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Thursday, September 22, 2016

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman from Last Night 9-21-16


FrostyTheSnowman » September 22nd, 2016


September 21, 2016

REMINDER … these are “HIGHLIGHTS” of tonight’s CC.

Please refer to AggieDad’s full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Corruption of the GOI vs. terrorism by DAASH in Iraq.

This November will be 9 years when I made my first post on the dinar.

Frank26: I’ve been trying to make a decision to talk to you deeper about our studies --- last Monday’s CC started formulating about 2 weeks ago. I can grab your hand and bring you a little closer to a study with my friends.

One the CBI website (Arabic), you will find 4-5 announcements. These are explanations step by step what is being accomplished by the IMF in Iraq.

Seminars have been teaching them certain things. You saw the article that Delta brought in. That’s one of those seminars. They also have been talking about money laundering, IMF regulations with banks in Iraq.

Abadi, as you know is in New York City now. He already had a few closed door meetings with Obama. Do you think that is honestly about Mosul? No – (not if you’re a student). It was a status report.

If Iraq wants their loans … they must get things done BEFORE November. This is why Obama is willing to talk to Abadi.

Next month, there will be more meetings between the GOI and the IMF.

Again, if Iraq wants the loans – they must finish the financial reforms.

Abadi has told the citizens that prosperity is coming now. He told them the reforms are done.

Note: the financial advisor opens his mouth to the international world – that Iraq is done with all of the implementations that the IMF wanted them to do.

One of those conditions was to raise the value of their currency. They don’t have to tell you that until they are ready to put it to use in their budget.

I believe that is why Abadi went over to DC to talk to the USA … and assure them that everything is ok … and they will get it done BEFORE the elections.

There will be more meetings in October … leading to Article 8 compliance.

We believe from this point on … RIGHT NOW … the 21st of September … until October 30th … we believe this to be a window to explain how they changed their value.

Shaleh used to say some stupid things … just like Allak.

Both of them are acting a lot different lately – being much more responsible.

The sequence of events causes us to have a feeling that Iraq is in a very good position with the monetary reform.

Their economic reform seems to have already kicked-in … and as you’ll recall, that was supposed to happen AFTER Fallujah. Right? And it did!

Our newshounds are showing articles … showing amazing growth in Iraq.

When was the last time you saw articles about bombings in Iraq?

Yes, Fox News reported that there was some mustard gas used … which is not good … but do you remember when Saddam used mustard gas and wiped out a lot of people? Towards the end, terrorists do some dumb things in efforts to stay alive. Desperate measures … just like they did in Kuwait.

The CBI website (Arabic) has done something interesting. I think it was February of this year. There was a “TENDER” that was put out by the CBI, and it was for currency counting machines. These machines were to be used for foreign currency.

They gave them a deadline … all bids in by the 18th of September. It turns out that the 18th of September was extended by 10 days. They are looking for these machines. Now updated to say they want it completed by the 28th of September.

After the meetings in Jordan, about 4 days later, Allak said they had no intentions of printing the 100k note. The 50k did the job for them. Why do you think that happened? They need to finish the monetary reform BEFORE November, and introduce the lower denoms … BEFORE they start their year in January. IMO of course.

The meeting in Jordan told Iraq to implement the change in their rate.

So … the poor innocent FAT LADY (Mosul) … that continues to block your view … the Kurds and Baghdad have reached an agreement, not only on oil … but the Kurds are going to get more.

The Kurds and the GOI have been trying to see who is going to control Mosul. The Kurds will control it after the liberation is announced.

Right after Fallujah was freed … it got nasty in Fallujah … while they were doing the mopping. A lot of the citizens came out and killed ISIS.

This agreement … “Kurds, you got Mosul” … this move should prevent a Civil War.

Iraq doesn’t have to prove or show you anything.

Notice, the CBI doesn’t lie. When they tell you something – it happens. It’s the GOI that lies.

The CBI worked hard on the implementation.

Iraq met today with the IMF … for the final movement for the financial reform.

Abadi and his financial advisor … will soon be at these meetings too.

Don’t forget … there will probably be another meeting the first part of October.

Al Baghdadi popped his head out a few days ago.

Remember when Obama sent extra troop in?

These (our troops) guys are elite! These guys are special.

Al Baghdadi is in Mosul. Do you need another reason for a FAT LADY?

The FAT LADY blocks everything … our troops, the Kurds, Mosul … LOL.

Interesting … they show you the perimeter of Iraq … but not Mosul.

So … they gave them 30 days to finish with Mosul. Where would 30 days take you? Just before November.

Mopping is a tactical method … like urban warfare … going door-to-door to clear out everything. Everything will be turned over.

When Mosul is ready … all mopped up … then they’ll tell you what the FAT LADY has been hiding. Think financial reforms. The financial reforms need more security. That is what Mosul will give them.

Is it Terrorism or Corruption?

I believe that it’s a fair statement to say that the CBI needs security … new ministers … the “new value” (hopefully before November) … needs security. Dr. Shabibi doesn’t need security … he’s a good soldier – he’s going to retire.

Abadi is not asking anyone for money in the USA. So why is he talking to the World Bank? Everyone knows what’s going to happen. Our politicians know.

Yes, they will get loans --- when they have IMPLEMENTED everything they were told to do. That is why Abadi is meeting with Obama.

The SOFA Agreement is an interesting creature. You need to study this … but I don’t think you can study it. My team was trying to put together for you tonight … and they are on page 389 right now. It’s long and complicated. Within the SOFA Agreement lies the soul of the monetary reform of Iraq.

In order for you to understand the SOFA Agreement … let’s turn back the clock. The reforms were originally termed the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) – the USA wrote these provisions for Iraq. If you go to the CBI website, you can read it.

