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Friday, September 23, 2016

"RE: Exodus SITREP and Sept 23 Update" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:36 PM EDT on September 23, 2016



If these post bears truth one must be grateful to have avoided Agenda 21, as in that scenario, apparently, "useless mouths" are discarded and the rest face the same fate when aging means cost exceeds productivity ("retirement" only for the very elite). However, the post might still be disinformation designed to make citizens believe they do not have to act to save themselves.

These posts are devoid of laying the responsibility for the current world situation at the feet of Socialism, Communism, and Fascism. These systems are basically "divide the loot" systems in which the interests of those in government (who are more equal than others) are served far better than those of the population whom the government should be serving. These systems thrive only in a veil of secrecy for that reason. The systems associated with Democracy and the 1776 Republican form of government are those in which the Government shares Truth with the citizens and then the citizens direct the Government how to respond to this truth. The trouble, of course, in the USA in implementing this through the electoral process is there is one party that is importing people who have no concept of Democracy and only know how to vote for whoever is giving them a handout. This party has manipulated the education system so that young people know nothing of the principles of liberty as the goal of the 1776 government. One supposes that the other governments of the world are afraid to condemn these aberrant forms, that is understandable. But this one party is only capable of bringing socialism and communism and fascism to America, at the greatest risk to America and to the World.

That is not to exonerate the many within the the other party who have been bought off through scandal. However, the faction within that other party who have had enough of corruption in government, worldwide adventurism, and elite control have taken over this other party. That movement should not be ignored; and its leader is saying what that movement wants said.

However, the other governments of the world should please note that in America, if an elite government is maintained that does not share truth with its citizens, they will NOT, repeat, NOT, be able to keep a check on their government, and that government will AGAIN be invested with unlimited power to do whatever they wish, and AGAIN this will be to benefit themselves, and AGAIN the world will most likely see some of what we see now that has forced the world to act and, as appears through internet reports, to have been very painful for the world. Specifically, recall the patterns of World Wars I and II, in which the second war followed on after the confining presence of other world powers and abject poverty resulted in a very radical government.

Perhaps it is accurate to say the experiment in a republican form of government failed when voters realized they could redistribute other people's money, destroying capital, and the other governments of the world may smugly repeat this. Perhaps America needs a constitutional convention to consider what a person needs to know before they can vote, such as what Liberty is, why it is important that no one person have too much power, why it is important that their news NOT be fed to them by corporate America or political America, why and how they need to participate in government, and why government should never have benefits or salaries the People do not, nor should they be able to sell, in any way, influence.

What you state, though, is in order to protect everyone, the people of the US have been kept in the dark. This is the same elitist philosophy that those in the US "can't handle the truth."

The powers that be should try to make themselves aware, that the only force for Law and Order in the US is one that cries out for the truth. This group has united behind Donald Trump as our spokesman. If we get some government again, especially one that claims to be a Republic, but lies to its people, or won't share the WHOLE truth, and our newscasts continue to be full of lies and distortions, those standing for Law and Order will not be satisfied. And if another Power tries to foist off on America some candidate who has supported the globalist agenda, such as NAFTA and TPP, that candidate will NOT have support among these people. China, Russia, you WANT those who stand for Law and Order in the US to prevail, you don't want those who stand for a system based on Ponzi scamming and pyramidal division of loot.

Also, America is at the point where a socialist/progressive/fascist/communist president will not have minority consent to rule. In that scenario, democracy breaks down, it depends on minority consent. If there is movement by TPTB to prevent Trump from running, it will not be viewed in America as "the Chinese don't like him, and they have the gold." No, it will be believed instead that behind the scenes AGAIN there is some devious device to prevent reform of the US government by the elite.

Also, consider, the American worker is going to go back to work but at a decrease in real wages. Depression in the US will reign for perhaps several years to a decade. There will not be the spirit needed among these workers, to make the needed contribution to the world economy, if they don't have the leader they selected, and whom they trust to have gotten them the best deal.

So, this observer asks you to consider whether it would be a better thing for you to put away your dislike of Trump, versus the potential firestorm of discontent that you provoke by selecting another leader (except perhaps one Trump would endorse). Or, if there is something about Trump that is really wrong, other than that you don't like him, present America with evidence. However, be aware, in the second case, Julian Assange has already said, after reading Trump's emails and those of his party, that there really isn't anything in them that is worse than anything that has been made public. Including "Get Trump" in the agenda of things you can be proud of, just seems, to an American interested in Truth Justice, and the American Way, as an overreach. Please think about that.



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