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Monday, September 12, 2016

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 for 9-12-16

(Notes by Adept1):

September 12, 2016

Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Call notes 12-September-2016

Ray: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday, September 12, 2016. [TNT did not have a call last Friday.] Yours truly RayRen98 here to get us through one more day.

Where do we do from here? There is a lot to be said and a lot NOT to be said, and I’m trying to find a way to segment this so that the information … I’m trying to be extra, extra nice here… those who don’t care about TNT, the ones that only care about information, I’m trying to say what they need to hear and then address the true TNT members. You don’t have to say you are with us to anyone else, but in your own mind, if you are with us, then you are a true TNT number. We had to cut the numbers off at 20,000, and a few have been banned because they didn’t behave, but everyone else, and our supporters who are not on the site, you are the true members. In due time, you will be able to participate in all that you want to do, and say that you are a bona fide TNT member.

Let’s get into the information. This call is a bit tough to get through because I’m having a mental confrontation with myself on when to give you some of this intel. Bankwise, we have individuals thinking today they would be seeing customers, while others think they will be seeing customers Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Those who did their exchange activity are now waiting to do more. Some exchanged dong and rupiah last week, and their accounts were funded the next morning. When they went in to continue that activity, that was put on holding pending updates on some other exchange activity that was pending. Some dinar exchanges have also been processed with a wait of X hours to see if that concluded. We have not been able to connect with those people for an update.

In Iraq, I posted some information over the weekend. For some of those things, we have to wait for them to become visible. It was reported that thousands were on the streets demanding Iraq ‘complete the reforms’. Information I have received and believe makes me think that was either a wasted effort, or it was successful and they don’t know it yet. I did receive a report that ALL cards have now been loaded, including the international ones. We were all puzzled because apparently ‘loaded’ doesn’t mean ‘funded’ – the latter means they will have access to the funds.

We went on to talk about the closed session in Parliament. In theory they were shut down until the 23rd, but there was a closed session. I cannot give you details from a private session, but my feelings said that some interesting results should be coming from those closed sessions. We were looking for those results to be published possibly in the Sunday Gazette. Hopefully interesting announcements will be made Sunday or today. So far, no announcements of anything have been made publically, and there has been nothing in the Gazette – at any rate, that site has been down all weekend. Hmm.

That’s all I can see on the intel side right now. Now I want to talk to the TNT members. Family, including Open Mic, because there is a lot of overlap, when I first got on this ride some years ago, I came to the conclusion that I have a mission to obtain. That’s what drove me to be involved, to help the Mods on the other site and to participate. Open Mic was created and started taking shape, form and purpose, in addition to TNT. Then came the day that TNT had to change ownership for legal reasons. Some people thought that they could shut down TNT, but TNT is about more than a man – it’s a plan. If you are about a plan, anyone can pick that up from the drawing board and run with it, despite the Tony haters, and now the Ray haters, I guess. So I took ownership of TNT, and the members became mine. Some stayed, some left, some couldn’t make up their minds so we helped them. It’s not about people who don’t think like me or agree with everything, it’s about getting along and co-existing.

The mission was to help as many people as I possibly can get to the Promised Land, and not become a statistic when they get there. Through the years of being on TNT, on Open Mic, going round the country holding meetings, I’m coming to the conclusion that I have accomplished my mission. I got you there, and that’s what I was trying to do, and Tony as well. That was my mission to get as many as possible to that point, through information – not just rates and dates, but the right physical and mental tools to take on this lifestyle change. It seems like we have got there, to the time and place where we can say “you’re on your own now; we’re here, you take the next step and enjoy life.”

I’m sharing that with you so you guys don’t misunderstand what’s going on and where we are headed. Now I have a newer mission I’m embarking on, but that isn’t taking everyone. I got you there, and I’m going across, and you are welcome to go with me, but I’m not taking anyone. We are simply waiting for what is held in darkness to come to light. We are at the gate, waiting for it to open; we cannot push it open. Then you go through on your own convictions and beliefs. If I helped you along the way with your convictions, then my mission has been accomplished.

