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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dinarland Highlights for September 28, 2016

Dinarland Highlights - 9.28.16


...we were...looking at the fact that Abadi was in Washington, DC...he left early...he actually left Thursday...and he was in Iraq Friday morning and...that to us was very significant...I think the most important reason is why did he come back...because the cockroaches were once again trying to mess with the GOI...the biggest issue IMO was to deal with Maliki...and Maliki’s son...But he has been caught with all the millions that he stole…this evidence is being piled up against Maliki and his son that is dealing with corruption...United Nations also says to Abadi...we are going to come with you too...why did they come to Iraq with Abadi...I guess it is because they are dealing with corruption not terrorism. That is huge...all of the bad people we see over there are being dealt with right now...it is the root of corruption that the UN is now over there dealing with...and Abadi is right there dealing with them...Abadi is not targeting Maliki…that would be politically dangerous...but Abadi is allowing the UN to come and do the corruption clean up...in fact the US Treasury is there too...why...because the UST and the UN are both there now monitoring the CBI auctions...

Abadi is trying to take his country into the future...into the international world and to do business with it...not with the program rate...the UN applauded and said bravo to Abadi...and he met with many nations...and those nations promised many things to him...why would they do that at a program rate...

Article quotes:
"We Will Raise the Value of the Iraqi Dinar and it will be to Reduce Corruption by Hitting One of the Main Sources of Currency Auctions”

"To Restore Confidence in Iraq Currency Retreating..."

IMO I think...that Mosul is so very close to us...because of that I believe now they want to talk to you about the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar...and that is good. There was another article...dealing with the Monetary Reforms and they said...we the Finance Committee, suggested that the best thing for us to do is to create a float...our exchange rate...once again another example within 48 hours of Abadi coming back from NYC and DC you see a lot of talk about the Monetary Reform.


"Central bank: Iraq will emerge from the gray list to the white early next year"

"...the highest international group to monitor the money moving internationally to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white early next year, 2017..."

This is one of those articles that is so matter of fact. There can be no confusion what the CBI is saying here. No misunderstanding. Here is what the IMF said in the SBA..."The authorities will gradually remove remaining exchange restrictions and multiple currency practice (MCP) (MEFP, 14). Such a move towards acceptance of the obligations under Article VIII of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement will send a positive signal to the investor community that Iraq is committed to maintain an exchange system that is free of restrictions and MCPs for current international transactions and thus facilitate creation of a favorable business climate." We can clearly see that early 2017 the CBI plans to enter Article VIII. This will facilitate international investment, confidence and international transactions using the dinar. This also, IMO will be when the dinar begins to float. As already stated, the CBI plans to introduce a new 50, 100, and 200 at the same time so we can expect the dinar to improve significantly in 2017.


Where are with Iraq? They have revalued in country, they are using Qi cards, back pay all the way back to January. Decent rates on cards. Iraq did all they were asked to do. The G20 meeting was positive, the treaties, Paris Treaty, all agreed upon. It was just announced, the Paris agreement yesterday in the UN general assembly. It was a very big deal when that went down. We are in excellent position to receive this blessing in very short order. Don’t know next day or so, but believe this is our week. That is the sort of the timing we are looking at right now. We are pretty close...get ready and prepare for your new lives that should start here pretty soon.


The 170 hours ends sometime tomorrow. What it transpire is not known by me. For see this is on a timer (It has a day and specific time agreed on by all countries). The rates are admirable and high and the banks are all ready. Know that the US is in the original basket and it also is revaluation. Vietnam, Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Brazil, Mejico (Mexico for you), South Korea, to name a few are in that original basket of twenty. ... the timer is about to expire and all GCR related happenings will become the world's new reality.

Adam Montana

If you're watching the news stories, you'll already know that my prediction to start seeing things moving around now is taking shape... we've actually got news! Which is a GREAT thing, considering the lull that we were in for the last few months! I think it's clear that things are picking up pace. And that is exactly what's happening now... I am liking the current situation.


"Float the Iraqi dinar economic phenomenon that will support the national currency"

hopefully the plan will be put in place soon so Iraq can start to create a private sector. The dinar is key to that success.

