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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 18 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 18 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Ab...

Monday, October 3, 2016

"Corrupt" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » October 3rd, 2016

Yes ... do not blame citizens for keeping their money chunky at home in the camel closet... better than losing it in a corrupt banking system ... imagine it will take a while to regain their trust again !! ...(see article below)

There's that figure of $1 Trillion squandered and stolen over the past 13 years ... and now $85 billion in debt .... Just imagine when this money comes back !!!! .... they are already super super rich !!!! .... and haven't even begun to tap their true potential future wealth !!! ... IMO

In the meantime , now they must jump thru all these hoops .... and suffer indignities as a nation ... because of the greed and avarice and agendas of the relatively few .... by few do not mean a couple ... there are many corrupt people involved !!! .... but compared to all the people who would be so much better off right now !!! ...

Talk about crimes against humanity !!! ... it's staggering ... IMO

Walkingstick » October 3rd, 2016

Economist: compactness fugitive


A hoarder money according to central bank estimates and the relevant authorities , 77% of the Iraqi currency bloc and this exceptional case to Atdl only on the weakness of the banking awareness among the public despite the presence of deeply - rooted factors for this awareness and the culture of the compactness and most prominent of these factors is the weakness of the banking performance in the public and private sectors generally in terms ofconfidence or double the interest rate and prices , which reduces guidance to savings in the banks.

this is a very natural reaction as a result of corruption and instability with underdevelopment and the deterioration of the banking performance overall and deliberately. But it seems that Alrieiah trend that was still prevalent among stakeholders. Is the lack of attention for the killer of hoarding of the currency bloc.

Although it produced our loans do not fit at all with what came to us from the amounts in hard currency is almost close to the trillion dollars the last thirteen years. There is no doubt it is a paradox that a country becomes indebted now b ($ 85 billion) compared to fold these loans chunky money at home.

It is possible to invest saved a positive alternative to those loans that lend to mark the day that the payment date is not far away and not easy in the coming days. Therefore state inspection for continued international loans and credit umbrella Abhronena that expands on our side and that we are at the stage of (B), thank God. And rolls on the stakeholders in the financial generally Almktensan are not just elderly Ictnzin money for black days. But they are young or elderly aspire to activate Mkatsathm.

They either buy gold or rummaging in the neighboring countries for the banks do life savings, so Pat Ikeda existence of this phenomenon that is filed hoarders and even wealthy chance of the second degree in the banks of neighboring countries where the rash treasure and overflowed because the local container is not absorbed.

It is said that these banks pay interest 15% , which is a civil and state banks are sponsors of this process because it is very difficult for each currency. This is normal in a country that controls the joints banking networks and some of the so- called civil or Islamic banks. Therefore it is now enormous shifts to take advantage of the lucrative interest. And religiously legitimate where the borrower for the amount is not a person or Chkhosa but unknown by understanding the doctrinal and jurisprudential Landry Is it a trick or a legitimate right but went and executed perfectly.

Through money - changers. Where protectors of public and private money who Lucan this money leaking and flowing across the porous border , formally and practically, as if this were the proceeds of compactness fugitive with our banks to We are encouraged by loans and international networks credit degree (B) or face years of Yusuf (AS) as long as we Marhunin them or prisoners of rent oil.


Iraq boosts financial status globally


BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb Shokran Fatlawi

Iraq 's transition to the whitelist financially , according to the most important international group to monitor the movement of funds promotes international stature, and imposes new responsibilities on specialized financial affairs institutions to maintain this achievement by adopting the best control methods developed expertise working within this field
Iraqi Central Bank Governor Dr. . Ali Mohsen Keywords count in his speech for the«morning» to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white step that put the country under the confidence of foreign parties and open in front of the various economic ports the fact that the country 's situation in the gray list fills in front of him most of the ports , as is happening with neighboring Iran.

He Keywords Speaking «morning» that the meeting which was held recently emerged from the achievements counted for the country after taking inter procedures and requirements which came out of the framework of the conditions precedent and will present a report to the board of Directors for the rehabilitation of this site is important.

the FATF «fatf», the highest international group drove out Iraq from the gray list to the whiteafter a follow - up movement of Iraqi funds.

ranks best for is part noted economist Dr. Ahmed Abrihi that Iraq represented the government and thecentral bank managed to fight money laundering and set up much better than theprevious arrangements.

He Abrihi in an interview summary that the country 's transition to evaluate the best means he is serious and sincere in reaching the ranks of the best out of the danger zone.
Protect gains

while said member of the Baghdad economic Forum Amer Jeweler: a large body ofinformation leaked about the intention of the FATF, the highest international group to monitor global money move to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white list in light of the number of the Iraqi Central Bank action.

the time in which this group is based on the number of the measures taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, but it is necessary the central bank directed to take all steps to ensure preservation of those gains and to promote measures that will ensure the rule of theprinciples of corporate governance, disclosure and transparency in all financial transactions and to all banks.

He is well known to everyone striking imbalance to consider capacity and credit operations of the Iraqi government and private banks and the problems experienced by anumber of private banks and the extent of its impact on the credit of labor standards and thus on the business environment in Iraq from the international telescope time when Iraq is seeking to promote and attract foreign investment to compensate for the decline in thegovernment 's financial capacity to implement projects and business .
advanced expertise

As Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq has pointed out that the association supports the move and establish its cooperation with the Central Bank through the establishment of a unit to combat money laundering in all banks

He noted that the Association of specialized courses for the staff of banks organized inorder to provide them with expertise the skills developed and adopted in the best global banks, after the contract with an international company, which saw the last period graduated 40 local expertise specialized anti - money laundering distributed among anumber of Iraqi banks, which in turn prevents any cases of fraud and so be prepared to stay in the white list and we keep our seat by .

he stressed that the ongoing efforts to create a banking competencies of active units ofanti - money laundering and exert a major role in the oversight process , which leads to the creation of a sophisticated banking system has the confidence of local and international beneficiaries.

redouble efforts specialist in economic affairs Hasan Ali Abdul Karim said that Iraq is in dire need of strengthening bridges confidence in the international financial sector and discreet banks in particular,

noting that it helps achieve the highest degree of economic feasibility for Iraq , which is in dire need of the efforts of the international financial institutions that can invest their money in Iraq. The existence of Iraq in the white list according to the classification of an international institution reflects a positive image to move money into Iraq , and that there are policies that govern the movement and follow - up by the authorities inside and outside the country, indicating the importance that the central bank is working extra efforts to maintain the positive image that looked bright in front of the international community moves of

He pointed out that global organizations recognize the importance of Iraq on the apron of the international economy to the abundance of investment opportunities, where itmonitors these institutions through legal its divisions , which has qualified a high degree of experience and reality of work and how it regulates and laws that streamline controls the money?




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