Questions from the Forum:

Q: Ray, did Tony and DC complete the book they will present to those that assisted us during our “we are the people campaign”?

A: I’ll have to ask Tony and see what the status is on that. I don’t know if it went to be printed or is still in the collection stage.

Q: In your post this past weekend you said that a “loaded” card does not mean the same thing to us as it means across the pond. Would you be able to explain what “loaded” means over there?

A: Loaded means the same there as here, and I covered that in my opening statement.

Q: Ray, will the Eid Holiday effect us?

A: According to the information I’ve received going into the weekend, the Eid holiday was never mentioned, so I assume it has no bearing on what we are expecting any day.

Q: In the past you were over a 10 with excitement. Where are you now? And why?
A: I think most of you can tell where my excitement level is; if not, ask someone. I’m just kidding – my excitement is extremely high for what I have heard. You haven’t heard all that I have heard.

Q: Every day it has been “past due” for a very long time. Yet, some are getting paid so, what do you think about us all going to the bank on the same day? This would be revealing! 

A: Yes, that would be very revealing, and I’m looking forward to that! It may not be the day the public RV takes place – hint, hint.

Q: Re: the post-RV bank gathering at your 13 locations – will you be providing take-home info or website information for those attending these events, such as info packets, CDs, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, etc.?

A: No, and neither will the task force liaisons putting these on. The banks taking part will probably provide some information about what they offer to their clients.

Q: You will probably address this in your opening, but did we see the Gazette and what we wanted in it?

A: No, I have not seen the Gazette – that site is down.

Q: Are the Iraqi folks using the lower denominations and fils?

A: I have not heard anything recently about lower denoms being in circulation. They may be available; they came out at one time and citizens refused to use them because they were worthless.

Q: Are the bankers on high alert today?

A: Some are.

Q: What are the latest rates you have heard on the IQD, VND, IDR and Afghani?

A: You know how I feel about the rates – they are not consistent, so I don’t rely on them. I do rely on one that I have received from Iraqi citizens that they have calculated: $3.71. The other currencies? It’s anyone’s guess. I haven’t heard from citizens in those countries matching what we have seen on the screens, plus they are inconsistent. I gave some averages a few calls back if you want to replay them.

Q: When are the Open Mic calls?

A: Ask a member and if they think you are of good rapport, they may tell you.

Live callers:

865/404 caller: Congratulations on completing your initial mission! When do you anticipate starting the second phase?

RayRen: It has already started manifesting out of the first one. You don’t see it yet, but that answers your question the best way I can. It wont’ be too much longer after you get what you are waiting for.

Caller: In Iraq, it’s been like a ping pong ball. Will there be any official announcement? Will it just materialize? Who might make such an announcement?

RayRen: Part of your question I don’t know, and part I cannot say.

Caller: The Gazette is usually published on Sundays and Wednesdays; do they ever do ‘special editions’?

RayRen: I don’t know of any. The last thing they said to me was that we will see it in Sunday’s Gazette; I didn’t know the site would be down. I haven’t heard from the people over there on this point. Sometimes I wonder if they like to watch us stew!

Next caller: Those who have exchanged – have they mentioned specific banks? Most banks don’t give out any useful information on this. Were these the primary banks?

RayRen: Yes, but it is not okay to share that information. Exchanges have taken place in all parts of the country, not just in one location or area. I don’t know the classification on all the banks I’ve heard these stories from. I know some were at the main banks. I think it’s a good mixture of tier 1 and tier 2 banks. Let’s leave it there.

510 caller: Someone asked a question about ‘exchanging’ but about ‘selling’. At Wells Fargo, they have said they do not ‘sell or exchange’.

RayRen: That is telling you the present; the people we speak to are telling the future. Some know the future and are being told not to tell the future until it becomes the present. Some truly don’t realize what they bank will be doing, and others know but cannot acknowledge it.

