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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat w/ Chattels for Friday 9-9-16

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 9-9-16

Friday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-09-09 08:12:35] Doug_W: GM Uneek

[2016-09-09 08:24:16] chattels: The " BombasticGolferGuru " [do you think they will actually get a successful no confidence vote on zebari?] I think it's a foregone conclusion. He's swinging every direction possible. He's desperate. He was trying to blame Maliki for his demise - less than 24hrs ago. IMHO - they will start with ZEBARI and there will major players on all sides "bite the dust".

[2016-09-09 08:24:49] chattels: The foregoing from the guy who said that " Maliki is GONE ". My sense is that a no confidence vote against Zebari is NOT a foregone conclusion. We shall see.

[2016-09-09 08:26:02] chattels: The developing " accord " between Baghdad and Erbil is too important for both sides and Zebari is too important to the Kurds. This will be a test of strength for Abadi and his government. Zebari offered his resignation early in the reform movement and Abadi declined. Zebari is well thought of in international finance. Obeidi was a different story and he might have survived had he not attacked Jubourri. My sense is that Zebari will survive.

[2016-09-09 08:26:13] chattels: From September 3.

[2016-09-09 08:26:48] chattels: When has the " BombasticGolferGuru " been right about anything ?

[2016-09-09 08:28:36] chattels: Iraqi parliament fails to gather enough votes to unseat finance minister

[2016-09-09 08:28:54] chattels: “We have started a strong campaign and believe that now most factions are for Zebari to stay in his post,”

[2016-09-09 08:29:13] chattels: Zebari himself told Rudaw on Tuesday: “I have broad support not only among those factions that we know, but also among the Shiite and Sunni blocks,”

[2016-09-09 08:29:33] chattels: ........... the longer the voting is delayed the more time members of parliament will have to reach a better settlement.

[2016-09-09 08:29:51] chattels: “Boycotting the parliamentary sessions gave the MPs more time to reach an understanding through consultation,”

[2016-09-09 08:30:05] chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-09-09 08:30:30] chattels: " Foregone conclusion " ?

[2016-09-09 08:30:43] chattels: What a joke.

[2016-09-09 08:31:45] chattels: Some people should observe their right to remain silent and exercise it.

[2016-09-09 08:44:18] chattels: The latest gaffe from the " BombasticGolferGuru " : " Regarding this conversation about them delaying dealing with Zebari in Parliament today - there were "musings" about such shenanigans being possible in the News yesterday and the day before...not out of character for them... lots of changes going on in Iraq right now.."

[2016-09-09 08:44:33] chattels: What ??????

[2016-09-09 08:45:54] chattels: I wonder of the " changes " undermine the certainty of his " foregone conclusion " ?

[2016-09-09 08:46:12] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› good morning !

[2016-09-09 08:46:30] chattels: ‹@lonegunman›

[2016-09-09 08:46:39] chattels: gm sir

[2016-09-09 08:46:47] lonegunman: changes and shenanigans !!

[2016-09-09 08:47:28] lonegunman: doug good morning just passing through !!

[2016-09-09 08:47:56] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› if one is involved with all of this long enough it becomes tiring and irksome to hear the same people continually speak as though they know something

[2016-09-09 08:48:55] chattels: a lot of " irrational exuberance " regarding the unknown and unknowable

[2016-09-09 08:49:08] chattels: Nothing is certain in Iraq.

[2016-09-09 08:49:32] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› after 10 yrs IM just fed up with the personalities of irrational exuberance

[2016-09-09 08:49:41] chattels: Their rhetoric never matches their performance,

[2016-09-09 08:50:17] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› no it does not !

[2016-09-09 08:50:17] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› You a ten year investment vet ?

[2016-09-09 08:51:15] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› sad to say !! that may not be such an high point of my life

[2016-09-09 08:51:22] chattels: I have been holding only for five.

[2016-09-09 08:51:51] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› It has aged me considerably I am sad to say.

