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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat w/ Chattels for Monday 9-19-16

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 9-19-16

Monday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-09-19 07:06:22] Doug_W: GM

[2016-09-19 07:06:33] Doug_W: got that one down pat too Pinky

[2016-09-19 12:46:44] Ononotagain: Hello Everyone ~ the IEX is open... but it has been open... fortune.com/2016/08/19/ie...

[2016-09-19 12:48:02] Ononotagain: Is there a reason why people feel it will show here first ?

[2016-09-19 14:14:20] rocknrollbus: ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› How ya livin'??

[2016-09-19 14:23:33] Doug_W: ‹@rocknrollbus› top shelf Pal

[2016-09-19 14:23:59] Doug_W: ‹@Ononotagain› there is speculation about many things surrounding the dinar

[2016-09-19 17:28:04] chattels: Still having computer issues - may be fixed by Wednesday.

[2016-09-19 17:29:32] chattels: I spoke with the U.S. Attorney's office today about the federal prosecution of Husam Tayeh ( DinarCorp ). There are in excess of 36,000 victims of his fraudulent conduct.

[2016-09-19 17:30:21] chattels: Mr. Tayeh is scheduled to appear for sentencing on January 12, 2017.

[2016-09-19 17:34:31] chattels: [Oan- Baghdad] postponed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, the parliament session scheduled for next Tuesday. According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where], "The House of Representatives hearing adjourned until next Wednesday,"

[2016-09-19 17:35:10] chattels: Great work ethic in Baghdad.

[2016-09-19 17:36:36] chattels: Iraq's regional decentralisation debate is heating up - As the battle of Mosul looms, it may be wise to place on the back burner the debate on regional formation initiatives.

[2016-09-19 17:36:53] chattels: www.aljazeera.com/indepth...

[2016-09-19 17:37:16] Ononotagain: Hello Chattels ~ I understand it was because Mr. Tayeh could not support the reserves he sold, and giving financial advice. I did not read anything about counterfeit dinar, and I did not here of any money or dinar being returned either??? But the dinar was sure good to him before he go busted.

[2016-09-19 17:37:39] chattels: Michael Knights ‏@Mikeknightsiraq .@Mikeknightsiraq it's never a good time 2 undertake radical decentralization, but a fragile post-liberation setting may b least promising.

[2016-09-19 17:38:02] chattels: Michael Knights ‏@Mikeknightsiraq .@Mikeknightsiraq the Baghdad & KRG political scenes r so unsettled that any initiative, however worthy, will b targeted today.

[2016-09-19 17:38:22] chattels: ‹@Ononotagain› I believe that you are correct.

[2016-09-19 17:41:00] chattels: I asked Mr. Tayeh specifically through his un-indicted co-conspirator, the " BombasticGolferGuru " about his ability to deliver on the reserves being " sold " by him and he lied to me.

[2016-09-19 17:42:00] Ononotagain: Im sure he did... haha... not funny

[2016-09-19 17:42:50] Ononotagain: I'm on that list too...

[2016-09-19 17:43:45] chattels: My limited point is that his inability to deliver what he was selling was not a casual deficiency, but specifically intended.

[2016-09-19 17:45:02] chattels: I hope they put them " all " under the jail.

[2016-09-19 17:46:58] chattels: I may have fooled myself with the viability of any increase in value to the IQD, mea culpa, but I am intolerant with liars and thieves.

[2016-09-19 17:49:53] Ononotagain: greed and temptation is a terrible thing... but I would be lost without it. Yes, under the jail is a good place to start.

[2016-09-19 17:50:25] chattels: Who will replace sacked Iraqi defense minister? www.al-monitor.com/pulse/...

[2016-09-19 17:51:18] chattels: " It is likely that the post of minister of defense would remain vacant for a long time for many reasons, particularly since Obeidi has been trying to return to office by appealing the parliament decisions and the investigation findings. In addition, selecting a nominee from the Sunni blocs would prompt other opposing blocs to not vote on granting confidence to the nominee. "

[2016-09-19 17:51:55] chattels: " Shiite and Kurdish blocs, on the other hand, might have different positions on the candidates. The position of the defense minister is of paramount importance, and there are concerns of politicizing it in light of the ongoing war against IS. Thus, all parties ought to select a competent and professional man for the position with utmost care and vigilance. It is also likely that some parliamentary blocs opposing Abadi, such as the Reform Front, would throw a wrench in the process of nominating a new minister for political reasons, mainly their wish to select a minister away from sectarian quotas."

