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Monday, September 5, 2016

"This is Staggering" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » September 5th, 2016

So...we have HCL, mention of lower denominations, opinion on need for new CBI Governor, another denial for Maliki, new US Ambassador with ties to Kuwaiti revalue..not a bad news week! Steroids, indeed! IMO

 » September 5th, 2016

The corruption is too nice a word ... this is staggering !!! ... IMO

It's beyond unbelievable isn't it !!! .... these are the guys causing all the problems in Parliament and the GOI right now .... It's why they try so hard to stop any real progress and want to stay in their blocs .... to hold onto the mafia network they created ... no wonder they needed to hang on to Maliki so long ... to create the boxes of files they now have ... it will be very interesting to see how this goes .... oh !!! like Frank teaches ... they are not bankrupt .... or unable to back the value of their currency .... by any means !! ..... they know what's coming !!

Don961 » September 5th, 2016

Newspaper: How demolition of corruption and Iraq produced Daesh .. officials squandered 1.7 trillion dollars

A few years ago, when he was Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki remains in office, a team of his closest aides traveled to the Jordanian capital , Amman, and they rented suites in one of city 's most luxurious.

They went to Amman to hold meetings with foreign businessmen who came to seek a lucrative contract for a project in the field of energy, would help the restoration of the damaged infrastructure of Iraq.

Baghdad was, like the rest of Iraq, in a state of chaos, so it was dangerous for visitors to go to it, in addition Oman provides greater privacy of the Iraqi capital, which was a prerequisite for the holding of those meetings, it was business coming to offer bribes to Maliki and other senior government officials in exchange for a decade, according to a report in the New Republic. chaired these meetings Kata Ngyeman stapes, director of the ceremony as prime minister. and is famous for the two men, and stapes Maliki, corruption and cruelty.

Ft Munir Haddad, President of the Special Court , which issued the death sentence of Saddam Hussein, a complaint in 2014 that they had threatened him with death if they did not intervene to stop the investigation into the charges of using the security services to kill political and business rivals. After several days of submission of the complaint, Smith was the target of a failed assassination attempt. The investigation has not been completed. 45% of the deal , according to a businessman who attended the meetings in Amman, the stapes conditions is simple: win the contract upon delivery of the share of 45% of the transaction, in addition to push a huge introduction to the Iraqi company controlled by associates of al - Maliki , officials said .

The Iraqi company, in contrast, offer bribes to a number of political leaders, mostly from the ruling Dawa party , which belongs to al - Maliki, in addition to a small number of Kurdish officials for their approval before it arises energy project on their land. the
businessman says that the people who run the company had been unaware of the details of this project, they were only dreaming of riches. It was not respect the technical with the ability or experience: The role of the stapes is limited to the distribution of funds. As an investor, you may not get any profit for five or six years. But the policy receive their share in advance. "

Not surprised by any of the businessmen at the meeting how daring or corruption.
The foreign companies that apply to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq are forced to take Iraqi officials as partners in order to secure the deal.

The American taxpayers that send money to arm Iraqi soldiers in the war on al - Qaeda disappear often in Swiss bank accounts.
did not buy weapons is already, but more than that, the money will end up in the hands of America 's enemies.

corruption was widespread on a very large scale , so that helped pave the way for a new threat altogether the company that won the contract to power in Amman no longer able to complete the project, because the land that was intended to build the project it was soon taken over by the organization Daesh.

1.7 trillion dollars are still reasons for America 's destructive adventure Iraq has been controversial. How can the United States, having spent some $ 1.7 trillion of taxpayers ' money, to publish more than 115 thousand troops to topple Saddam Hussein and rebuild the country, to end up with a failed state led to the emergence of a new quality of the brutality of terrorism.

Wondering US newspaper report : was this a failure of the military strategy, or the political will ? Are we finished the war quickly, or is it time took longer than necessary ? Did we spend enough to rebuild the country 's infrastructure construction, our face or our assistance to the wrong places? The answer may be much simpler, and more humiliating in the end: that men who Qldnahm power in Iraq Srkona. If the American resources have been used as required, what was Daesh exist now.

Businessman who tried to get the energy deal "was the secret of al - Maliki and his men he says. We did not at all know who gets the money, but al - Maliki won a share of each deal, with the rest of government officials. They have set up a detailed system that make it seem as if the development has already been based on legal contracts and tenders, but all that was corrupt. Thus disappeared a lot of American money. "

Difficult to exaggerate in describing the destructive role played by corruption in the collapse of Iraq and the rise of Daesh.

