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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 9/17/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring BGG

kalis says(3:50 PM):

how long did it take to lose that 40 ?

Nomad says(3:50 PM):

Your the man...oh, I was all on board untill you mentioned exercise!!!!!! Lol

slh5282 says to BGG(3:50 PM):

great news thanks for the insight

BGG says to kalis(3:51 PM):

about 4 months.

kalis says(3:51 PM):


kalis says(3:51 PM):

again thnak you so much for all you do ?

BGG says to Nomad(3:51 PM):

We're going out for our walk right now...

BGG says to Nomad(3:51 PM):


Nomad says(3:52 PM):

your killing me...

MrsBGG says(3:52 PM):

thank you'all for stopping by for BGG's special News!! Love & Blessings (L)

speakwell says(3:52 PM):

Thanks, BGG, for the great insights!

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(3:52 PM):

Thank you! Enjoy your walk!

jtank says(3:52 PM):

thx bgg

jtank says(3:53 PM):

walking is good

Nomad says(3:53 PM):

Thank you one and all, I have to go exercise...

carxpress says(3:53 PM):

Thanks BGG!!! . .. .. I appreciate all you (and everyone at DU) does!!!

WILEY says(3:53 PM):

Bama 3 -- Ole Miss 10

Soonergirlie says(3:54 PM):


willie60 says(3:54 PM):

Really good stuff. Thanks so much.

jetset says to WILEY(3:54 PM):

i'm an ole miss fan today! (lol)

Soonergirlie says(3:55 PM):

me too jetset (v)

bubbles says to jetset(3:56 PM):

me to

ivorygal says(4:00 PM):

I just missed BGG's news. Will it be posted in today's chat log?

moneymom says(4:00 PM):

drop in the link please when its posted

CoolChic says(4:04 PM):

It's in the chat log http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...tember-17-2016

(4:06 PM)eaglesrest was kicked out by eaglesrest!

magnetlady says(4:08 PM):

OK Here is the link to BGG's Newstime this afternoon:


magnetlady says(4:08 PM):

It can be found as well in the copied chat section.

magnetlady says(4:09 PM):

Its there ivorygal

magnetlady says(4:09 PM):

I just finished coloring it

Okie Dinar says to magnetlady(4:10 PM):

Thank you Mags for coloring and copying! :)

magnetlady says(4:10 PM):

you are most welcome

moneymom says(4:10 PM):


jetset says to magnetlady(4:11 PM):

did you use a box of 66 crayons or 96?

Okie Dinar says to jetset(4:12 PM):


jetset says(4:20 PM):


jetset says(4:21 PM):

24-21 going into halftime...

bubbles says to jetset(4:21 PM):


bubbles says to jetset(4:22 PM):

I cant watch it this week boohoo

jetset says(4:22 PM):

1st quarter was very tough to watch anyway....

jetset says(4:22 PM):

colorado looked like the #4 team in the 1st qtr

bubbles says to jetset(4:22 PM):

thats cause I wasnt watching:D

jetset says(4:24 PM):

they took some big punches from Colorado but they adjusted and hopefully will dominate the rest of the game..

(4:26 PM)Josie was kicked out by Josie!

bubbles says to jetset(4:26 PM):

Michigan has always been a pretty come back team. Not always but a lot

Okie Dinar says to jetset(4:28 PM):

Hopefully NOT :D

(4:29 PM)patti was kicked out by patti!

Beeson says(4:49 PM):

Fox says ISIS leaders killed in Iraq

jetset says(4:59 PM):

another one bites the dust!

magnetlady says(5:02 PM):


prs says(5:13 PM):

did Bgg have a newstime today?

DIGIman1 says(5:13 PM):


prs says(5:13 PM):

thank you!

DIGIman1 says(5:14 PM):


cricket22 says to jetset(5:21 PM):

TOUCH DOWN!!!!! :)

Ame says(5:24 PM):

YAYY Kyle bush didn't win the race!!

(5:26 PM)cricket22 changed nickname to .♥cricket22♥!

Ame says(5:27 PM):

you stole my hearts

Ame says(5:27 PM):

and they were copywerited too

Ame says(5:28 PM):

♥♥♥ SHAZAAAAAM ♥♥♥ © ™® Pat. pend.

cricket22 says to Ame(5:28 PM):

Oh really? :D

Ame says(5:28 PM):

ur in trouble NOW Missey

cricket22 says to Ame(5:28 PM):

Hahaha... Come and get me! :D

Ame says(5:29 PM):

not gonna drive wAYY up there

cricket22 says to Ame(5:29 PM):


Ame says(5:30 PM):

I will sick Digi on U tho

Ame says(5:30 PM):

git her Digi

cricket22 says to Ame(5:30 PM):

I am very sick. So, go ahead....LOL

DIGIman1 says(5:30 PM):

meow....meow....meow....meow....meow....meow....me ow....

