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Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 29, 2016

New Republic via a GCR: 29 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled the early morning of 29 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. The Sept. 28 Intel from Bluwolf reported: "170 Hours" - Intel Message from Bluwolf 9-28-16

1. The 170 hour (extension of the RV) ends sometime tomorrow Sept. 29 2016.

2. The RV is on a timer and has a day and specific time agreed on by all countries.

3. The rates are high and banks are ready.

4. The US dollar is in the original basket and will be revaluated.

5. Vietnam, Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea to name a few, are in that original basket of twenty.

B. The Sept. 28 TNT RayRen98 Call reported: Ray TNT Dinar iTeleseminar.com/89846661

1. Banks are syncronized and in a high state of awareness.

2. Bank personnel are seeing rates on their screens, but those rates are bouncing around.

3. Some currency redeemers have bank appointments.

4. Some Dinar Gurus are saying this week is it.

5. In Iraq the 2017 budget has been approved.

6. In general the RV is expected on or before Sat. Oct. 1.

C. On Sept. 28 TNT OkRocks reported: On Fri. Sept. 30 the IMF will publish the new currency amounts that ​will drive the SDR basket going forward the next day on Sat. October 
1. This means the RV could go at any time.


D. On the Sept. 28 2016 Situation Report it was reported at 7pm EST: There's one of two ways the RV will roll out now, the easy way or the hard way, and the new powers-that-be are preparing for both.

1. The easy way means rolling out the RV in the wee hours of the morning, via 800#s on line, with no formal announcements, no attention, no drama. Exchanges begin without any struggle, military presence is noticeable if you know what's going on, but otherwise very well camouflaged, even invisible to the untrained eye. The public would be none the wiser and the experience for redeemers is downright joyful (ZIM 3,200+).

2. The hard way includes a primetime emergency broadcast interruption by new Republic interim President General Joseph Dunford, delay of the Presidential elections with new candidates, a NESARA announcement, a new currency announcement, plus bank and transportation hub closures for at least one week, maybe two.

3. Either way guarantees performance for the Chinese who must announce their gold holdings sometime before Friday morning Sept. 30 (Thursday PM Sept. 29 in the US). The hard way can replace the easy way anytime after the RV is released--depending on circumstance of course.

4. Throw in the looming but not much mass media discussed US Government shut down Friday evening--due to "no more money"--and you can see how all roads lead to the RV starting sometime Thursday, the window we've heard ranges anytime from midnight Wed Sept. 28 to midnight Thursday Sept. 29.

5. The real question left is whether we will experience the easy or hard way, but experience the RV we shall and sooner versus later most likely (with Friday as a redundancy back up start day).

E. On Sept. 28 2016 the Landa Global Call and Zap reported: Landa Global September 28, 2016 - Funds releases - Guest Speaker Jeff Rahm: Geodesic Shelter

1.The Elders that hold this wealth of the ancient families for the GCR are all over the globe, though most is held by the Chinese Elders (in the Phillipines).

2.The global monetary fiscal year ends Sept. 30 and begins the new year on Oct. 1.

3. The RV might occur after National Week in China.

4. When the powers that be plan a schedule they do not inform the public. The RV deadline will not be announced.

5. The first major releases of funds are underway.

6. The timing for Landa Global is still not quite there as the Fed is making sure everything is being done correctly. They are taking care to make sure timings are in concert with every other fund release.

7. Landa Global is comfortable with the timing and will be getting office space in early Oct.

8. All project submissions will be processed in Oct.

9. The funds will be in the Landa Global Paymaster's hands by Fri. Sept. 30.

F. On the Sept. 28 2016 Situation Report at 12:25 am EST it was reported to Dinar Chronicles that:

1. Wells Fargo Bank received the Federal Reserve Codes for Republic accessibility to funds tonight Sept. 28 2016 at 9:30pm EST.

2. The world now awaits China to announce their gold holdings in Beijing sometime after midnight Sept. 28 2016 EST.

3. This act will award the Chinese Yuan full access into the IMF's basket of global reserve currencies known as SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), replacing the USD as the world's most influential global currency.

4. This subtle press release will automatically invoke the gold standard imbedded in the UN's Paris Agreement (because it is expected to simultaneously ratify) and begin our final release protocols for both the global currency reset / Republic's revaluation of USN currency.

5. At 02:00am Sept. 29 2016 EST all Reno sub group leaders are expected to gain 100% access to their newly revalued USN accounts for immediate disbursement. That includes the Admiral's Group.

6. Shortly thereafter, Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing have been told to expect 800# release authorization which kick starts their 7,000 Privately Negotiated Exchange(PNE) off-site locations.

7. Currency Redeemers are expected to start flowing in for appointments anytime at or after 03:00am Sept. 29 2016 EST.

8. Redemptions will go on for at least 6.2 days and maybe longer (make your appointments ASAP).

9. Yes the ZIM rates are really as high as predicted. It's wise to start dealing with this new reality moving forward versus having no emotional momentum prior to your appointment.

G. Saturday Oct. 1 was a hard deadline since that was the date that the Yuan would be a reserve currency, global currencies of the BRICS system would be asset backed, Sat. was both the end and start of the global fiscal year, the BRICS CIPS system would be fully in effect, the Federal Reserve would be closed as of Sept. 30 and the new US Republic was scheduled to kick in to release the new monetary system and gold backed US Treasury notes out of Reno.

H. On Sept. 28 Larrabee and Tilton reported on a IMF Press Release: Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton Reports on the SDR Issued by the IMF

The IMF press release stated they have completed a review of the SDR basket and would release revalued currencies including the Chinese Yuan on Oct.1.


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