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Friday, October 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 10/7/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring rcookie

rcookie says(12:30 PM):

Iraqi Airways: increasing passenger numbers and achieve significant gains during September

By Roudao two hours ago

The Iraqi Airways, the increasing number of flights over the flight as well as achieved significant financial gains during the month of September.

The general director of the company, Samer cream Kubba said in a statement, said that "the company and through follow-up work and continuous attention and support from the Minister of Transport and developed a plan included improving services and this is reflected positively on the growing passenger flights and prepare this done positive, particularly as we now have companies competition on the ground. "

The company's general manager, said: "The company was able to achieve significant financial gains during the month of September, where passenger numbers reached 269 thousand and 951 passengers, by 2455 trip during the period from the beginning of the month of September until the beginning of October of this month."

rcookie says(12:31 PM):

The Director General pointed out that "all employees of Iraqi Airways Torgomo directives and orders of the minister to the ground and applied it for this we got to realize these profits."

The Kubba, that "Iraqi Airways are ready and willing to move all visitors from different sectors with access to our aircraft during the month of Muharram, where the point of the Minister of Transport to develop a plan and the formation of committees and the creation of aircraft for the purpose of accommodating visitors and travelers during this month, which is a holy month for Muslims, where Atugeh to Iraq, large numbers of travelers from different countries of the world to visit religious shrines. "

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(1:31 PM)woodywoodpecker was kicked out by woodywoodpecker!

jimplants says(1:49 PM):

the more i think about this the more it seems to be the start of the private sector

hutch says(1:55 PM):

Sure seems that way Mr Jim

hutch says(1:56 PM):

Hows your weather?

(1:56 PM)rustynail was kicked out by rustynail!

jimplants says(1:56 PM):

out playing on my loader and had that thought

jimplants says(1:57 PM):

so far not much if the rain comes and softens the ground and we get big wind we better not have anything parked on the north east sid eof anything

jimplants says(1:58 PM):

nooah calling for 14 inches

jimplants says(1:59 PM):

so i am traking the IQD the storm is secondary just want the power to be on so i can watch clemson win

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hutch says to jimplants(2:01 PM):


hutch says to jimplants(2:01 PM):

if not,... i'll text you updates !

jimplants says(2:01 PM):

lived through the middle of hugo this aint a barrier island i live on

jimplants says(2:02 PM):


hutch says to jimplants(2:02 PM):


subgirl says to Dinarian1(2:04 PM):

lol that was fun lol

Dinarian1 says(2:04 PM):

All for fun... we need it today! Especially those one the east coast!!

Dinarian1 says(2:04 PM):

DOOOH! 8-)

hutch says to Dinarian1(2:05 PM):

love it

Dinarian1 says to hutch(2:06 PM):

well... I guess we could save it for.... Next time LOL

subgirl says to Dinarian1(2:06 PM):

(y) that was great lol thanks for doing those... :)

Dinarian1 says to subgirl(2:07 PM):

You bet! Guess I should check my txt messages a lil closer haha!!

Dinarian1 says to subgirl(2:07 PM):

* For the right dates. :D

subgirl says to Dinarian1(2:07 PM):

that is ok lol your good!!! :)

Dinarian1 says to subgirl(2:07 PM):


subgirl says to Dinarian1(2:07 PM):

lol :D your fine lol

subgirl says to Dinarian1(2:07 PM):

:Pbackat ya lol (lol)

Dinarian1 says to subgirl(2:08 PM):

ok, back to work for me.... BBL (})

subgirl says to Dinarian1(2:08 PM):

thanks dinarian!! (})

(2:13 PM)foamgod was kicked out by foamgod!

foamgod says(2:14 PM):

anyone know how I can get into chat on my Imac

jimplants says(2:25 PM):

hey foam use puffin

subgirl says to jimplants(2:27 PM):

thank you jim... I could not remember which one it was ... :)

jimplants says(2:29 PM):

happy to help

subgirl says to jimplants(2:31 PM):


larrykn says to subgirl(2:32 PM):

hi there :)

subgirl says to larrykn(2:32 PM):

hi there larry :)

subgirl says to larrykn(2:33 PM):

hows it going?

larrykn says to subgirl(2:33 PM):

doing good :)

subgirl says to larrykn(2:34 PM):

that is good! :)

larrykn says to subgirl(2:34 PM):

that would be nice :D

subgirl says to larrykn(2:34 PM):

yes it certainly would lol

larrykn says to subgirl(2:35 PM):

are you doing ok

subgirl says to larrykn(2:35 PM):

