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Friday, October 14, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 10/14/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - No Featured Members

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(3:25 PM):

can I give you a break? :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:26 PM):

That would be great! Thank you!

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:26 PM):


subgirl says to Okie Dinar(3:26 PM):

your welcome:)

(3:26 PM).OkieDinarCOPY changed nickname to .OkieDinar!

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(3:26 PM):

thank you too for copying all afternoon!

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:26 PM):

You're are most welcome :)

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:27 PM):

Off to hopeyfully get a new phone :)

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(3:27 PM):

cool!! have fun!!

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:27 PM):

Yep :) Have a great afternoon (})

subgirl says to Okie Dinar(3:28 PM):

(})you too!!

SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:29 PM):

You can have my rotary, I went to a can and string type. works good except on rainy days when lightning strikes. Then I use Morris code. :D

subgirl says to SRW(3:29 PM):


SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:31 PM):

Homing pigeons?!! :D

subgirl says to SRW(3:32 PM):


subgirl says to SRW(3:32 PM):

you are silly too!!! lol

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:32 PM):

Is Morris code the new version of Morse code?

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:32 PM):


subgirl says to Okie Dinar(3:32 PM):

lol :D

Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:33 PM):


SRW says to Okie Dinar(3:33 PM):

No my cat is named Morris!! :D

subgirl says to SRW(3:33 PM):


Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:33 PM):


Okie Dinar says to subgirl(3:33 PM):

Good luck with all that Subby :)

Okie Dinar says to SRW(3:34 PM):


subgirl says to SRW(3:34 PM):

thank you :) lol

subgirl says to SRW(3:34 PM):

bye :)

SRW says to subgirl(3:34 PM):

You just started? You leavin us? :D

subgirl says to SRW(3:35 PM):

of course not lol

SRW says to subgirl(3:35 PM):

You said bye to me?!! :D

subgirl says to SRW(3:35 PM):

oh lol oops! lol

subgirl says to SRW(3:35 PM):

met that for okie lol

SRW says to subgirl(3:36 PM):

HELLO!! Subby!! Anybody home in there!! :D

subgirl says to SRW(3:36 PM):

lol yes! lol I am multitasking lol (lol)

(3:40 PM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

DIGIman1 says(3:40 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:40 PM):

lol DIGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:41 PM):

lol subbyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:41 PM):

how are you???????

SRW says to subgirl(3:41 PM):

I had to chase the mailman down. My dog jumped in the back of the mail truck and started to drive off!! Stupid mail carrier, don't leave that thing running when getting out!! Darn dog, ran over three mail boxes and bent my neighbors flag pole before I shot the tires out!! :D

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(3:41 PM):

soooooo tired........needing a good dose of retirement.....

subgirl says to DIGIman1(3:42 PM):

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! retirement never sounded so gooooood lol

Ame96 says to subgirl(4:17 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(4:18 PM):


Ame96 says(4:18 PM):

1 more plz

subgirl says to Ame96(4:18 PM):


Ame96 says(4:18 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(4:18 PM):


Ame96 says(4:18 PM):

(estre TY 4 good measure)

subgirl says to Ame96(4:19 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(4:19 PM):

anytime lol

Ame96 says(4:19 PM):

ur a PAL

subgirl says to Ame96(4:19 PM):


Ame96 says(4:20 PM):

PAL Personable And Likeable

subgirl says to Ame96(4:20 PM):

hey I like that lol

Ame96 says(4:20 PM):

OMG next I will B kissing U EEEEWWWWWWW

subgirl says to Ame96(4:21 PM):

:-*:-* lol

Ame96 says(4:21 PM):

♪♫•* ̈*•. ̧ ̧ ̧ ̧.•* ̈*•♫♪ Lalala ta da!! ♪♫•* ̈*•. ̧ ̧ ̧ ̧.•* ̈*•♫♪ Lalla ta daaa ♪♫•* ̈*• ̧ ̧ ̧ ̧.•* ̈*•♫♪

subgirl says to Ame96(4:22 PM):

lol sing, sing a song lol

Ame96 says(4:22 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(4:22 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(4:22 PM):

now I got that song in my head lol

Ame96 says(4:53 PM):

it surely is quiet in here

subgirl says to Ame96(4:53 PM):

yes it is...

