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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 9-29-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight in Big Call country, the 157 people who requested the Big Call number through Wells Fargo. Glad to have you here. Hoping for a Big night and call tonight. Shout out to the listener in South Africa, Suzette.

Bruce: We are in an exciting time. A lot going out there regarding the blessing we are expecting any time now. Stay confident this is coming immediately.

Bruce: Where we are and what is going on. Again, I am going to welcome everyone especially those who are first time listeners. Thank you out there who are faithful to come back Tuesday and Thursday night. We are heading toward 5 years on the Big Call now. I am just excited to bring you as accurate up-to-date information I can without upsetting the apple cart so to speak in the process. I don’t call dates or rates. We have talked about rates in the past, but rates change. I don’t want something stuck in your head that may or may not be accurate. The timing? We are right there. If we look back, we can say now we know why it didn’t happen even last week. We are at the point to be looking for the toll free number which is the next step.

Bruce: Where are we tonight based on the information the last few days since Tuesday’s call? Iraq basically has completed everything they needed to do. All in the Gazette, the rates are there in country, but not visible for those outside of Iraq. The ISX is connected and operating with the IEX. We think the IEX is essentially going to replace the Forex eventually. It is connected through to Peoples Bank of China. It is also connected to the satellite system that allows the connection to the super computer that allows transaction ledger to ledger transaction throughout the world in seconds. The last couple of weeks, a French word - tranche, a ledger to ledger transfer across the world in quick order even two to three at average of 44 to 56 seconds. We know even the last couple days Homeland security is keeping a good eye on these large transactions that up to billions, trillions and even up to 100 trillion. Some taking place more than one at a time. They are making sure they are clean and not fraudulent. That went very well. A lot of funds got moved into place to prepare for humanitarian funding sources to get them hydrated. We heard that the individual pay master accounts been hydrated. Also so they can be used to handle the redemptions for the various banks and groups. Funds have been moving significantly around. The new TRN note backed currency that is digital. Still the USN accompanies the TRN. Those also are coming into play. We know our fiat currency which is backed by the full credit of the US government is falling by the way side and not being utilized internationally. We will make a smooth transaction to the new currency. Maybe come during or after the exchange period is complete. It should be gold backed. Because it is and will be gold backed, the series behind the GCR, 209 nations no matter what currency they use; those countries’ currencies are also asset backed. I believe gold backed for the most part. We have China with their Renminbi known also as the Yuan. That currency is also undergoing a rate change. We believe also that it is now gold backed as of two days ago and should be announced having been put on the gold standard. That sort of announcement we should hear out of China.
Bruce: We thought we would get that announcement today, but haven’t heard it yet. That is going to be a major announcement. Could it affect markets? In the fact not knowing when it will be made it could affect the gold market. They suppose to let the world know what their gold reserves are. That could make the difference in value of gold and other precious metals. We will see what the time is in that and the result of that.

Bruce: I am excited because when that announcement comes out. I am very positive for the rest of the information we are looking for. In fact even of our own currency gold asset back. Reason it is coming out we believe is the new SDR basket is suppose to show up on October 1. Now the currencies in that basket for right now are going to be the USD, the British Pound, the Euro, and the Chinese Yuan will be introduced, and could be the Japanese Yen. What we are expecting is for the Yuan to be put in that basket and also expecting two other currency down the road, not right away, to include the ZIM dollar which has a great value. Zimbabwe is rich with precious metals and value underground. Also the Russian Ruble will be part of that basket down the road being added later. We don’t know when it will be added. That is plan for the SDR basket.

Bruce: If you are holding ZIM, you are remarkably in good shape. It has a very high value because it is a bond and it is being treated as that. Those who have that currency are going to be the beneficiaries of that. They will utilize Abbott Downing in conjunction with Wells Fargo and the chain of banks that go up to Peoples Bank of China. Chase maybe also receiving the ZIM. We don’t have that confirmed, but that is what I heard yesterday. That would be a new twist. We will see if that is the case. Otherwise, we are seeing is that with the 30th of September being tomorrow and today being the 29th of September, usually what happens is the rates of the UN Operational Rates usually updated on the 29th of the month. Then they become affected the first day of the next month. Saturday is October 1. I don’t know if in fact those rates will show tonight, or not show until they are absolutely sure everything is to go. We should see new UN Operational rates Saturday October 1. This would be an indication of the change we are looking for. When they show, we should already know what we are expecting.

Bruce: Earlier we understood the Federal Reserve is giving Wells Fargo the heads up, the final release code. We understood that is about to occur or possibly it has already occurred today.

We understood that activity that happens out west has been moving along nicely. Some of the sub groups are about to be notified. If they do get notified and start to be hydrated in those sub groups, in minutes the toll free number should be release to the rest of us. A shot gun start. Bruce: Where we are right now we understand internationally banks started pinging after 1 pm EST. That was very positive. A good sign of activity we were looking for. That stopped at 5:30 pm EST and it resumed about 8 pm EST tonight. What does that means? It means the banks were communicating around the world, updating and connecting so all online getting the signal and be updated. Six different pings were going on. Five were for the 5 currencies. The 6th ping might have been the Chinese Renminbi.
With that being the case, I believe our timing is very approximate and positive indication possibly later on tonight. Can’t promise it right now. If we are privilege to have the right to receive that toll free number during the call, we can put it out live. If not live, we can put it out online so they can make their appointments and go to their appointments calmly. That is the plan

Bruce: Rates are very strong, high, no disappointment with that. Unbelievable good rates. Not even a factor anymore. As far as your redemption appointment, it should go very smoothly. It helps if you are prepared. I know everybody is excited to receive that. If we do receive during this call tonight, we would do the best to honor that and put the rates out to help the audience to assimilate. Intel wise we are about as far as we can go. We are on the edge of the diving board and ready to be pushed off the diving board.

Bruce: Bond redemption payout tomorrow. A lot of the humanitarian funding sources have been hydrated and should have access to their funds next day or so, full access. I think this whole thing is timed to happen. Last night we had the US Congress pass a new budget. The funding for the country needs to be restarted in the next day or so. We are expecting that to occur with our new currency which will be gold backed. Let us be highly expected for strong indicator fairly quickly or next few days. I am hearing very good things we are right in the midst of what we are looking for and the blessing is really close. Stay positive, stay in faith.
Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven for everything tonight. Thank you everybody on the call in Big Call Universe. I just want to remind everybody should we receive the toll free number, we would make a pre-recorded call and put it out between now and Tuesday on various sites in the area where we normally look at for information. I look forward to doing that as soon as we can to receive that information from Wells Fargo.

Bruce: Thank you, Wells Fargo and member banks such as our Canadian partners to the north: RBC Bank, TD Bank, Scotia Bank. Also, all the member banks that we know we will be exchanging with such as Wells Fargo, HSBC, Chase, B of A, Citibank, tier two banks, and also hometown banks that we will be working with. Everybody just remember what we said in the call recently. I look forward talking to youTuesday if not sooner on a recorded call. All have a great night. Good Bye.



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