(lol) lol

larrykn says to subgirl(2:35 PM):


subgirl says to larrykn(2:35 PM):

yep I am good thanks... took a snooze already lol

larrykn says to subgirl(2:35 PM):

lol way to go

subgirl says to larrykn(2:35 PM):


subgirl says to larrykn(2:35 PM):

sometimes we have to don't we? lol

larrykn says to subgirl(2:36 PM):

yep we do what we have to do :)

subgirl says to larrykn(2:37 PM):

(y)(v) yep lol

larrykn says to subgirl(2:37 PM):

just talked to my friend that lives down on the coast of fl, the storm when thur with no problem , he didn't even lose power , Praise the Lord

subgirl says to larrykn(2:38 PM):

well that is good then... hope he does ok...

subgirl says to larrykn(2:38 PM):

oh good! :) glad he is good.... :)

Ame says(2:44 PM):

is it soup yet?

subgirl says to Ame(2:44 PM):

at your house?lol

DIGIman1 says(2:44 PM):

it was clam chowder.....

Ame says(2:44 PM):

its smoking here 4 sure

subgirl says to DIGIman1(2:45 PM):

brocolii soup is my favorite thank you :) lol

Ame says(2:47 PM):

mine too

Ame says(2:47 PM):

creamy style

Ame says(2:47 PM):

we use fat free 1/ 2 and 1/2

subgirl says to Ame(2:47 PM):

I like that too :)

Ame says(2:49 PM):

mail finally got here bbiab

subgirl says to Ame(2:49 PM):

ok :) hope you find some good stuff in there lol

(2:54 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

Ame says(2:57 PM):

got 3 very old (1923) silver certificate $5.00 bills

baxter says(2:57 PM):

Ame... did you have any storm damage?

Ame says(2:57 PM):


Ame says(2:57 PM):

few palm frons is all

baxter says(2:58 PM):

we didnt either... winds never got above 35 MPH here

baxter says(2:58 PM):

4 inches of rain

baxter says(2:58 PM):

the coast got plastered though... bad..

baxter says(2:58 PM):

Jax is getting hammered now..

subgirl says to Ame(2:59 PM):

wow! you got silver certificates in the mail?

Ame says(2:59 PM):

yes from ebay Subby

Ame says(2:59 PM):

I see that Bax UGG man

subgirl says to Ame(3:00 PM):

cool! :)

baxter says(3:00 PM):

said Daytona wont have power for a month...

subgirl says to baxter(3:00 PM):

thankful you never got too much wind and rain...

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baxter says(3:00 PM):

I know subby....

baxter says(3:00 PM):

I prayed a lot

subgirl says to baxter(3:01 PM):

there are quite a few people in this room from Florida..

baxter says(3:01 PM):

Yes.. I know there are....

subgirl says to baxter(3:01 PM):

yes I prayed too... and watched the tv..

Ame says(3:01 PM):

teh west coast had NO vacancies they stayed in schools town halls etc

Ame says(3:02 PM):

I-4 was SLAMMED west bound

baxter says(3:02 PM):

we had 35 MPH winds.... 30 miles to the east from me... it was over 100 MPH... that much difference in just 30 miles..

Ame says(3:02 PM):

amazing huh?

baxter says(3:02 PM):


subgirl says to baxter(3:02 PM):

wow! that is incredible.

Ame says(3:02 PM):

we went grove hopping and saw 0 damage

Ame says(3:03 PM):

the lake was ALL churned up tho

subgirl says(3:08 PM):



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 cst 641-715-3640 pin# 528733 #

jimplants says(3:09 PM):


subgirl says to jimplants(3:10 PM):

Tuesday at 7pm CST

jimplants says(3:11 PM):

just practicng my question could not resisist have folks ask me everyday

subgirl says to jimplants(3:12 PM):

:D(lol) was that your question lol

Ame says(3:12 PM):

tell them S O O N lol

jimplants says(3:12 PM):

well its what i am asked everyday

subgirl says to Ame(3:12 PM):


subgirl says to jimplants(3:12 PM):

ouch lol

jimplants says(3:13 PM):

yep i tell Soon very soon

Ame says(3:13 PM):

NO one knows I have this except fellow investors NO family

jimplants says(3:14 PM):

and in reality it could be Nytime we do not know what they have passed and have not let us know

Ame says(3:14 PM):

4 sure

Ame says(3:15 PM):

it has been a fun and enlightening ride

Ame says(3:15 PM):

ut I want off now

Ame says(3:15 PM):


jimplants says(3:20 PM):

burned out

Ame says(3:20 PM):

no not yet

subgirl says to Ame(3:20 PM):

hang on for a bit longer cuz signs are showing we are close!!

