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Thursday, September 1, 2016

"More Signs" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » September 1st, 2016

Signs....signs...and more signs.....of good things coming to Iraqi citizens....electricity and water resources....Abadi is making the mountain move and he is doing things that catch the citizen's eye and attention.....stop the corruption and put the money where it can be of benefit for those it was intended in the first place. Aloha Randy

 » September 1st, 2016

Abadi and the Committee on Energy Ministerial announce the success of the smart meters and provide 24 hours of electricity a second area of Baghdad

Wednesday 31-08-2016 | 8:14:22

Twilight News / Information Office of the Council of Ministers to the President, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, announced on Wednesday, the last held a meeting of the Ministerial Committee energy.

According to a statement issued by al-Abadi's office "During the meeting, to approve funding for the completion of the Shatt al-Arab channel irrigation project along the strategic 128 km from Kthieban area to the top of Bisha and nourish many areas in the province of Basra also include permanent pumping stations."

The statement added that it "has to approve the allocation amount for the rehabilitation of the single channel to complete emergency treatment that have occurred on the shoulders of the channel and that feed farmland areas of Baghdad in Mahmudiya belt and Abu Ghraib and ensure that no water wastage."

According to the statement, "The approval obtained to finance the reconstruction of Ramadi Barrage to secure the water quotas of the provinces along the Euphrates basin and to provide citizens with drinking water."

The statement said, "As for the provinces of Dhi Qar, Maysan and Wasit have been approved to allocate the necessary funds to finance the lining tabular pedestrians and Ekalh and that will contribute to the provision of water quotas for the vast land in the three provinces and the provision of drinking water."

The statement pointed out that "the meeting discussed the functioning of the areas that have been provided with a smart metered and provide electricity for 24 hours with collection services and business success in the Yarmouk after Zayouna area and speed up the referral of the rest areas and to move forward with this project is to provide a continuous citizens of electric power were hauling other areas, according to this the program".

The statement continued, "It was a discussion rehabilitation and development of power plants in addition to the approval of the minutes of the meeting about the reactor, July 14 liquidation," pointing out that "During the meeting, the follow-up of previous resolutions and directives in addition to other topics on the agenda and take the necessary actions and decisions


 » September 1st, 2016

We would like your help.....but without really you getting involved.....can you figure out how to do the hard work and allow us to take credit for it.......ohyeahsureyoubetcha.......we can cover you 9 ways to Sunday and even throw in a Monday free of charge....are you wanting this done in like months....weeks....days....or hours.....for hourly work we charge extra.....it's what we do.....at your service....and at the ready.....if I say more I will get someone in trouble I am sure. Aloha Randy

 » September 1st, 2016

Jaafari, the new US ambassador: the need for more efforts to provide editing Mosul kits

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the need to exert more efforts to provide editing Mosul requirements.

A statement from Jaafari's office and agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the "Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari received a copy of credentials of the new US Ambassador in Baghdad Mr. Douglas er papers. Silliman.

He wished Jaafari Ambassador Muwafaqiya and success in his diplomatic duties in Iraq, expressed the readiness Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide all support to the mission 's diplomatic mission in Baghdad, also discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, and the importance of open more prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries, and the price of Dr. al -Jaafari , the United States stands in the formation of the international coalition to support Iraq against the terrorist Daesh bands, aid of Iraq. "

He pointed to the importance of exerting more efforts to provide the necessary for the Liberation of Mosul supplies and the reconstruction of liberated areas, the return of displaced people, calling on the United States as a player internationally important to rally support, and support for Iraq in the United Nations, and the Security Council, and international forums all, and urged states the world to shoulder its responsibilities to support Iraq in its war against terrorists Daesh in defense of its sovereignty, and dignity, and on behalf of the countries of the world. "

he stressed that the victories Iraqis against terrorism is a victory for all the peoples of the world; because terrorism is a war today is a global war, and no country is immune from its brutality "noting that" humanity of the world to the test, and they must realize that they said did not stand by the countries that represent the first line of the face of terrorism will be the capitals, cities, hospitals and markets, schools, mosques, and churches all over the world threatened by terrorism.

