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Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Eyes and Ears" - Dr. Clarke Update 9-10-16

Those that have Eyes, will SEE, and Those that have Ears, will HEAR:

If you are to read the printed articles about Iraq, and there are a plethora of printed news articles that come out from there daily - If, and we say IF - you were to read them all, see and hear, all the stated “facts” from all those sources, and base the timing and intention of Iraq substantially raising the value of their currency, the Dinar, strictly from these articles and news sources - you’d surmise the following, because this is what they’ve SAID in the articles for the public to read:

1. Iraq must first FULLY remove all of ISIS from the country, in order to move their Dinar rate, significantly higher.

2. The final battle to retake Mosul, is to begin next month in October, and hoped to be completed by December 31, 2016.

3. The 2017 Budget must be completed by the end of Sept, and sooner, if possible, with a date of the 10th as a possibility.

4. The project to “Delete the Zero’s”, is slated to happen sometime in early 2017, according to these “articles”.

5. A plethora of unfinished Laws must be voted on, implemented, active and printed in the gazette - Investment, HCL, National Guard, and more.

Let’s see, we could go on & on, and even site many articles from the past that never happened, according to time frames……such as Taxes & Tariffs etc….

Add in the supposed importance of all the new political people that need to be in place and complete, through the end of the year (these “technocrats), to complete the “Perfect” governmental system.

From all this data - articles, news, information, supplied by those covering Iraq’s heartbeat day by day, minute by minute……it becomes strikingly clear to the public and even to the “Enemies” of Iraq, just exactly what Iraq, including the coalition, intends to do, how they’re going to do it, and WHEN they’re going to do it. It’s absolutely, purely and Perfectly Logical to see. Simple - because there it is, right in plain sight, in printed articles, news conferences & TV shows, meetings, Mosque announcements etc….

According to all this solid, written evidence, showing their every move, we can easily pinpoint the exact timing of Iraq’s Dinar, RI’ing, RV’ing, or R whatever-ing…….we like to say: “a substantial increase in value”, happening for sure in EARLY 2017, which could mean Iraq’s 2nd Quarter (Jan.-Mar.)…….(Now that their Fiscal year allegedly begins Oct. 1)……better yet, since Iraq never does anything on time, we can almost guarantee, that they will BE LATE, by at least another Quarter (that being their 3rd Qtr.- (Apr.-June).

So, with all kinds of accurate data, and printed articles to back it up, and hard copy evidence, which they’ve (Iraq) has told us - those like Dinarland, really won’t receive any substantial exchange money from this investment, due to Iraq’s publicly stated time frame, until at least their 3rd Quarter - which is sometime around April-June 2017 (1st half of 2017)

So really folks, we’re not even close yet - ACCORDING TO ALL THE HARD COPY EVIDENCE GIVEN, by the Iraq Government and it’s political factions (CBI, Parliament, COM, Keywords, etc)

There’s another 6-9 month wait, at Soonest, according to all the “FACTS”, given as of Right Now.

SO, we have to ask you? Does this seem Realistic? Does this Feel right? It this absolutely necessary, just to Publicly, Officially and Substantially raise the rate of their currency, the Iraq Dinar? Are they telling the TRUTH, or are they BLUFFING?

Do they have the world’s best interest, and their citizens best interest, in mind, or are they deceiving everyone, including the citizens, governments and even Dinarland - which, by the way, they pretty much don’t even know or care that Dinarland exists - because it’s SO small in comparison to all the power and wealth, that is a priority within the much greater world scheme of things.

So, with all this printed, hardcore evidence, showing that more than likely, it will take into the first half of 2017, to make this a public funding -

WHY Do WE say that the last week of SEPTEMBER, will see a substantial increase in the Iraq Dinar Rate, and Public Exchanges will begin within the first week of OCTOBER, if you choose?

Good Question, huh? ANSWER: There is a “Plan” within a “Plan”, and has been in place, since the end of 2015. These “Plans” have stayed true to course, SO FAR, and that’s why we’ve been sharing them all year.

A NOTE: *Not All Pieces of either Plan, must be completely be executed fully, in order for the Plan to implement the Rate. There is flexibility, such as certain ISIS particulars not needing to be fully completed, in order to change the rate or certain Laws not needing to be completed, and other things…..THIS IS NOT A LOGICAL LOGICAL LOGICAL……DID WE SAY, LOGICAL?……SET OF EVENTS AND OUTCOME.

It would be great, if everyone in the world, could just follow all the printed news articles, public announcements, and Facts, right into and up to the day, that Iraq substantially, Publicly and Officially raised the Dinar rate, and is printed for public viewing on the CBI website, U.N. website and IMF website - and it’s Official.

But do you really think this or any other Country, is going to do that? Have they really EVER done that? Has ANY country you’ve ever known, done that, by leading you along step by step, right to a major Windfall of increase in money and wealth, by broadcasting EXACTLY how & when, they intend to do it?…….. with substantially raising their currency rate? AND, even more striking, is the fact, that this is a Country at War with an enemy, that’s spread out all over the World. (Reference Kuwait, Japan, Germany)

Now, you gotta ask yourself, in the words of an old internet acquaintance, “Who does that make sense to?”

So, is it NOW thru the 1st WEEK OF OCTOBER 2016……….OR is it APRIL - JUNE 2017?…….or maybe beyond?

