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Friday, October 21, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Friday 10/21/16 - Part 2

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 2 - Featuring rcookie

1bobby says(10:58 AM):

Urgent Pentagon: Iraq has agreed in principle to a Turkish role in the battle of Mosul

2016/10/21 18:53


Detect u.s. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Friday after talks with his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan that Turkey and Iraq reached an agreement in principle to allow Turkish role in eventually restoring Mosul campaign of ISIS.

Carter told reporters at the end of his trip to Ankara today "think that an agreement has been reached in principle and now we are the details, and that's what we're working on applied.". Follow

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MrsBGG says to 1bobby(11:04 AM):

Thank you for copying!

MrsBGG says to 1bobby(11:04 AM):

Thank you for the News!

MrsBGG says to clay(11:04 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(11:04 AM):

Good morning :)

clay says to MrsBGG(11:05 AM):

GA :)

1bobby says to MrsBGG(11:07 AM):


(11:10 AM)DinarAg was kicked out by DinarAg!

rcookie says(11:16 AM):

Abadi meet Sunday with Badr to resolve the candidate of the Ministry of Interior

Politician Number of readings: 215 10/21/2016 18:28

BAGHDAD / National Center Brief / NNC- will discuss next Sunday with the leadership of the Badr bloc Interior Ministry source candidate in the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said.

The source of the Center for National Bri / NNC / that "Abadi shortened candidates Bader Interior Ministry, namely Abdul Karim Ansari and Qasim al-Araji, and gave up the other names that have been nominated."

The source added that "al-Abadi has notes on the candidates of Badr to the Ministry of the Interior is seeking to discuss with the leaders of the Badr on Sunday, particularly with regard fearfully from the control of Badr some important institutions in the Interior Ministry."

1bobby says(11:20 AM):

Question for anyone here. Ok so I'm looking at the Parliament agenda for Saturday and noticed that item XII: first reading of a bill regulating the commercial agency. Then beside that they have tthe committee that over sees it. So I go to the committee and see this..........

1bobby says(11:20 AM):

Economy and investment Commission discussed drafts of four laws for the approval

Walastthmaragtmaaa economy Committee headed by Deputy Chairman Kanani Ahmed Salim Thursday 20/10/2016, to discuss drafts of four economic laws in preparation for submission to the next sessions of the House walakrarkhlal reading.

Committee President Ahmed Al-kinany during the meeting that the draft laws that have been discussed (Bill statistics for the purpose of raising it.

1bobby says(11:21 AM):

So my question is this. Just because it's one agenda listed, do they read or discuss other laws pertaining to that committee?

1bobby says(11:21 AM):

Just got me thinking

MrsBGG says to rcookie(11:22 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to rcookie(11:22 AM):

Thank you for the News!

lee4 says(11:25 AM):

is anyone copying?

1bobby says to lee4(11:25 AM):

That guy 1Bobby is

lee4 says(11:26 AM):

TY Appreciate You

1bobby says to lee4(11:26 AM):

And he just changed his profile to say so lol I'm slow

1bobby says to lee4(11:26 AM):

TY for saying that. Appreciate you being here

lee4 says(11:27 AM):

cant stay that why checking copy for later reading. TY

1bobby says to lee4(11:29 AM):

Ok cool. I'll make sure it's all there

1bobby says(11:45 AM):

Conference of the Supreme Council of the Islamic awakening taking place in Baghdad international tomorrow.

2016-10-21 19:28

[In Baghdad]

Conference of the Islamic Awakening Council in Baghdad Saturday with international participation.

A statement of the Office of the President of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim-who hosts conference-each agency receives Iraq [where] a copy of it, "Prime Minister Haider Abadi and House speaker Selim Jabouri, with the participation of 26 Arab and Muslim States in the Supreme Council of the Islamic awakening Conference held in Baghdad, the Office of the President of the National Alliance."

The Conference begins at 9 a.m. Saturday, "pointing out that" this Conference comes in solidarity with the people and Government of Iraq and is waging his war with terrorism aldaashi on behalf of the world. "

And Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the global pool of Iranian Islamic awakening, on Wednesday to attend the Conference in Baghdad, said "Muslim scholars from 22 Muslim State mostly Sunni and minority Shiite Muslims attend."

(11:52 AM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:54 AM):

hey,you ready for a break:)

1bobby says(11:54 AM):

Hey sheila3 :) Sure I'll do a copy. Thanks!

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:55 AM):

ok,thank you,and your welcome :)

sheila3 says to 1bobby(11:55 AM):

have a great day :)

1bobby says to sheila3(11:57 AM):

You too. Thanks again

(11:57 AM)1bobbycopy changed nickname to 1bobby!

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subgirl says(12:03 PM):

Hi sheila :)

subgirl says(12:03 PM):

I thot I would pop in for just a bit and say hey to ya lol

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:04 PM):

hey lol

subgirl says(12:04 PM):


subgirl says(12:04 PM):

how are you?

subgirl says to sheila3(12:04 PM):

I needed to say thank you for copying today and yesterday!!

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:04 PM):

doing ok,thanks and you

subgirl says to sheila3(12:04 PM):

I am good too... :) just had my blood drawn and it did not even hurt!

