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Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Removing The Weak From Dinarland" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 2:06 PM EDT on September 17, 2016

RE: Removing The Weak From Dinarland

Dinarland Scams and deceptions will end up separating the Weak from their currency and taking them out of action. Is this wrong? No, it is nature's way. Some people just weren’t meant to be Millionaires, Billionaires, and Trillionaires.

In all things there is a higher order of life that is beyond our perception at this time. In the VERY BIG PICTURE, some in Dinarland won't make it to the Exchange and that is how it is supposed to be. This is natures' way of culling out the weak from the strong. As Darwin proposed that survival of the fittest is natures' way of ensuring its long term survival. In this post I am going to explain how this "Culling" works and how to keep from being "Culled Out of Exchanging."

The Culling Action

In nature, the weak are eaten by predators and prevented from procreating their weakness onto succeeding generations. It is better to take out one weak animal now, than to create many weak animals later. The same is true of some in Dinarland. Those who fall prey to Dinarland Scams, Schemes, and Deceptions now, are the same ones who will fall prey to bad investments, Scams, Schemes, and Deceptions later when they have millions of dollars. Clearly, it is better to have them lose their currency now than to have them lose bigger money later and fall prey to some CABAL type investment.

I know this sounds Heartless, but it is more like tough Love. I have been struggling with this question myself and it is not easy let people make big mistakes with their Currency. I have wanted to write posts on all the Scams going on in Dinarland to protect everyone from being taken in by them. But should I????? I have held back, from doing so because for some people, it would be better for them to lose their currency now, than to be millionaires and suffer a worse fate later.

The best example I can think of to illustrate this is Lottery Winners. Clearly some win the big money and live a happy life, but others end up worse than they were or even dead as a result. For those who suffered as a result, if they had lost their winning ticket, or not played at all, their life may have been more manageable for their consciousness level. They would never have been rich, but they would still be alive and "Reasonably" happy.

My Personal Experience Example

I have an old college buddy who just contacted me recently and naturally, I explained the currency situation and encouraged him to get in on it. He asked me if I was in a cult and if I needed help. I know we have all heard such things from our friends and relatives. I could have easily "Forced" him to buy a note or two, as a friend, he should trust me and just do it anyway. But I did not.

However this was the "Telling Moment." I have certain psychic abilities to answer questions, which is something like what others do with muscle testing. I checked if I should insist that he buy the currency or if I could just give him a million dollars later from my exchange, and I got the answer as NO! I then checked if I could give him and his family new cars as a gift, and the answer was Yes. So clearly, in the big picture, having big money was not the "Right" thing for him, but getting new cars was fine. Who knows how the money would affect him. Would it tear his family apart? Lead to his untimely death? I don’t know, but I do know it was NOT FOR HIM.

So, just because someone has the currency in their hands doesn't mean that it is the best thing for them. How do we know who should have the currency and who should not for their own good and the good of Humanity? Simple.... Let nature take its course.

How to NOT BE CULLED OUT (Lose Your Currency)

We live in a Duality Universe so that in every single moment we have a choice to DECIDE it is working out or it is not, to worry or not. Confidence is strength and worry makes you weak. Those who worry that this will not work out for them are the ones who "BELIEVE" all the Intel that supports that point of view, such as you have to join a group to exchange or you have to send your currency to someone so they can exchange it for you. In contrast, the strong ones who have confidence in the CGR, "BELIEVE" all the Intel that says they will be able to exchange individually, and that they don’t need anyone to do it for them.

It is easy to see that if someone is so fearful that they will somehow miss out and are even willing to send their currency to someone on the net, will be the same ones who will end up sending hundreds of millions of dollars to some unscrupulous individual with some nefarious scam against humanity. However, the strong ones, who EXPECT things to work out, would be less trusting in these scams, and less likely to jump into some harmful investment.

To be strong and not lose your currency (Be Culled Out of Exchanging) know that it is all working out for you. You will get to exchange your currency at a designated location and it will be safe, and you will get everything you want. Don't believe or buy into anything that is FEAR based, as that will lead to your loss. In short, know that there are no deals, or shortcuts before the 800#s come out. Do not give your currency to anyone except the Banker at your Exchange and even then, don't let it leave your sight until you have a deposit receipt in your hand.

Should You Stop Someone From Making a Currency Mistake?

If someone tells you they are sending their currency into some new group, or that they are flying to some remote location to do a currency buy deal with some third party, should you stop them? That is a HUGE question. If you stop them now, they may be miserable later, or even dead. How do you know what to do?

In nature, predators "Recognize" their prey, because Prey acts like Prey. They are jumpy, frantic, nervous, and flighty. If they are prey now, they will most likely be prey later as well. I would say the answer is, to reason with them that their time will come and it will be much better for them to hold on to their own currency and trust the master plan that is coming together. However, if they are frantic (Prey), desperate (prey), and determined to jump into some no name group (Prey), then, it might just be better to let them... We can't know the future, but we can see the signs, and we must also trust that EVERYONE has a path to follow and we should defer to a higher order.

In short, some are meant to have the big money to help the World, and others are meant to be helped. For every person who has lost their currency and opportunity to exchange, there will be others who did not, that will help them anyway.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we will all find our place in the greater order of things. Some will lose their currency and that is not necessarily wrong in the big picture. However, if you are reading this, you most likely will be fine. KEEP YOUR CURRENCY. Trust that powers greater than you can imagine are assisting us to change our direction and move to a life of Heaven on Earth. Do you think they have not thought of everything? Do you really think that some "Joe-Blow" on the internet has a better plan? You know the answer to that. It is very simple. Start with the affirmation: "It is all working out perfectly for me, and will be easier than I even know." Then trust your instincts from there.

May You Get Everything You Want And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes



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