[2016-09-09 08:52:19] lonegunman: there are times such as the last year , that i wish i had never heard of iraqi dinar

[2016-09-09 08:52:37] chattels: I know what you mean

[2016-09-09 08:53:07] Doug_W: ‹@chattels› ‹@lonegunman› GM

[2016-09-09 08:53:18] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› me too thought i was going to retire early !! just hope this will help in my old age

[2016-09-09 08:53:28] chattels: I have some hope, but I am increasingly " moving on " psychologically and otherwise

[2016-09-09 08:54:15] lonegunman: we have too ! gotta live life

[2016-09-09 08:54:36] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› indeed, " time waits for no man "

[2016-09-09 08:55:31] chattels: it has been a costly speculation in both time and money for me

[2016-09-09 08:55:54] lonegunman: my neighbors are from northern iraq the father said to me maybe in 20 years or more we might see progress ! so we got that going for us

[2016-09-09 08:57:03] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› good point - some have said all along that the IQD will have value some day, but other investments may out pace it at the end of the day

[2016-09-09 08:57:48] chattels: maybe my children / grandchildren will realize some benefit

[2016-09-09 08:58:30] chattels: ‹@Doug_W› gm sir

[2016-09-09 08:58:31] lonegunman: i did not listen to him ! so who is more nuts me or the iraqi people ?

[2016-09-09 08:59:04] lonegunman: dont answer i know it allready

[2016-09-09 08:59:14] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› we all have a little " madness " in us, eh ?

[2016-09-09 08:59:54] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› in our case more than most ! or is it blind faith?

[2016-09-09 09:00:16] chattels: dreaming dreams is the stuff of life and living

[2016-09-09 09:00:58] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› it was always a mix of desperation and hope / faith for me - a curious mix

[2016-09-09 09:01:01] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› YES IT IS !

[2016-09-09 09:01:25] lonegunman: for us all i think !

[2016-09-09 09:02:18] chattels: the " real world " is calling - regards to all

[2016-09-09 09:02:36] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› IM holding on for sure !! just going to watch the circus

[2016-09-09 09:02:54] lonegunman: have a great day see you around !

[2016-09-09 09:03:04] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› yes, it has become a " spectator sport " for me

[2016-09-09 09:03:24] chattels: I have what I have - no more buying for me

[2016-09-09 09:03:38] lonegunman: busy day for me as well be safe

[2016-09-09 09:03:51] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› oh i am done buying

[2016-09-09 09:03:51] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› you also

[2016-09-09 09:04:18] lonegunman: see ya DOUG !! have a good day

[2016-09-09 09:09:51] Doug_W: ooops I miss gun leaving

[2016-09-09 09:10:45] chattels: A new Iraqi talks with the IMF in Amman on a loan of $ 18 billion www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-09 09:11:14] chattels: Can Iraq borrow their way to prosperity ?

[2016-09-09 09:15:43] Wheresmyrv?: Why should they have parliament meeting to pass important laws if they can keep on getting money from the IMF? That way they can keep on having vacation after vacation while their country slips into the abyss.

[2016-09-09 09:16:27] chattels: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› ‹@Wheresmyrv?› ‹@Wheresmyrv?›

[2016-09-09 09:16:46] Wheresmyrv?: Good morning Chattels

[2016-09-09 09:17:07] chattels: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› gm sir

[2016-09-09 09:18:15] Wheresmyrv?: Werent they supposed to have their new budget up to parliament by mid month?

[2016-09-09 09:19:01] chattels: Progress in Iraq will likely require a new set of parliamentarians with a mind set of national advancement vs. the corrupt accumulation of personal wealth

[2016-09-09 09:19:40] chattels: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› there was an article i read this week saying that the cabinet had sent the budget to parliament

[2016-09-09 09:20:28] chattels: never have known exactly what such meant - probably that the Finance Committee has it

[2016-09-09 09:20:58] chattels: Tammimi has made several comments about the budget this week

[2016-09-09 09:21:24] chattels: She is the committee chairperson I think

[2016-09-09 09:22:29] chattels: here's one from today i think www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-09 09:22:55] chattels: Tamimi * (sp)

[2016-09-09 09:23:15] Wheresmyrv?: I agree, Abadi needs to declare a national emergency and fire all or at least most of the parliament people and to pass the laws himself

[2016-09-09 09:23:44] Wheresmyrv?: Thanks for the link

[2016-09-09 09:24:25] chattels: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› He is likely not strong enough to do so, he needs a successful election where he is the top vote getter as opposed to the compromise candidate like the last election

[2016-09-09 09:24:56] chattels: 2018 is the next national election year as you probably know

