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Monday, September 5, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat w/ Chattels for Sunday 9-4-16

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 9-4-16

Sunday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-09-04 07:15:38] Doug_W: GM

[2016-09-04 08:13:34] Donnie: GM

[2016-09-04 08:13:46] Doug_W: ‹@Donnie›

[2016-09-04 08:30:50] chattels: In the news this morning, it appears from the foregoing that there is no unified Kurdish position in support of Zebari.

[2016-09-04 08:31:05] chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-09-04 08:35:43] chattels: leaflets on Sharqat urges residents to leave immediately wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-09-04 08:39:16] chattels: Market price on IQD opens this week still at 1,282

[2016-09-04 08:42:36] chattels: carried the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul - Salam al - Maliki, on Sunday, the Iraqi Central Bank, the legal and moral responsibility in the event of failure to take quick and decisive action to stop the smuggling of foreign currency from the dollar operations under the name of windows of the central bank to drain currency, warning measures deterrent will be take
n to protect the country 's economy and wealth. www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-04 09:17:14] chattels: Kurdish party: the political crisis could lead to bloodshed www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-04 09:49:05] Doug_W: time 2 go buy a new stove and 20 bags of red mulch

[2016-09-04 09:49:09] Doug_W: bb after noon

[2016-09-04 11:37:06] Doug_W: 700 dollars later

[2016-09-04 11:37:10] Doug_W: I am back

[2016-09-04 12:36:39] chattels: Does anyone know where " Mike " posts ?

[2016-09-04 12:37:24] chattels: I read his posts on " Dinar Guru ", but there is no indication of his site.

[2016-09-04 12:47:41] Doug_W: sorry "C"

[2016-09-04 14:30:28] Donnie: ‹@chattels› what was the title of his post? maybe I can search and find him

[2016-09-04 14:34:09] chattels: 9-4-2016 Newshound Guru mike

[2016-09-04 14:34:32] chattels: www.dinarguru.com/

[2016-09-04 14:42:38] Donnie: being rcookie's posts are next to Mikes posts I'd have to say he's from DU.

[2016-09-04 14:43:04] Donnie: iraqidinarchat.net/

[2016-09-04 14:51:20] chattels: i don't think that he is DU

[2016-09-04 15:00:24] Donnie: no he is not. i just went through DU posts for Sept 4th on recaps and none were from a Mike

[2016-09-04 15:01:17] Donnie: and we know how talkative (opionionated) everyone is on DU so he would have shown up

[2016-09-04 15:08:09] Doug_W: opinions are like uMM well U know

[2016-09-04 15:08:20] Doug_W: back to my race now

[2016-09-04 15:21:49] Donnie: www.dananernews.com/News_...

[2016-09-04 15:22:23] Donnie: He revealed an official source at the central bank preferred to remain anonymous, the central bank's intention to issue a new edition of 100,000 dinars category to the market.

[2016-09-04 15:22:53] Donnie: He noted that "put on the market requires, inter alia, promotional media campaign to get to know them, and being equal to or close to the category of 100 US dollars."

[2016-09-04 15:23:13] Donnie: WHAT??? "being equal to or close to the category of 
100 US dollars"

[2016-09-04 15:23:32] Donnie: the 100,000 Dinar note will be close to $100 USD?

[2016-09-04 15:23:51] Donnie: so drop the 3 zeroes and 100 Dinar is close to $100 USD

[2016-09-04 15:24:34] Donnie: So the 25,000 note will be close to $25 USD????

[2016-09-04 15:25:01] Donnie: Looks black and white to me from this article

[2016-09-04 15:25:17] Donnie: www.dananernews.com/News_...

[2016-09-04 15:25:19] Donnie: .

[2016-09-04 15:26:37] Donnie: seems all the big names left here: OOTW, SCz

[2016-09-04 15:27:04] Donnie: Looks like you're in charge Chattles

[2016-09-04 15:36:22] Donnie: 1 more item from the above article: "He added that this new category would cancel the deal for small groups and gradually be currency 1,000 dinars smaller class rather than 250 dinars."

[2016-09-04 15:38:19] chattels: ‹@Donnie› OOTW is still here. I have not seen sczinn in a while.

[2016-09-04 15:55:29] Donnie: did you see that article i posted?

[2016-09-04 16:05:17] chattels: ‹@Donnie› Yes, not a happy prospect.

[2016-09-04 17:30:11] waldowould: Think that is what is called by the guru's a lop.

[2016-09-04 19:10:30] Ononotagain: 25,000= $25, 250,000=$250, 1,000,000= $1,000 The same as now... but obviously they are getting ready for something.

[2016-09-04 19:11:51] Donnie: From what the above article writes they are planning a LOP. You read and judge/determine for yourself.

[2016-09-04 19:25:04] Doug_W: GN Gang

[2016-09-04 19:56:14] Donnie: ‹@Doug_W› GN

[2016-09-04 20:50:06] chattels: Central bank: $ 50 billion in bank reserves and cover the budget deficit History of edits:: 09/04/2016 20:59 • 328 visits readable Central bank: $ 50 billion in bank reserves and cover the budget deficit [Oan- Baghdad] , a senior official in the Iraqi Central Bank, revealed the size of the amount of foreign currency reserves in the bank.

[2016-09-04 20:50:21] chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-04 22:09:51] waldowould: The only question. Is that billions in dinar or dollars? If anyone has a clue let me know, please.

[2016-09-04 22:38:41] Donnie: a senior official in the Iraqi Central Bank, revealed the size of the amount of foreign currency reserves in the bank.

[2016-09-04 22:39:34] Donnie: foreign currency reserves in the bank - looks like dollars because Dinar is not considered foreign currency.

[2016-09-04 22:49:35] Donnie: Central bank: $ 50 billion in bank reserves and cover the budget deficit

[2016-09-04 22:50:58] Donnie: if Iraq is talking about the Budget deficit and referring to dollars as in $50 billion then it sure looks like the budget is going to be in dollars and not Dinar, just like in the past years.

[2016-09-04 23:36:28] waldowould: But, is that explicitly stated?? Foreign currency could be pounds, dollars, dong or any other type.

--End of Today's Chat--



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