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:05 PM):

awe your welcome,glad to help out :)

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:05 PM):

thats good lol

subgirl says to sheila3(12:05 PM):

:) I am glad you were able too :)

subgirl says to sheila3(12:05 PM):

yes it is lol always good when it does not hurt lol

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:05 PM):

i bet lol

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:06 PM):

quiet in here

subgirl says to sheila3(12:06 PM):

I am waiting on the Oncologist visit in a bit... she will tell me how I am doing!

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:07 PM):

ok,let us know

subgirl says to sheila3(12:07 PM):

yes it is... but there is some great stuff going on... rcookie and bobby has been bringing in...

subgirl says to sheila3(12:07 PM):

I will thanks... doing chemo at 4pm so will know before then...

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:08 PM):

ok :)

subgirl says to sheila3(12:08 PM):


sheila3 says to subgirl(12:08 PM):


magnetlady says(12:10 PM):

Hey subby and sheila3

magnetlady says(12:10 PM):

taking a quick break so I can go pick up some more and do more laundry

sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:10 PM):

hey mags :)

magnetlady says(12:10 PM):

May as well make use of the time while I'm home.

magnetlady says(12:10 PM):

waiting on delivery people

sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:10 PM):

how are you

magnetlady says(12:11 PM):

tired, been moving boxes of stuff around

sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:11 PM):

be careful,dont over do it

sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:13 PM):

iam talking to subby lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(12:14 PM):

hey mags!!

magnetlady says(12:14 PM):

It has to be done and Im taking breaks, so its OK.

magnetlady says(12:14 PM):

They gave me a 1-5 window of time and looks like they will be closer to 5

sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:14 PM):

thats good :)

sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:14 PM):


magnetlady says(12:15 PM):

Greisy is here cleaning today too.

magnetlady says(12:15 PM):


sheila3 says to magnetlady(12:15 PM):


subgirl says to sheila3(12:32 PM):

hey sheila here is the link to the last call https://d.pr/1hgkg

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:32 PM):

ok thanks

subgirl says to sheila3(12:33 PM):

here is the link to rcookies/hutch/mr whites newstime http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ctober-18-2016

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:34 PM):

thanks :)

subgirl says to sheila3(12:34 PM):

here is madscout/bobbys last newstime link! http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...ctober-20-2016

sheila3 says to lee4(Whisper message)(12:35 PM):

hey,how are you (F):)

subgirl says to sheila3(12:37 PM):

better get going now!! talk to you later!! take care! :-*

Zig says(12:37 PM):

Good day peeps!.....Been a while.....I do listen to the calls....they are very good.....Thanks....

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:37 PM):

ok,take care,talk to you soon :)

subgirl says to Zig(12:38 PM):

good afternoon!

sheila3 says to Zig(12:38 PM):

yes they are (y)

subgirl says to sheila3(12:38 PM):

cya laters!

sheila3 says to subgirl(12:38 PM):


rcookie says(12:46 PM):

Jailed director of the Iraqi Trade Bank and Branch Manager

logo jumhuriya

Jailed director of the Iraqi Trade Bank and Branch Manager

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 09:33:43

Integrity Commission announced on Friday for the sentencing the director of the Iraqi Trade Bank and director of the bank's branch in Baghdad Balharthyh Alosbakan, Ahaddathma to "serious damage to public property."

The authority said in a statement received by Republic News, a copy of which, "The Director of the Trade Bank of Iraq branch TBI granting himself a loan of one million dollars, unlike the banking instructions with the knowledge and approval of the Director General were known Integrity Commission for the issuance of a default judgment serving prison director general of the Iraqi Bank for Trade TBI and director of the bank's branch in Harthiya Alosbakan; the overriding functional their powers and they cause to cause serious damage to public property, "the Authority she added that" the investigations department in the Commission reported an exhibition Speaking about the case referred to the Court by the competent investigation of integrity issues Qazi, the issuance of a sentence to seven years' imprisonment imposed on those convicted h duration. A.a director general of the Iraqi trade Bank (TBI) and (M.b.d) director of the bank's branch in Harthiya Alosbakan. "

And he referred to "the feet of the convicted (M.b.d) exploiting his career as the director of the branch of Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) in Harthiya and give himself a loan of million dollars, on the pretext that one of the founders of a competent civil company air cargo and aviation, was signed on the treatment of the loan twice : first as a creditor and a debtor as a second, "indicating that" the investigations that led to the violations, which earlier convicted them (M.b.d) had the knowledge and approval of the Director General of the Iraqi trade Bank (TBI) former (H.a.a) and also showed that the Okiem real estate stocks, which put as collateral to meet the loan, it was much less than the loan granted to a convicted value, as well as the civil company's failure to pay interest on the loan, the amount of damage to public money to reach more than a million and a half million dollars. "

Body said in a statement that "the court competent to issues of integrity and found the result available to its enhanced minutes of the investigative committee, composed in the bank evidence and recommended to download convicts full responsibility for the abuses and violations taking place in the treatment of the loan and the damage that mass public money, as well as the presumption of escape of convicts from the face of justice , sufficient and convincing for being convicted on the basis of the requirements of Article 340 of the Penal Code. the court decided to rule on each of the convicts sentenced to seven years, pro custody on their money movable and immovable property, giving the right to hand the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision become final judgment. "

sheila3 says to lee4(Whisper message)(12:46 PM):

thank you,you too

sheila3 says to rcookie(12:47 PM):

good afternoon,and thank you for the news :)

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