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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 9/7/16 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring BGG

Dinarian1 says(1:16 PM):

You all are appreciated.... more than you think!

Okie Dinar says to Dinarian1(1:17 PM):

(y) Agreed! They are all wonderful :)

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hutch says(1:37 PM):


Okie Dinar says to hutch(1:39 PM):

Looking forward to it :)

Okie Dinar says(1:44 PM):

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Dinar Q & A Call!!”

Wed. 9/07 “Dinar Q & A” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch – 7:30pm EST

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Idaho says(1:51 PM):

kalis...he has also replaced 90% of the lower court judges with leftest leaning judges....

(2:13 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

Okie Dinar says(2:24 PM):

Discuss ways to overcome tax problems experienced by banks Bankers Association held a meeting with the General Commission for Taxes

Views 84 Date 09/07/2016 - 18:45

In cooperation with the tax authority in the presence of representatives of Iraqi and foreign private banks operating in Iraq Iraqi private banks Association held a meeting with his divine General of taxation is the second of its kind within two months to discuss ways of mutual cooperation and the adoption of the principle of ashvavih and disclosure.

During the meeting discussed back and some outstanding issues.

In an interview for the General Manager of a successful tax authority Abbas confirmed that these problems have been resolved and the legal procedures and streamline.

The meeting was very n is to communicate the views regarding tax accounting that Iraqi private banks operating in Iraq is an important sector in national economic construction and we continue to operate in Iraq and that the revenues that come from them are OK and are right for the State.

With some banks raised the problem of double taxation between Kurdistan and Baghdad.

Okie Dinar says(2:26 PM):

Meeting of the General Commission of Iraq for the company to finance projects

Views 18 Date 09/07/2016 - 18:25

Economy News / special

Iraqi General Commission of the Company held for the financing of small and medium-sized Enterprise Co., Ltd. in the presence of representatives from the Central Bank of Iraq and the company observer "Edit Hassoun company office."

My father took part in the meeting held today in Palestine, representatives of banks contributing to both the hotel Ashur International Bank, National Bank, Bank of Baghdad, the Middle East Bank, Sumer Bank, North Bank, Gulf Bank and the Bank of Mosul.

There were discussed during the meeting the hopes of the body, which included a review of precise calendar for the activities of the company's agenda and discuss ways to improve their performance

Okie Dinar says(2:28 PM):

Al-Abadi: we will not allow anyone to impose the will of the force of arms


Confirmed that the Prime Minister, Haider Al-Abadi to security is an integrated system and Granville in any area would impact negatively and the rest of the cities, pointing out that there was a request from maysan province for the imposition of security.

A statement said the abadi office today to " that came during his meeting with the governor and members of the provincial council in the presence of a number of Deputy Governor, during his visit to keep misan today Wednesday.".

He explained the Prime Minister, according to the statement, " there must be coordination between the level of security in the province and in Iraq, our duty to protect citizens and not allowed to impose certain of the will of the force of arms, the law must prevail. And applies to everyone.

And Villains. " the government's commitment to giving more powers for the provinces, and he said " we aspire to greater cooperation to provide services to the citizen ".

He emphasized that " the country is facing challenges, and it will come out stronger. Our cooperation, our heroes are investigating victories which came through their sacrifices and blessed the advisory opinion to the repertoire up Mr. Ali Al-Sistani {long as his shadow}, pointing that Iraqis are entitled to Proud of these victories and defend them from their land and their holy places as they defend the gulf states and these states cooperation to eradicate isis ".

Al-Abadi called on to more work and coordination for the provision of services and a citizen of the morrisania

Okie Dinar says(2:29 PM):

All from the one and only MadDScout :)

Holly1 says(2:32 PM):

Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi: on the Keywords not fit for the management of the central bank and advised him to leave him

Holly1 says(2:32 PM):

Confirmed the former Communications Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali: " It does not know how the bank manages in light of the difficult economic circumstances , " noting that "Iraq is moving toward a serious economic cliff." According to what was quoted in a television interview, he said that " of holding the economic file in Iraq are people who are not qualified, and these primitive ideas delivered the Iraq to the economic level of the shallow and the next worst. " Allawi disclosed that he had asked the central bank governor on the Keywords earlier stepped down time, if it is not able to respond to the plight of Iraq 's economic , mission and entrust to qualified them to people 's ability to draw financial and economic policy success for the challenges that gripped the country. he stressed that the central bank governor is not qualified to lead this great position, because "in a valley, fiscal and monetary policy in another valley." it is noteworthy that Keywords he held the post of Secretary General of the Council of Ministers at the time of al - Maliki , who appointed him governor of the Central Bank of Iraq a few days before being forced to leave his post to his successor , Haider al - Abadi.