Dr. Clarke

As it stands RIGHT NOW, it looks like we'll have an Official International Rate increase and exchangeable Iraq Dinar currency, on Monday, October 3, 2016. The next few days will fully determine this outcome, based primarily on events OUTSIDE Iraq, believe it or not, for this date...it has to do with the full integration of several other key political powers, and their current positioning politically. There are moves being made, as we speak, that are of serious concern. That's all we can say about that, at this time. Because of this, at this point, there is strong consideration, to FIRST substantially increase the IN-COUNTRY rate by Oct. 3, countrywide only, without granting an International status, until the Approximate time period of December 1, 2016, at which time, Iraq would Officially become an Internationally Tradable and exchanged currency, outside the country.

The consideration, is that this would give them some extra time, to fully integrate the affairs within the country, managing the changeover sufficiently within all aspects of their banking and regulation systems - lower denoms, auctions, pricing, etc., finalize some political shuffling of key positions, finish a handful more laws, and secure a little more ISIS details - all before becoming a Full International partner, and the onslaught of changes that come with that - ALL while these other things play out, after the Oct. 1 date...

There just isn't a 100% complete indication, from any direction, on this Oct. 3date right now, but it is a very high probability, much more, than implementing the December 1 scenario. The reason, is that they realize, the more time taken, the more problems that will inevitably surface. They, (meaning primarily the U.S. & Iraq), want to move on this NOW, but the UN & the IMF are leaning toward a little more time, to suffice the global picture...there are a couple countries right now, seriously threatening, as we speak...These are purely our Beliefs & Opinions, as to the status of things, at this point. As of Right Now, OCT. 3rd is it. ..."Time Will Tell" ...the VN Dong - we have no status change, at all - still...at any moment.


"Law No. (27) for the year 2016 general amnesty Arabic Original Document 26 Sep 2016"

From the Iraq Local Law and Governance Library folks! In Print now. It is now Law.


Article quote:
"The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed an agreement today in Erbil with the Ministry of Planning of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to establish a new Funding Facility for Economic Reform (FFER)."

Notice how the UN and it's various departments seem to all of a sudden be falling all over Iraq in attempts to help them....what pray tell might be coming from all this new found assistance.

Adam Montana

[via The Machine]

[Oil prices are relatively stable, the price of gold is staying above $1300/oz and most likely going up. Iraq has plenty of both. With all that has gone on with Iraq this year: CBI talk, banking, more oil, more gold, security, government, IMF and UN aid, etc...things are actually looking promising. I know about your 10 cent stance, and...I was just curious if you've heard anything about a possible rate of 13-26 cents, like a few other middle east countries are currently valued at as well. Just so Iraq can be 'on par' with some of their neighbors, and take advantage of the resources they possess or have yet to tap into.]

oil prices stable ish --- yes...gold price staying above $1,300/Oz and heading higher --- I sure hope so...Iraq has plenty of both --- well we know for sure they have a lot of oil, how much gold they actually have at the moment is anyones guess. as for the rate --- 1c , 10c , 50c, $50 per dinar or even the current rate, it really doesnt matter to Iraq what the rate is life continues as normal, there are 120 factors that determine the value of a currency, everything from political stability to standard of healthcare, structure of the economy and population educational levels then the usual things like reserves, natural resources, workforce participation, interest rates, banking structure and policies, inflation rates and the volume of cash in the economy etc.

"on par with the neighbors" --- I've heard this one for years and there is absolutely no reason one country can value its currency at a higher rate just because another country close by is at a higher value relative to the dollar...thats like me saying well bob down the road who is a CEO of his own company just got a new mustang ... I should have one too ,even though I work part time in pizza hut...with todays crazy lending policies I probably could get the loan for it in this scenario but long-term it will destroy me just like if Iraq jumped the gun and set a rate too high based on a false belief in their ability to maintain that rate or deserve it. As mentioned above the factors that affect the value of a currency cannot be overlooked or dismissed just because one might want to keep up with the jones's (or Muhammad's in this case) its just an ego thing. I do think some day it will be on par, now whether thats because the IQD increases in value or all out chaos engulfs the middle east and everyone else drops to Iraq's current value I don't know but time will tell.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru



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