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Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Starseeds" - Guest Post by Eric Florence

Entry Submitted by Eric Florence at 3:29 PM EDT on September 29, 2016

Dear Starseeds, Wayshowers, and Lightworkers,

I'm not sure how many times this idea has been passed around but just to let our minds wander while we wait, here's a theory I've been tossing around: What if this whole Intel game, in spite of all it appears to be, is actually accomplishing a TWO-fold purpose:

1. Get all the Starseeds onto the Ark in time for the flood so we can help the rest of the light beings on earth board the ship for the REAL flood.

2. Create a system of mostly false information to weed out ALL bad actors, including those of our own inner shadows.

Let me explain.

One. For those of you who haven't caught on yet, this whole RV/GCR/GESARA thing is actually just one of the sub-points in a much greater plan being played out in the universe right now. Gaia and all her inhabitants have been under a locked matrix of duality for quite some space-time now. Her cries were heard and prayers answered and a plan was put in motion to liberate her from bondage. A time was set for an armada of high-frequency light beings to come to the earth in human bodies to assist in raising the vibration past a certain threshold where Gaia and all her children could finally evolve to the next stage. I am one of those beings along with ~144,000 of my tribe (only one of whom I've met in flesh so far). We have been helping ground the new earth matrix energies our whole lives. But to get past the breaking point we need to do a lot more work. All of humanity will need to ultimately participate in the "jump". It will take a lot of love everywhere present to accomplish this great task so we can all be on the ship when God speaks, the light comes and we sail off into our new reality. The work that needs to be done could not have been accomplished without some major events taking place first. Those events are to liberate the world from debt slavery and reintroduce abundance. But with how polarized everything got it's been pretty damn difficult to fully execute these events. However, once they do happen, a gate will be opened and a flood of energy will crash upon our collective shore. This energy is intended to be used for the highest good of all. The Starseeds have been chosen to be part of the channels that will direct this energy because each Starseed has been endowed with the divine blueprint of love everywhere present. In no boastful way, I truly know how to heal the world and prepare it for all the coming changes. I understand my participation in this project does not entitle me to any degree of power greater than my sisters and brothers. I only found this website and purchased a ZIM note through guidance by the Universal Father. My allegiance is to God and nothing else. He knows this too. This is why the Starseeds were chosen to be the channels for this huge amount of energy about to flood the earth. It will be so much light that even the slightest of shadows will be forced out into plain daylight. I'm sure there will be some exchanging currency that will find their part in all of this was actually self-healing instead of wealth management. I promise when this hits, there will be no more room for deception. So this whole plan is really about love and light. My heart is love and light and my only desire is to share as much love and light with as many of my brothers and sisters as possible.


Okay so number two. Let's be honest. As far as Intel goes, there's been more inaccuracy than anything solid through this whole process. I mean you can check this website once a week and be just fine with keeping up on information. In the last two months, how much have we learned besides exchange instructions that's really helped us become more informed? When you look between the lines you can begin to see a pattern. All anyone wants on here is a freaking #800. When you get on this site, all you're looking for is more info or clues pointing to a possible day when you'll finally get to make your phone call. But this whole time it's been like, "ahh this thing just happened and oh my god the RV is coming this week!!!". Then nothing happens and it's like, "oh damn the Cabal did this thing or the admiral didn't do this other thing but when it's fixed, we're good to go!" Then later that week it's like, "everything is looking solid, those things got done so we're pretty much waiting for the numbers any minute." Then nothing happens for a couple days and then it's like, "oh well, it looks like there's still more stuff to do but we're looking really good for beginning of next week". Sound familiar? The gurus have got a lot of trash for this cycle but do you really think they're that misinformed? Do you really think Yosef didn't know about the G20 and UN meetings back when he said the RV would go during the Olympic Closing Ceremony? He did. So why say all that when he knew perfectly well several other things needed to play out still before the roll-out? Well for one, you're not the only one combing this website for information. There are just as many bad actors here trying to grab and use anything they can to thwart the plan. So when Yosef says, "expect an announcement this weekend" I think there's something else going on. So what artists these gurus are!! They are able to inform the intended participants of the RV and get them all ready all while misleading any bad actors away from the real plan! And what's that real plan? When is thing actually going off? No clue!!! My heart tells me soon but as far as Intel goes, I'm just as lost as ever. So this is keeping the bad guys away but it's also done something even more marvelous with my heart. For the longest time while investigating the GCR/RV and making my decision to buy a ZIM, I relied way too heavily on the information being provided on the site. I got here by listening to my heart and then all of a sudden I got caught up in the Intel trap. I got tired. Stressed. Anxious. You name it. But then one day it broke and I got it. My biggest fear I was still holding onto was the possibility that this RV wouldn't happen. After all, I came here to help the planet and if we can't get the hydration then how are we supposed to do it? So after passing through that darkness I realized if it wasn't for all the false Intel here, I wouldn't have been able to really go inside my own heart and find the full truth there. It's still fun reading the articles here but just know that you will get much closer to this blessing by living in your heart. Only from your heart space will you be able to be successful through this mission. It will happen. It is coming. But we need to be clean first from all bad actors and all blocks in our bridge from head to heart.

I've tried summing up all I've learned from Dinar Chronicles and the only things that I'll truly carry with me are the tender messages from Yosef and the instructions for the exchange appointment. Truly we already know how to do the rest. It will come when it comes. And if it's still not here by the end of the week, know that work is still to be done in your heart and the collective heart, for we are all One.

Namaste brothers and sisters. We are all children of the light. This blessing and the greater blessings to follow are for the highest good of all. Praise the Universal Father and this divine plan. May our hearts be pure so the fullness of this blessing will flow right through us to bring the love and light of Christ to all of Gaia and all of the surrounding Universe.

With so much love,

Eric Florence



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