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Friday, September 16, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 for 9-16-16

(Notes by Adept1):

September 16, 2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Call notes 16-September-2016

Ray: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, September 16, 2016, yours truly RayRen98 here. Where do we go from here? You know the song Getting Ready for the RV, and how I ask “Are you ready to walk in your season?” We say Yes, but today a realization came from the TNT members that some of your are not ready. Anybody can run to the bank and get some money. Where are you mentally, emotionally, philosophically? How do you process information? Do you look at the glass half empty, or half-full? It all depends on how you look at it. How YOU assess things determines your actions and therefore your destiny. You have to be ready to receive information and process it accordingly to be ready for what is to come.

In the training session on Open Mic, a friend came in who works where they train wealth managers; he referred to the zim. The end result was that people panicked and started repeating the information to others in a distorted from. People got wrong information and drew conclusions from that, and that tells me that people are not ready. You should be seeing information as something to be processed, whether positive or negative. It’s information! He basically shared that with zim, the trillion zim notes will receive a certain treatment – they will or will not take off six zeroes. Have a strategy for either one. I have a strategy for it going either way. I don’t have to worry or fret over either position. I can react to whichever they do, and so long as you have a plan for either, you will be okay.

Looking at the trillion, billion and million zim series, there has been a lot of conversation about six zeroes being removed. You’ve asked me for my take, and it’s not my information, so I have no response. Many assume that the billion and million zim series will NOT have any zeroes removed, and you’ve made a plan for that. Some are hearing that what happens to one series of zim will apply to all across the board, and some choose not to receive that. Now today we heard from an authoritative source, and it tells me we need to consider both sides of the coin on everything, not sticking to one position because it’s what we want. That’s not being ready in my eyes. Being ready says “If it’s heads, I’ll do this, and if it’s tails, I’ll do that.” I’m ready for it either way

For those who identified with the million zim series, especially the 500 million notes, you might think that will be the better deal out of any zim purpose, plus it’s the cheapest. You may choose to stock up on this one and not buy anything else. You will have the biggest challenge on what I have to share today, and that’s why this is a training exercise. If you bought the 500 million zim based on information that is 100% one-sided, then you need to consider the other side. You need to have a plan or action for no matter what pops up on either side of ANY of the currencies. If you don’t have a plan for each side, then I’m inclined to think you are not ready – so get ready. You can correct the mental deficiency immediately if you choose to; if there are physical actions required, there may not be time. If the information we are receiving is 100% on point, then there may not be much time.

We started this week with a train of thought, and I wanted to prepare you should that train of thought materialize: “this is it; we are here; no more need for calls like this one.” That was the thought on Monday. On Wednesday, in the midst of the technical problems and controversies, I asked if there was even a need for a ‘traditional call’. It turned out to be appropriate to stay with a normal call, just a few hours later than usual. And more information came to us, and that helped us feel even better with where we are. It did present some questions, such as “do we have to wait for Iraq to make it’s final move before we make ours?” Also, I had the challenge of sharing information with you, depending on whether I believed it was happening now. So many things have happened that we didn’t anticipate; could the US banks make their move before Iraq? Or do they have to be in sync? I shared what the banks over here were saying, that this would go on Thursday into Friday. Thursday came, and some banks still though it looked good for that day or Friday morning.

Then we started getting information from the field, meaning TNT and OM members. One member talks to a banker who sees nothing on the horizon, then the banker pulled him over to have a conversation that no one else can hear, and says, “see you in a couple of days”. Then another member reported that his non-believing bank person called him to say they received a memo saying “setting market for foreign currency exchange’. Now he is a believer!

What else came from the field? Some are saying Friday, this weekend, ‘pretty soon but we don’t know the exact time/day’, other messages members are sending me as texts, phone calls, emails.

On the Iraqi side, I am still getting information – they don’t call the thoughts, but they will say “this will happen and you will see it on such-and-such”. If it doesn’t show, then maybe it didn’t happen, maybe they made it so we can’t see it. The Gazette site is still down, and so is the PM’s site. It could come up at any time, but for the moment, I can only share what was reported to me. What’s the reason the Gazette site is down? There is stuff that we are supposed to be able to see and we can’t, so we just wait. It could be that everything is coming together at some specific time.

The US and Iraq are now saying the same day, according to sources I believe in, and that excites me.