Ame says(5:30 PM):

ty Digi

Ame says(5:31 PM):

SEEE heart stealer

cricket22 says to Ame(5:31 PM):

Is this who I think it is? :D

Ame says(5:31 PM):


Ame says(5:31 PM):

maybe NOT??

cricket22 says to Ame(5:32 PM):

Ok, we shall see...:)

Ame says(5:32 PM):


cricket22 says to Ame(5:33 PM):

Hold on a sec

Ame says(5:33 PM):


cricket22 says to Ame(5:33 PM):

You're about to get a phone call. :D

cricket22 says to Ame(5:33 PM):

Yeah, second

Ame says(5:34 PM):

:P neener neener its not ME

cricket22 says to Ame(5:35 PM):

Ok, sure .. :P

Ame says(5:35 PM):

did that person answer U ?

cricket22 says to Ame(5:35 PM):


Ame says(5:35 PM):

well then.....

jetset says to cricket22(5:35 PM):

little rough in the 1st qtr but i think we will pull through!

Ame says(5:35 PM):


cricket22 says to Ame(5:35 PM):

Is this Blossom?

Ame says(5:36 PM):

no its NOT teri

cricket22 says to jetset(5:36 PM):

I just turned my TV on a little bit ago to watch the game.

Ame says(5:36 PM):

have fun its news time

cricket22 says to Ame(5:36 PM):

Ohhhhh... You just gave yourself away.. :D

Ame says(5:37 PM):

oh ya??????

Ame says(5:37 PM):


cricket22 says to Ame(5:38 PM):


Ame says(5:38 PM):

me too news is on

Ame says(5:38 PM):


Ame says(5:59 PM):

news is over now

Ame says(5:59 PM):

but its time 4 me to shut down

Ame says(5:59 PM):


cricket22 says(6:07 PM):

Good night D...:D

(6:22 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

(6:25 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

magnetlady says(6:34 PM):

Hey scottiegirl. Thank you for copying for a while tonight.

magnetlady says(6:35 PM):

It's been kind of slow since BGG's newstime, peeps I think all watching college football.

MrsBGG says(6:35 PM):

Hey sweet lady (L)

mydinar100 says(6:36 PM):

Do we have news time tonight?Or maybe I missed news from BGG.

(6:36 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

(6:36 PM)magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

magnetlady says(6:36 PM):

oops hit wrong button.

magnetlady says(6:36 PM):

kicked myself out

MrsBGG says to mydinar100(6:36 PM):

No News Time tonight...tomorrow night :)

magnetlady says(6:36 PM):

mydinarr100 we had it this afternoon

magnetlady says(6:36 PM):

BGG did a special one for us.

DIGIman1 says(6:37 PM):


MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(6:37 PM):

Good evening :)

magnetlady says(6:37 PM):

Thank you DIGI

MrsBGG says to DIGIman1(6:37 PM):

Thank you!!

DIGIman1 says(6:37 PM):


MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:38 PM):

Hey sweet lady (L)

magnetlady says(6:38 PM):

HEy Mrs. BGG

mydinar100 says to DIGIman1(6:38 PM):

Thank you

magnetlady says(6:38 PM):

Did you enjoy your walk

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:39 PM):

Yes, thank you!

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:39 PM):

The weather is getting cooler in the evening and it's great! :)

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:40 PM):

How are you??

MrsBGG says to magnetlady(6:40 PM):

Are you enjoying your Saturday? :)

magnetlady says(6:40 PM):

I'm OK Mrs. BGG. Just busy as usual

magnetlady says(6:40 PM):

Sure. Not fighting that traffic. Trying to do some laundry inbetween copying.

MrsBGG says(6:41 PM):

Yes, do you need a break?

magnetlady says(6:41 PM):

Scottiegirl has taken chat for a while. Then Okie will be in

MrsBGG says(6:41 PM):

okay, well let us know if anything changes..:)

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:41 PM):

I'm just doing some stuff around the house and watching chat. :)

magnetlady says(6:42 PM):

OK Cool. How is that little girl doing.

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:42 PM):

Hey sweetie! So nice to see you!!

magnetlady says(6:42 PM):

Last I saw a pic she is just growing up so fast.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:42 PM):

She is amazing! Sleeping at the moment. :)

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:42 PM):

Hey sweet lady! Good to be seen! lol

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:43 PM):


scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:43 PM):

Waaaaaay too fast!