According to a report released in March / March 2016 by the Audit Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, it has spent the Ministry of Defense of the country 's $ 150 billion weapons in the last ten years, but I only got $ 20 billion worth of weapons.

it was a great part of the equipment they obtained unavailing, they have bought the hardware - making in the seventies of the last century from the former Soviet bloc countries, and the bills are issued four times its value actual.

he says a contagious US newspaper report: in late 2015, informed sources told me that the US Department of defense sent a shipment of new weapons to the Iraqi government, including sniper rifles, were supposed to be sent to Sunni fighters in Anbar province. Instead, corrupt officials in the Interior and Defense Iraqi ministries sold to "Daesh" used to kill Kurdish fighters (Peshmerga).

A former official of the US Central Intelligence spent considerable time in Iraq: " The Kurds are still using equipment that we gave them in 2003. they are forced to buy ammunition and weapons that the US government gives to Baghdad of Iraqi government officials , corrupt. "
weapons are not the only target for corruption. When it comes to huge amounts of money that flowed to Iraq for reconstruction and economic development, the officials at each level of government is more focused on filling their pockets from the rebuilding of their country 's devastating.

Employs foreign companies seeking deals in Iraq and brokers with good relations, to be able to bribe senior officials in exchange for contracts.

in the case have emerged recently, many of the giants of American power, including Weatherford and FMC Technologies seconded company operating in the energy sector Monaco called Unaoil headquarters. In 2012, Unaoil was paid millions of dollars to senior Iraqi officials, in exchange for granting contracts to clients Unaoil, with huge profits often, because the government has agreed to buy products and services at inflated prices. Thus, drained the money that was earmarked for reconstruction by corrupt officials and private companies.

Disclosed internal e - mail messages that Unaoil pay the biggest bribes to two Iraqi officials call them M and Teacher Join .

The latter is Hussein al - Shahristani, who served as oil minister and vice - president Minister in the reign of al - Maliki. (He is currently the Minister of Education in Iraq). The M is the cream Allaibi, who succeeded al - Shahristani , the oil ministry.

Was Jafar al - Musawi , taking advantage of the generosity of another Unaoil, it was his code name of Lighthouse in e - mail messages. And he has served as oil adviser to a number of heads of government, including al - Maliki. Since then , he was appointed deputy minister of petroleum refineries.

Says Erik Gustafson, director of the Center for Education for Peace in Iraq, "it has been replaced by technocrats in key ministries and politicians who are beholden to their parties. There is no competition for government contracts because they are given to those who Evdilhm party " . Life luxurious looting of aid and US contracts in Iraq enabled the elite to enjoy luxurious life styles, more suitable for the Beverly Hills of Baghdad.

The spread own neighborhoods, like the McMansion, and protected by armed guards around the country, roaming the streets aristocrats narrators luxury cars made abroad, eating in restaurants compete dishes . Restaurants Western capitals.

Has about corrupt officials and businessmen huge amounts of money to foreign havens in Jordan , Dubai and Singapore, and in the London real estate as well.

according to the integrity Commission, was the discovery of $ 6 billion in an Iraqi government funds recently in a cellar in Lebanon, also it sent another 14 billion illegally United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran and the United States, and various European countries.
in October / October 2015, Adel Nouri, a member of parliament and spokesman for the integrity Committee , announced that 10 ministers, including former officials of the defense and oil, interior, transport and trade, has committed acts of massive fraud.

Nouri said: "some ministers accused of receiving 900 million dollars in bribes. Some ministry decades Phantom valued at $ 1.5 billion. "

Sprawling corruption in Iraq , going through religious and ethnic barriers, but the lion 's share of the suspicious money went to the Shiite majority in the country.
Maliki, which is still the most powerful man in power , despite giving up the post of prime minister , he had established the infrastructure of the graft during his period for this position, and through the governed in the ministries of defense and internal security and intelligence agencies as well as the electoral commission.

but corruption was also extended to the Kurdish communities in the north, where it was Massoud Barzani family - President of the Government district Kurdistan since 2005 - Ngnm huge share of government revenues.

there is also the leader of a prominent Kurdish Barham Salih, who was a modest and simple living in the state of Maryland in the United States before the US invasion in 2003, but today owns a large estate in the area Majidi Mall, one of the neighborhoods wealthy people in the city of Arbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

on the Sunni side, the former Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al - Mutlaq spends his time between Baghdad and the Jordanian capital Amman , where he owns a very large property was bought with money the government looted, according to a source familiar with .
"is not the government but the cake, and each of them share and share, "Thus he commented Hamid sitting, a businessman from Anbar province , and his father , a tribal elder in the region.

fate of the reformers and the most surprising in this widespread corruption in the Iraqi media is how the authorities ' handling of the reformers who are trying to combat fraud and graft, and also ignored the administration of President Obama declared the war by the authorities against the reformists.

in September / September 2015, the breeze Naim, a Commerce Department staff members were killed in a car bomb explosion which stands hand over some documents to the integrity Commission to detect patterns of corruption in the ministry in which it operates. (Has been investigated with the Minister of Trade Milas Karim in the circumstances of the incident, but he was released and acquitted later.)

