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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 10/7/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring BGG

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:57 PM):

It was great :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:57 PM):

Thank you for copying :)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:59 PM):

your very welcome and thanks for copying this evening :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:59 PM):

You are welcome! Go have fun tonight :)

(4:59 PM)subgirlcopy changed nickname to subgirl!

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:00 PM):

oh I will :) cant wait for the camp fire! love to roast marshmellows and have smores :) lol like a kid lol

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subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:00 PM):

BBL :) have a great evening :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(5:01 PM):

Lol - camp fires are wonderful and so are smores!

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(5:01 PM):


subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:01 PM):

bye :)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:01 PM):



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 cst 641-715-3640 pin# 528733 #

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:02 PM):

there ya go :)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:02 PM):


Okie Dinar says to subgirl(5:03 PM):

Thank you :)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(5:03 PM):


(5:39 PM)lindasue was kicked out by lindasue!

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Ame says(6:10 PM):

GN Room

(6:12 PM)scarlet was kicked out by scarlet!

scarlet says(6:16 PM):

Go Clemson!

scarlet says(6:16 PM):

gn, ame

(6:22 PM)hutch changed nickname to Hutch!

Okie Dinar says(6:22 PM):

The arrival of pieces to the outskirts of Mosul to participate in editing process


The Commander of the Nineveh edits, major general Jabouri star, a number of military units arrived to the outskirts of the city of Mosul as a prelude to free it from terrorists, noting that other section of those pieces still 20 miles from the center of the County.

Jabouri said in a statement the Buratha news agency followed the security forces and the popular crowd waiting to determine the zero hour by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi to launch the military operation to liberate Mosul, having completed all the preparations and coordination with the International Alliance for battle.

He explained that his release the connector edit Hawija Kirkuk governorate in the South Wing of Mosul, indicating that defeating terrorism in that region will make security units moving toward the final objective and only and is free from terrorists, having become security forces appears secure for now following the liberation of sharqat in Salaheddin province justice, with security forces are currently moving toward Mosul and the western flank of the island area.And finally, jubouri predicted the outbreak of the uprising and revolution to the people of Mosul against armed forces progresses towards ISIS edit town.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, last Tuesday, called on residents to cooperate with Iraqi army troops.

Okie Dinar says(6:23 PM):

Abadi agrees to cancel the budget article 2017 was restricting capital

2016-10-07 at 10:27

Baghdad – the balance of news

Governor of Baghdad, Ali Al-Timimi, Friday, that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a substance in the Federal fiscal budget law restricts keeping.

Tamimi said in a statement, received/balance of news, a copy of it, he "has obtained the approval of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to abolish the article of the law of budgets was prevented and shackle, work at a meeting of the Supreme coordinating body between the provinces held today."

The statement added that "the meeting included discussion of a number of personal items were the most important problem of the abuse of the Finance Ministry and its cooperation with the provinces through transfer of powers," he called for the repeal of article 17 budget implementation instructions prevented his province from imposing fees and revenue in accordance with article 25 of the Bill where the Prime Minister's response to the deletion of this article, as well as approving an operational and investment account to province. "

Tamimi drew, it said, "the meeting to ensure that the Prime Minister's consent to release amounts of farmers, along with the focus on projects that touches life as water and electricity projects, infrastructure, security, also agreed to launch a project's financial allocations set latest cameras system in Iraq with 100% completion and follows conservative amounts paid to the company implemented in order to open and begin its work to support security reality and all security configurations in the capital."

Both from 1bobby :)

Okie Dinar says(6:26 PM):



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 CST 641-715-3640 pin - 528733 #

magnetlady says(6:30 PM):

Good evening Okie

magnetlady says(6:30 PM):

Thank you for copying this evening.

hutch says(6:34 PM):

Hello ! echo echo echo...

hutch says(6:34 PM):

Sure is quiet in here tonight!

BGG says to hutch(6:35 PM):

I'm about ready to go to bed...

BGG says to hutch(6:35 PM):

been a long day for me.

hutch says(6:35 PM):

Cmon man ! its only 6:35

hutch says(6:35 PM):

Are you making progress?

BGG says to hutch(6:35 PM):

I'm gonna' hang in as long as possible...

BGG says to hutch(6:35 PM):

but it won't be much longer.

BGG says to hutch(6:36 PM):

'bout sunset... this bird is headed for the coop. :D

hutch says(6:36 PM):

Get rest.. start fresh in the morning.

hutch says(6:37 PM):

I think that Im going to sit bak and watch ball game and root for Clemson for JimPlants tonight

aminmaine25229787 says(6:37 PM):

is there news tonite?

