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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 9-22-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Everything has been good looking good for weeks. This is a process. We know it is a process. It really is. It is one we are in. We are in the very end stages of it. I can tell you, say one thing, remember the G20 meeting couple of weeks ago? A lot of things happened there. Many signed on, 30 different treaties. The Paris agreement. The climate change, RV and GCR were in that agreement and all signed off on it. Where is it? Not so fast. We do have more to accomplish such as the meeting of the United Nations. 

Bruce: We had Iraq, which is the lynch pin of this whole thing, reach their agreed upon Sovereignty as a Nation. That was in a speech by Abadi referring and indicating Iraq is Sovereignty as the 209th nation of the UN, they are sovereign and they are able now to revalue and bring their dinar as an International currency rate up.

Bruce: They were told to go ahead and revalue their dinar immediate. They were given full sovereignty; all sanctions lifted, and told to revalue their dinar.

We also heard after Abadi went home, they did a small press conference yesterday. Today they were going to start having celebration to celebrate their sovereignty. As of yet, I haven’t heard they are celebrating. That was the plan that Abadi had going home. He had been asked to stay 24 hours, but he did go home.

Bruce: All of that is good for us. So we say alright. Iraq is sovereign. Abadi is back . Everything in the Gazette as far as reforms, banking reforms. All happened, all published in the Gazette and seen online. Where is it? We are not quite done yet. Iraq is ready to go from all the information we have from their perspective. In the large scheme of things this is a worldwide event. All these countries will be changed with the first basket. That is something that we are looking forward having the evidence of this with the rates showing up.

Bruce: We are under the new CIPS system, the ISX, and IEX. IEX is a unified structure in which all the trading platforms around the world are connected allowing them to process trades, stock purchases through that hub which is monitored through satellite that China put up to allow fair trading of stocks and bonds to occur without unfair advantage of high speed trading. So that is a very positive thing that has happened. In addition, the CIPS system gives us the ability to do a transaction ledger to ledger. That is what is happening with bank wires around the world. They are happening within a minute. Some of these transactions have occurred less than a minute, and they are transparent. They are able to be seen, and monitored. That is a good thing because this way it is very difficult to do fraudulent transactions without being seen or without being caught. That is why we are in a situation now we are witnessing Tier 2 transaction, SKR and in some cases the payout of platforms, and seeing them being scrutinize by Homeland Security. This is a case where Homeland Security is doing a very good job for us. I am very happy they are doing this because they can catch any transactions that are being fraudulent. They can put them to be made liquid or live in a certain order based in the amounts being transacted. For example, Tier 2 transactions have been going on for number of days. But early this morning, the threshold of these transactions have increased. Some at 100 billion dollars threshold. Then some have gone up to 200 billion threshold. Then 500 billion thresholds. Then I heard up to a trillion thresholds. They are being processed in order to be made live at some point with a switch of a switch or entering of a code. That is what is going on now.

Bruce: We, those of us the chosen ones that remain, we are in a position to receive our toll free 800 number. When we receive that toll free number, we will quietly set our appointments and go about to do our redemptions. Guess what? We can’t begin that until the Tier 2 is complete. The new system is simpler. It indicates we are in Tier 3. Tier 2 has to complete before Tier 3 begins. It is just that simple. We got a lot of additional Intel that is exciting. What is going out west, this group, that group. But it points to the situation we find ourselves in, waiting until it is our time.

Bruce: Transactions that happen overnight last night and continues now. A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. We are in a position to receive our blessing in the not too distant future. When I say that the intention is the transactions we will have in our internet and private groups to complete this before or approximately the end of the month.
Bruce: Historic bonds are to be exchanged or taken care of sometime by the end of this month. That means we are in a good place to get started. My understanding is quite a bit is still occurring in Tier 2 and the thresholds are increasing as time goes on. After they are complete, we should be ready for the toll free number release. Knowing where we are now, September 22, and know September has 30 days; we are in pretty good shape to start soon. This is really where we are. When Tier 2 ends, Tier 3 begins. Rates are ready, redemption centers are ready to go, and banks are ready. We are ready to go. Rates are quite good.

Bruce: You guys realize you have the ability to negotiate certain rates based on your desire to use humanitarian rates for funding especially with the ZIM. Have one or two page synopsis of your plan. Speak intelligently of what you plan to do with your humanitarian plan and job placements for 50 years or more. Even if you are not around someone else will be around to take over it having longevity. In this country we can produce job creation, help with infrastructure, huge things to do. Building of homes. You know Habitat for Humanity? We can do something like that on a larger scale. Rebuild our inner cities, find properties that need bulldozed or purchased and build new homes. If homes can be habitat, we are going to get them rehab. Hire electricians. All the needs that need to be done for the inner cities. You shouldn’t have trouble coming up with a plan with your humanitarian projects. I know you are going to get a new ride, upgrade your home or buy a new home. I understand that. I am with you on that. Buy new clothes, shoes, whatever turns you on. That is great. All is good, not a problem. We know these funds are not about your needs, but about others; making yourself available to help others and you still enjoy your life. We all have plans, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Yosef, Robert, and I do. We all have plans. We don’t know what that will exactly look like. 

Brice: Just be yourself at your exchange time. Let them see you who you are. Let them know where you came from, what you have accomplished or not accomplished. What will make a big difference is your heart. For them seeing your real desire to get the rates you need to fulfill what you are meant to do. You are going have to be a super star. God is going to use all of us to do things for ourselves and for others. I think that is going to be the case for us. Able to go in confident with that, put a page down. You want to just tell them in a couple of minutes what it is you feel you are called to do with this blessing. Don’t get super spiritual, not talking to the choir, or Pastor Steven. Be forthright. Be honest. You should do very well and have ability to take off and start a whole new life with a new future.

Bruce: I am excited for everyone on this call. Thank all for coming back week after week, month after month, year after year, listening to me and others on this call. Too, Kent is a very valuable part of this.

Bruce: All those things I have heard, we need to keep in mind. I really think in an Intel position, we just need to realize we are part of Tier 3. Tier 2 is almost complete. There is a rough time frame for it. I am going to say this maybe the last regular Big Call that we have. The last regular Big Call we have.

Sue: I can hear the screams and shouts in the back ground.

Bruce: I hope so. I am screaming inside.

Sue: Everyone is Hallelujah!

Bruce: That is where we are. People want to know when we expect the blessing. I can tell you I think, no dates or rates I believe this is the last regular Big Call we will have. I think things are still moving along at a good pace. I can see this coming to an end. I can see us getting excited, getting our toll free numbers. Use this time to get prepared. Roll play. Talk about job creation or other aspects of your plans for the future. Practice, and become comfortable. Sue and I practice on the phone. You can do this until you are comfortable with your plans. Information of the toll free number, celebration call or recording posted on our site thebigcall.net

Bruce: I hope this is the last call we do. Look forward to y our new future. Thank you everyone for listening. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and all those behind the scenes. Good night everyone.

PS: Personal note to Bruce: It has been an honor to transcribe your call each week. May all your dreams and plans for your future come true for you and your family always, hugs.

Thank you, Bruce and all on the Big Call, hugssss



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