[2016-09-19 17:53:02] chattels: I have yet to see the oft promised list of ministers from Abadi.

[2016-09-19 17:54:05] Ononotagain: I can't tell a Jabouri from the other Jabouri's any more. I have to rely on you and ootw.

[2016-09-19 17:54:13] chattels: Iraq is too busy telling everyone what they want to hear and spend too little time doing anything.

[2016-09-19 17:54:49] chattels: ‹@Ononotagain› lots of Jubourris', eh ?

[2016-09-19 17:55:33] Ononotagain: haha... goodnight all

[2016-09-19 17:55:52] chattels: ‹@Ononotagain› good night

[2016-09-19 17:59:12] chattels: Iraq struggles to stop antiquities smuggling

[2016-09-19 17:59:31] chattels: Iraq has managed to recover some smuggled antiquities, but illegal excavations and the theft of ancient artifacts continue. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/...

[2016-09-19 18:00:21] chattels: Why did Iraq's Shiite National Alliance choose new leader? BAGHDAD — The National Alliance, the largest predominantly Shiite political bloc that holds 185 out of 328 parliamentary seats, decided Sept. 5 to elect Ammar al-Hakim, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council, as its leader in an unexpected move that came without any news about the coalition's intention to choose a new president being previously published. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/...

[2016-09-19 18:01:48] chattels: " This month's election of Hakim as the head of the National Alliance came within a general consensus whereby the coalition’s leading commission would elect someone for a rotational presidency on a yearly basis. This means that Hakim only has one year to complete the task of reorganizing the alliance following six years of differences between the Dawa Party and the Supreme Council regarding the presidency, and suggests that the recent arrangements came to breathe new life into the alliance, which failed to manage the country's deepening crises."

[2016-09-19 18:03:09] chattels: “The meetings between Khamenei and the National Alliance leaders that took place in August focused on the need for cohesion within the National Alliance and resolving the differences over its presidency,” the source said. “Nouri al-Maliki is expected to head the National Alliance once Hakim’s term comes to an end. This will coincide with the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections in 2018 and the formation of a new government, and it will serve as a source of strength for Maliki, who is aspiring to return to power.”

[2016-09-19 18:03:39] chattels: “Nouri al-Maliki is expected to head the National Alliance once Hakim’s term comes to an end. This will coincide with the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections in 2018 and the formation of a new government, and it will serve as a source of strength for Maliki, who is aspiring to return to power.”

[2016-09-19 18:06:41] chattels: The latest " guru gaffe " from the " BombasticGolferGuru " :

[2016-09-19 18:07:35] chattels: " I doubt the HCL is all that important... the reason Maliki keeps bringing it up - he feels like, if he can make it a leading issue, it is divissive enough to keep everyone arguing for years. He would be ' safe in the chaos ' for a long time. Not gonna' happen."

[2016-09-19 18:08:14] chattels: Like he knows what is going to happen in Iraq. He is clueless.

[2016-09-19 18:09:43] chattels: Perpetuating the same old false narrative that anyone can know what is going to happen in Iraq and that our liquidity event is just around the corner. He belongs in Jail.

[2016-09-19 18:12:43] chattels: Iraqi Families Return to Ravaged Homes in Fallujah - City is left with destroyed buildings and deep social scars after being under Islamic State control. www.wsj.com/articles/iraq...

[2016-09-19 18:14:32] chattels: Rise of Iran-backed militias jeopardizes US aid to Iraq - Iran-backed majority-Shiite militias known as the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have been gaining influence as they have helped the Iraqi army kick the Islamic State (IS) out of Anbar province. Iraq's National Security Council recently blessed their participation in the upcoming battle to retake the IS stronghold of Mosul, while Baghdad announced at the end of July plans to incorporate the militias as an "independent" military formation "affiliated" with the Iraqi armed forces. Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/...

[2016-09-19 18:15:08] chattels: " US law prohibits military assistance unless Baghdad reins in PMU."

[2016-09-19 18:19:05] chattels: Newshound/Intel Guru " BombasticGolferGuru " [ i been seeing the word exchange rate in alot of articles recently, if that has anything to do with anything gearing up for something?] Long story short...it is OBVIOUSLY on their minds. TOTALLY AGREED!! SOMETHING IS UP !!