Ame says(3:21 PM):

totally Subby

subgirl says to Ame(3:21 PM):


Ame says(3:21 PM):

we are in teh best situation ever now

subgirl says to Ame(3:21 PM):

exactly! I agree!

jimplants says(3:21 PM):


Ame says(3:21 PM):

I have never not once given up in my life ever!!

Ame says(3:21 PM):

not gonna now either

subgirl says to Ame(3:22 PM):

good for you !!!!!!

(3:23 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

Ame says(3:23 PM):

crude is 49.81

jimplants says(3:23 PM):

IMO the Almighty placed us in this to help others I AM READY

Ame says(3:23 PM):

anything over 45.00 is excellent 4 our investment

subgirl says to jimplants(3:23 PM):

me too and have a list of people to help :)

Ame says(3:23 PM):

me too 3 ppl

Ame says(3:24 PM):

me, myself and I

subgirl says to Ame(3:24 PM):

good for you!!!

jimplants says(3:24 PM):

been tweaking that list for 6 years

Ame says(3:24 PM):

8 nere

subgirl says to jimplants(3:24 PM):

me too lol

Ame says(3:24 PM):


Ame says(3:25 PM):

brb gotta "feed" my smoker some wood chips

subgirl says to Ame(3:26 PM):

ok :)

Ame says(3:28 PM):


Ame says(3:28 PM):

now I smell like a smokehouse

subgirl says to Ame(3:29 PM):

wow you are fast lol

(3:29 PM)loop was kicked out by loop!

Ame says(3:30 PM):

open teh drawer pour chips in and close it

loop says(3:30 PM):

Parliament examines the exception of its members, "abandoning nationality acquired"

07/10/2016 23:04

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Approaching parliamentary efforts, led by different blocks, display dual nationality law on the parliamentary vote, which would embarrass the three presidencies and senior officers and executives, and put them between my choice to resign or give up the citizenship gained.

And enthusiastic about the House of Representatives, who have no other nationalities, who make up the majority of members of parliament, to bring the bill to a vote after it went on reading it for the second time more than five months.

And re-host the parliament to Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the issue of officials, diplomats Mzodji sexuality to the forefront again after the return of drawers parliament because of disagreements over its provisions.

An early draft of the law, obtained by the (range), ranked 14 categories are prohibited from taking positions of sovereign in the event of their enjoyment of the nationality of non-Iraqi citizenship. But parliamentary committees has subsequently amend some paragraphs and adding them some suggestions.

States (Article I) of the Act (abandonment of nationality acquired) "all Iraqis assume political or security senior abandon any foreign nationality acquired position."

On the other hand he made it clear (Article II) positions sovereign or security high, covered by the text of the first article, most notably: House Speaker and his two deputies and members of the Council, and the President of the Republic and his deputies, and the Prime Minister and the Minister, and the Governor of the Central Bank, and the chairman and members of the Supreme Judicial Council. In addition to the ambassadors, governors and heads of provincial councils, and general managers and above in the army and internal security forces and the security forces and the intelligence service.

Determine the positions of sovereign

But a member of the deportees and displaced parliamentary, responsible for the study of law, he stressed, "and there were added to the draft proposals may exclude members of the House of Representatives."

And MP Majid Chenkali, told the (range) yesterday, "The Commission has sent earlier Federal Court to ask for interpretation of positions of the sovereign." He is pointing out that the Court returned the responsibility for determining the positions to the Committee on the Parliament.

Chenkali MP added that "the Commission has developed a list of deportees sovereign positions, most notably: the three presidencies, Chairman of the Judicial Council, ambassadors, officers until the bottom of the pile, the public prosecutor and his assistants, governors, heads of provincial councils."

And on the inclusion of members of the House to abandon its nationality acquired, he noted committee member deported to "the existence of two proposals, the first with no coverage of the House of Representatives by law, because they are directly elected by the people, and another proposal calls for the inclusion of Representatives but from the next session."

The proportion of dual nationality

According to parliamentary sources, the dual nationality in parliament make up 20 percent or slightly less.

Sources confirm (range) that "80% of the members of the House of Representatives, who do not have the nationality of a second, very excited about the adoption of the law."

And recognizes the Parliament Act (dual nationality) of the last session within tens of deferred legislation.