[2016-09-09 09:25:13] Wheresmyrv?: And also I don't why Keywords is still in charge of the CBI, you think he would have been gone a long time ago

[2016-09-09 09:25:39] chattels: the current government is about 1/2 way through it's " term "

[2016-09-09 09:26:37] chattels: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› Maliki / SLC / Dawa party is too strong and too divided on several issues

[2016-09-09 09:26:47] Wheresmyrv?: I wonder if Abadi would win a second term

[2016-09-09 09:26:59] chattels: proxy appointments being one - a Maliki favorite

[2016-09-09 09:27:31] chattels: of course Allaq was a Maliki appointment

[2016-09-09 09:28:39] chattels: the foregoing is my take on reading that I have done from Sowell / Wing and other Iraqi commentators - no original thought here by me

[2016-09-09 09:36:52] Wheresmyrv?: I have way more hope in the rial hitting soon than the dinar

[2016-09-09 09:50:00] chattels: ‹@Wheresmyrv?› diversification is a good thing

[2016-09-09 09:50:14] chattels: off to work - laterz all

[2016-09-09 09:50:15] Wheresmyrv?: Yep

[2016-09-09 10:32:54] rocknrollbus: ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› ‹@Doug_W› South of Cleveland.........will be in Charlotte tomorrow!!

[2016-09-09 12:25:42] Doug_W: ‹@rocknrollbus› drive safe

[2016-09-09 16:41:05] chattels: How important is Baghdad’s blessing for a Kurdish independence referendum? rudaw.net/english/analysi...

[2016-09-09 17:02:07] chattels: denied the Federal Ministry of Oil, and the existence of any new agreement for export between the ministry and the Kurdistan region.

[2016-09-09 17:02:34] chattels: The ministry said in a statement, " The previous agreement was still in effect where the contents of the financial budgets for the last two years as well as the financial budget for 2017, .......... "

[2016-09-09 17:03:56] chattels: Clearly the recent understanding between Baghdad and Erbil is limited to Kirkuk and temporary or transitory in nature.

[2016-09-09 17:05:38] chattels: Transport Minister and US Ambassador discuss cooperation in the field of aviation and the completion of the port of Faw

[2016-09-09 17:05:49] chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-09 17:06:25] chattels: The port is NOT completed and my reading suggests that it might be 2018 before it is done.

[2016-09-09 17:08:12] chattels: Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: "Economy and Investment parliamentary reaffirms its support for the efforts of the central bank in the stability of the dinar exchange" Quote: "The Commission on the economy and investment representative, Thursday, to support the efforts of the Central Bank to stabilize the dinar and prevent inflation..." ...Shabibi did keep it stable and within 2% for 10 months. ...Shabibi also was about to implement currency reform. He had a huge media campaign (with the help of the WB) before Maliki stopped him. The good news this time is that it appears that the CBI, WB and IMF and the government appear to be on the same page to accomplish reforms. We can only hope that they begin soon.

[2016-09-09 17:09:57] chattels: Deputy confirm that Iraq needs economic legislation to supplement the budget and calendar

[2016-09-09 17:10:47] chattels: BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / confirmed the Commission services and reconstruction member of the parliamentary Sabah al - Tamimi said Iraq needs economic legislation outweigh the 500 legislation to contribute in supplying and evaluating Iraq 's budget. And suggested in a statement on the continuation of the economic and financial challenges in front of Iraq and the poor investment climate , which leads to osteoporosis in the construction and reconstruction of the country. she said that "there are concerns by investors because of the size of the transaction costs that can not not quantity nor the amount of time and all this because of financial and administrative corruption in government departments without exception." noted Al - Tamimi that " the laws legislated in Iraq since 2004 to this day does not exceed 50 of the total 600 law law and this is one of the reasons for slowdown in economic growth in Iraq ".

[2016-09-09 17:11:03] chattels: www.ninanews.com/News_Det...

[2016-09-09 19:00:37] chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 4h4 hours ago Iranian opposition group MEK finally out of Iraq Last members moved to Albania

[2016-09-09 19:56:21] Doug_W: GNJH

[2016-09-09 19:56:24] Doug_W: uggg

[2016-09-09 19:56:26] Doug_W: GN

--End of Today's Chat--



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