Ame96 says(4:54 PM):


(4:54 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

Ame96 says(4:55 PM):


Ame96 says(4:55 PM):


SRW says to Ame96(4:55 PM):

I is buggin Subby!! :D(H)8-|

subgirl says to Ame96(4:55 PM):

yes????? lol

Ame96 says(4:55 PM):

does Digi have IT this time

subgirl says to Ame96(4:56 PM):

what is it?

Ame96 says(4:56 PM):

teh big "IT"

Ame96 says(4:56 PM):

the one we take to our local pawn shop after

Ame96 says(4:57 PM):

or was that a bank?

Ame96 says(4:57 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(4:57 PM):


Ame96 says(4:59 PM):

I got to get away all this excitement now is toooo much 4 this old man

subgirl says to Ame96(5:00 PM):


Ame96 says(5:00 PM):

and its ALL Subby's fault too

subgirl says to Ame96(5:00 PM):


Ame96 says(5:00 PM):

6 p, news now bbl

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Ame96 says(5:00 PM):


subgirl says to Ame96(5:00 PM):


SRW says to subgirl(5:01 PM):

Wow, don't do like me and text the wrong person and ask if a certain grocery item is what they want with a pic!! I texted that to my contractor, he said, I have enough cheese!! :D

subgirl says to Ame96(5:01 PM):

:D oh my goodness lol

SRW says to subgirl(5:08 PM):

I texted my sister once, asked her to start the grill. She said hey big bro, I'm 450 miles away!! I said opps!! :D

subgirl says to Ame96(5:08 PM):


subgirl says to SRW(5:08 PM):

oops lol

subgirl says to SRW(5:08 PM):

that was for you lol :D(lol)

SRW says to subgirl(5:09 PM):

I know, got cha figured out now!! Subby, it's me!! Hello!! :D(H)

subgirl says(5:21 PM):


(5:23 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

Ame96 says(5:33 PM):

GN gang

Ame96 says(5:33 PM):

happy Friday to all

SRW says(5:36 PM):

Goodnight Ame. Happy Friday to you!

(5:45 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

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subgirl says(6:12 PM):

WOW! Everyone is quiet in here...

subgirl says(6:15 PM):

Ame: GN :) have a good evening :)

subgirl says(6:20 PM):

Abadi meet today's military leadership to participate in the Mosul operations .... Scheduled to meet Thursday commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi military leadership to participate in the restoration of the city of Mosul operations.

According to an informed source told "where" news agency that "Abadi will meet this evening the military leadership of the Anti - terrorism and the leaders of the army and federal police forces."

the source added that " the aim of the meeting is to determine the date of the special military operations to recover the city of Mosul and axes intrusion."

the organization Daesh dominated Mosul and its outskirts in June of 2014, the city took the center to succeed him after his choice of Baghdadi , a successor to the organization, trying the security forces and the Peshmerga and the crowd popular National restore the city from the hands of the organization in a major military operation.

subgirl says(6:21 PM):


subgirl says(6:22 PM):

Abadi of Kirkuk and Hawija, we will liberate Al-Rashad, Riyadh and still fit soon. Announced the general commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, who arrived in the province of Kirkuk on Friday, "we will liberate areas of Hawija and Riyadh and Rashad in Kirkuk and still fit soon."

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Abadi "lose today 's military units and the holding of a meeting of the security and military leaderships in Kirkuk and stressed the unity of the Iraqi people , which is the power of us and we are witnessing currently the best and the closest things to unite us."

He added Abadi , according to The statement , "We are fighting for the liberation of man and actively heroes we will liberate the people of Hawija and Riyadh and Rashad terrorist gangs and We'll go soon."

He showed the prime minister "surprised at the high voices that are trying to disrupt edit the rest of our cities, especially as we approach the achievement of final victory," asking , "Where were you when these bands are occupied cities. "

the new Abadi confirmed that" Iraqi fighters the only ones who fight and liberate the land in advance thanks to all these heroes in various Alsnov for their sacrifices for their country , "pointing to" the importance of attention to the local police for the role to be played during the coming period.

subgirl says(6:22 PM):

from romello :)

subgirl says(6:23 PM):

I like this one... Parliament will hold its next Monday

10/14/2016 1:00 •Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives held its regular meeting next Monday instead of Tuesday.