Caller: One of the higher ups said, “It’s a possibility”. [Appreciation]

340 caller: What would make the Virgin Islands perfect right now is the RV! From what I gather, we are at the door. Does that mean “any minute, any hour, any day”, or does it mean today/tomorrow? Is there a possibility we will go this week without it.

RayRen: I really don’t know! I don’t know if it’s about Iraq, or if the banks will decide to let people exchange, or what. It’s always a possibility that it won’t be this week, based on things I have heard but you have not.

Caller: I can go with that. Every time you bring up a date, you also say another time if that doesn’t come through. You said the second week in September, and I’m keeping my mind there. When does the 2017 Budget take effect? Has that been passed?

RayRen: Yes, we were told some time ago the Budget had passed, and Amnesty Law as well, and then found out segments of Amnesty didn’t. There are some things now that are yet to be told to you; because they were to be confirmed in the Gazette.

Caller: From what I have NOT been told, I suspect that is good news. I am crossing my fingers and waiting.

512 caller: I’m a bit confused. Am I to assume this is your last call?

RayRen: I would like it to be! There are certain things that I wanted to say today in case I don’t have the chance to say them on the last call. I might be losing my mind, just like everyone else!

Caller: So we are waiting for a news story to leap out of the Gazette…?

RayRen: We were waiting on Sunday, but I’m not sure we are still waiting for that. The Gazette has always been the proof that something took place, not the notice that it has taken place. I can hear something and choose to believe it, but when it shows up in the Gazette says it’s already been done, but doesn’t say when it was approved. The fact that it hasn’t shown up in the Gazette doesn’t mean it didn’t take place or might not show up soon. I cannot just say certain things, but I’m attempting to convey them in a way (until it’s not longer important, and then I’ll blab it all.)

918 caller: This might have been the best intel call you’ve ever given, and I thank you for getting us to the threshold. What you are saying (and how) means you are leaving the old behind and going on to the new… and we will soon be doing the same. We’re playing catch-up, and that will happen very quickly. You’re still going to give us the 800 numbers and instructions, right? [Ray: Yes!] If people listen to you today, this is a done deal, with or without any announcement. You’re moving on, and we should do the same. If everyone gets that, rates and dates are irrelevant. Do you agree?

RayRen: I like what you’re saying!

626 caller: You’re leaving, shutting down the site, not having any more calls?? That is according to texts and chat; people are thanking you like it’s all over. Could you clarify what it means when you say you are looking forward to a new beginning?

RayRen: I thought my opening statement was succinct and to the point. Members, this is not the last call. The site is still up. We are here, and we’re not going to shut down until you are gone. You have to get to the Promised Land, and then you have to step onto it and go. You will then disappear over the horizon. There will be no further need for TNT because everyone will have gone on.

Caller: I think you cannot tell us everything, to protect people. There were millions of the tribes who eventually got across the Red Sea. We are in the middle of that, so you will have to stand on that rock with the stick in your hand until we are all through.

RayRen: I think you are listening too much to what you think I am saying about me, and not enough on what I’m saying about you. This mission is about helping YOU obtain YOUR future. I was already there out in front, and now I’m saying “we’re there”. Now I’m going in this direction, and I don’t expect anyone to follow. It’s every man for himself, and you go where you choose to go. When people listen to this call again, they will probably have a different take on it. When something you didn’t expect to hear hits your ears, it can take a little while for your brain to process that. Listen again…

406 caller: Did you ever tell us anything interesting about Wells Fargo, like merging with other banks?

RayRen: I haven’t heard of any bank mergers. You did hear me say that some banks bought other banks, but I didn’t give any names. If that affected your bank, you would know by not.

I had to leave the call here.For Ray’s closing remarks; check Sunny’s Cliff Notes.

[Note: Ray closed with …Pomp and Circumstance – graduation day?]



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