Holly1 says(2:32 PM):


Holly1 says(2:33 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Holly1(2:33 PM):

Thank you for the news :)

Holly1 says(2:34 PM):

Political A

Why he wanted Maliki thrown by former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi prison?

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:34 PM):


Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:35 PM):

With the arrival of international experts to Baghdad to investigate the corruption files in Iraq , especially in the case of smuggling money and laundered at the Central Bank of Iraq, stand out to the surface of events causes removal of the former province Dr. Shabibi by former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki. Known that Dr. Shabibi personal economic scientific academies and national global referred to Mendez, Masters received in 1971 from Manchester and PhD University of Bristol University in the United Kingdom a very good grade, and worked as a professor for postgraduate studies in European universities for many years and in March the banks managing professionally and his books taught in universities of the world. and when she was assigned for the management of the Central Bank of Iraq, the work of price stability and the implementation of prudent monetary policy with the professional management of foreign currency and raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. but this is a successful manager subjected to harassment by al - Maliki , who was appointed four members of his ruling party big positions within the central bank and they are not with jurisdiction, even influenced by the central bank and took a random

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:36 PM):

hit Otunabh. these people are the Director - money laundering department, the director of the legal department, and director of banking surveillance, and Director of the economic Department. and took corruption is rampant within the central bank by colleagues Maliki in the party, then the director - money laundering department allocates money Iraq funds for the benefit of the Dawa Party , traders, legal director of gloss it, and Director of the banks control taking sold dollars to private banks associated with the said Prime Minister Party, less than the market in amounts that make Iraq millions of dollars lost per day because of this corruption and the smuggling of government budget funds to the outside. when decided Central Bank Governor Sinan al - Shabibi change them in order to maintain the homeland of funds from theft, came to him a letter from the prime minister prevented him from removal of these corrupt and between the lines of the book "veiled threat."

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:37 PM):

after the removal of the first "corrupt gang" mad - Maliki issued by his partner and friend Medhat Mahmoud , an arrest warrant on Shabibi after the latter was in Switzerland lectured about the new monetary policy in a global seminar for International monetary Fund. and then appointed al - Maliki on the Keywords central bank governor, to hand over power to the Abadi budget Iraq empty and reserves of the Central Bank ravished to enter Iraq in a crisis large financial advancement of which can not after a decade even if oil prices improved today. quoting Shabibi, Maliki received more than all the rulers of Iraq money "combined" not being investigated by any unfinished mention the Iraqi people

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:37 PM):

and the homeland, and was enough to build a new home according to the latest international standards can accommodate up to 30 million people live in the well - being and stability be security for all people in the world to live in. after al - Maliki out of office, felonies Rusafa Court decided to acquit Shabibi from the false accusation that plotted against al - Maliki and the rule of juniors sentenced to seven years, and promised politically charged court pure and not a crime to the lack of any file condemnation against him. it is worth mentioning that Dr. Sinan is the son of the poet and writer known as Mohammad Reza Shabibi was born in the city of Najaf, and was a mujahid with Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Habboubi in revolted, and became the Royal Prince and minister of Education in the four governments and the chairman of the board Senators and deputies in the parliament and deputies in the Senate and the speaker of parliament.

jimplants says(2:38 PM):

they gone just a matter of time and they are all gone

Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:38 PM):


Holly1 says to Okie Dinar(2:38 PM):


DIGIman1 says(2:38 PM):

tie them to a pole and let the people decide....

Holly1 says to DIGIman1(2:39 PM):


DIGIman1 says to Holly1(2:39 PM):

thanks for bring in all the awsome news :)

jimplants says(2:40 PM):

the people have decided thats why those dudes have body guards and armored cars

DIGIman1 says(2:41 PM):

none of that matters when they haul you away in cuffs....

Holly1 says(2:42 PM):

Iraqi citizen

Holly1 says(2:43 PM):

Search - Find ways will address factors that determine the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar, as well as to maintain the value of the Iraqi dinar and the continuity and stability of its purchasing power and ways to maintain the reserve foreign exchange and investment and the payment of the Iraqi citizen of the reluctance to keep currencies that are hard for your $ and encourage savings as well as currency exchange and external conversion process and what are the priorities of those transfers and outlets and the extent of the amount of support for them as well as to reduce the flow of shoddy products and diversify the rest of the goods and

Holly1 says(2:43 PM):

the reduction of inflation and the pursuit to reduce it, and ways to increase imports of the Treasury from the inside as well as converting commercial funds to the agricultural and industrial urban service and the elimination of financial and administrative corruption at border crossing points also deals with the Lands white and catalysts to exploit, as well as social aid and the ration card , social security and reduce the disguised unemployment in the private sector and the factors eliminate the crisis of factors housing as