for his part , the new US Ambassador in Baghdad A. Douglas. Silliman US administration is keen to support, and support for Iraq in its war against terrorist Daesh gangs, and achieve victories, and reconstruction, and stability, and blessed the great victories that Iraqis have achieved in their war against Daesh gangs terrorist, pointing out that he would make every effort to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, opening prospects for cooperation, and to provide expertise in various Amajalat.anthy


 » September 1st, 2016

BR/ IRAN..............Thursday, September 01, 2016

Banks Rating Begin in October

The rating process for Iranian banks will commence in late October and lenders will be classified into four main groups, said the Central Bank of Iran's deputy for supervisory affairs.

"From the eighth month of the fiscal year (starting October 22), banks will be rated and classified under four categorie, namely 'without visible risk', 'low-risk', ' average risk' and 'high risk'," Farshad Heydari told the 27th Annual Islamic Banking Conference.

"Ratings will be based on [banks'] financial statements and field studies, although for efficient supervision, other entities and agencies must have an active cooperation with the CBI to instill a balance in the banking system," The official website of the CBI quoted him as saying.

The rating of banks has long been overdue, considering that certain unruly banks and rogue financial institutions had in the past decade disrupted the money market, giving the whole banking system a bad name among the public.

In mid-July, representatives from international rating agencies visited Tehran to begin negotiations regarding the rating of Iranian banks and companies. At the time, the head of Monetary and Banking Research Institute Ali Divandari emphasized the importance of the ratings by credible international agencies, calling it a prerequisite to normal ties between Iranian and major international banks.

According to Ahmad Hatami Yazd, a former senior banker, Iranian private entities lack the capability to access information from banks in order to rate them, not least because the banks are unwilling to share much of their information.

"But the CBI and its monitoring division have unhindered authority to access and analyze all monetary data; therefore the CBI is the only body that has the competence and qualification to rate the banks in Iran."

Heydari emphasized the importance of an independent watchdog for the CBI, saying the supervisory apparatus should have institutional, political, monitoring, operational and budgetary independence in order to be able to resist pressures and take the lead in improving the performance of the banking system.

Robust supervision of the banking sector, Heydari added, will in turn lead to the "stability of the monetary system."

A New Paradigm

The official bemoaned the lack of an efficient supervisory system, saying this had turned into a challenge for the CBI and the rule of law. "However, CBI has devised a paradigmatic model which draws upon the latest achievements of global banking supervision in order to reach an effective level of oversight.

The main activities of lenders, their non-banking ventures and profitability, as well as their capabilities in fulfilling their commitments are among the areas facing the regulator's scrutiny, according to Heydari.

The CBI will also oversee the quality of banks' resources and revenues, their adherence to corporate governance principles and transparency of information.

"Such points will be measured based on 185 different indicators", he said.

Highlighting the major concerns of the banking system and the necessity of independence for the Supervision Department of the CBI, Heyadari referred to non-performing loans, overdrafts and a lack of adherence to standards as being among the main problems of the banking system

"If we want to have banking relations on an international scale through a common language, we need to have an all-encompassing supervisory regime," he said.

Stressing that the capital adequacy ratio in the banking system is not satisfactory, he said the CBI has decreed a minimum of 8% ratio for banks, but they often fall short of meeting that threshold.

The official also called for depositors' rights as major beneficiaries to be respected and upheld in the banking system.

"Currently financial statements are mainly issued with shareholders in mind, leaving depositors out of the picture; this is while the depositors are the main holders of banks' resources," he said.


Thor » September 1st, 2016

The topic of O snubbing A has been talked about again. This is the video I've had for a while.

President Obama Ignores & Snubs Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi at G7 Summit





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