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:43 PM):

How old is your daughter?

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:43 PM):

My daughter is 24. Her little girl is 4. Or 4 1/2 she would say.

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:43 PM):

Gotta get that 1/2 in there!

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:44 PM):

At my age....I prefer the lower 1/2. lol

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:44 PM):

Awe, precious! What blessings!!

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:44 PM):


scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:44 PM):

She is indeed! She's got 2 speeds....full blast and dead stop.

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:45 PM):

Keeps us young

MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:45 PM):


MrsBGG says to scottiegirl(6:45 PM):

yes they have a lot of energy!!

magnetlady says(6:46 PM):

Gosh its hard to believe mine are 10 and 12 now. Seems like yesterday when the oldest was born

scottiegirl says to MrsBGG(6:46 PM):

Oh my! She does! Her vocabulary at her age is astounding!

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:46 PM):

Wow! Won't be long till it's "can I have the keys?"

magnetlady says(6:46 PM):

You are right there.

magnetlady says(6:47 PM):

But makes sense your gdaughter is always around adults.

magnetlady says(6:47 PM):

So her vocabulary would be lots more advanced than some kids who are just around children

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:50 PM):

True.....She will be in kindergarden next year and already learning kindergarden level stuff. Little Ms. Smarty Pants. lol!

magnetlady says(6:51 PM):

That's OK. Has she been in preschool at all?

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:52 PM):

She's been in a Christian preschool for the past 3 years

magnetlady says(6:52 PM):

Awesome. Then she is used to being around other children and in a learning enviro

magnetlady says(6:52 PM):

She will do great.

magnetlady says(6:53 PM):

Grandson went to middle school this year. He loves it.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:54 PM):

Hoping she will be able to continue in a private school environment. The public schools here are better than some, but they are a long way from where I would like them to be.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:55 PM):

I hope he continues on that course.

magnetlady says(6:57 PM):

He is in all AP classes and didn't have to take 6th grade math went directlly into Pre Algebra

magnetlady says(6:57 PM):

So I think he's going to be OK.

magnetlady says(6:58 PM):

gdaughter is in her last year at grade school.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(6:58 PM):

Wow! That's impressive! Yes he will be more than ok!

magnetlady says(6:59 PM):

Hope so, sometimes that switch from grade school to middle is a lot for some people to handle.

magnetlady says(6:59 PM):

He has several friends that all ended up in this middle school, kids he has either been in school with or sports.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(7:02 PM):

It is a difficult transition for sure. My daughter had a lot of difficulty. She got into that gothic thing and I though I would loose my mind. Lots of prayer went into those 2 years, but God was faithful as always and brought her through unscathed.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(7:05 PM):

It was one of those miracle moments when she came out of it. Hated me for 2 years then one day I walked in her room expecting that same nasty look, but instead she looked at me and said "hey mom....wanna go get some ice cream?"

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(7:05 PM):

Best ice cream I've ever had!

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:06 PM):

Hi there sweetie (F)

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:06 PM):

How are you?

scottiegirl says to cricket22(7:06 PM):

Hey girlfriend!

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:07 PM):


scottiegirl says to cricket22(7:07 PM):

I'm wonderful! How are you my sweet friend?

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:08 PM):

I am sick, but good other than that. My feet are getting better, which has been a real blessing. :)

scottiegirl says to cricket22(7:08 PM):

Hate that you are sick, but so glad that your feet are getting better!

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:09 PM):

Thank you :)

scottiegirl says to cricket22(7:09 PM):

Looks like everyone is sleeping or game watching

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:11 PM):

Yeah, I don't know. ({)

scottiegirl says to cricket22(7:12 PM):

({) Oh well

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:12 PM):

I slept for 12 hours last night and had a nap today. I think I'll be going to bed early tonight too. Tomorrow we are suppose to go to the Bridal Show with my daughter. She has been so excited about going, and I hope to feel better by then.

scottiegirl says to cricket22(7:18 PM):

I'll be praying that you are feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful time! Special times with our girls! :)

cricket22 says to scottiegirl(7:19 PM):

Yes, thank you so much hun! :)

magnetlady says(7:25 PM):

Hey scottie, yes I agree I'm sure it was the best ice cream you ever tasted.

magnetlady says(7:26 PM):

Now that was a GOD thing with your daughter. I just pray that with my grand girl that something like that doesn't happen.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(7:30 PM):

It was for sure a God thing! Although He brought us through, it's something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

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