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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat w/ Chattels for Tuesday 9-20-16

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 9-20-16

Tuesday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-09-20 07:38:38] Doug_W: GM Gang

[2016-09-20 09:20:22] Doug_W: bbl gotta run into town

[2016-09-20 11:29:15] Doug_W: Honey I'm home

[2016-09-20 11:44:41] Doug_W: hiya "GUN"

[2016-09-20 12:54:46] Doug_W: O O ^__^ o (oo)_______ (__) )/ ||----w | || ||

[2016-09-20 12:54:50] Doug_W: ugggg

[2016-09-20 13:30:28] Doug_W: R & R

[2016-09-20 13:31:08] Doug_W: hey YOU

[2016-09-20 13:32:30] Doug_W: where are U now?

[2016-09-20 14:13:04] rocknrollbus: ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› Mile high!!!

[2016-09-20 17:33:38] chattels: Sorry that I missed " dragrv ". He / she sounds like someone already banned from here under multiple monikers.

[2016-09-20 17:37:06] chattels: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 More Returns Leads To Slight Decline In Displaced In Iraq musingsoniraq.blogspot.co...

[2016-09-20 17:37:40] chattels: raq witnessed another slight dip in the number of displaced. In August 2016 the International Organization of Migration registered 3,344,154 people. That was down from 3,369,252 the month before.

[2016-09-20 17:39:03] chattels: Joel Wing Retweeted Haider Al-Abadi ‏@HaiderAlAbadi We announce the start of operations to liberate al-Shirqat, Jazirat al-Ramadi and Jazirat Heet, with the efforts of our brave forces

[2016-09-20 17:40:37] chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Erbil, Baghdad, and Washington reached an accord concerning cooperation between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army in the battle for Mosul during a tripartite meeting hosted by the Kurdish president on Monday.

[2016-09-20 17:40:49] chattels: rudaw.net/english/kurdist...

[2016-09-20 17:41:24] chattels: " The details of the agreement have not been made public as of yet."

[2016-09-20 17:42:24] chattels: Iraqi forces liberate 6 villages in push for Shargat By Rudaw

[2016-09-20 17:42:57] chattels: SHARGAT, Iraq—Iraqi forces have liberated six villages in the operation to retake Shargat, a mainly Sunni town in the northern province of Salahaddin on Tuesday, an official told Rudaw. The deputy head of the council for Salahaddin province told Rudaw that the Iraqi forces have already liberated the villages of Masihli, al-Sakaniyah, Tasni’, al-Naml, al-Khanuka, and Ajmisa. Iraqi forces on Tuesday pushed north from Baiji, towards Shargat, which the Islamic State (ISIS) captured in 2014. The villages they recaptured are to the south and southwest of Shargat.

[2016-09-20 17:43:11] chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee...

[2016-09-20 17:44:53] chattels: Sajad Jiyad سجاد Retweeted Kamal Chomani ‏@KamalChomani 2h2 hours ago NRTV reported that Hoshyar Zebari visited Nuri al-Maliki to support him to remain as Finance Minister but Al-Maliki rejected.

[2016-09-20 17:46:40] chattels: Iraqi Parliament to reconvene tomorrow. Will there be a successful vote of no confidence as to Zebari ? We shall see.

[2016-09-20 17:49:39] chattels: Kurdish MP in Baghdad: KRG needs to 'work for negotiated agreement' with Iraq By Paul Iddon rudaw.net/english/intervi...

[2016-09-20 17:50:32] chattels: The main issue we need to solve is the implementation of Article 140. That's very important. If we come to an agreement with Baghdad on that then it means we'll have resolved the Kirkuk problem, along with many other problems concerning Kurds in these border areas with Iraqi provinces with major Arab populations. Kirkuk is the main black spot on the independence issue for Baghdad. We say to Baghdad that a referendum should solve the ultimate status of that province. If enough people in Kirkuk vote to be part of Kurdistan then Kirkuk will become part of Kurdistan, the decision is not for either Erbil or Baghdad to make but rather the people in that area itself. A successful referendum in Kirkuk will mean a successful implementation of Article 140. Now, it is about time to determine what people in these areas want: do they want to be part of Kurdistan or not? The referendum will answer this question. We also have to plan for what will come after Daesh (Islamic State/ISIS) is defeated and what the area will look like following their defeat. We cannot just get rid of them without planning for the future of these areas.

[2016-09-20 17:52:12] chattels: My position has always been that Kurdistan will not go anywhere without resolving the issue of Kirkuk.

[2016-09-20 17:53:30] chattels: Kurdish forces only want to stay in territories whose status has yet to be resolved in terms of Article 140. President Barzani has tried to reassure Baghdad that all we want to do in Nineveh is support Iraqi forces against Daesh, we don't want to occupy any areas. Nevertheless, Baghdad fears the Peshmerga will never withdraw from these areas they fought to free. Presently, the Peshmerga cannot realistically withdraw since Daesh is still in those areas. So if you control some areas you have to protect them until Daesh is gone. Once Daesh is gone then there can be an agreement with Iraq on the border lines, which again will have to be solved through the implementation of Article 140.

[2016-09-20 17:55:19] chattels: Kurdistan and the Middle East after the liberation of Mosul rudaw.net/english/analysi...

[2016-09-20 17:56:07] chattels: " The final assessment is that the liberation of Mosul, or for that matter Raqqa, will not be an end to the crisis in the region but a new beginning of a new problem. "

[2016-09-20 19:40:14] Doug_W: GN Gang

[2016-09-20 19:51:25] waldowould: ‹@chattels› isn't the problem basically a humanitarian crisis and they will need resources to help them.

--End of Today's Chat--



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