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Thursday, September 22, 2016

"What Makes Sense, Might Not Be True" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 3:12 PM EDT on September 22, 2016

What Makes Sense, Might Not Be True

We hear a lot about what ZIM Rate makes sense and what does not. You might think that what "Makes Sense and What Does Not" is a valid criteria for your judgment and making important decisions, but actually, it is not. Ironically, that statement itself doesn't make sense, but it is still true and I will explain why.

You Are Under CABAL Control Right Now

We think that we are making such excellent decisions when we figure out what makes sense and what does not but, it is all flawed from the start. We have been effectively taught to compare every thought against what we already know. At first, that sounds right and it makes sense. However, the HUGE flaw in that system of judgment is that the information we already know is flawed, thus we are making flawed judgments as a result.

What the CABAL have done is control what we know, what we see, what we are taught, and what to think. If they teach us that the Earth is solid, and all the books say the Earth is Solid, and the Scientist tell us that the Earth is solid, then that becomes our base knowledge. But is it?

If I told you that the Earth is hollow and that many civilizations live inside it that we have never seen or heard about, would you believe it? Probably not. Why? Because it doesn't make sense, which only means that it does not match what you already know and have been taught. It is so interesting because we first judge the information by what we have been taught, and then we back our position up by the number of people who agree with our point of view.

What If Everything You Have Been Taught Is A Lie?

The fatal flaw in this logic is that it is based on lies to start with and since everyone has been taught the same lie, they all unknowingly agree with the same lie. You not only have never been taught the truth, You have been lied to about EVERYTHING IMPORTANT. You have been taught to doubt yourself and defer your trust to the CABAL authority figures on the matter. There is always some "Trusted Expert" who lies straight to your face with such authority, that you reject your own discernment and accept their lies as gospel.

Soon, You Will Have Access To Your Own Truth

That's O.K. because you can't help believing what you believe because you have not yet developed your own inner knowing. As we ascend/evolve to the higher 5th density frequency life experience, you will develop and lean on own your inner knowing as to what is true and what is not. You will no longer judge truth based on what you have been taught by others. With Inner knowing, you are no longer controllable.

Break Free Of CABAL Control Right Now

Let's have some fun and see what makes sense to you and what does not. Interestingly, you will first jump to "It Doesn't Make Sense," but then realize (Make Real) that you have NO REAL BASIS for that judgment. As you begin to really think about why things make sense and why they don't, you will begin to take control of your onw thoughts and judgment. Take the Red Pill and see how the CABAL controls you.

Break #1) Truth: We have Bases on the Moon and on Mars right now with a Secret Space Program that travels the Solar System.

You: "That Doesn't Make Sense!" Why not? I know you are thinking that NASA has these rocks and space shuttles that are clearly limited in how far they can go. Besides the scientist keep talking about how they want to go to Mars one day and set up bases. Do you realize (Make Real) that your entire argument is what you have been shown by the CABAL education system and Media?

They spend billions of dollars of your money showing you an old space technology with their dream to travel the stars when they are already doing it. But, would you believe it? No, because of the Disinformation show on CABAL TV. Do yourself a favor and look up "Secret Space Program" and read the interviews of those who are in the program now. Give the alternative information a chance to be heard and you will be surprised at what is really true and what is not.

Break #2) Truth: There is a Sun in the middle of the Earth, which is the source of the core heat, and there are many civilizations that live down there which has been kept secret from us.

You: "That Doesn't Make Sense!" Why not? I know you are thinking that the Earth is solid because that is what you have been taught and by the way the majority of the World agrees with that point of view. Right? So here we are again with what you have been taught by the CABAL education system and what is shown on CABAL TV. What if they have been lying to you? When have they EVER told you the truth? Remember these are the same people who want you dead. Why would they tell you anything that is not in their best interest? That's right you are using their information to decide what makes sense to you and what does not.

Remember the Movie Journey to the Center of the Earth? There was a sun, and oceans etc? It turns out that is the way planets are made and work. Most all Planets are inhabited "Inside" and not on the surface like us. We are the oddballs who live on the surface of a planet. Do yourself a favor and look up "Hollow Earth" and see the stories and reports of people who have been there. See why the CABAL doesn't want you to know about it. By the way, the Inner Earth Civilizations are the Good Guys and are helping free us from the Evil CABAL control. Help yourself now by breaking this CABAL control of your mind and go see for yourself what is true and what is not. Once you learn how Planets actually work, it will "Make Sense" that there are civilizations living in our Earth.

Break #3) Truth: We are not alone in the Universe. There are literally Billions of other civilizations (Aliens) all over the Universe, some of which have existed for millions of years.

