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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 9/1/16 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring rcookie

DIGIman1 says(6:26 AM):


ol lar says(6:27 AM):

That's OK gang , because soon we will be rectified and all of a sudden our words will far more weight

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:27 AM):

gm buddy :)

(6:27 AM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:27 AM):

gm larry :)

horsegal says(6:27 AM):

True Ollar

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:27 AM):

are you working this morning

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:28 AM):

ok have a safe and blessed day everyone.....im off to do my last day at this work place... :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:28 AM):

off tomorrow :)

larrykn says to DIGIman1(6:29 AM):

cool have a great day :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(6:29 AM):

you too :)

larrykn says to ol lar(6:30 AM):

my wife an I have been in this for 5 years this month,we have shared this jouney too, the good days and bad, but I too feel we are almost there , can't wait

ol lar says(6:33 AM):

The last 5 years have not been for the faint of heart, you are blessed to have a wife with the intestinal fortitued to handle it.

larrykn says to ol lar(6:34 AM):

I am believe me :)

ol lar says(6:34 AM):

alas my wife will be glad to partake in the spoils

larrykn says to ol lar(6:34 AM):

we do have big plans after this is over :)

ol lar says(6:35 AM):

but first I need to find a cook book on how to prepare ,CROW,:D

larrykn says to ol lar(6:35 AM):


magnetlady says(6:36 AM):

Good morning all

subgirl says to ol lar(6:36 AM):

:D(lol) Good morning :)

subgirl says to larrykn(6:36 AM):

Good morning :) thanks for copying....

ol lar says to subgirl(6:36 AM):


magnetlady says(6:36 AM):

Cute ol lar. A lot of people will need that cook book, when you find it be ready to share. ({)

larrykn says to ol lar(6:36 AM):

my problem is I don't know where I want to invest this money, don't like the stock market, or bonds looking at real estate investments but do I really want to work again ,, its hard to have money :D

subgirl says to magnetlady(6:36 AM):

Good morning Mags :)

larrykn says to magnetlady(6:36 AM):

gm :)

larrykn says to subgirl(6:36 AM):

gm subby :)

ol lar says to magnetlady(6:36 AM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(6:37 AM):

thats right Mags... lol lol

magnetlady says(6:37 AM):

hey subby, larrykn

ol lar says to magnetlady(6:37 AM):


subgirl says to magnetlady(6:38 AM):


ol lar says to larrykn(6:38 AM):

IMO God will direct will he wants HIS money to go! we just have to be paying attension

ol lar says to larrykn(6:39 AM):

sorry 'where he wants his money'

larrykn says to ol lar(6:41 AM):

I agree we always pray for direction for everything first

larrykn says to ol lar(6:41 AM):

Baghdad and Erbil Reach an Agreement Over Financial Issues: Abadi

Iraq, September 1, 2016

Both sides have also agreed on the Mosul offensive

Following the Kurdish delegation's visit to Baghdad, Iraqi PM Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday in a press conference that they have reached an agreement with Kurdistan Region over the Mosul offensive as well as the financial issues.

Abadi said that they held talks with the Kurdish delegation headed by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) PM on the operation of Mosul and the financial issues between Baghdad and Erbil. The Iraqi PM claimed that both sides have reached an agreement over those issues.

The Iraq's PM reiterated that there is a close coordination among Baghdad, Erbil and the anti-Islamic State (IS) global coalition, adding that there are no foreign troops in Iraq except the military teams for training the local forces in the country.

KRG PM Nechirvan Barzani and his accompanying delegation on Monday met with Iraqi PM in Baghdad to discuss some issues pertaining to the war against IS, particularly the anticipated Mosul offensive, oil exports, and their bilateral ties.

Barzani also met with Iraqi President Fuad Masoum and the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jabouri. He also met with a number of senior Sunni politicians in Baghdad and they all highlighted the importance of Sunnis' participation in the operation to liberate Mosul from IS group.

During his visit to Baghdad, the Kurdistan Region delegation also met the US envoy to Iraq, and leaders of Iraq's main political parties.

larrykn says(6:42 AM):

we were talking yesterday about erbil and baghdad, looks like they are agreeing on things now ,that a good thing :)

larrykn says(6:50 AM):

another one bits the dust :D

larrykn says(6:51 AM):

Integrity: sentencing former Secretary General of Red Crescent for $ 220, 000 contract

Thu, 01 Sep 2016 10:20:20

Fair body, revealed Thursday, sentencing, Assistant Secretary General of the Iraqi Red Crescent former, for violating a contract worth $ 220, 000.