[2016-09-19 18:20:21] chattels: What a joke. Go with the short story 'cuz there is no long story to his superficial and erroneous " analysis ".

[2016-09-19 18:22:21] chattels: Let's see what happens with Zebari when Parliament reconvenes.

[2016-09-19 18:26:59] chattels: Iraq finance minister fights on two fronts - Erika Solomon in Baghdad

[2016-09-19 18:27:11] chattels: www.ft.com/cms/s/0/e9b7c5...

[2016-09-19 18:28:31] chattels: “It used to be — you cover me, I cover you,” jokes Amer al-Fayez, an MP. “Now it’s you expose me, I expose you.”

[2016-09-19 18:29:17] chattels: High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. www.ft.com/cms/s/0/e9b7c5... Mr Zebari says that, in 2012 and 2013, the Maliki government had billions of dollars in surpluses, but when he took office in 2015 there was “only $694m in the government coffers”. Where did the money go? “Exactly,” he replies.

[2016-09-19 18:30:19] chattels: Mr Zebari says that, in 2012 and 2013, the Maliki government had billions of dollars in surpluses, but when he took office in 2015 there was “only $694m in the government coffers”. Where did the money go? “Exactly,” he replies. Mr Zebari says that, in 2012 and 2013, the Maliki government had billions of dollars in surpluses, but when he took office in 2015 there was “only $694m in the government coffers”. Where did the money go? “Exactly,” he replies.

[2016-09-19 18:31:22] chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk Kirk H. Sowell Retweeted Erika Solomon Important article here. Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari is tied down fighting a pointless political ploy.

[2016-09-19 18:31:58] chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk The last issue of #InsideIraqiPolitics reviewed the case v. FM Zebari closely and found it weak. This isn't serious parliamentary oversight.

[2016-09-19 18:32:21] chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk At most, the questioning MP, Haytham al-Jiburi, raised some questions about wasteful spending. He could do the same re many other ministers.

[2016-09-19 18:32:40] chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk There was no evidence, nor even a particularized allegation, of personal corruption by Zebari. By Iraqi govt standards this was minor stuff.

[2016-09-19 18:33:20] chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk There are so many cases of gargantuan mismanagement of the economy in Iraq it is silly that the debate is playing out like this. A game.

[2016-09-19 18:33:48] chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏@UticaRisk And yes I know Haytham J is among those who now use the label "Reform Front." But to close observers the ties to Maliki are clear.

[2016-09-19 18:34:58] chattels: Preparing to retake Mosul from IS 19 September 2016 Last updated at 05:21 BST The fight to free Iraq's second largest city from the Islamic State group will begin within the month, according to one of the senior British officers stationed in Iraq. www.bbc.com/news/world-mi...

[2016-09-19 18:38:50] chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 Sep 
18 Sep 18 2012 Cabinet approved new oil export-revenue deal between Baghdad & Irbil

[2016-09-19 18:39:52] chattels: Monday, September 19, 2016 http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2016/09/security-in-iraq-sep-8-14-2016.html Security In Iraq, Sep 8-14, 2016

[2016-09-19 18:42:15] Doug_W: hiya "C"

[2016-09-19 18:49:44] chattels: ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W›

[2016-09-19 18:50:07] chattels: Whassssssssssuuuuuuuuuuup ?

[2016-09-19 18:51:35] chattels: I have rather enjoyed my computer being down and not feeling compelled to post news. Not that there has been a lot of news with Parliament not in session for the past week or so.

[2016-09-19 18:58:23] chattels: Computer will hopefully be operational tomorrow and I can then continue to bore all with my news posts and offensive commentary.

[2016-09-19 19:16:41] Doug_W: GN gang

[2016-09-19 21:28:34] waldowould: ‹@Doug_W› there u go again. LOL

[2016-09-19 22:33:58] dragrv: if CNN hasnt finally proven to anyone how manipulated news is, what makes you think iraq news is any different, they print and state what they are to say, so thinking you know whats the real truth is, is only YOUR iggnorance

[2016-09-19 22:35:55] dragrv: especially when reading it from HERE and not BEING THERE

--End of Today's Chat--



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