You: "That Doesn't Make Sense!" Why not? I know you are thinking that Aliens don’t exist and that it is all made up. Of course, if you are reading this post, you probably know that there are Aliens and that they are helping Free us from the CABAL as we speak. So let's imagine the general population and their disbelief. The government (CABAL) tells them that there is no such thing and that those who believe in them are nut cases. The Scientists (CABAL) tell you that they are searching so hard to find alien life out there in the Universe and that maybe one day we will find it.

What effort they take in making people think that we are all alone in the Universe. if people thought that there were great civilizations out there in the universe with great technology and social systems, (which there are), they would have hope for a better tomorrow. Naturally the CABAL doesn't want you to have any hope. In fact, they like to portray Aliens as dangerous scary monsters who what to invade Earth and kill you off in their CABAL movies. Actually, the truth is that the Aliens want to save us and it's our own leaders who want to kill us.

So naturally, you think that the idea of Aliens "doesn't Make Sense," after all, why aren't they on TV? Why doesn't the news have reports on them? Why don't we have concrete proof? I can answer all that with one statement: "Every media place where you want the truth and proof, is the exact same places that the CABAL control to keep you ignorant. Do you realize (make Real) that your entire system of judging of what is true and what makes sense, is based on the CABAL controlled educational, media, and entertainment mind control/limitation systems? That is O.K. because you will soon be judging information from your inside sources and not the outside CABAL information sources. Do yourself a favor and look up "the Galactic Federation." It is a group of over one million planets from the Milky Way galaxy alone, like our UN. They have been an organized group for over 4.5 million years. We on Earth, have just been allowed to join since we are now becoming a peaceful planet.

Break #4) Truth: In Reality, we already have Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Anti Ageing, Replicators that create what we want on request, and a million other things you never knew existed.

You: "That Doesn't Make Sense!" Why not? Based on what? What you see on TV, and were taught in class? You see on TV that the Scientist hope to one day have this and get that and have free energy etc. Clearly, by your logic, if they are hoping to discover these things, they don’t already have them. So when I say that we have devices the size of a toaster that create enough energy to run your house "Out of thin air" you say "that doesn't make sense."

Remember that control is the name of the game for the CABAL. Buy our oil and stay limited in your thinking and abilities. Believe our CABAL talking heads on TV. Believe that we are limited in our abilities just like the CABAL Authority Figures have told you.

Do yourself a favor and look up Keshe Foundation and their free energy device that EXISTS NOW! Oh, by the way you can download the blueprints of the device for free. Here is the link: (Look In The Notes for the downloadable plans)


We could play this "What Makes Sense and What Does Not" game all day long, but, let's finish with an important GCR question next, The "ZIM."

Break #5) Truth: The ZIM is extremely valuable and there will be no zeros take off at your exchange. You will get its "Face Value" times an exchange rate amount that will result in Trillions for most ZIM holders.

You: "That Doesn't Make Sense!" Why not? Based on what? Are you basing that rationalization on what you know about World Finances? Based on what the "Rational" Gurus and Intel providers are telling you? Yes I know that is more than any country in the World has... or is it? Do you really know? Let's break this down.

On the one hand you have the Low-Rate proponents. First there are the ones who say zeros off and pennies per Zim. They were told that and that is all they know. Just because they were told that, does that make it true? Then you have the "rationalist" who speak with great emotions when they say that there is no way on God's green Earth that any one person could get that much money. I understand their reasoning. But just because it doesn't make sense, does that make it not true? As we have realized in this post, it does not. It could be true for all we know and I think it is.

There was a time when the thought of man flying was crazy and didn't make any sense and now millions fly from one place to another every day. Then it was crazy and made no sense that we could walk on the Moon or fly in space and now most believe it, after the fact of course. That makes the ZIM example especially powerful as a teaching point on Reality.

I have already explained that no matter the disinformation you have heard, just ask for the highest negotiable rates and you will get them. But that is not the point here. That is already settled and will prove itself soon enough. The point is that if being a Trillionaire was so crazy and made no sense what so ever, and then it turned out to be true, then think of all the other things that you have thought made no sense. If this craziest of all crazy thoughts, was actually true, then allow yourself to open your mind to all the possibilities that are coming. Living for hundreds of years, no disease, no war, incredible technology, and Heaven on Earth just to name a few. It is all true and all coming your way whether it makes sense to you right now or not.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have to distrust the information you have been given by the CABAL in the conventional ways. Be open to unimaginable realities that might just be true. Just think about all the people you have told about the GCR and how they laughed in your face because it didn't make sense to them. If they had all the information you have now, and for sure after it actually happens, it will make perfect sense to them then. Remember that just because it is hard to believe and doesn't make any sense, doesn't mean that it isn't true. You just might not have accurate enough information at the moment to decide. Stay open and seek more information before you decide what makes sense and what does not.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The life Of Your Dreams.

Signed: One Who Believes



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