MP says Hassan Turan, a member of the legal committee, said that "the law was read for the first time the end of last year, and the second was in February."

loop says(3:31 PM):

Confirms Tauran, in an interview with the (range) yesterday that the dual citizenship law is part of the basket of legislation mentioned in the Constitution and the appended words (and is regulated by law), but it is not legislation.

Article (18 / IV) of the Constitution of Iraq on "Prevention of The sovereign position or a senior security any nationality is acquired Iraqi citizenship for the purpose of the statement of the sovereign and high-security positions."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been included Law "dual nationality" in the list of reforms announced in August 2015.

Resignation or deprivation of citizenship?

MP criticizes Majid Chenkali law included a paragraph had to give up citizenship, describing the measure as "unrealistic."

He Chenkali by saying "the world are not given permission to revocation of citizenship except in very limited cases.

France, for example, faced controversy in the deprivation of citizenship even those who accuse of terrorism."

The attention of a member of the Committee on the deportees that "officials who Ciecmlhm law will be in front of one option is to leave the position."

According to the Attorney Chenkali the law gives executives deadline of 3-4 months to bring "the decision to drop the nationality". Otherwise, they should leave their posts.

Revealed Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, hosted by the parliament session, said about half of Iraq's ambassadors hold other nationalities.

He said al-Jaafari, in his answer to a question Exhibition MP Hanan al, that "32 Iraqi ambassadors out of 66 with dual nationality."

And stipulates (Article III) of the draft law, subject to the provisions of law provides "a written undertaking to the Interior Ministry declared the lack of acquisition of another citizenship or abandonment of any nationality acquired non-Iraqi nationality, and bear the legal consequences in case of proven violation of the provisions of law."

In turn, MP Kazem al-Shammari, head of the National Bloc and member of the Legal Committee, said the "full and ready to vote the law, but it will hit the interests of several blocks and characters, if passed."

Al-Shammari said (range) "recognize the existence of difficulties encountered in the adoption and application of the law due to the inclusion of a large number of officials from its provisions, but that there is a great desire to parliamentary approval."

But the head of the National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, stressed that " the Parliament will press his presidency to put the law on the agenda at the earliest."

From: Wael blessing.

subgirl says to loop(3:32 PM):

thanks loop :)

subgirl says(3:45 PM):



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 cst 641-715-3640 pin# 528733 #

loop says to subgirl(3:46 PM):


subgirl says to loop(3:46 PM):

how are you doing? and how is your dad?

loop says to subgirl(3:47 PM):

I doing good. My dad is doing very well.

subgirl says to loop(3:47 PM):

good to hear :)

loop says to subgirl(3:47 PM):

How about you. How are things in water girl land?

subgirl says to loop(3:48 PM):

appreciate you very much and all the work you do in bringing in the news!

subgirl says to loop(3:48 PM):


subgirl says to loop(3:48 PM):

I am good thanks. and the water is coming along :)

loop says to subgirl(3:52 PM):

Changes at my work have shifted more responsiblity to me, which has been keeping me very busy. I barely have time to read the news about Iraq.

BGG says to loop(3:53 PM):

Well hang in there Loopster!!

subgirl says to loop(3:53 PM):

oh man, well glad you can come in and chat a little... and read and bring in news you can!!! :) that work thing is getting in the way isnt it? lol :D

loop says to subgirl(3:53 PM):

Sure glad the other researcher picked up the slack, when I could not post as regularly as I used to.

subgirl says to loop(3:54 PM):

well we sure appreciate you very much!!! Always remember that! :)

loop says to BGG(3:55 PM):

I am... I appreciate this site more then ever. It's a one stop shop to keep abreast of this investment.

loop says to subgirl(3:56 PM):

Yes It has really been cramping my style.

subgirl says to loop(3:56 PM):


subgirl says to loop(3:56 PM):

me too lol we need to do something about that lol

loop says to subgirl(3:56 PM):

As I do you and the rest of the Mods and Copiers.

subgirl says to loop(3:57 PM):

thank you!! you are very kind!!

loop says to subgirl(4:00 PM):

Just telling the truth

subgirl says to loop(4:00 PM):

:$:-* you are sweet! :) thanks!

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Ame says(4:25 PM):


Ame says(4:25 PM):

I just came back in ans saw all the smooching

subgirl says to Ame(4:25 PM):

:-* what you saw that? lol

Ame says(4:29 PM):

yes I did smarty pants

Ame says(4:29 PM):

cooking broccoli and mashed taters

subgirl says to Ame(4:29 PM):


Ame says(4:29 PM):

2 go along with my smoked fresh ham

subgirl says to Ame(4:29 PM):

yum! what time is supper?