Holly1 says(2:44 PM):

well as the reduction of professions and dual wage and down the and the highest of the individual and the family , and will address search to s**** some of the laws and the call to wait implementation advances housing, industry and agriculture to be implemented and to make Iraqi citizens and paper open in front of the regulatory authorities in all their forms and their impact on the maintenance of public security and money , and will address the search final results of the above from the above figures, dates and duration of achievement is reconciled to God and peace -

Holly1 says(2:44 PM):

on Mars

Do you accept the advice or carrying the head of the snake venom to throw poor people and destroyed the country and God suffices us

Holly1 says(2:45 PM):

Abu Maher Lahibi

Dr. God Aakhalik thieves and corrupt do not accept any advice chance Thieves steal people's money and bring the Chamber money to fight the fight companions will not forsake

Holly1 says(2:45 PM):

Ali Nasser al-Badri

There are no banking Policy successful and clear and with the Central Bank of Iraq, especially in the economic crisis Stranglehold

Holly1 says(2:46 PM):

Elia Elia

These are all remnants of al-Maliki garbage

Holly1 says(2:46 PM):


Holly1 says(2:50 PM):

2017 will receive a financial disaster in Iraq

The number of visits: 40215 Published on: Today, 20:31 Published by: Messenger of Delph

2017 will receive a financial disaster in Iraq

Saad Mohsen Khali

Despite more than a year after the Iraqi government was not successful in its bid to complete its reform program due to the pressures of the heads of political blocs influential to block any effort to reform affect their political future .. did not the reforms conducted by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi level of ambition that seeks to achieve being a part of all the swing the political process squad amid problems in the country are very complicated .. although Haider al-Abadi of the intellectual figures and has approved and widely to promote political and economic reality in the country, but he took over as prime minister in a confusing situation where controlled Daesh on large areas of Iraq, setting a worrying budget Where

Holly1 says(2:50 PM):

Financial situation, especially with the imminent discuss the 2017 budget became very dangerous in terms of a huge waste in the budget expenses turned out despite the austerity policy of the government to cover the deficit in the budget .. where government data suggest the existence of a budget deficit of 30 trillion Iraqi dinars, or in the amount of 30 percent of the budget, the size of which is low for outweighing No. Bmoisnta the past two years .. the question for discussion .. the way how to deal with this deficit does bear citizen costs while incumbents enjoy political influence privileges unprecedented financial .. to address the deficit is said that the government plans to raise taxes on citizens It is in any case measures are

Holly1 says(2:51 PM):

unsuccessful and rejected by the citizens who are currently suffering from financial hardship as a result of rise in most food prices, in addition to fees for services, including the wages of water and electricity, let alone the amounts paid by the citizens with limited income to private generators owners it is often expensive costs and strain their shoulders .. among the measures under discussion to grant employees leave open for more than a year without pay and this measure will increase the likelihood of migration of young people outside the country to find jobs, a move to Ajriqa to the level of scientific processors to cover the deficit in the budget .. if required the government to be standard responsibility and more serious in addressing disguised unemployment in government departments by pushing employees in productive

Holly1 says(2:52 PM):

projects contribute to bridging the local market need and run production factories idle instead of increasing battalions of unemployed .. in addition to the need to reconsider salary huge personal benefits received by heads of authorities the three members of the House of Representatives and the governmental bodies and independent formations and woo ... is it conceivable that the large sums of money are spent on a prosthesis operations in the most prestigious foreign hospitals. It blocks the atrocities noses. These expenses unexplained is in any case an act of sabotage is talking about not feasible either to talk about foreign currency smuggling is modern has become futile, especially since the government appropriate measures to s

Holly1 says(2:52 PM):

stop the smuggling that threatens the entity of the nation did not take the Central Bank of Iraq and assumes the legal and moral responsibility in continuation of a process that threatens to bankrupt Iraq of hard currency, especially since the previous figures were pointed to a $ 80 billion reserve of the dollar in the Treasury's central bank as indicating the current figures to the existence of a significant reduction in the cash reserve and reach down to low levels, warning of a major disaster in the short term has Treasury threaten bankruptcy while witnessing the assets of the corrupt and looters from Elsa SSH owners influence an increase in inflation and interest to'd deposited outside Iraq, which revealed part of Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari even exceeded its figures astronomical figures .. obey God Aaebad God as you do+

Holly1 says(2:53 PM):

http://fk-news.com/59522-مع%20حلول%20عام2017%20كارثة%20مالية%20ستحصل%20في%2 0العراق.html

Holly1 says(2:53 PM):


Baxter says(2:56 PM):

Thx Holly..... appreciate it..

clay says to Baxter(2:56 PM):

hey buddy''

Baxter says(2:56 PM):

HI Clay..

clay says to Baxter(2:56 PM):

hows your day

Holly1 says(2:56 PM):

Rasheed Bank began to sell the dollar to travelers b [1200] Iraqi dinars.

