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Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Truth be known" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News with Frank26


 » September 11th, 2016

Truth be known and told ................... i will be saddend if we do not have a packed house for Your CC tomorrow.

Our STUDY that we will SHARE started 11 days ago to be presented to You on the 12th.

For example ............ On the day i left A (Abadi) ACTIVATED the RIDER in the budget to open the HCL for the CITIZENS in turn ..................... Activating The 2017 BUDGET.

But the net and her gurus just do not know how to interpret this. Then there is the Fat Lady that now hides in Arabic Words.

C U on Your CC ................ 2morrow \m/

 » September 11th, 2016

WOW ................

 » September 11th, 2016

Parliamentary Finance reveal: Central bank reserves used in the sale of hard currency

14:31 11/09/2016

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Hossam punitive, on Sunday, for the central bank, using cash reserves in the sale of hard currency, noting that the bank sells in daily currency .auction more than the sale of oil and is the only source of hard currency

He said punitive, for "tomorrow's Press," that "the central bank sells hard currency over the sale of oil, the main source of hard currency," adding that "this is evidence of the use of reserves to provide dinar for the purpose of giving salaries and some operating expenses, estimated at four trillion and a " .half trillion a month

The economic experts in the Prime Minister did not come to dissolve radical for the advancement of" economic reality," pointing out that "not activated the industrial sector through self­financing and stimulate the Ministry of Industry companies and rely on imported and directed dollar is the ".corporate drain of money He cautioned that "the government's inadequate and incapable of advancement of the financial ".reality and monetary policy in Iraq


 » September 11th, 2016


 » September 11th, 2016

The government sent a draft law of retirement and social security to the parliament for approval after Eid

I expected the Labour and Social Affairs in the House of Representatives, on Sunday, the arrival of a draft pension law and social

security to the parliament after the end of Eid al-Adha holiday, as promised to vote on the law "will ease the burden on the public sector," the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary confirmed that the law would give the pensions sector The private.

He told the Labour and Social Affairs, Member of Parliament Abdul Aziz Zalmi, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The government has sent a letter to our committee informing them that they have completed their discussions on the pension law and social security," expected to "this important law, up to the parliament after the end Eid al-Adha holiday".
He Zalmi, that "the law is one of the important laws that will ease the burden on the public sector after the approval in the House of Representatives," adding that "the Labour and Social Affairs is ready to receive this law and make some adjustments to it before putting it in the House of Representatives."

The Zalmi, that "the law of retirement and social security is linked to the work that began in the House of Representatives earlier in the law."

For his part, member of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives Salim Chawki in an interview with (long-Presse), that "the coming period we will proceed in the House of Representatives a lot of laws, including the law of retirement and social security," pointing out that "this law will give the pensions sector Special by deducting certain amounts from the workers' wages to the pension fund. "

The Committee on Labour and Social Affairs in the House of Representatives carried, on Tuesday (19 July 2016), the central government responsible for delay in adoption of the law of retirement and social security for workers, attributed the reasons to "recognize the government that the adoption of the law would take them to new financial commitments", while confirming that the law encouraged to work in the private sector and reduce the demand for government jobs.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced that, in the (third from September 2015), for the adoption of a draft pension law and social security for workers, after some necessary amendments to the paragraphs, while confirming that the draft was sent to the Cabinet for approval.

It is noteworthy that the draft pension law and social security for workers involves several advantages, including the optional security so that the employer is entitled to the categories of self-employed inclusiveness Branch retirement and benefit from the advantages present and future, and to ensure that workers in the informal sector groups, and the inclusion of roving guards and porters, vendors and other provisions of the new draft law , as well asbroad support from the general budget of the pension Fund and social security to pay for the burdens of entry under the social welfare umbrella and implement the content of the international recommendation 204 for the year 2015, which deals with the process of the legal and technical transition from the informal to the formal economy, with increases or raising the level of women working to protect when pregnancy and childbirth and beyond, and to increase the duration of maternity leave to 14 weeks to implement the international Convention on the work 183 on maternity protection.


 » September 11th, 2016

LOL............. That didn't take long !!! Good job.

 » September 11th, 2016

The Ministry of Finance confirms that Iraq is committed to the terms of the International Monetary Fund


he Ministry of Finance announced on Sunday for the conclusion of the Iraq talks with theInternational Monetary Fund to review the implementation of the standby credit program in the Jordanian capital , Amman, while confirming its intention to continue the discussions and consultations through regular annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank in October next in Washington.

The ministry source the conclusion of the regular consultations between Iraq and theinternational Monetary Fund to review the implementation of the standby credit program as afirst stage.

it is indicating that it was during the talks in which he participated and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , a review of Iraq 's obligations and what made the government of prior procedures and standards structural economy and performance criteria and indicative targets.

the ministry source said that there has been good progress in many of the fiscal and monetary areas and in the areas of transparency and control and the provision of financial statements and rationalize costs and increase some of the non - oil resources.

pointing out that it was also reviewing the draft federal budget for the year two thousand and seventeen law, and it was agreed at the expense of the price of a barrel of oil by three and forty dollars instead of the price of thirty - five It proposed in the draft budget and card export of crude oil amounting to three million and six hundred thousand barrels a day.


 » September 11th, 2016

" Iraq's financial situation embarrassing " .... whatever stimulates them to action is good for the country and it's people ... IMO

We don't have dates or rates ... but the people involved in the process sure do ... amazing .... the timing of meetings and things Iraq is doing !! .. how they go together ! .... like Frank's final leg of his journey yesterday .....no time to remove the foot from the accelerator ... til we're home !! ...IMO

 » September 11th, 2016

Quote: "We don't have dates or rates ... but the people involved in the process sure do ..."

What a Masterful way to put it !

 » September 11th, 2016

Parliamentary Finance: No change to the Convention on the International Monetary Fund for the time being

18:39 11/09/2016
Parliamentary Finance Committee, confirmed on Sunday that there is no change in the IMF agreement for the time being, it's all set out the results of the meetings of the Iraqi delegation is .following with the IMF delegation

A member of the Committee Faleh applicable in a statement for "tomorrow's Press," that "the Commission awaits the arrival of the budget year 2017 in order to pursue Mostagdadtha and studied intensively," noting that "today the International Monetary Fund will help Iraq to overcome the ." financial stayed with him, and there is an agreement made between him and Iraq

He said in effect that "the House of Representatives voted on the agreement which is not in the process of change in which, including Article 14, which is for (the lending process from the International Monetary Fund)," noting that "Iraq's financial situation embarrassing and now welcomes any initiative to help fill next year's budget deficit because they are large and may cause " .economic handicaps of Iraq He pointed to the effect that "the Commission is continuing with the Iraqi delegation that met with a delegation of the International Monetary Fund two days ago, and will follow the recommendations of ".the Committee with the delegation and the points discussed and how to apply as possible Iraq and attended meetings with the IMF mission, which took place in Amman, Jordan last week, where the government's economic adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a press statement that the World Bank in the process of activating the loan "long ­term facilitator" of Iraq, the end of the year 2016, as he emphasized that the loan amount An estimated three billion dollars in interest­ ".bearing "very low

Frank26 » September 11th, 2016

Return on 18th ......... 9 days to be behind Fat Lady.

 » September 11th, 2016


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