According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} " The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to hold a regular session on Monday , 10/17 at eleven in the morning."

The House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana, it had said earlier that the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives has decided to hold the parliament session on Tuesday next day on 10.18.2016.

The House of Representatives may raise its Monday of last week , without specifying the date of the next meeting. is over

subgirl says(6:23 PM):

...instead of Tuesday!!! lol

subgirl says(6:24 PM):

Urgent Supreme reference: Most of the martyrs of Iraq face the battle and did not flee

History of edits:: 10/14/2016 12:57 • 143 visits readable

Supreme reference: Most of the martyrs of Iraq face the battle and did not flee

{Karbala: Euphrates News} supreme religious authority confirmed that "most of the martyrs came to them Alatlaqh fireworks from the front because they did not flee during the battle ..itba ..

External: Jubeir's remarks towards the popular crowd have no value and

Sheikh Hammoudi: Erdogan will bear the consequences of the hostile practices towards Iraq

Mr. Qabbanji: Turkish statements merely engaging our forces in order to prevent the liberation of Mosul

Furat al-Tamimi: the presence of Turkish troops in Mosul, a major cause of obstruction edited

Abadi up to the village of al-Bashir in Kirkuk Abadi from Kirkuk: We will liberate the people of Hawija terrorist gangs soon

subgirl says(6:25 PM):

did not flee did not flee did not flee

subgirl says(6:25 PM):

there are sure a lot of news articles in the forum...

subgirl says(6:25 PM):

Washington: Turkish troops are not part of the alliance and its presence must consent of Baghdad

10/13/2016 21:57

[Oan- up]

stressed the US Department of Defense [Pentagon], the need to take Turkey, the Iraqi government approval of its troop presence in the northern city of Mosul.

A Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis, said that Iraq is a sovereign state, and any troops on the ground must take the consent of its government .

In a US State Department official he said that " the existing near Mosul Turkish troops are not part of the international coalition , " and called on all the neighbors Iraq to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity . *He

also called on Baghdad and Ankara to dialogue" to reach a quick solution to this issue and focus on their common enemy Daesh , for all parties to coordinate closely to unite efforts in the fight* .

She stressed the US State Department said in a statement, that" the all international forces coordination with the government, under the auspices of the Alliance

magnetlady says(6:31 PM):

Evening Subby

subgirl says(6:31 PM):

Good Evening Mags :)

subgirl says(6:31 PM):

hope you had a good day?

magnetlady says(6:32 PM):

I did. It was a pretty easy one.

subgirl says(6:32 PM):

oh cool :)

magnetlady says(6:33 PM):

When I got back to town I drove on down to the place that changes my oil and does the inspections and needed a headlight replaced and so I had them write up the ticket on it and left it with them and they brought me home and when its done they will come pick me up and I'll get my car and bring it back home.

subgirl says(6:34 PM):

WOW that is really cool! :) love that...

magnetlady says(6:34 PM):

They will probably start on it first thing in the morning. They were about to close.

subgirl says(6:35 PM):

oh I see. so tomorrow you get your car back!!

magnetlady says(6:36 PM):

Yuppers, so i don't have to get up at O'dark thirty and go there and sit and wait till they get it done.

subgirl says(6:37 PM):

what a great idea!!! :)

(6:41 PM)Pablo was kicked out by Pablo!

magnetlady says(6:42 PM):

So it appears it has been a kind of quiet Friday in the news arena? right?

subgirl says(6:52 PM):

from romello Federal Court and Judicial Council Hold Joint Meeting 13/10/2016

Due to the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Judicial Council will hold a joint meeting early next week to examine the repercussions of the current phase and the recent decision of the Federal Court.

A statement by the judiciary seen by Arab NRT site, it was decided a joint session of the Federal Supreme Court held and the Supreme Judicial Council on Sunday. "

The statement added that the aim of the joint meeting is to study the repercussions experienced by the higher judiciary after the Federal Court decision declared unconstitutional abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic.

The judiciary confirmed on Monday that the Federal Court has declared unconstitutional the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic, and promised him contrary to the provisions of Article (69 / II) and (75 / II / III) of the Constitution, which provided for the presence of Vice-President the requirement for "public interest", indicating that the verdict was "the agreement and is publicly Pat and I understand."

