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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Great Reminder from Yosef with Fisher

Received via email at 3:57 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

YOSEF: The reality is that humanity is a young species, a young race…if you will. We haven’t really been around that long to evolve and ascend like some other races and some other planets, galaxies, universes, superuniverses. And quite frankly, we have been taken advantage of by other species that are far more advance, at least intellectually (I don’t know about soul ascension or development, but certainly intellectually), and they were able to overtake us with ease. There were visitors from a different place with a higher mind and they were able to control us and enslave us and have us work for them. And over the centuries and millennia, they created a culture that we think is organic in our own but in reality it’s all set up to serve them.

When we talk the freedom of the financial system in the currency reset, yeah the numbers change and we get a lot of zeroes…that’s all great but in reality, the actual harmonic currency of the earth is what’s changing and because the earth’s harmonics are being allowed to function naturally now, our DNA will in essence adjust back to its original Crystalized or Christ intended form (that’s what the battle is in Syria and in Ukraine). So that’s a lot to consider but if we didn’t get ourselves into this problem, meaning if we were overtaken by a higher intellect species, then it stands to reason that we would need the help of a higher species to redeem ourselves and resurrect our planet & our species and return to the Will of the Creator.

When we go to do our redemptions, we will be safe and protected in so many different ways. We’re getting A LOT of help…and to be perfectly frank, we need every bit of it. We are a young, weak but sacred species on a very important little planet. And the whole universe, all universes are watching us. They’re watching to see how this rebellion of we’ll call it an alien species or a foreign species to what God had intended for the planet. You know this is why we’re quarantined.

They came in so they quarantined the planet or the solar system and then the selective process that takes milleniums to solve from a galactic point of view we can’t really conceive it in our short lifespan…to them it’s a blink of an eye. They’ve worked through the process and what the miracle is outside of them killing off the cabal and stopping nuclear weapons and hunting and killings in general, food production, life extension, all these miracles are nonetheless real but the true miracle of all that is that we are a physical storm during the transition moment in the event. And that is why the world is so overpopulated is because there is so many Souls that were in non-physical existence but desired to come into a body to experience this transition. And it’s one of the reasons I always speak of SURRENDING because a lot of people that are very religious they take that as a “come to Christ” kind of moment and call…and it is…but it’s exactly coming to the vibrational truth of the true Will of God because if the cabal can’t survive, NOTHING can survive a rebellion against God…NOTHING! And that’s what this whole experiment on Earth has been the last 13 millenia is a species trying to rebel against God.

Didn’t work…it didn’t work! So there is no hope for anybody rebelling against God in any way. It will always be massaged out. And if you don’t conform, you’ll just be removed. And I don’t necessary mean that via guys in helicopters looking down in your window…I mean vibrationally you’ll be offered the opportunity to adapt and if you don’t survival of the fittest…or survival of the purest…you’ll just ultimately get sick, or you’ll have accidents, or you’ll be so uncomfortable in your own skin, you’ll develop a disease, and you’ll be out of alignment with God.

Thus to surrender to the Will of God is really an acknowledgment of the Perfection of the Creator in all things. And from a religious stand point, I understand why people get so emotional about it…either way, they get either energized by it or they get distraught by it…but in reality, it’s really just the harmonic. It’s like singing in tune. You know how in American Idol, if you sing out of tune, what happens??? You get thrown out, right? America votes you out (not that any of that is real). But it’s the same thing in existence…if you are not in alignment with the Will of God, you’ll in essence be relieved of duty. And the flip of that is the more in alignment you are with God, the more time you’ll get to spend in your body. This is why people can live to be 500 years old, 800 years old, 1,000 years old. You know if you want to be around physically, you can do that. You just have to be in alignment with God…your body can handle it. It’s whether or not you can match the vibration.

FISHER: OK Yosef...but the one thing you’ve neglected to say that a lot of people don’t understand that probably should is all this was allowed to happen because it proves a point: There is NO will higher or more powerful than the Will of the Creator and it took this long to develop to this point where everybody comes to the understanding that you can’t get around It…you join in or you lose! Pretty simple!

YOSEF: If you’re out of alignment with the Will of the Creator having this much money will eliminate you faster. I’ll say that again: If you’re out of alignment with the Will of the Creator, the amount of the money that you will be getting, will only serve to destroy you faster. You must must must SURRENDER in order to manage what is going to befall you and also to work with it, and grow it, and accelerate and EXPAND…and ultimately ASCEND. It is the ONLY practical, logical, vibrationally accurate way to move forward with this kind of opportunity, this kind of Divine Moment. Anybody thinking about rate or date with regards to the ZIM, is NOT aligned.

And the reason is it’s so much, the point of them giving people this much and why they call us the “Chosen One” inside of the bank is because they want you to understand that money was one the of illusions that the cabal created to enslave you. And so the way that they’ve chosen to break that vibrational hold on humanity is to give a certain handful of the population so much money that it creates a ripple effect that eliminates the need or the concept or the theoreticals of money. For instance, if you’re thirsty and you’re dying of thirst and you say “Please give me water…please give me water!” And you give someone an ocean to drink, you instantly understand there is no need for thirst. So when you go in and come out of your redemption (specifically ZIM holders…I’m not talking the people that have a couple dinar), you’re going to understand very quickly there is NO money!

And with great resource comes great responsibility…but with great knowledge comes great opportunity to teach. And we’re all on the hook for however many breaths we have left on this planet…we’re all on the hook to help others pass through this gate of “from illusion to truth”…”from the real lie to the real truth”. We are all bridges that people will walk across our backs to get to the true intent and the true Will of God.

And if you go in trying to score a better rate on your ZIM or a better interest program, then you don’t get it. Your Soul came into your body from an etherical place fixed up by God and you agreed to do this. So you came here into this body, you chose your parents, you chose your zip code, you chose your hospital, you chose your brothers, your sisters, you chose your ailments, you chose your complexion, you chose your height, you chose your hair color…you chose EVERYTHING…you were in agreement with God that this is where you were going to come in in order to get to this moment so that you can do something for Him. We are all incarnated to SERVE. And we’re grateful for it. Now we all have a need here about what it is that service is and we need to find ourselves along the way, but we’re all incarnated to SERVE. And you’ll now go from having NOTHING to having absolutely EVERYTHING and you can create from scratch with just what you control and manage regardless of what RATE and what (INTEREST) PROGRAM you get into. You immediately become a Spiritually responsible Angel in the world and if you don’t take that responsibility seriously, it will just evaporate from your control and from your management. Nothing dramatic…no one is going to come to your house and will pull your accounts away…it’s just the Universe will have you away from the responsibility of it because the moment demands that those that the desire and ability to serve others ultimately fall into this somehow. This is why I have begged people to SURRENDER…begged at every chance!



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