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Saturday, September 10, 2016

"The More Loans" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News with Frank26


 » September 10th, 2016

IMO .......... The more they take loans ........ The more profound is their need to RI/ RV.......It use to be for the last 12 years we GAVE them money .......... This is a different Species… also remember KEYWORD normally is used to designate DRS

 » September 10th, 2016

Thanks Walkingswtick…..Well Iraq/CBI ... if you would increase the value of your currency , to say over a dollar per IQD .... perhaps the Dinar would be more in demand than the US currency ... IMO

 » September 10th, 2016

I think it was back in February Frank said oil needed to reach $45.00 a barrel. Now we see why!!!.... This is for you Frank!...TA freaking Da!!!

 » September 10th, 2016

Yes we did ......... Dang u take good CC NOTES!!! LOL

 » September 10th, 2016

International Monetary suggested price of $ 43 oil in the budget deficit in 2017 and describes as "great"


**Counting the International Monetary Fund, said on Saturday that the size of the deficit in the budget for Iraq in 2017 and a large hard-covered, and while stressing the need to reduce it by half, I suggest the need to determine the sale price of oil at $ 43 a barrel, instead of the current price budget.

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords in an interview with (long-Presse) on the sidelines of the Iraqi delegation to the ongoing in Amman, the IMF mission, said that "discussions revolve around two axes foundations first concerns the periodic review of the Convention on the willingness of credit, and the actions taken by Iraq during the period that followed the agreement." .

He added Keywords "The second axis has focused on discussing budget for Iraq in 2017 and the study of its terms and size of expenditures and revenues and the deficit expected in," noting that "the Iraqi delegation For his part, presented a report on the actions taken during the last period, The Fund delegation point Iraq's commitment to implementing most of the provisions of the Convention , and with a limited items requiring completion in November of this year, a month ago. "

among Keywords that "the Fund found that the size of the deficit in the 2017 budget of 34 trillion dinars difficult to be covered, and should need to be reduced by more than half." represents a large deficit is He noted the central bank governor and the agency that "the bank's view sees this deficit carries great risks and there is a need to be reduced, especially if the proposed coverage of the resources in the budget bill is not possible and is readily available, which would disrupt the implementation of the general budget allocations and have distorted implementation and puts the Ministry of Finance in a difficult position." .

Keywords and continued that "the size of the deficit will increase the general government debt to very high levels, where domestic debt will be only on the government end of this year more than 40 trillion dinars," adding that "the government's borrowing and demand from the central bank to buy treasury transfers impact and will greatly affect the Central Bank foreign currency reserves, the fact that pumping Iraqi dinars without the presence of Maakablh of the dollar, which means generating demand for the dollar more than it received by the Central Bank of the currency from the Ministry of Finance. "

Keywords and pointed out that "the requirements of safeguarding Iraq's cash reserve call not to build the budget on the deficit exceeds the effective level of public debt service reserve," pointing out that "the Fund suggested that the price of oil source in the budget of 2017 about $ 43, based on the expectation of prices in the coming period of oil, as the fund proposed further reductions on costs and increase some of the revenue that is still being sought on them. " Link

 » September 10th, 2016

the facts are pretty obvious and irrefutable !! ....Thank you sir !! .... why indeed .... .... Sadaam II .... what an ego !! ... Betting the powers that know his games are stronger than the power he thinks he has at his disposal ..... it's coming ....IMO

 » September 10th, 2016

May I SHARE ? IMO ....... When they are READY to tell You about Mosul is when some will be Done with M…….his need will be extinguished

Walkingstick » September 10th, 2016

How is Nouri al-Maliki not in prison?

The received wisdom in the West is that the United States is the main culprit for why Iraq today is a failed state. And there is certainly plenty, well documented evidence that the poorly planned invasion in 2003 had set the scene for years of conflict in the country.
What is less understood is that the military and diplomatic failures of the initial invasion had largely been corrected, at great financial and human cost, through the Surge and the Awakening, by 2008-2009.

The Surge, when the US recommitted itself to bringing order in the country in the wake of the Sunni-Shiite insurgency – and the awakening by which many of the militias formerly hostile the US and the American-backed Baghdad government had been brought around and persuaded to turn their weapons on the rising al-Qaeda elements in the country – had set the scene for a functional state, and even a working democracy in Iraq. The real failure since 2010 has been administrative.

In this, the key culprit has been the Iraqi former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki. Maliki was elevated to the post of prime minister in 2006 by the Americans, as one of the few Shiite leaders of Iraq who would be able to command broad support amongst the diverse demographics of the country. And indeed, in his first years in the job he had been a major asset. He was key to the success of the initiatives which had brought Iraq to a promising position in 2009-2010.

But his commitment, it turns out, was not to a united Iraq. Apparently, his primary allegiance was to his party, the Shiite Islamist Dawa party, and to his own pockets. As soon as the Americans, now under the pacifist-minded leadership of the Obama administration, looked all set to leave Iraq, Maliki moved in to capture the institutions of the Iraqi state for his Dawa party.

He allegedly set up a system to funnel US aid funds out of the reconstruction effort and into allegedly his own private patronage network, buying the support of just enough followers, Shiite but also some Sunni and Kurdish leaders, to keep the gravy train rolling indefinitely. Some $500bn are alleged to have been funnelled off through various schemes during his 8-year tenure as Prime Minister, mostly from US companies and taxpayers.
Implosion of political consensus

Maliki’s twin moves to monopolize the political process in Iraq while also robbing it of the funds it needed to rebuild seem to be the key reasons for the implosion of political consensus in the country, and the rise of violent confrontation between diverse groups.
What is more, the chronically under-equipped Iraqi army was so vulnerable to the early advances of ISIS, arguably because the money it had received to buy equipment had largely been siphoned off by Maliki’s cronies.

But while the main blame falls squarely on the corrupt Iraqi political leadership for the catastrophic mismanagement of the country since 2010, the United States is not without fault either. They had been warned by many of those working in the country for the American mission that Maliki was going to squander all the blood and money the US had invested in Iraq, for his own political and financial gain. Yet eager to leave Iraq as quickly as possible once it looked remotely stable, the Obama administration failed to heed the warnings.

And, perversely, after all the Bush-era rhetoric about bringing democracy to Iraq, it was the liberal Obama administration which first signalled the catastrophic direction Iraq would take when they decided to stand by Maliki despite the charges that he had stolen the March 2010 election, in which he had nominally lost to a moderate, pro-Western, multi-ethnic coalition. However, he apparently managed to coerce the courts to rule in his favour.

In doing so, the United States, led by Obama, chose to favour corrupt autocrats for the sake of “stability” over prospects of potentially destabilizing democracy. Except this time, the United States has not reaped “stability” from its choices. It has reaped ISIS. The question that still remains relevant though is the following: how is Nouri al-Maliki not in prison?




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