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Monday, October 24, 2016

BGG's News Time at Dinar Updates 10-24-16

NEWSTIME WITH BGG & CO. Sunday, October 23, 2016

BGG says(6:43 PM):

Hey gang!!

magnetlady says(6:43 PM):

HEY BGG Evening

BGG says(6:43 PM):

How is everyone??

savannah says(6:43 PM):

evening BGG

slh5282 says(6:43 PM):


sheila3 says to BGG(6:43 PM):


Soonergirlie says(6:44 PM):

hi BGG

savannah says(6:44 PM):

back to lurker mode... have a great evening sweet peeps

david334 says(6:44 PM):

Hi Bgg

david334 says(6:44 PM):


Romello says to BGG(6:45 PM):

Heay there. handshake

BGG says to Romello(6:46 PM):

Hey you!!

BGG says(6:47 PM):

We all about ready??

magnetlady says(6:47 PM):

Ready here

david334 says to BGG(6:47 PM):


daytrader says to BGG(6:47 PM):

Yes sir!!

Dinarian1 says(6:48 PM):

Yes! Good Evening All!

subgirl says to BGG(6:48 PM):

yep ready!!!

wilson6060 says to BGG(6:49 PM):

Let the blessing flow.... TYVM

MrsBGG says(6:49 PM):

Good evening everyone

MrsBGG says(6:49 PM):

Sheila's back!! Whoo hoo!!

magnetlady says(6:49 PM):

Evening Mrs. BGG

subgirl says to MrsBGG(6:49 PM):

Good evening

MrsBGG says(6:49 PM):

We're glad to see you

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(6:49 PM):

thank you

MrsBGG says to sheila3(6:49 PM):

you are welcome sweet lady

sheila3 says to MrsBGG(6:50 PM):

great seeing everyone

MrsBGG says to sheila3(6:51 PM):

And MadDScout our fearless leader over on the facebook side is here!!

MrsBGG says to sheila3(6:51 PM):

Whoo hoo!!

magnetlady says(6:51 PM):

Thank you sheila3 for helping us out lately been great having you back in the room too

MadDScout says to MrsBGG(6:51 PM):

Good evening

BGG says(6:51 PM):

Gonna' be a PACKED NITE...

MrsBGG says to BGG(6:51 PM):

Yeah!! BGG!!

BGG says(6:51 PM):

so we might as well get things kicked off.

magnetlady says(6:51 PM):


sheila3 says to magnetlady(6:51 PM):

thank you mags,your welcome

BGG says(6:52 PM):

Mrs BGG - would mind saying a quick prayer to get things kicked off?

MrsBGG says to BGG(6:52 PM):

you rock it with the News!!

BGG says(6:52 PM):


MrsBGG says(6:52 PM):

Heavenly Father, we boldly come before You by the the Blood of Jesus! Thank You for Your amazing grace, mercy, & forgiveness. We love You and trust You. Thank You that You are Faithful & True. We pray for the election coming up that Your will , will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And no matter who is president, Jesus is King. Your throne is established in Heaven and Your kingdom rules over all. Thank You for each person on the site we pray that You will bless them and their families. We give You all the Glory, Honor , and Praise! In Jesus Name, Amen.

MrsBGG says(6:54 PM):

Welcome everyone to News Time!! We're glad that you are here. If anyone has a comment or question, you may put a ?, and we will let you know when to go. Thank you! sit back relax and enjoy!!

BGG says(6:55 PM):

Here we go gang -

I don't know - how with the AVALANCHE of news lately - anyone can be anything be VERY optimistic.

for a little perspective...

on a recent DU BLOG entry...

Iraq to the whitelist financially


BGG says(6:58 PM):

From RCookie...


Read More: http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

Cabinet sends next year’s budget to parliament in 2017


The article outlining the plan for their economy AFTER ISIS...

Economy after the war on «Daesh»


Babylon attracts investment


BGG says(7:01 PM):

And all that is JUST the economic articles... not the military/political stuff...

MrsBGG says(7:02 PM):

Are there any questions?

david334 says(7:03 PM):


MrsBGG says to david334(7:03 PM):


david334 says(7:04 PM):

The forum had a CBI statement that the war was going so well they were gioing to raise the value of the Dinar

Very interesting I THINK

BGG says to david334(7:04 PM):

Not exactly.

we're going to cover that later on in News Time.

david334 says(7:05 PM):


slh5282 says(7:05 PM):


BGG says to david334(7:06 PM):

But - since we're on that subject...

Here's a great tweet posted to the FB Group...