The decision sparked resentment of some users of social networking sites and launched Hjawa verbally on the court after declaring unconstitutional the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic.

(7:00 PM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

Elane says(7:05 PM):

Thanks romello and sub!

subgirl says to Elane(7:05 PM):

(y) yw :)

kalis says(7:10 PM):

did i miss newtimes

subgirl says to kalis(7:11 PM):

no newstime tonight...

kalis says(7:11 PM):

ok cool.

subgirl says to kalis(7:11 PM):


kalis says(7:11 PM):

see ya

subgirl says(7:11 PM):

bye :)

magnetlady says(7:18 PM):

I got to feed the cats..bbiab

subgirl says to magnetlady(7:19 PM):

ok :)

jeffusa says to subgirl(7:37 PM):


scarlet says(7:43 PM):

Good Evening DU, is anyone watching the Duke, Louiville game?

scarlet says(7:43 PM):

And if a veternarian is available to ask them a question, that would be great...

scarlet says(7:44 PM):

cuz my dog is acting strangeeeeeeee.

eman4u55 says(7:45 PM):

call a vet

magnetlady says(7:45 PM):

scarlet good evening

scarlet says(7:46 PM):


magnetlady says(7:46 PM):

I don't think I've met a veternarian in here.

magnetlady says(7:46 PM):

but who knows, there could be one.

magnetlady says(7:46 PM):

What's you dog doing?

scarlet says(7:47 PM):

she is usually very spunky, sticks to my side, and i swear she acts like I am either the walking dead, or she has seen a ghost. she will not let me get close to her, and she has her tail tucked.

(7:47 PM)JD1 was kicked out by JD1!

scarlet says(7:47 PM):

she almost is acting like something spooked her. but this has been going on since 2 today

eman4u55 says(7:49 PM):

sounds like she could be in pain

magnetlady says(7:49 PM):

Wow scarlet. I'm sorry. my thoughts exactly ema

magnetlady says(7:49 PM):


eman4u55 says(7:49 PM):

call a vet

magnetlady says(7:49 PM):

Will she let you pet her?

scarlet says(7:50 PM):

but i grabbed the leash, she went out front walking with me, and acts somewhat normal. but once she gets inside, she acts strange.

scarlet says(7:50 PM):

she let me put her on my bed around 4, and then I tried to pick her up about thirty min ago and she snapped at me

scarlet says(7:51 PM):

her nose is wet

eman4u55 says(7:52 PM):

haunted house 8-|

scarlet says(7:52 PM):

ok, bbiab, i will call the vet.

scarlet says(7:52 PM):

it's soooo odd.

magnetlady says(7:52 PM):

That's the best

scarlet says(7:52 PM):

she is acting almost like she is on something

eman4u55 says(7:52 PM):


eman4u55 says(7:52 PM):

if she is save some 4 me

magnetlady says(7:52 PM):

Could she have eaten something out on your walks

scarlet says(7:53 PM):

k, thanks,...I want my dog back, this one is creeping me out

scarlet says(7:53 PM):

she could have eaten something

scarlet says(7:53 PM):

a mushroom?

eman4u55 says(7:53 PM):

2 days ago call a vet

scarlet says(7:53 PM):

k bb

flynn says(7:54 PM):

I had that happen an my dog was infected by fleas

eman4u55 says(7:54 PM):

send me some shrooms :D

scarlet says(7:54 PM):

no fleas, and no shrooms

scarlet says(7:54 PM):


eman4u55 says(7:55 PM):

party pooper

eman4u55 says(7:55 PM):


flynn says(7:55 PM):

R u on shrooms please share

eman4u55 says(7:56 PM):

those days are long gone

flynn says(7:56 PM):

oh yea darn

eman4u55 says(7:57 PM):

i know i was alive in the 60"s just dont remember much ({)

dinarstudent says(7:58 PM):

how we doing with the rv

eman4u55 says(7:59 PM):

it's still out there some were

eman4u55 says(8:00 PM):

ok going to watch some football later all

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flynn says(8:01 PM):

Did any one see anything about Russia pulling out of war?

(8:28 PM)sagecanyon was kicked out by sagecanyon!

(8:28 PM)beblessed was kicked out by beblessed!

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