The CPA was under Burman, (under President Bush) – and President Bush said that America would not pay one penny to liberate Iraq. He signed EO 13303 … and Burman helped in writing the CPA … but NOBODY expected Iraq would drag their feet. They put Maliki in charge, and he became a monster. If Maliki saw value, he stole it and tried to hide it everywhere. This really messed things up.

Under President Bush … the Secretary of Defense said that Iraq could refinance it’s on reconstruction and repay all of its debts … and Iraq is soon to do this. As you know, that did not happen and the CPA was shelved.

The SFA (Status of Forces Agreement) was then corrected with the SFOA … (CPA rewritten). After they renewed the SFA in 2008 … both of these papers were once again redone … and morphed into the lap of the IMF. Obama did not sign the SOFA. So, the IMF took over the SFA and SFOA. These documents because useless because Maliki and Obama did not resign them.

The IMF says to Iraq … “you want our help?”

In December 2015 – the IMF took control, and told Iraq they would take them into the international world.

That’s why I had a feeling.

That feeling has turned into this report.

The IMF told them … “DO THIS!!! … and everything will be ok.”

The SOFA has many sections to it … that the IMF re-wrote and is using with Iraq right now to raise the value of their currency.

Iraq doesn’t belong in an international world at a program rate.

Yes, the IMF and the US will help Iraq economically … and they will pull the trigger to change the value of their exchange rate. Did you get that? We are in control!!!

Remember back in December … I called Iraq … “Junior?” LOL Junior needed to clean up his room.

So, have they cleaned up their room? This was part of the SOFA Agreement.

Right now … they are being implemented.

The US is the only one that can give the final OK of the SOFA Agreement.

That’s why the DC meetings … that these agreements have been met. Bravo … just before the Presidential elections.

Are you liking what I’m tell you so far?

All agencies are happy about this. All countries will benefit because of this

Did you see the article that Delta brought to us? That’s an example right there.

There are 3 links that my teams used to use that would lead us back to the US Treasury sight that would give us information about SOFA. Family, those link are no longer accessible. Why do you think that’s the case? The SOFA Agreement doesn’t exist anymore. J Today, it seems those were implemented. So … don’t worry about reading the SOFA Agreement. My teams are doing it right now.

The SOFA Agreement also said it would bring prosperity back to the citizens of Iraq.

DELTA ANNOUNCEMENT: “The ISX will launch online trading for investors for the 1st quarter of 2017” – we’re going to talk about that tonight.

Do you remember when Allak came out earlier this year and he said that by the 1st quarter of 2017 that they would be using their own currency? If they do that at a program rate … they will lose money.

Iraq will get the credit … as the US troops will be the “sleeping giant.” We are not to take that credit.

5 brokerage outlets will help with the launching of the ISX. The CBI will not give you the exact date.

Allak is talking about the IMF a lot. Regardless of the “steps” – he claims they already had them in their plans – but they couldn’t due to the terrorism and corruption.

Allak knows what is needed to lift the value of their currency. He said that in early 2017, they were going to do it. They put out a 4 year CBI plan, around January 2016 --- called it the “2016-2020 Strategy Report” – everything the IMF asked them to do regarding the monetary/economic reforms.

From today until October 31st – they need to MOVE a lot BEFORE November!

*** So maybe it’s NOT the early part of 2017

*** So why does their report say that it starts in 2016? Oh Shitte! Uh …

They had to move things up a bit.

They should have called it the 2017-2021 plan. Understand?

It is CONDITIONAL that they raise the value of their currency BEFORE November – and then they can get the 2nd loan!

Would the IMF ask them to implement their reforms IF the USA didn’t feel they were ready to do so? PRESSURE!!! It’s a good cooker.

So the DIGITAL system is really cool. You see it’s not so much about terrorism, it’s about CORRUPTION for the monetary reform.

Now, it will be virtually impossible for any minister to steal anything.

The whole world will be forced into a digital currency system – IMO … within a year or so.
Security … nothing can happen like it did in Fallujah. Iranian militants cannot have any control. Citizens started killing and it got out of hand. ISIS are technically Sunni’s.
Last CC … I told you that IMO … Abadi and the GOI needed to stop opening the criminal files.

“Iraq Parliament Oust Zebari” <<< oh boy … we didn’t tell them to do that. So what if they didn’t like Zebari. All they need to do is finish the reforms and then they can continue to “clean house” later.

There is no way they can change the exchange rate when they are bickering. Stop it! Just finish the reforms.

The World Bank continues to praise Abadi.

I’m very grateful for all of the old-timers on KTFA – good to see you coming out of the woodwork.

Infinite13love – his 2nd post … “He Frank, you said that usually when Abadi goes to Washington, it’s usually to activate things. LOL – yes. Very good post.

I know you’re trying to figure out the FISCAL year. I wouldn’t worry about that.

Today is the 21st of September … which will lead us to the 30th of October.

To me, they’ve had to speed things up.

To me, the 1st quarter is Oct, Nov, Dec.

Yes Iraq is January to December the 31st … but IF they want to be like the United States of America … GET YOUR BUTTS INTO THE INTERNATIONAL THEATER!!! Raise the value of your currency … join the BIG boys. I saw your strategic plan, and it starts in 2016!

By the way … financial minster … bye, bye or stay … I don’t care because there is a new GOVERNOR coming to the CBI and that’s more important than what happens with Zebari.
Please pray for our Teams.

You will probably never meet them (except Delta) – they could never expose themselves.
CC ended in prayer.

Next MONDAY is the Presidential Debates ... so next week's call will be shorter.



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