Interior minister of #Kurdistan Region: Security forces are 5 km away from #Mosul 5km = 5 Miles


MrsBGG says to slh5282(7:06 PM):


slh5282 says(7:06 PM):


BGG says to slh5282(7:07 PM):

Quite honestly - I have no clue... rarely are "predicters" right... so I usually only make such assertions when I'm pretty sure...

slh5282 says(7:08 PM):


BGG says to slh5282(7:09 PM):

my guess - (and that is all it is...) whatever time-line anyone predicts... it's likely much quicker - meaning they will be wrong to the "long side" this time...

BGG says to slh5282(7:10 PM):

all time-lines appear truncated... things are moving very fast .

slh5282 says(7:10 PM):


BGG says(7:11 PM):

Moving on...

another bit from RCookie... (who, BTW - has been JUST ROCKING the NEWS lately)

rcookie (Dinar Guru) - Article: "Parliament postpones paragraph first reading of the draft first amendment to the Amnesty Law" Quote: "The House of Representatives decided today to postpone the first paragraph the first reading of the draft amendment to the Law of General Amnesty Law, to next Monday's meeting."


BGG says(7:13 PM):

Which points out - the main law has been passed and is IN EFFECT... However, some are not so happy with the implications... namely Maliki's bunch who have been so hard on opponents.

AND they have been plainly told - if they don't like something about the law - they can ammend it - LEGALLY.

I doubt there will be any fundamental change to the core value of the Law. IMHO

(this GA Law was pushed by the UN - one of their main points).

BGG says(7:15 PM):

Here's a bit from Kap:

Kaperoni - Said many times that the dinar will float. The CBI monetary policy must change if they want foreign investors.


I put this in to highlight this one thought...

I agree with the idea that the CBI's monetary policy must change... however, I am not convinced a "pure float" is anywhere close to what they have planned. In fact, several key documents plainly state otherwise.

Just pointing that out..

BGG says(7:20 PM):

Another bit from RCookie:

rcookie - Article: "Economic laws to secure new revenue for the state treasury" Quote: "...seeking for economic and investment commission to push for the adoption of new laws provide new income to the state treasury and is working to develop actually investment in the country." THIS IS HUGE...HUGE...HUGE... AGENCY REGULATORY ACT...IRAQI COMMISSION ACT...CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LAW NO. 43 (1989)...ECONOMIC LAWS SPEED SUBMITTING TO HoR IN SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME...THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT ...CONCERNING THE CALL FROM IMF FOR ACCURATE...TRANSPARENT TIMELY ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL DATA FROM ALL PROVINCES FOR QUITE SOME TIME...THEY ARE TELLING US ALL THE ECONOMIC & INVESTMENT LAWS ARE CUED UP AND COMING! [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

Read More: http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/

SRW says to BGG(7:21 PM):


MrsBGG says to SRW(7:21 PM):

please hold

BGG says(7:21 PM):

And I whole-heartedly AGREE!! This is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!!

When I first saw this lead, I was like "Whaaaaaaaaattt"?? -

"Economic laws to secure new revenue for the state treasury"

I'm very curious to see how this actually plays out... looking GOOD!!

MrsBGG says to SRW(7:24 PM):


SRW says to BGG(7:24 PM):

I think Rcookie is kind of pumped, excited!! How huge Rcookie?!!

This is awesome news!! Thanks BGG, get the facts here! Want hopium then go smoke it, want the whole real facts stay here!!

MrsBGG says(7:26 PM):

Are there any other questions or comment?

MadDScout says(7:26 PM):

They are also talking about a more even distribution of the tarrif law recently as friday

as a non oil income

daytrader says to BGG(7:28 PM):


BGG says to MadDScout(7:29 PM):


BGG says to daytrader(7:29 PM):


daytrader says to BGG(7:29 PM):

We should all be as pumped as rcookie. These laws are the trigger for a massive influx of investment capital. WOW

aminmaine25229787 says(7:30 PM):


BGG says to daytrader(7:30 PM):

They have used the illustration "Iraq will get hit with a WALL OF INVESTMENT MONEY" when these items are handled... IMHO - these were critical points in the WB/IMF negotiations recently.

MrsBGG says to aminmaine25229787(7:30 PM):


aminmaine25229787 says(7:30 PM):

seems to me if they are going to distribute the tarrif that has been collected, then it has to have a value

BGG says to aminmaine25229787(7:31 PM):


BGG says(7:32 PM):

I guess I should take my little "away" sticker off my profile, now that we're this far into News Time

MrsBGG says to BGG(7:32 PM):

MadDScout says(7:33 PM):

Oil Minister: We passed the threshold of 4.7 million b / d and will not reduce production

24/10/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 2 - Issue (3765)

Baghdad / term

It confirmed the Ministry of Oil, on Sunday, that Iraq has surpassed 4.7 million barrels per day threshold, and while OPEC student to observe that, among the region's production of crude oil currently stands at 546,000 barrels per day. The oil minister said Jabar Ali Allaibi, in a press statement seen by the "long", that he "should be exempt his country with production constraints because of the war being waged in the face Daesh."