Questions from the Forum:

Q: The banks apparently have an account called the “700 account” . It is a high interest account, but they won’t tell you about it. Can you verify this? A: I don’t know about this. I have heard of a 770 account, but don’t know if that is a banking product per se. Perhaps someone in the banking industry will contact me about that.

Q: My questions are concerning negotiation for contract rates. Through the years with TNT, the rate ranges for the contract rates for the dinar have been from $8-32. That is a large spread. What do you believe would be an appropriate range for us to consider? A: Why not $8-32? What’s the worst that can happen if you ask? Go for it!

Q: What points of info are your top 3 that tells you this is done? A: People in Iraq and outside Iraq.

Q: We get glimmers of private group exchanges taking place. Have any taken place in recent days? In this latter stage, is there an order or sequence of exchanges taking place? Do you know how many layers before us? Are some or most completed? Is the “Internet group” still in line before the public? A: I don’t know the answers to these questions. I don’t know about an order or sequence from MY sources, although members have told me of some of this. Yes, the internet group should go before the public.

Q: How are Pam, Tony and DC doing? A: They are healthy and enjoying life.

Q: This whole issue of urgently needing a trust confuses me. Is there harm in exchanging a small amount and then getting a trust? And, if we do that, are we missing out on the higher rates OR can I just do my exchange, assign a POD, go to the classes, learn and then get the trust? A: There is no harm in doing that – most don’t have the money to set up the entities until you have exchanged anyway. Take your time and do it right.

Q: Where should Tennessee TNT family members would go for one of the task force seminars? Will we find out after the 800 numbers are presented? A: Yes, you will find out after the RV is apparent and present, whether we receive 800 numbers or not. At present there is no seminar in Tennessee; you closest location would probably be Mississippi or Florida, maybe Missouri? Texas? The information will go up as soon as we have a real live release of the RV – we’ll send out a tweet and post in the forum.

Q: Can you go over the Family office entity and how it works? A: No, I’m not that familiar with the Family Office; google it and see if it fits your portfolio.

Q: Do you feel all necessary laws have been passed to let this go? A: Yes. There is not public proof yet, and that is what we are waiting for.

Q: Do you think we are in an RI right now with Iraq? And, when do you expect them to RV? One more thing, do you believe we will get out of this month without an RV? A: I would tend to think we are in an RI. The RV has to be done within 30 days, I believe, so an RI would be safer. I don’t think we will get out of September without all of this being done.

Q: do you think they are waiting for the voting to be done first? A: What voting? Are you talking about the Presidential election? I don’t think anyone’s waiting for that.

Q: What is the name of a custodian(s) that you or others on Open Mic recommend for Self Directed Roth IRAs? A: Look in the forum; members will post that.

Live callers:

865/404 caller: Wednesday you talked about the banking sources and the dates they were looking for, and then the Iraqi intel. Today you said ‘all sources are saying the same day’. What time zone would that be?

RayRen: That is all I feel at liberty to say at the moment.

Caller: It’s the holy day in Iraq, and they are through Eid; what sort of message has been shared with the Iraqi people by the religious leaders?

RayRen: If you have something, that’s fine. The only parts I remember hearing, it was pretty much dismissed as PR stuff, not related to the RV directly.

Caller: Will they want all US banks closed before we start this process?

RayRen: I’m not hearing any conversation like that. We used to get that time zone stuff all the time, when Hawaii is closed/open/whatever, but I’m not hearing anything from the banking people. That was from government sources about when they would like it to be released. Now we are getting more direct banking memos and such, and that is firmer. None of them are indicating a certain time when all banks are open or closed. I would assume they would hear that information as they are prepping for this change.

918 caller: Piecing together the calls today and Monday, there are things you know that we don’t know yet, and we have to pay catch-up with that when all is made public in the Gazette and official announcements occur in Iraq. Did an extension of time occur, as it said your tweet? I believe the time has not come yet. We will know when an official announcement is made to the Iraqi people – their 800 number, as it were. At the same time, we’ll get our 800 numbers. That’s logical. My gut says it’s going to sneak up on us, and we’ll be in the bank in less than 24 hours. In your opinion, am I hot or cold?

RayRen: You ever three lobsters at one time? [Two is my limit.] Well, your gut can handle what it can handle.

610 caller: I’m getting my fireworks out and making sure the fuses are dry, ready to go!

423 caller: When Truckerbabe put that in chat about bankers being ready for Thursday, it seems like you supported that.