BGG says to hutch(6:38 PM):

another biggie coming for me tomorrow. 8-|

aminmaine25229787 says(6:38 PM):

just got in the door!

hutch says(6:38 PM):

Theres been some good news today... Its in the chatlogs

hutch says to BGG(6:38 PM):

Biggie, meaning long?

magnetlady says(6:39 PM):

Hi Hutch

hutch says to BGG(6:39 PM):

HiYa's Ms Mags !

hutch says to magnetlady(6:39 PM):


magnetlady says(6:40 PM):

Thats OK I do it all the time

hutch says(6:40 PM):

OK Off to the ball game I go ! er um ... I mean the couch and watch the ballgame

hutch says(6:40 PM):


magnetlady says(6:40 PM):


Okie Dinar says to magnetlady(6:42 PM):

Hey there Mags! You're welcome :)

(6:48 PM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

magnetlady says(6:57 PM):

Sorory Okie, I was reviewing the colors I have been using. The list keeps growing that I a coloring

(7:00 PM)Check out THE BLOG - http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/ - for the latest Dinar News, Documents and Call banners

Okie Dinar says to magnetlady(7:04 PM):

No problem :) Colors for when you copy?

Okie Dinar says to magnetlady(7:04 PM):

I'm assuming for newstime :)

(7:05 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

magnetlady says(7:08 PM):

Yes Okie, for Newstime. If you are learning and are available sometimes in the evening to copy NewsTime. I'd be happy to work with you.

magnetlady says(7:09 PM):

Its not difficult, just need to practice, which we can do now that I set up the practice window in Chat Log section.

Okie Dinar says(8:25 PM):



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 CST 641-715-3640 pin - 528733 #

(8:27 PM)sagecanyon was kicked out by sagecanyon!

Okie Dinar says(8:43 PM):


Okie Dinar says(8:44 PM):

Parliamentary legal reveal near Government sending new electoral Bill to Parliament.

07-10-2016 04:04 PM

The parliamentary legal Committee head Mohsen saadun closely to send the Federal Government a new electoral Bill to Parliament for approval

Saadun stressed as saying that Parliament pending new elections bill is currently in the Cabinet, for approval, in the upcoming elections for the provincial councils and lower House.

Saadun also said that the legal Committee is currently studying a detailed report on the work of the Electoral Commission, provincial elections could be merged with the House of representatives election. -

Okie Dinar says(8:45 PM):

Aboul Gheit Jaafari: The Arab League will intensify its efforts to end the Turkish violation

2016/10/7 18:15

[Oan- Baghdad]

Search Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Iraqi foreign minister in a telephone conversation with the Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the developments in Iraq to Turkish relations over the past few days.

A statement by the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the two sides also discussed "developments in the political situation and security in Iraq, and the war against Daesh terrorist gangs."

He called al-Jaafari, according to the statement, "the Arab League to take a supportive stance of Iraq, and to confirm its refusal to enter the Turkish forces and the Iraqi territories, and praised the position supervisor of the Arab League to reject the Turkish intervention, and support for Iraq for the first time unanimously in December / December last year."

He said al-Jaafari, that "Iraq has called on the international community to stand by his side in the war against Daesh terrorist gangs submitted to the Security Council terms, and adhered to all countries of the world," calling on the Turkish side to "Exit Page Turkish violation of Iraqi sovereignty of the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Ankara file, and commitment good-neighborliness and the laws. "

For his part, Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit confirmed according to the statement "confirmed the Arab League rejected the Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory," noting that "the Arab League supports the security, stability and unity of Iraq, and to prevent any outside interference in its internal affairs," revealing that "the Arab League will intensify its efforts, and dialogues with various countries around the world, and international organizations to put pressure on the Turkish government to end the Turkish violation of Iraqi territory."

Okie Dinar says(8:46 PM):

Airlines announce increased numbers of her passengers and large profits in last September

2016/10/7 14:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} public company for Iraqi Airways increasing numbers of passengers and flights firm recently due to improved services for passengers.

Said General Manager Samer cream in a press statement received Kabbah {Euphrates news} copy of it, to the company and through the follow up of the work and the constant attention and support by the Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema plan included improved services reflected positively on the growing numbers of passengers and flights, this private and have positive accomplished now rival companies on the ground. "

"By supporting and guiding the Minister she managed financial profits from airlines over last September, with passenger numbers {269} and {951} traveling by {2455} trip."

He noted that "all Iraqi Airways workers translated the directives and orders of the Minister on the ground – and for this we came to achieve these profits."

Kubba stressed that "Iraqi Airways were ready and willing to transfer all the visitors and from different sectors that receive our planes during the month of Muharram.

"The Minister of transport in a plan to set up committees and creation of airplanes to accommodate visitors and travelers during this holy month is the month where Muslims go to Iraq, large numbers of travelers from countries around the world to visit the Holy places".

All from 1bobby :)

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