Allaibi He added that "Iraq is engaged in a fierce war for more than two years," adding that it "should be excluded from OPEC's decision to install the production, as in Nigeria and Libya."

In turn, said senior agent of the Ministry Fayad Hassan blessing that "the production ceiling of Iraqi crude oil exceeded the threshold of 4.7 million barrels per day, including production of the Kurdistan region, and therefore must be taken into account by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries when freezing production."

He added blessing that "Iraq's production of crude oil through the southern ports of oil fields in the center and south, now stands at four million and 228 thousand barrels, whereas the oil production from the region 546 000 barrels per day."

Iraq and said he was seeking access to the full stake in the organization, and he had lost after the economic blockade imposed on him during the nineties.

MadDScout says(7:34 PM):


Speaking of oil revenue

Does anyone have a question on anything covered or not

BGG says(7:38 PM):

OK - Let's finish with this article... then open up for a little discussion.

MadDScout says(7:38 PM):

I will bring in another report about the rebuilding efforts


david334 says(7:39 PM):


MrsBGG says to david334(7:39 PM):


MadDScout says to david334(7:39 PM):

Go ahead

MadDScout says to MrsBGG(7:39 PM):


david334 says(7:40 PM):

A comment. Intersting that SA bond deal was over subscribed 4X . The Iraqi Oil Minister said in 3 years Iraqs proved resevers will be 235 billion bbls which is on top of SA

Slightly behiond SA today

MadDScout says to david334(7:41 PM):


david334 says(7:42 PM):

Thanks thats it for me moptor mouth

BGG says(7:42 PM):


MadDScout says(7:42 PM):

Coinciding with the victories of our security forces in Mosul. The Central Bank raised the dinar against the dollar

Central Bank officials confirmed yesterday that the Iraqi dinar price final price us dollar coinciding with victories of our security forces are advancing towards the liberation of the city of Mosul, the source said in a press statement singled out by the news that the Central Bank decided to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar financial mechanisms within its own policies stating that those mechanisms are subject to the principle of supply and demand in the domestic market. The source said the Iraqi dinar during the coming few days will witness a significant rise in the price of the US dollar.

Site Editor: 2016-10-23


BGG says(7:42 PM):


MadDScout says(7:42 PM):


One of our face bookers, Starr M found this today

david334 says(7:43 PM):

Sounds like a typo?

MadDScout says(7:44 PM):

I am reserved because it is a "one off"

BGG says(7:44 PM):

There were several versions out there.

eman4u55 says(7:44 PM):


david334 says(7:45 PM):


BGG says(7:45 PM):

First - what are the two things they have plainly said they needed ??

david334 says(7:46 PM):

domestic products made in the good ole IRAQ

BGG says(7:46 PM):


You all know this...

carxpress says(7:46 PM):

security & inflation under control?

MadDScout says(7:46 PM):

Stability political/social,

goldenbear says(7:46 PM):

security and laws

BGG says to carxpress(7:46 PM):


carxpress says(7:46 PM):


MadDScout says to carxpress(7:47 PM):

thank you I could not remember inflation LOL

1bobby says(7:47 PM):

Stability and sound economic policies

MadDScout says to 1bobby(7:47 PM):


carxpress says(7:47 PM):

you're welcome & thanks for all u do MadScout

MadDScout says to carxpress(7:48 PM):

My pleasure

SRW says to BGG(7:48 PM):

Security and Inflation!! Over and Over many times stated!!

david334 says(7:48 PM):

That article said recent inflation was 2%

BGG says(7:48 PM):

those are things Shabibi talked about way back... obviously - there are also some banking and investment laws the world community is insisting on (so their investments are somewhat protected)...

MadDScout says(7:48 PM):

Inflation is at 2%

david334 says(7:48 PM):


MadDScout says to david334(7:49 PM):

I owe you a coke

BGG says(7:49 PM):

but these laws seem to be on a "fast track".

david334 says to MadDScout(7:49 PM):

My pleasure

jetset says(7:49 PM):


Movack says(7:50 PM):

good evening

BGG says(7:50 PM):

on the flip side... this piece many not be talking about an true RV at all - but it looks rather interesting - to say the least.

