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Friday, October 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 10/7/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie

Josie says to larrykn(10:41 AM):

Rudaw quoted the MP as adding that "the decline in the Iraqi dinar's exchange rate against foreign currencies is linked to the CBI's statements on the drop of foreign reserve".

With an exchange rate of $0.0089 isn't it already "collapsed" How much more could it "decline" Seems an odd quote to me.

Josie says to larrykn(10:43 AM):

I know it is an imposed rate so not technically a collapse, but hard to argue that the rate is almost worthless already. ?

clay says to Josie(10:43 AM):


larrykn says to Josie(10:43 AM):

I brought an article in earlier that was talking about because they are losing so much reserves they need to talk to the IMF for those Loans

Josie says to larrykn(10:44 AM):

Just my musings from reading that. Thank you for bringing in the news and all you do for our room.

larrykn says to Josie(10:44 AM):

yw :)

Josie says to larrykn(10:45 AM):

Once they can liberate Mosul and turn their war expenses into rebuilding (revenue generating building) , we will see those reserve declines to be mitigated. IMO

larrykn says(10:48 AM):

I believe once Mosul gets liberated, the investment an banking laws get completed, an the 2017 budget gets completed we are there, IMO

clay says(10:53 AM):

thought investment was done

clay says(10:53 AM):

also thought 2017 budget was done

larrykn says to clay(10:53 AM):

not sure if there isn't some amendments that need to get done

clay says(10:54 AM):

oh ok thanks

larrykn says to clay(10:54 AM):

no still needs parliment to vote on the budget

clay says(10:54 AM):

got ya

larrykn says to clay(10:54 AM):

com approved it

clay says(10:54 AM):

knew I saw something on the approval thanks

larrykn says to clay(10:54 AM):

yw :)

scarlet says(10:58 AM):

who gave digi the bacon? cuz now i lost him

clay says(10:58 AM):

that dog.... (lol)

scarlet says(10:58 AM):


scarlet says(10:59 AM):

he ditches me a lot

clay says(10:59 AM):

too funny

scarlet says(10:59 AM):

but i want to ask, did the hcl ever pass

scarlet says(10:59 AM):

and i know i am being lazy, and i should read articles, i just dont want to

scarlet says(11:00 AM):

that's bad huh?

clay says(11:00 AM):

me neither after all these years 8-|

larrykn says to scarlet(11:00 AM):

I believe there was an agreement that works like an HCL

clay says(11:00 AM):

that I do remember

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scarlet says(11:01 AM):

ya, i knew about the agreement, but we need it passed..atleast they are sticking to the agreement. that is good.

larrykn says to scarlet(11:02 AM):

the Kurds n baghdad seems to be working together, I believe that is due to ,( they want the money ) :)

scarlet says(11:03 AM):

the kurds held out for a long time, good for them

scarlet says(11:03 AM):

i always thot they should get their fare share

larrykn says to scarlet(11:03 AM):

hey they are getting 20% now

scarlet says(11:03 AM):

that is good

scarlet says(11:04 AM):

abadi is the kurdish leader right?

scarlet says(11:04 AM):

tall, skinny man

scarlet says(11:04 AM):

kind of good looking

larrykn says to scarlet(11:05 AM):

no Abidi is the head of baghdad , Bazani is the Kurds leader

scarlet says(11:05 AM):

bazani, that's it

scarlet says(11:05 AM):

do you like bazani?

larrykn says to scarlet(11:06 AM):

he is corrupt but he is doing his job

scarlet says(11:06 AM):

he seems intent on bringing down isis

larrykn says to scarlet(11:06 AM):

they all are

scarlet says(11:07 AM):


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Ame says to woodywoodpecker(11:32 AM):

you simply MUST get better limbs Pal

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(11:49 AM)Buttercup was kicked out by Buttercup!

subgirl says to larrykn(11:49 AM):

let me know when you need a break ok? :)

Ame says to subgirl(11:50 AM):


larrykn says to subgirl(11:50 AM):

you can have it :)

subgirl says to Ame(11:50 AM):

I saw that lol :P

(11:50 AM).Mod.larrycopier changed nickname to larrykn!

subgirl says to larrykn(11:50 AM):

ok I got it now thanks for copying...:)

larrykn says to subgirl(11:50 AM):

you too :)

Ame says(11:51 AM):

now taht the rain has stopped we are going grove riding

larrykn says to Ame(11:51 AM):

be nice now :D

Ame says(11:51 AM):

blueberrys strawberrys ornages etc

subgirl says to Ame(11:51 AM):

sounds fun! lol

Ame says(11:51 AM):

show them a non tourist side of FL

subgirl says to larrykn(11:51 AM):


Ame says(11:51 AM):

lock er down into 4wd and GO

larrykn says(11:51 AM):

we use to go pick blueberrys when we lived down there, that was fun

Ame says(11:52 AM):

never Larry

subgirl says to Ame(11:52 AM):

(y)(v) go have some fun!!

subgirl says to Ame(11:52 AM):


subgirl says to Ame(11:52 AM):

I heard that lol

Ame says(11:52 AM):

shiow them lake Hatcnehaw etc make an afternoon of it

subgirl says to Ame(11:52 AM):

sounds fun!!! :)

Ame says(11:53 AM):

as soon as they get back with that fresh ham 4 me to put in teh smoker

subgirl says to Ame(11:53 AM):

oh my sounds and will smell wonderful!!