Has faced Integrity same body threats since its inception, the first presidents Judge Radhi Hamza al- Radhi had received anonymous death threats after pressure from the Maliki government to ease the grip of the body for some officials accused of corruption. However, Radhi resigned and fled to the United States where he obtained political asylum in 2008. The belief is that the blame for this matter should be directed to George W. Bush, and Barack Obama has tried as much as possible to manage the crisis , which he inherited from his predecessor.

But the presidency Bush had ended after five years on the invasion of Iraq, while Obama bears responsibility for the disasters that have followed over the past eight years. Six years out of eight have intersected his al - Maliki as prime minister with Obama assuming the presidency of the United States.

It is believed that al - Maliki is primarily responsible for the corruption and sectarian violence that tore the country. He was succeeded by Haidar al - Abadi has made some reform measures under discussion but it has not yet been able to shift thousands accused of corruption in the ministries of his government elements. In fact, corruption has been rampant and entrenched in Iraq seems to him that is impossible to eradicate it and remove it . A year before the election of Obama, was the chief investigator in the Integrity Commission, Odhob peace, fugitive had fled to the United States. The Odhob had received death threats, such as Radi before him, he has killed more than 30 of his colleagues.

Made Odhob testified before the US Senate , saying that "corruption and waste" has proliferated among the Iraqi government, particularly in the corridors of the Ministry of Defense, "which resulted in favoritism and bias partisan, nepotism and lack of financial control in its simplest form to embezzlement and theft and waste of billions of dollars of American taxpayers ' money. "

in one of the graft cases, investigations have led Odhob to the discovery of a holding company called" the ongoing Senate "managed by Nair Mohamed Ahmed al - Jumaili, a smelting Iraq's defense minister.

he was Jumaili has made his fortune by getting kickbacks and bribes from US companies contracted with the Iraqi government. And it refers Odhob that among Jumaili clients company "AM General", a South Bend American , Indiana - based, as they claimed to pump millions of dollars into Jumaili company as part of the contracting company requires a supply of vehicles Hamڤa to the Iraqi army.

According to the testimony of Odhob, the AME Gen. submitted bills worth up to $ 18.4 million to the Iraqi government in exchange for a fake business, while it provided less than 170 Hamڤa wagon out of 520 stipulated in their contracts with the government.

and here insist the question: Where did all that money? According Odhob, the Jumaili was "known for his support of the base" has deposited some of those funds in the bank accounts of the base in Amman.

In his testimony Odhob added: "I was convinced without a doubt that corruption was the reason for the deaths of many of the American soldiers." He is stressing that "Iraq has never received any of the armored vehicles requested by the government of AM General. Al - Qaeda has been better armed than the Iraqi army, was that corruption is the reason for this."

Not at all check with Jumaili against the backdrop of those bribes. As well as it continues to AM General Corporation, which denies those charges right, of the leading contracting companies with the US government. In April / April 2016, Hillary Clinton visited the premises and facilities company in South Bend during the campaign to win the Democratic nomination in the state of Indiana, where the company praised and management.

With the lack of hope for any repairs come from Washington, the Iraqis pretending in the streets of Baghdad. In the same month that Clinton has visited the AM General, April \ April 2016, hundreds of Iraqis broke into the Green Zone in central Baghdad, Mojtahin the headquarters of the Iraqi parliament. He was a prominent leader of the Shiite and anti - US Muqtada al - Sadr called on the demonstrators to take to the streets, calling them a "gift of great popularity and major revolution to stop the extension of corruption."

The demonstrations continued during the summer. In another context , emphasis on the human cost of corruption, some marches anger came after a car bomb attack, claimed by Daesh and led to the deaths of more than two hundred people.

The driver of the car had passed through security points and the guards searched the car but the explosives detection devices was false. Those devices did not contain any batteries or electronic components, but only some collectors airways.

The United States and the Iraqi government was aware years ago that these devices useless, Iraqis and calls it in jest , "soup detection devices." Iraqi Ministry of Defense has spent at least $ 85 million for the acquisition of such equipment from the British hustler named James McCormick, who is serving a sentence of 10 years on charges of fraud and forgery.





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