You might want to check out my comment on the subject - on THE BLOG


MrsBGG says to jetset(7:50 PM):


jetset says(7:51 PM):

For years now, IQD investors and "experts" have had check boxes or to do lists before we can see an RV. Now we have these laws that are taking on that role in our community. Do you think we actually need all of these laws in place before we can see a rate change?

RickeyT says(7:52 PM):


BGG says to jetset(7:53 PM):

I do. However, they are not much of a "hold-up" - they are on a "fast-track" to getting done. GO RV!!

jetset says(7:54 PM):


BGG says to jetset(7:55 PM):

to clarify - not "all" - just a couple of the more critical ones... Gen Amnesty was one, banking and investment are important to the WB/IMF... obviously. They were never going to give Iraq the support they need while they were trampling all over everyone.

just not gonna' happen.

and - it really boils down to one thing...

much like I outlined in me commentary several weeks ago... what did all this "package" really mean?? World acceptance... or re-entry... or whatever you wanna' call it. But Iraq wasn't in charge of their own "acceptance" - WB/IMF/UN WAS (is).

Hawk says(7:58 PM):


jetset says to BGG(7:58 PM):

no doubt that there was criteria that had to be met!

BGG says to jetset(7:58 PM):

Iraq was never going to be able to push a button somewhere and "self-declare" their currency worth XYZ...

They could, but then it would be like Saddam - he says one thing and the IMF says another. Dual rate. That won't happen again.

BGG says to jetset(7:59 PM):

Well - it appears to me, they at least had to show up and act like they were interested in working with the IMF/WB - instead of a bunch of Russian Mobsters.

jetset says to BGG(7:59 PM):

BGG says to jetset(8:00 PM):

or drunk sorority girls...

MrsBGG says to RickeyT(8:00 PM):


RickeyT says(8:00 PM):

they could go to 500 dinar per dollar and float from there couldn't they. That would more than double the value....

BGG says to RickeyT(8:02 PM):

They COULD do a lot of things... but that is not the characterization they've laid out in their official documents. Over and over...

IMHO - they've told us what they intend to do.

RickeyT says(8:03 PM):

.86 to 1.18?

BGG says to RickeyT(8:03 PM):

I like where your head's at!!

BGG says(8:04 PM):

OK - any final thoughts??

aminmaine25229787 says(8:04 PM):

thats a good starting value and it will go up from there

jetset says to RickeyT(8:05 PM):

i would agree with that... i think it comes out at an initial rate and will go up quickly!

RickeyT says(8:06 PM):

we shall see, someone know.....just not me!

1bobby says(8:08 PM):

Thank you for all the great info BGG and MadScout

aminmaine25229787 says(8:08 PM):

BGG what are you looking for this week?

BGG says(8:08 PM):

daylight... keepin' it simple

daytrader says to BGG(8:08 PM):


aminmaine25229787 says(8:08 PM):


MrsBGG says(8:09 PM):

Thank you everyone for joining us! Thank you BGG & MadDScout!!

BGG says(8:09 PM):

Have a great night.

MrsBGG says(8:09 PM):

Thank you Mags for copying and editing!!

carxpress says(8:09 PM):

I just want to again, Thank Everyone here at DU .. .. the information, the Researchers, the Newstimes, the After-Calls, Facebook, the Copiers, the Mods, etc .. . .Everyone who participates in any way . … you all keep me ‘grounded’ and extremely well-informed . … I am Blessed to be a part of this Awesome family/community!!!

MrsBGG says(8:10 PM):

Love & Blessings to you'all

BGG says(8:10 PM):

Stay tuned to: THE BLOG, THE OBSERVER, THE CHAT ROOM, THE FB Group, and THE FORUM - thanks to everyone who makes DU what it is.

magnetlady says(8:10 PM):

You are most Welcome Mrs. BGG

magnetlady says(8:10 PM):

Thank you BGG and MadDScout for the Newstime tonight.

daytrader says to BGG(8:10 PM):

The IMF uses BASEL formulas to determine the value of a currency. They most likely would not allow a country to have a rate that is lower rate than its true value. It would give that country an unfair advantage in the world markets.

MadDScout says to magnetlady(8:11 PM):

You're welcome and thank you

BGG says to daytrader(8:11 PM):

Great comment - at about a buck, I don't think that would be the case.


MadDScout says to MrsBGG(8:12 PM):


daytrader says to BGG(8:12 PM):

I agree.

sheila3 says to BGG(8:12 PM):

thank you

BGG says to daytrader(8:12 PM):

however, there has to be some "qualifier" to that - since it is widely recognized the IQD is "grossly under-valued"...

BGG says to daytrader(8:13 PM):

and it could be - the "stick" in these recent goings on... was...




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