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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wealthwatch Chat w/ Chattels for Saturday 9-10-16

Wealthwatch.world Chat Room 9-10-16

Saturday Member News Discussion - Featuring Chattels

[2016-09-10 07:01:30] Doug_W: GM

[2016-09-10 09:22:21] Donnie: GM

[2016-09-10 09:50:21] chattels: " the priorities that will be working on the National Alliance leader Ammar al - Hakim , the end of a management proxy file."

[2016-09-10 09:50:32] chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul...

[2016-09-10 09:51:08] Sam: good morning chattels... long time no see

[2016-09-10 09:51:16] chattels: ‹@Sam› ‹@Sam› ‹@Sam›

[2016-09-10 09:51:37] chattels: ‹@Sam› I saw where I misses your visit recently

[2016-09-10 09:51:48] Sam: check in every so often to see anything good happening

[2016-09-10 09:51:51] chattels: missed *

[2016-09-10 09:52:10] Sam: is this thing ever going to happen??

[2016-09-10 09:52:14] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› gm !

[2016-09-10 09:52:23] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› gm

[2016-09-10 09:52:37] chattels: ‹@Sam› I wish that I knew

[2016-09-10 09:53:13] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› have not watched this dave fellow ! not sure i want to subject myself to more dribble

[2016-09-10 09:53:58] chattels: ‹@lonegunman› I am no better for having heard it

[2016-09-10 09:54:00] Sam: it certainly doesn't have the same stamina like it had for many years

[2016-09-10 09:54:09] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› IMO even us little people will be able to exchange

[2016-09-10 09:56:04] chattels: work calling laterz all

[2016-09-10 09:56:15] lonegunman: I bought most of mine at 5/3 bank if and when we can exchange that is were i will go they already said they would exchange in the event the dinar is accepted to exchange

[2016-09-10 09:56:26] lonegunman: ‹@chattels› have a good day

[2016-09-10 17:24:12] chattels: Negotiations aim to resolve attempt to unseat Iraqi finance minister

[2016-09-10 17:24:26] chattels: The influential head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, is leading negotiations between Shiite and Sunni factions in an effort to end attempts to oust Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari from his post.

[2016-09-10 17:25:18] chattels: Mohammed Maasudi, an MP from the Shiite Citizen faction in the Iraqi parliament, told Rudaw ......................

[2016-09-10 17:25:41] chattels: Maasudi believes that persistent failures “by the parliament to meet quorum is a clear gesture that some of the parties have changed their minds, aiming to resolve this question by different means.”

[2016-09-10 17:25:59] chattels: Maasudi, whose faction in parliament is led by Hakim, said that his group’s stance is clear to all. We are “against the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari, especially during the critical time Iraq is going through, including the poor economy and the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).”

[2016-09-10 17:26:18] chattels: Zebari is the only Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) ally in the cabinet of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

[2016-09-10 17:26:35] chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-09-10 17:27:31] chattels: If the foregoing proves to be true then i take some satisfaction in having said the following over the past week ......................

[2016-09-10 17:29:03] chattels: " The developing " accord " between Baghdad and Erbil is too important for both sides and Zebari is too important to the Kurds. This will be a test of strength for Abadi and his government. Zebari offered his resignation early in the reform movement and Abadi declined. Zebari is well thought of in international finance. Obeidi was a different story and he might have survived had he not attacked Jubourri. My sense is that Zebari will survive. " - September 9

[2016-09-10 17:30:11] chattels: " The selection of Hakim, a moderate, as the leader of the Shiite alliance likely improves Zebari's chances of survival as Minister of Finance. " - September 6

[2016-09-10 17:30:30] chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr...

[2016-09-10 17:32:17] chattels: Certainly I have proven more " correct " than the following :

[2016-09-10 17:32:32] chattels: The " BombasticGolferGuru " [do you think they will actually get a successful no confidence vote on zebari?] I think it's a foregone conclusion. He's swinging every direction possible. He's desperate. He was trying to blame Maliki for his demise - less than 24hrs ago. IMHO - they will start with ZEBARI and there will major players on all sides "bite the dust".

[2016-09-10 17:33:04] chattels: " a foregone conclusion " it is NOT.

[2016-09-10 17:36:11] chattels: " I doubt that Parliament makes quorum on Thursday and my reading indicates that Parliament will not reconvene until the 20th of September. " - September 7

[2016-09-10 17:36:30] chattels: There was no quorum on Thursday.

[2016-09-10 17:37:22] chattels: "Sounds like Abadi is supporting Zebari as best that he can. " - September 7

[2016-09-10 17:38:48] chattels: " Zebari is the only Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) ally in the cabinet of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. " rudaw.net/english/kurdist...

[2016-09-10 17:40:35] chattels: We shall see. The only certainty is that nothing is certain in Iraq.

[2016-09-10 17:48:18] Doug_W: its interesting at a minimum "C"

[2016-09-10 17:56:17] chattels: ‹@Doug_W› It may have nothing to do with our liquidity event, but as you say, it is of interest.

[2016-09-10 18:29:42] Doug_W: GN gang

--End of Today's Chat--



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