According to a statement of the bank said on Wednesday that "the general manager of the Rasheed Bank Rashad Khudair between the bank management and directed branch [airport / stadium / Yarmouk / Hay Spring / Finance Ministry] Iraqi citizens Alragbeyen sell the dollar to buy and the amount identified by $ 3,000 per citizen and at a price Exchange [1200] dinars for their cover their expenses to travel. "+

The statement continued, "The sale will be according to the guidelines developed by the bank, which is to provide valid passport is valid travel ticket with an enhanced one of the supporting documents to the customer."

Holly1 says(2:57 PM):

http://fk-news.com/59508-مصرف%20الرشيد%20يباشر%20ببيع%20الدولار%20للمسافرين %20بـ%20%201200دينار.html

Holly1 says to Baxter(2:57 PM):


Baxter says(2:57 PM):

I have had a bad week... ugh... everything is breaking down..

clay says to Baxter(2:57 PM):

sorry to hear

clay says to Baxter(2:58 PM):

it will get better :)

Baxter says(2:58 PM):

Moms Dryer blew up.... our washer went out... TV quit... Riding lawn Mower Starter puked..and now my boat motor is leaking fuel....

rustynail says(3:00 PM):

hey dude at least you have a boat, sell the boat and fix the rest

Baxter says(3:00 PM):


Holly1 says(3:01 PM):

Tomorrow Press shared a link

2 hrs

Holly1 says(3:01 PM):

Tomorrow Press - document .. The Ministry of Finance acted Adha holiday for its employees a bonus

Tomorrow Press news agency and an Iraqi independent in her speech, funding and is linked to any point of an Iraqi, Arab or foreign, aimed at delivering information and news full impartial away from sectarian and national bias, ethnic, religious or sectarian.


Holly1 says(3:02 PM):

http://alghadpress.com/ar/news/65176/%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%88%D8%AB%D9%8A%D9%82%D8%A9-%D9%88%D8%B2%D8%A7%D8%B1%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%AA%D8%B5%D8%B1%D9%81-%D9%85%D9%83%D8%A7%D9%81%D8%A3%D8%A9-%D8%B9%D9%8A%D8%AF-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A3%D8%B6%D8%AD%D9%8A-%D9%84%D9%85%D9%88%D8%B8%D9%81%D9%8A%D9%87%D8%A7#. V9BJLLkXJvs.facebook

Holly1 says(3:02 PM):


(3:02 PM)Abby was kicked out by Abby!

Holly1 says(3:05 PM):

Ammar al-Hakim

5 hrs

Holly1 says(3:05 PM):

National concern was present at our meeting head of a coalition of state law , Mr. Nuri al - Maliki, as we discussed ways to strengthen the positive track of the National Alliance and the activation of his work, as we emphasized in this context the importance of institutionalization, and the involvement of its components in the political decision - making and foster a spirit of love and cooperation, and the launch of the National reassurance messages, and openness the rest of the political forces, also stressed that Iraq is living extraordinary circumstances which requires the unification of visions and attitudes out of the crisis, and to develop a unified position for national alliance of regional and international issues.

Holly1 says(3:06 PM):

National concerns were covered in our meeting with President of State of Law Coalition Mr. Nuri Al-Maliki, we also discussed means of furthering the positive course of action of the Iraqi National Alliance with and activate its work, in this context we emphasized the importance of institutionalizing the Iraqi National Alliance and enroll all members in political decision-making, and spreading love and cooperation spirit, plus sending reassurance

Holly1 says(3:06 PM):

messages for all , as well as opening up to the rest of the Iraqi people components and the political powers, we emphasized on the current exceptional circumstances of Iraq, that requires unifying visions and attitudes to exit crises, as well as to develop a unified position of the Iraqi National Alliance towards regional and international issues.

DIGIman1 says(3:06 PM):

now thats funny.....

Holly1 says(3:06 PM):


Holly1 says(3:07 PM):


DIGIman1 says(3:07 PM):

i can nuri now.....handing out teddy bears on streetcorners.....

DIGIman1 says(3:28 PM):


Okie Dinar says(3:32 PM):

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Dinar Q & A Call!!”

Wed. 9/07 “Dinar Q & A” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch – 7:30pm EST

Also with a Special "MOD" Guest

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BGG says(3:37 PM):


Okie Dinar says to BGG(3:42 PM):

:) GA! Hope you're having a great day!

BGG says(3:43 PM):

We are - and you?

Okie Dinar says to BGG(3:43 PM):

It's been good, quite :)

Okie Dinar says to BGG(3:44 PM):

Thank you for asking!

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