even if Tehran had success on this front, you still have to address the many other sources of anxiety plaguing cautious banks about doing business with the Islamic Republic; indeed remain a far cry from full compliance, "the Task Force on the standards of the Financial Action" not to mention the commitment to other from accredited international regulatory requirements during this decade since the global financial crisis. However, the inability to take that first small step even considered as a major setback for Iran's efforts to attract international banks.

rcookie says(5:45 PM):


cricket22 says to rcookie(5:49 PM):

Thank you! :)

hunter59 says(5:52 PM):

They will be left in the dust.....corrupt

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rcookie says(5:58 PM):


Dinar Dave says(6:00 PM):

Apparently Guru's can...lol

rcookie says to Dinar Dave(6:00 PM):


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rcookie says(6:01 PM):

Allawi refuses to return to the position of vice president

Politician Number of Views: 56 29/10/2016 00:11

BAGHDAD / Bri National Center NNC - the beginning of a political source said the head of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi , refuses to return to the position of vice president

rcookie says(6:02 PM):

«People crowd» Iraqi forces announced that it would launch an imminent attack west of Mosul

Oct 29, 2016

Baghdad Saif Hameed: A spokesman for Iraq's Shiite popular crowd forces backed by Iran, said that she is about to launch an attack on the organization of the Islamic state west of Mosul sites to help the army in its campaign to restore the city.

The operation will target close to Turkey, a region where a large number of Turkmen live, which could agitate Ankara.

People crowd forces completed preparations to move towards the stronghold of Tal Afar, west of Mosul, the Islamic State of Qayyarah their positions in the south of the city.

Said Ahmed al-Asadi, spokesman for the popular crowd state television commenting on the control of Tal Afar, a plan that operations there may begin within a few days or hours.

Tal Afar is located about 55 kilometers west of Mosul, was the organization of the Islamic state had seized in 2014 when he announced the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in parts of the territory of Iraq and Syria. The includes a mix of Sunnis, Shiites and Turkmen Shiites before fleeing them after falling in the hands of the militant group.

He said Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Chaooh Ihsanoglu on Wednesday that his country, which has troops in Iraqi territory north of Mosul will take action if attacked Tal Afar.

Turkey fears that caused the participation of the popular crowd Shiite forces in the attack, which the United States supported the Mosul in the outbreak of sectarian conflict in the region inhabited by the Sunni majority as well as the occurrence of a large displacement of them.

The currently popular crowd forces earlier announced its participation in the attack on Mosul last great stronghold of the Islamic State in Iraq has prompted human rights organizations to warn of the possibility of the outbreak of sectarian violence.

The Shiite majority in Iraq but a majority of the year in the north and west of the country.

People crowd forces and operate under the command of the Iraqi Shiite-led government headed by Haider al-Abadi, who announced in October 17 / October being the start of the attack on Mosul, Iraq's second city. The coalition supports the US-led attack.

Popular Mobilization Forces troops was formed in 2014 to repel the Islamic state, which began to sweep the western and northern provinces.

rcookie says(6:03 PM):

Russia is willing to cooperate with Iraq to prevent state regulation fighters from escaping to Syria

Oct 28, 2016

MOSCOW AFP b- said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday that Russia is willing to cooperate with Iraq to prevent the organization of the Islamic state, gathered in Mosul fighters to escape to Syria.

Lavrov said at a press conference after meeting his counterparts from Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and Walid al-Moallem, "we have an interest in cooperating and taking action with our Iraqi colleagues to prevent the withdrawal of the terrorists of Mosul to Syria with their weapons."

"It is important" to Russia to prevent the withdrawal of this kind because he "almost certainly would lead to a serious deterioration in the situation in Syria."

He said Moscow would discuss the issue with Washington and other countries in the international coalition that supports the Iraqi forces in their offensive to regain Mosul, Iraq's second largest city and the last major stronghold of the jihadists in this country.

US forces estimated the number of insurgents in the northern city of Mosul between 3500 and five thousand armed Add to Alvin others in areas around the city.

Iraqi troops and Kurdish fighters began peshmerga in the October 17, with the support of the international coalition offensive to retake Mosul, which fell into the hands of the organization of the Islamic State fighters in June 2014.

The Russian military over the past week expressed concern over the attack, stressing that it should not lead to "expel the terrorists of the Islamic State" from Iraq to Syria.

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magnetlady says(6:18 PM):

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1Bobby and MadDScout have started one up on Thursdays. We have the NT copy under BGG's Corner for now

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it's nice in chicagolad tonight and supposed to be very nice tomorrow as well

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magnetlady says(8:24 PM):

Sun was so bright coming home tonight It was very difficult to see even with sunglasses on

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Can someone kindly tell me where I can find last nights talk....I tried finding it on FB.

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it is in the forum under BGG's corner :)

Daniel777 says(8:38 PM):

I found it....

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Daniel777 says(8:39 PM):

Great thanks

subgirl says(8:39 PM):

yw!!! Daniel!

magnetlady says(8:49 PM):

HEy subby you are home

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):

yep I made it home nice and full lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):

would you like a break?

magnetlady says(8:50 PM):

That would be great. Thank you

subgirl says to magnetlady(8:50 PM):

your welcome and can you copy again?

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