Ame says(11:53 AM):

4 sure

Ame says(11:53 AM):

thats something they hadn't tried as well

Ame says(11:53 AM):

they will be SPOILED

subgirl says to Ame(11:54 AM):

no doubt!!! :) you are being nice!!! better write this down lol :D

Ame says(11:54 AM):

big red X on teh calenday

Ame says(11:54 AM):


subgirl says to Ame(11:54 AM):


Ame says(11:54 AM):

brb gotta start smoker

subgirl says to Ame(11:54 AM):

ok have fun :)

Ame says(11:56 AM):


Ame says(11:57 AM):

then when they get here I can add wood chips meat and be gone

subgirl says to Ame(11:59 AM):

wow! that is easy!!

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Ame says(12:01 PM):

its electric

subgirl says to Ame(12:02 PM):

cool :)

Ame says(12:02 PM):

thyey are on their way back now

Ame says(12:02 PM):

I gotta get dressed 4 company and to drive

subgirl says to Ame(12:02 PM):

well you will have loads of fun today then... and a yummie meal

subgirl says to Ame(12:02 PM):

have lots of fun then! :)

Ame says(12:03 PM):


Ame says(12:03 PM):

be good!!

subgirl says to Ame(12:03 PM):

I'll try lol you too lol

subgirl says to Ame(12:03 PM):

YVW :)

Ame says(12:07 PM):

shutting down now

subgirl says(12:08 PM):

cya laters AME!!!! :)

subgirl says(12:17 PM)



The question that everyone, everywhere wants to know about Iraq!

TUESDAY NIGHT 10/11 7:00 cst 641-715-3640 pin# 528733 #

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rcookie says(12:22 PM):

More than 270 billion dollars wasted on fake projects

logo jumhuriya

More than 270 billion dollars wasted on fake projects

Fri, 07 Oct 2016 17:06:49

# Algmehorah_uz

Former Communications Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi said that the number of projects lagging since 2003 until today has reached more than eight thousand more than the project (270 and cost) billion dollars.

He wrote Allawi on his personal blog that "more than 99% of these projects are lagging behind because of corruption, which are not government contracts transparent application instructions and open the way for all companies to provide, but it was agreed with specific companies in advance and is sober and agreed with them to pay large commissions, When are payments in advance for these companies by the state is recovered these amounts as commission by the government agency, which gave them the contract, then the company demanding another push, but they find themselves unable to do the project because they are incompetent, afraid of losing, seizes on what you received from funds The project left without completed, turning the funds received from outside the country. "

He pointed out that "the government agency that contracted with initially feared the prosecution of these lagging company in the completion of the project because it is the Hospt Vcetkhv commissions paid to the government agency, Vskt all about them and go all party, including bestowed upon money, but perhaps these two are relatives or friends, the project remains Mtlkia and unfinished. "

And between Allawi that "the government and the provinces and all state institutions has contracted to more than nine thousand project since 2003 until today, although the number of projects lagging has reached more than eight thousand project as we mentioned, that is done is up to 10% of the projects, while prompting amounts shared by the government agency with the company's lagging usually amounting to 30% of the contract value, ie the total amount stolen is about $ 80 billion. "

rcookie says(12:23 PM):

He pointed out that "there are other amounts are tens of billions of dollars for equipment of aircraft, weapons, ammunition and other issues where the commissions ranging from 40% to more than 99% as organs explosives detection, as well as thefts on aliens from the army, the police and the protections and the Awakening and called councils members attribution and others. "

He said that "proposals accountable and punish those responsible and booking their money a solution is not realistic, there is no requirement basically punish corrupt people, but the base requirement is to return the greatest amount of these payments amounting to tens of billions of dollars."

He suggested Allawi recover funds via "bring global advisory firm in the field of accounting, and holds the company's audit lagging projects and to identify the reasons for the lag, and then the meeting is companies lagging and Mhaortha to get to know them on the reasons for reluctance, and to identify them on the amount of commissions paid to the government agency, but for equipment for the global consulting company can easily provide a study on the real equipment and prices and thus to know the amount of robberies that prompted Kaamullac. "

He added "the lagging project assesses starting work done and cost, and ask the company complete the project, it was incapable and incompetent asks them to pay the amounts received minus the cost of work performed, and calculating the benefit has increased by not more than 10% of the work done value, it claimed it paid kickbacks government agency seeking their record her statement highlighting all the evidence to prove that it had paid kickbacks. "

Abizaid and "then ask the government agency returns the remainder of the amounts taken by an amnesty where no benefit claim to return the full amount, which does not Tsttiah, it is not required to punish the men, but the required returns the largest amount to the Iraqi treasury, and the remainder remains we have on this government agency to return it Once the offer. "

He continued that "the problem that may arise that a large amount of these funds have been paid to political parties, in this case ask the political party returned these amounts, it was unable to complete the amounts returned by requesting them to submit lists of third-party exchange, and then conducted a final settlement with the political parties, and is at the same time accelerate the enactment of the law of parties and allocation of funds within the budget for all represented in the parliament and political parties. "

He said, "As for those who do not cooperate and stay outside the country can deal with it from the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which was signed by Iraq under Law No. (35) for the year (2007) published the Iraqi facts numbered (4047) for the year (2007) in addition to the text of the agreement published facts Iraqi numbered (4093) for the year (2008) where he imposes on all participating countries return stolen funds and lift bank secrecy about the person accused and confiscated property that I bought this money, and the decision of the Iraqi courts also applies to people with dual nationality. "

jimplants says(12:23 PM):

well with the UST in town somebody will have a BAD DAY

subgirl says to jimplants(12:24 PM):

no doubt! WOW! that is alot of money wasted!!

subgirl says to jimplants(12:25 PM):

More than 270 billion dollars wasted on fake projects

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 | Link to Part 1



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