DOUBT & EVIDENCE, will tell you maybe much later in 2017, or Never at ALL.
Your HEART & GUT, might tell you something different……

We, want to remind you of one small, but HUGE HUGE piece that is worth noting: “The people, the Citizens of Iraq, right now, are pretty Quiet (although, they do from time to time, keep throwing a fit, just to keep the Leaders in check and on course - kinda like a little kid who wants the parents to not forget they really matter, so they YELL, just for the sake of YELLING, to get attention).

They, as a whole, are NOT rioting, uprising, throwing a fit, and causing trouble with any seriousness...... They’re pretty satisfied…….because the MONEY is flowing, and increasing throughout Iraq, AND the government is solidifying, without the dishonest foundation, of politicians, it once had. This is Super Important, to getting the rate increased OFFICIALLY, throughout Iraq.

Now, could this process take, all the way through Dec. 31, 2016? Yes, it could. Beyond? Yes it could……2017, 2018, 2019, 2020? Yes it could.

What is our Prediction, Opinion, Guess, Probability, Basis, Stab in the Dark, Hope, Prayer, Best Gut assumption, Statement?

It’s the same it’s been since this January 2016.

-We say, they are READY and SET to move this Rate up, by the LAST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER.

-We say, the U.S., U.N. & IMF are ready to implement this economic change, within Iraq, thus affecting many world economies.

-We say, the U.S. Treasury and Banking system, thinks it’s time to Fully enact this massive funding and exchanging process, for a “Big Win-Win”, for everybody - right before this Election season finalizes, although NOT the main reason for it.
-We say, ISIS is contained and controlled enough to officially change the rate publicly.

-We say, there are TIMING issues, with other worldwide agenda’s, such as fiscal years beginning and ending, Currency movements up & down - Pegging & de-pegging coming, Stock market fluctuations worldwide, Oil-Gas-Gold-Silver market instability, Major Banking system overhauls needing a kick start, and countries/regions that desperately need and influx of money.

-We say, that given the current “World Climate”, there is a massive “earthquake” brewing, literally and figuratively……that’s on the immediate horizon, that has been planned for a long time, and happening RIGHT NOW.

Now, how much longer will this “Limp along”?…….our “Logical Window” shows to the middle of 2017.

Our “IL-Logical Window” shows Exchanging & Funding in OCTOBER, with an official rate increase the last week of SEPTEMBER…….as we’ve been stating since January of this year 2016, without waver…….there are many reasons for this, which we’ve kept secret on purpose.

……and we really don’t care if we’re “Wrong”…..because we’re not “Competing with Anyone” for anything here, and we don’t want anything from anyone. NOTHING. We just “Know what we Know”.

We just want the “Millions” of you that have “Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear”…..to know this is REAL, and that the hardcore, factual, fleshed out, solid realization of this, will soon become a PHYSICAL REALITY…….

the challenge will then Suddenly be behind you…..BOOM!, just like that……instantly. Until then, it’s Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…….and don’t get scammed, taken, talked into, feared into, or swayed out of your money, just because it’s gone on for a long time……

”STAY THE COURSE” and don’t Doubt. Buy more currency or Don’t buy more currency or sell all that you have right now, if need be - that kind of choice is up to you, and is a personal choice, that only YOU must live with.

“See the End Result - Not the road that Led you There”

​That’s our 2 cents worth today. We’ve come to Love each and every one of you, even more....and we read your comments - ALL of them……yes, even those of you that don’t agree with us, and even those that bad mouth us and others…..because we know, what’s at the core of that behavior……and we still appreciate you, knowing all things serve “Something”, for a purpose mostly unknown, till sometime in distant future, when everything always “Balances” out.

“Seize your Biggest & Best Opportunities TODAY - not tomorrow, for tomorrow is too far away.” TODAY!……that is your Strongest, most Powerful, most Beneficial Position, of all.

You’re ALREADY a Multi-Millionaire - because you have physical currency in hand. Now, start acting, behaving and Knowing you are……..instead of having the attitude, that you’re still broke, because you can’t SEE it yet. SEE IT.

Please snap out of it……if this weren’t already the case, you wouldn’t even be here, reading these words, and you certainly wouldn’t have the currency in your hot little hands, to begin with, AND you wouldn’t have made it this far, without Faith in “something”…. There are NO ACCIDENTS.

Alright, enough with all the hoopla philosophy…….This whole “Dinarland” family, if that’s what you want to call it, no matter how fragmented it seems to be - IS ABOUT TO COME TOGETHER LIKE NEVER BEFORE……..

because the MONEY, is the ONLY thing that will do it, just like it’s doing with the citizens of IRAQ, right now as we speak - realize that IRAQ citizens and the ME nature, is to always YELL, Protest, Riot etc…..because, it’s how they get attention –

although not always justified, and usually completely blown out of proportion……but the money is moving, and now a few more political folks must be removed, and that’s what the current, insignificant “Yelling” is all about……

So, we say, “Outstretch our hand to one another, NOT because you want something from them - but because you simply LOVE them”………this is the power of the Divine, that can never falter.

Tis the season for this longer post, as you’ve requested….

If there is anything that is relevant enough, big enough or important enough to post, we will chime in. But, as of now, we’re watching the events that occur, right after Sept. 16th……

“Those that have EYES will SEE, and those with EARS, will HEAR”…..the hidden things, that really exist beyond the surface of plain reality.

There is a HUGE HUGE SURPRISE COMING…..sooner than Later……and it’s BRAND NEW.

There’s a BRAND NEW YOU, and soon……..you’ll SEE.

I Intend the Very Best for ALL,
Dr. Clarke



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