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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"The How to of Figuring How Much" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:43 PM EDT on September 13, 2016

I have questions about figuring out how to convert currency…… that I have searched for hours and hours over several days….to find the answers - and have not – please help!! Perhaps others are searching too!

Long before I ever heard of the RV/GCR – I was one of those who have been holding the vision of a corrupt-free world, where humanity lives in peace and security…where ALL humanity has the opportunity to thrive – living a life free of oppression and war. Humans prospering freely – living out their God-given potential.

I knew it would take resources to become the philanthropist I knew in my heart I longed to be. I wanted to create a TEAM of philanthropists! To give the world what the world so needs now!! But how!?! I tried different avenues….unsuccessfully…. but I continued to hold the vision of a brighter tomorrow, where I no longer had to eke out a living as a single mother of two, with a special needs daughter, with a highly compromised immune system....putting all my resources in keeping my daughter from living in the hospital system. Without financial support from the girls’ father – it’s been years of just getting by. But I continued to gather our healing tools and our ascension kit – and drew closer and closer to Source. Writing, writing, writing….I created the blogs and articles for my future online project – bridging solutions to humanity, as we ride the wave of the expansion of consciousness that we are on….the Great Awakening!

Then, a few months ago, I heard of the RV/GCR!!! And NESARA/GESARA!! The years and years of the behind the scenes things that endless dear souls have been up to in order to make this a reality!! Bless their souls!!! And I knew in my heart, this is what my visions had helped create. All these things described the good stuff I used to speak about at the pyramid gatherings I used to facilitate!! God how I love the Universe!!!

I now hold currency – not a lot compared to what I am understanding the ZIM holders have in value - but about 5 million Dong. (A few hundred dollars of Cnd is what I had, to put into purchasing the Dong that was suggested to me) It was my understanding, when I was directed by the beloved lightworker who I first heard about the RV/GCR from – that the RV meant that all money would be worth its face value at the time of the revaluation. I thought that meant that 5,000,000 Dong would convert to 5 million US dollars, or 5 million Canadian dollars. (Where I live)

But now I’m understanding that those, like me, who have endless humanitarian projects we want to not only support, but be involved in AND create– that we are able to ask for a negotiated exchange rate – not just straight across (if appointment made in first 48 hours of 800# release)… And so, as much as I have tried to research for the answer to what I am about to ask – I have found no answers – and I believe there are likely others who are rather new to this process as well, and therefore could also benefit from seeing this:

I need help understanding the following:

If the above is correct- can someone please help me understand more fully – because there is a big difference as to what I could do with 5 million dollars – as compared to an almost endless amount of about 500 million dollars! (or any amounts in between) So I want to be sure my understanding is correct. The beloved lightworker I mentioned, suggested to just go into the redemption appointment with my dreams and projects and trust that I will get what I need. But I am the type to want to know what I’m doing and go in as prepared as possible – this will bring me endless peace and confidence. It will also help with the details of visualization.

If I have $5,000,000 – my own desires for myself and my daughters would become a reality – all those dreams we’ve held for so long – like taking them skiing and having our own house again. Having our bodies healed, helping and supporting family and friends, and others’ businesses and projects, and things in the community, the homeless….as well as being able to open and support my own online project. But with $500,000,000 – there would also be endless humanitarian projects I could help bring forward and others that I would like to fund and create! Free energy and the healing of our Earth…you know, all the good stuff we are all desiring to do!

If this is correct – and I will be able to negotiate to receive much more – then I would like to be much more prepared to present many more ideas than I would be able to present with the $5,000,0000 converted to $5,000,000 US converted to Canadian. So, I’m asking the following questions to clarify if I am understanding things correctly:

1) If I have $5,000,000 Dong – do I exchange it for 5,000,000 US Dollars and then convert that to Canadian dollars? (since I’m Canadian)

2) Alternatively, do I ask for the higher rate so that I don’t only exchange straight across for $5,000,000 US – but in fact, with the higher rates – can negotiate up to $113 on the dollar – meaning the $5,000,000 times for example - $99 – would result in an exchange equalling $495,000,000 – over a structured payout. Is this correct?

Also – please help me with the other numbers that I also heard – none of which I understand: I believe it was Yosef and Tank, in a call I listened to – they said that if you can have your humanitarian ideas laid out, the bank team will help you with a pay structure so you can reach your goals – so I need to have an approx. range of what I actually qualify to go for, so that I can, as they suggested, lay out my plans.

I have searched and searched for how to figure out how to actually do approx calculations for the currency you hold – and I cannot find an answer. I would be so grateful if I could receive direction. (or a link with instructions) It may seems like such an obvious answer to some – but when I arrive at answers – I am actually only guessing how this works!

The following figures were also given in the call, that make me even more unsure:

After revealing the high end of the sovereign rates, which included the Dong @ $113 – these figures were also given:

3) The Dong was 22,000: 1 -- Can you explain this please? Do I need to know or use this figure at the time of exchange? (I’m thinking this is where the Dong was at the time of the call right? For a US dollar you would need $22,000 Dong ??)

4) It was also said that the screen rate was $4. What does this mean? Does this mean that, with my example – that if you used this figure that the exchange would be $4 x $5,000,000? (Resulting in an exchange equaling $20,000,000 US?) Is this what is meant by “Market” rate?

5) I also read that the Dong was being reset to pre-war rate of 2:1 – what does this mean? Do I need to know or use this figure at the time of exchange? Does this mean that if this rate was used that it would be $2 x $5,000,000? (Resulting in an exchange equaling $10,000,000 US?) or does it mean half the value? (Resulting in an exchange equaling $2,500,000 ) Or maybe neither!!

6) With the GCR – do you know if the Canadian dollar will be worth the same as the US? (or is that down the road??) If it is a different rate – do I convert to $US dollars – and then to Canadian $?

7) Do I ask for the new US$? (rainbow)

8) Should I not transfer too much into Canadian $ since we are fiat as well?

I think you can see why this newbie is confused!!

It was also said that we needed to understand the different rates: Sovereign/Contracted vs International vs Market ……whatever all that means – I wish I did understood – can anyone help? (for example – the “screen” rate mentioned earlier – is this the “Market” rate?)

Blessings of love to everyone!! For all you have done to turn our desires into our realities….soon!!! Blessings of love to all those who have been prepaving the way in which prosperity is being achieved!!

This is so amazing it feels surreal!



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