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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Wowzers" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » September 7th, 2016

Family!!!!! a very big WOWZERS on this nugget. It should ALL be hilighted. US basically saying welcome ALL IN THE LL.. We (USA) will not stop you from investing in Iraq. IMO

 » September 7th, 2016

Walking stick look the family is catching on

 » September 7th, 2016

Urgent US ambassador: There are no amendment to the strategic agreement between Baghdad and Washington

Baghdad: Euphrates News} ruled out the US ambassador in Baghdad, Douglas Alan Solomon, the existence of any change or amendment to the strategic agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington, stressing his country's continued support for Iraq militarily and economically.

Suleiman said at a press conference held at the embassy building in Baghdad on Wednesday, "We support national reconciliation at the local and national level, and support the investment and the Iraqi economy, and I am optimistic that good conditions for the conduct of national reconciliation and the advancement of the Iraqi economy."

He noted that " the strategic agreement between the Washington and Baghdad, are a solid foundation and strong and deal with all security and economic aspects anddo not expect the existence of any amendments to the Convention , "noting that" Washington stresses close to deal with Iraq , and there is a strong partnership we do not see there 's any need for any change to this future agreement. "

He noted that "change ambassadors nothing to do with US foreign policy , " stressing "his support for the reforms in Iraq, and we continue to support Iraqi forces in order to complete the liberation of the province of Nineveh" .anthy

Aggiedad77 » September 7th, 2016

Another snake in the grass that slithers with Maliki.....Shahristani is getting caught in the whirlwind of investigations that are ongoing in Iraq regarding a "Who's Who" list of corrupt officials.....as the ones getting fingered are evolving they continue to point to other rocks that yet bigger and bigger snakes are trying to hide under....

Shahristani throws a bad light upon Iraq all the way back to his days in the Oil Ministry and with the oil contract bids stemming back to 2009 and 2010.....dirty hands he has indeed.....let the boxes and boxes of files provide the proof that Abadi needs to put him away....and may the tracks from those files lead to where the money lies that he squandered away on his own......

Dasteredly deeds don't go unpunished....IMO. Aloha Randy

 » September 7th, 2016

New scandal ... Shahristani attributed 800 people on the owners of State

Department: political scenePublished on: Today, 15:10Number of views: 1535

BAGHDAD / Sky Press

An informed, Wednesday source, about the involvement of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research former Hussain al-Shahristani transactions related to the corruption of squandering state funds.

The source said in a statement the "Sky Press," said, "Hussain al-Shahristani for assuming the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Taqh, in the government of Nouri al-Maliki, the second the placement of 800 people in the energy police", adding that "after he left office and his tenure as Minister of Higher Education and Research scientific police were these transfer and placement of the Ministry of Education. "

The source added that "after the inauguration of Abdul Razzaq al-Essa of the Ministry of Education Shahristani He took 800 people with him despite not taking any political office until this moment."

The source pointed out that "it is a violation of constitutional and legal obvious, especially after reducing the number of protections Abadi officials," noting that "the salary of one person from those of between one million and 150 thousand to one million and 350,000 Iraqi dinars."

Issued and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in, earlier, a decision to reduce the number of individuals to protect officials, in the reforms launched by the recent anti-corruption framework.

The government has approved the ninth of August / August last year reform package to combat corruption and sagging state institutions, approved by parliament two days later, accompanied by her package of additional reforms "complementary."


Don961 » September 7th, 2016

Arab countries maintained the investment attractiveness

Date: September 7, 2016

Managed states in the region to maintain the investment attractiveness on both domestic and foreign, despite the obstacles and challenges, as competition is no limit between the states of the investment trends in all economic sectors. The form of the entry of foreign companies into the region great importance to the level of development of the economies of those countries, and had a role in the transfer of all the new technology and techniques, it has made the development of many sectors feasible.

The focus of the efforts of countries in the region, according to the company «Al Mazaya Holding» in the real estate report weekly on the «development tax credit to attract foreign investment regulations, in addition to pump more investment incentives for foreign companies, and the trend towards the development of human resources and corporate governance. And encouraged foreign companies to continue to work and invest, particularly in the real estate sector, which has seen a renaissance unprecedented in the last ten years, and was a corporate and foreign investment played a major role and direct them ».

The report pointed out that the economies of the countries in the region «enjoys an ideal investment attractiveness for foreign companies at the level of the type of projects and the size, number and the time period required by the milestones, prompting those companies to stay for a long time.» While the level of profits «the importance of the expansion of corporate activities and specializations.»

In terms of the UAE's experience, he stated that «the open-door policy adopted by the government to attract foreign investment companies, contributed to the lifting of classified among the countries of the region to the level of their ability to attract diversified investments to have flexibility in the face of developments in the global economy. In addition, lower taxes on imports and lack thereof on imports of the free zones, and a decline in credit risks, and continuous improvement in the elements of competition ». He stated that «the number of branches of foreign companies is increasing day after day in the UAE's economy up to 1941 end of the first quarter of this year».

He pointed out that professional and business licenses «accounted for the highest percentage of companies, at least those industrial proportion of the total companies.»

Turning «advantages» to investment activity in Saudi Arabia, which is integrated «within the new directions the judge to open investment to foreign companies, especially in the retail and wholesale sectors increased ownership exceed the ratios that are committed by the Kingdom in the WTO, and can be up to one hundred percent ». The report pointed out that foreign and mixed companies that «granted work permits from the Saudi market reached 10, while the capital of these companies exceeded $ 66 billion, for concentrated in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and parts of the aircraft sector, as well as licenses in the sectors of trade and construction.»

Based on previous statistics «number of foreign enterprises in Saudi Arabia amounted to 13 thousand, and reached the value of construction projects to $ 1.2 trillion, to be considered one of the largest construction market sectors». He noted that the construction companies «showed more weakness and tripping indicators in the first half of the year, which could lead to rising unemployment and stalled development projects, particularly after the rise in the proportion of non-performing projects to 40 percent of development projects.» And it did not lose sight of the «developments of the Saudi economy has been pushing in the direction of the postponement of foreign companies to enter and investment to stabilize macroeconomic indicators».

The monitoring report «the direction of a large number of foreign companies, especially construction companies and construction to the Qatari market years ago, in light of the increasing number of large-scale projects and those relating to development and the short time limit for completion».

He believed that it «gives preference to foreign companies, because of its potential and qualified cadres, to compete in a large seeking to develop their own form of local companies to maintain its position in the market to compete with foreign companies».Considered «advantages» that the country an attractive market to invest and work in various fields, because it is growing at an accelerated form. » Thus «is in the interest of foreign companies presence in this market, to take advantage of the Renaissance recorded and achieve significant benefits at the level of profits and the proliferation and expansion».

Showed the Qatari Ministry of Economy data, the value of contracts with foreign companies reached 12.6 billion riyals end of the first quarter of this year ».

The report stressed that the challenges currently faced by the most economic sectors, «would slow the entry of foreign companies, whether on the level of investment or the provision of services and take advantage of the diverse activities offered by the arteries of the local economy.» With «Sttaul these effects are local companies and will be the real estate in the heart of these developments, with a large proportion of them would be to exit the market as a result of the decline in their shares, due to decline in the pace of investment and real estate projects and development». He stressed that «investment and attract investment plans will be affected by the larger challenges faced by the economies of the countries in the region».

He also stated that «stimulus package is still encouraging foreign investment in all the circumstances, taking into account the variation need for investments of foreign companies and their experience now of the economy to another in the region». link



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