Ame says(4:29 PM):

picnic actually

Ame says(4:29 PM):

6 ish

subgirl says to Ame(4:30 PM):

be there sooooon lol

Ame says(4:30 PM):

just sniff and follow ur nose

subgirl says to Ame(4:30 PM):


Ame says(4:30 PM):

every dog on my street is howling now

subgirl says to Ame(4:30 PM):


Ame says(4:31 PM):

poor os has drooled himslef dry

Ame says(4:31 PM):

OX ^

subgirl says to Ame(4:31 PM):

awwee lol

subgirl says to Ame(4:43 PM):


loop says(4:44 PM):

The budget deficit and lending policies

8/10/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al - Fawwaz

Talk about the economic deficit, it means talking about the efforts being made to bridge the gap which, set policies and wizards that will provide funds to overcome them, and through the methods of the most important borrowing countries and the banks, or by obtaining guarantees bonds have lids, or through activation effort investment and the private sector.

This topic is related to the nature of economic alliances to Iraq, where he rejected the US Congress (grant of security to the Iraqi bonds are expected from the United States) and under different reasons, probably because Mayanet former Iraq from mismanagement and spending, and an unprecedented rise in serious levels of corruption .

Linking the budget deficit to oil prices and volatility recently will continue to be a matter of constant debate, because most of the rentier economies problems is its dependence for Mrkzaat wealth President, and the nature of the political administration of the national economy, and mechanisms of action in the investment and other fields, as well as the weakness of its ability to create financial abundance of non - economic sources oil.

Iraq 's failure to get two billion dollars in debt bonds to address the economic gap is not frustrating, but does not mean that the deficit will make it threatened the economic structure by not securing foster financial coverage for treatment, or even face the repercussions on the level of salaries and public services benefits, and figured out that economic policies graceful and wise to adopt, and determining spending limits, and control of corruption files, will make viable coexistence environment with debt first, and facilitate appropriate opportunities for Satrhalleha secondly, as well as to reconsider the specific prices by the government for a barrel of oil will also provide financial margin can ensure that address some of the debt and bridging the gaps in the budget.

Budget 2017 economic and guarantees the problems faced by the 2017 budget for the previous budgets may not differ, the deficit in this budget will remain in place, albeit uneven borders, but characteristic of the budget next year is the change that has happened because of high oil prices, and the approval of the re - pricing of a barrel of oil to $ 43, which it means the provision of additional funds for the budget, and to mitigate the serious deficit, which is a major reason for the objection creditors in the international Monetary Fund and many countries to lend to Iraq to fill the gap in its budget deficit and secure public services to its citizens.

The international Monetary Fund approval of a loan for Iraq worth $ 5.34 billion over three years reveals the Fund 's intervention by Iraq committed, in order to have the door open to get more than $ 12 billion in aid and loans from the World Bank and major industrial countries, and the most prominent of these obligations effective measures to control economic policies, and control over spending and consider the revitalization of many events that will achieve acceptable growth of the economy ratios.

The listing matches draft of the proposed budget for Iraq in 2017 to reflect a new reality in the general directions of this budget, because of the adjustments that were made, notably adjusted oil prices, which put the budget blueprint in front shortage can be controlled, and up to 12 trillion dinars, compared with expectations Panevaqat amounting to 90.224 trillion dinars (77.6 billion dollars).

It has become clear that the prospect of any budget can not be away from the orientations of economic policy, and the government 's ability to control its tracks, and to control expenditures randomized, open the files of corruption at all levels, compared to banking policies tuning, something that should be subject to a set strict control procedures, and thus contributing to the preservation of the national reserve on the part of , and control over policy to act in hard currency from another side, especially Maitalq issues remittances abroad and sale of foreign currency through the central bank, or through other banking outlets.

Ame says(4:45 PM):

taters are almost ready 4 the Kitcheaide mixer and broccoli is almost dun too

Ame says(4:45 PM):

SOON I will bring in smoked ham

subgirl says to Ame(4:46 PM):

you are making my mouth water lol

(4:53 PM)Okie Dinar changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:53 PM):

Hey there :)

(4:53 PM)rustynail was kicked out by rustynail!

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:55 PM):

hi there :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:56 PM):

How was your day?

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:56 PM):

You ready for a break?

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(4:56 PM):


subgirl says to Okie Dinar(4:56 PM):

My day was good :) thanks for asking and yours?

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