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Friday, September 9, 2016

Top 10 Hits of The RV That I'll Be Happy To See Go by Tank

Received via email and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles


by Tank

10. Superfantastic: Like most of Dinarland I loved to listen to Tony Renfrow. Although he provided financial advice for a system that will no longer exist, was convicted of a felony and basically created a full-time job out of making promises every week that never came to pass. He was the voice of encouragement for a lot of people for a long time and I can appreciate that. He gave us enough to keep buying currency even if his intentions may not have been entirely honorable as he would have you to believe. However, there has never been a word more misused than the audible nightmare of Superfantastic. No one can honestly be "Superfantastic" during a period where we were all made to look like fools by giving out dates when the RV was going to finally happen while living in a perpetual state of anxiety expecting it to finally show itself. It's like your big brother telling you to "go long and I'll fake one to you." and as you sprint down the field and he pump-fakes over and over again, then turns his back laughing and walks away as you stare into the sun waiting for the ball to appear, you finally replay what your brother said, and realize, he faked me out again. Now walk away from that and say, "I'm Superfantastic." Superfantastic is a phrase I will forever associate with being miserable, but smiling anyway, and that sucks. And I appreciate Tony for doing that for all of us.

9. They're celebrating in the streets in Iraq: There are two parts to this statement that make it awful. First of all, no, no they're not. And secondly, why is it that, in Iraq, they break to the middle of the street to celebrate any time they hear good news? They have houses. from what I understand, they will no longer be celebrating in the streets because they are now a very wealthy country so they can afford air conditioning and a DJ, so it will be much harder to figure out when good things happen there in the future.

8. Secret Avatar Code Names: AdminBill, Dizzy Bear, Tank, Yosef, Platinum, Showme, Big Bewdah, Hula Girl, Terp, Dusty, Bigdog, Magic 8 Ball, FXStrategist, Cheese Luize, Ben Gazzi, Pink Roses, Zero Hedge, Awaken, Blue Flame, Q, just Q, Iko, Millionday, Papaka, Mookie Blaylock, Chaseybear, Joe's Monkey, SkylarkD, Jeepers Creepers, Blade, Wizard, Wizofog, WizKid, Bangers and Mash, Darkman, Sunny Daze, Owl, and so on, and so on, and these are all real fake names of actual people that I have in my phone, and that's not even half of them. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good secret identity, but all these people are heroes that will never really get credit for what they've gone through, and the world they make a better place won't even appreciate that there are real struggles attached to those catchy nicknames of the legendary tales of the believers who changed the world.

7. Time will tell: This has been the go-to phrase of RayRen, which is one of my least favorite phrases in the entire Dinarland. RayRen is a good guy with the appropriate temperament to read babies to sleep, convince someone they're not on fire, and generally bore an audience to tears. However, at the end of the day, there is nothing more deflating than an amazing piece of encouraging intel ending with the statement "Time will tell." Basically what this statement means is I'm really not sure about anything I just said. (So why would I believe anything you have to say if you never make a solid statement with any kind of authority!)

6. There's No struggle: My dear friend Yosef has said to me on many occasions as we put the intel pieces together "Brother, there's no struggle." And by that he's referring to the execution of the master plan seamlessly transitioning from an old paradigm into a new benevolent state of existence. But, the reality is that when you know you've been a slave to a corrupt system your entire life and you're being used by the "benevolent" side of things to hype people up, lie, and basically keep people engaged while knowing that freedom does exist, wealthy people are still getting preferential treatment by exchanging before you, and you are trying to figure out how much longer you can go without paying your rent before you get evicted!!! There *is* a struggle. And that's okay. I think the struggle and the suffering have served a purpose — and I'm glad it's almost over.

5. It has to go by _____: If there's one thing we've all learned it is that "they" don't HAVE to do anything based on any laws, rules, regulations, standard practices, science, math, orders from Mom, Elders being mad, Grandfather putting his foot down, Galactics getting involved, orders from the Spiritual Hierarchy, numerology, horoscopes, the law of gravity, alien portals, or anything else that may dictate or influence behavior. The RV has been like a bad parent with a poorly behaved 2-year-old at a toy store. The child starts screaming they want something, and instead of slappin their ass, saying no, and leaving the store, the bad parent just gives in and gets it for them to shut them up. So "It has to go by _______" is no longer a valid statement because over the time the Cabal has acted up, they always seem to get their way.

4. IMO (In my opinion): This has been the go-to cop out phrase that everyone uses to cover their ass from getting in trouble about making factual statements. It essentially gives one the right to say anything they want, because legally they can always just say they didn't know they were giving out sensitive information that could put the entire world in danger they were just stating their opinion. OOPS.

3. The Admiral: The Admiral is a real person, but not an Admiral. And although he has done a service for us all, even his is quirky secret code name has got to go. The legend of the Admiral has perplexed thousands of Dinarland hopefuls as we've heard reports over and over with power statements like, "the Admiral is done," "the Admiral has entered the codes," and "the Admiral did his thing last night" The Admiral and Grandfather decided to settle the entire timing issue for the RV by doing Sake Bombs until one of them passed out wasted on the floor and whoever was left standing could enter the codes whenever he wanted. The Admiral won, but he was so drunk he forgot the codes and ended up ordering pizza with pineapples and ham instead. Just kidding. The fate of mankind was not decided on by a drink-off, but it hasn't been decided by the Admiral either. This has been a massive shift in consciousness perpetuated by highly intelligent beings that probably don't work for the governments of this world. Because let's face it: if you saw highly intelligent beings working for the government it would be more shocking than finding out that there are clones and aliens.

2. Reno: Also known as the biggest little city in the world. Is there any wonder that we've been the laughing stock of the banking world when we tell them that there's a global currency reset taking place that is the largest redistribution of wealth in history and that we're just waiting on confirmation from . . . Reno? Reno is a cute town but it doesn't scream of a powerful new government coming back into power as a global shift in humanity takes place. Just sayin'.

1. The RV is Done: Nothing has caused more suffering during this process for Dinarland hopefuls than to hear that the RV is done and then wait by their phone for a tweet that tells them they can come exchange. So here's the truth: IT'S NOT DONE UNTIL YOU GO IN, TOO! So please don't ever tell anyone that something is done just because you have inside information that it's gone past the point of no return and some day it will eventually have to complete.

Blech! Can we all just make a deal that after this thing is done that we will ban all of these things from the way we do business? Because they are awful. But they've kept us sitting at the edge of our seats and we're coming into the home stretch. So "Let's Do This Thing!"



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