RayRen: It was good information to hear, but as I said, at one point I was a little confused about the US going before Iraq – the Iraqi into clearly said the weekend. No one of this is an exact science until it happens. I really don’t know which would go first, or if the US and Iraq would go together. I didn’t have ironclad information, and yet there was clearly exchange activity taking place. Now I wonder if it will go PUBLIC in Iraq before anywhere else. Private exchanges do not make a full public release. I’m equally excited for all of it.

Caller: The banks have been ready before, but there is something now that makes you feel this is really getting ready to happen, right? What about the Gazette?

RayRen: Look at it this way – you’re in cotton-picking country, and you have a website that publishes the laws and proves that they exist. Let’s say that website goes down for a week – you don’t have competent people to get that site back up? Or maybe you’re not ready for it to got back up just yet. I don’t know. I haven’t heard any adverse reactions from the citizens over there. News is not really flowing from Iraq right now. Some members talk to contacts in Iraq, and they haven’t heard from their sources for the last few days. Why would that be? There are many unanswered questions…

Caller: The US and Iraq are saying the same day, and it’s not be coordinated before?

RayRen: It has happened in the past, but there are additional things being said now. There is no guarantee but it’s enough to make me feel good about where we are now.

603 caller: Have you heard anything about exchange centers in New Hampshire?

RayRen: No, not lately – but I wouldn’t worry about it. Have you checked who exchanges foreign currency in your area? Not dinar, just foreign currency. If so, those would be the first branches I would contact.

704 caller: Is Okie part of your team? There have been tweets from him…

RayRen: Okie is not part of TNT, and as I understand it, he doesn’t send out tweets. He is a member of the dinar community and he does his own thing. If you are getting tweets from Okie, that must be from an imposter.

Caller: My local WF tells me they have taken dong off the list of what they sell – what??

RayRen: Where you live, you have nothing to worry about.

513 caller: Banks might give the zim exchange rate with lots of 0s after the decimal point, and that is the equivalent of knocking off six zeroes.

RayRen: How long have you been dating your ‘significant other?

Next caller: Will those six zeroes affect any other currencies?

RayRen: No, that only applies to the zim.

419 caller: First time caller… is that a definitive answer on the million zim notes?

RayRen: We are hearing it on either side, so plan for either eventuality. That way, whatever happens you are good.

601 caller: What city in Mississippi will the seminar be held?

RayRen: Jackson.

Caller: We have a WF here, and for years there was no currency exchange. They changed that a year ago, and the nice lady said that when the value goes up, they will deal with the dinar. Someone else recently said they will not handle dinar, that it’s a scam. I was asking about verification on site; he said they send it off. How do I find out where they send it to, or where the closest WF would be that verifies on site?

RayRen: Maybe he will change his mind, or you will change your bank. Otherwise, call round to the other banks in the area. [WF has a section of their site that lists the branches that deal with foreign currency.] They will have a policy change, and they will accept dinar at the right time. Scout around – you may take your business elsewhere.

406 caller: On Wednesday I grabbed my bag and started for the bank… but… How can I keep up with this moving target?

RayRen: You jumped the gun! Do you receive the tweets about the calls as texts? What notification do you receive?

Caller: No. I can get texts but cannot send them. I just go click on the links online.

RayRen: You need to subscribe to the twitter service. I send out tweets alerting you to updates that are in the public part of the forum. [Send a text saying FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM to the number 40404. Also, you can go to twitter.com, search for THE_TNT_TEAM, and click on FOLLOW. Make sure your twitter account will send notifications to your cell phone.] I have your number and I’ll send you my number, and then you can call me and I’ll walk you through this.

415 caller: I heard the opening statement, and about Thursday/Friday, maybe over the weekend – is that what you are thinking?

RayRen: Anything is possible, yes. They are all saying the same day now. I’ve already shared what I felt was possible to share. But it’s all matching up now. I’m trying not to get us all too excited, and then have a big letdown.

941 caller: I think it’s going to be Monday, from what I’m hearing from people on the ground in Virginia, Florida, several other places.

601 caller: You didn’t have anything ‘ironclad’ on Wednesday; do you now?

RayRen: I believe in the information but I don’t know that it is 100% ironclad or not. This is information from Iraq.

[I had to leave the call here: check Sunny’s Cliff Notes for the closing statement.]

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA



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