The Commission statement said that "fair and Correctional Court of money laundering and economic crime sentenced convicted right (a. n. d) based on article 341 of the Penal Code," MBE "NA convict who had served as Assistant Secretary General of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society latest blunder by irregularities in the contract between the Association and one of the companies included the first party processing capacity (Assembly) BBS biting fittings for 20 000 families and $ (220,000) thousand dollars."

The statement added that "the details of the case suggests a direct method of convicted sold contracts, as well as not providing official company documents and patent to slander her, not to deliver the materials correctly, as well as being not competent to contract," he said, adding that "the Court found evidence of much consequence, compelling enough to incriminate him based on the requirements of article-arbitration decided to sentence him to imprisonment, giving right to compensation affected side after gaining resolution deterministic class."

Integrity: sentencing former Secretary General of Red Crescent for $ 220, 000

larrykn says(6:52 AM):

Presidential decree ratifying the amnesty law after approval by the House of representatives

01-09-2016 02:22 PM

The Presidency of the Republic ratified the amnesty law passed by the House of representatives recently in twenty-seven numbered decree of Alvin and sixteen. The Prime Minister Haider Abadi had assailed the House about two kidnappings and terrorist crimes amnesty law encompassed and confirmed his intention to make adjustments in the legal Committee went back Abadi in this regard that it is not binding on Parliament.

The amnesty law came under the dome of the Parliament after much debate among the parliamentary community on article 8 and for the retrial of the governed.

larrykn says(6:55 AM):

Minister of transport: Basra will be an important air corridor


Transport Minister Kazim Cup, Wednesday, to Basra International Airport would be an important air corridor, stating that he will take advantage of its geographical location as a bridge between three continents Asia, Europe, Africa.

He said in a statement sent to Cup the Buratha news agency that "there are serious steps would shortly make Basra and airport at the forefront of their importance and their place in history, and that such a move would benefit the country."

"We seek to link Basra and make them an important air corridor and take advantage of its alggharaki between the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe."

larrykn says(7:00 AM):

Parliamentary committee calls for the investment of the remaining period of the life of Parliament for reform instead of conflicts


BAGHDAD / ... stressed the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Sabah al - Saadi, on Thursday, on the need for the remaining period of the life of the House of Representatives shall be the period of reform and away from conflicts and tangles hands. He said al - Saadi's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the House of Representatives to amend the demands of style and looking for political blocs to address the problems and disagreements sound ways away from discounts and bottled bickering." He added that "we do not want to convey the image of the street that the parliament is a place of differences and conflicts , " stressing " the need for the remaining period of the life of the House of Representatives shall be the period of reform , including the orientation program and last more cooperation parliamentary work." Saadi pointed out that "despite the problems Parliament seeks to pass important laws and most recently the General Amnesty Law, and there is a desire to overcome differences, but they need a concerted and co - operation between all parties to make it work , " .anthy 3

larrykn says(7:04 AM):

Jaafari in the face of no-confidence


MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Adel Nouri, said in a statement disclosed published on the official page on Facebook, that "after the spring revolution under the dome of the parliament to activate the parliament and moving his arm oversight, here we are involved in interrogations minister series," noting that "interrogation I will begin with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. "

He added that "there is financial corruption and administrative files are involved with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari," stressing that "will provide an interrogation in this regard under the dome of the parliament."

And confirmed the existence of "failures in the Ministry of Jaafari on the diplomatic, administrative and financial level, and that there is corruption rampant in the embassies of Iraq overseas, wasted state funds, as well as nepotism and mediations in the corridors of the Foreign Ministry," adding that "al-Jaafari You will be forwarded to the judiciary after the withdrawal trust him. "

This comes at a time when the National Alliance blocs seeking to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and the latter was revealed last night, for possession of documents confirming do a political transfer of about six billion dollars and a half billion to his account in a foreign country, stressing that it will reveal more of documents in the coming days.

larrykn says(7:06 AM):

Economic expert talking about the effects of state employees loans


Network Iraqi position

Expert announced in economic affairs, peace-law that the issue of the launch of loans to state employees is a good step, saying it would send an extra purchasing power in the Iraqi market. Sumaisem said in a press statement on Thursday that "the granting of loans represents broadcast additional purchasing power to the Iraqi market and an attempt to break the stalemate suffered by the aggregate demand due to lower overhead because of the austerity policy of the state, which is reflected directly on the recipients of wages and government salaries." Sumaisem She noted that "the granting of loans is to re-breathe life as important as the auto trade economic sectors because it is the most desirable by low-income and the intended government officials to determine" she said, adding that most of the recipients of the loans will turn into small projects that support the private sector as buying a taxi or opening shops for goods and merchandise ". The Rafidain Bank announced the launch of the electronic application form to apply for the predecessor state officials of the ministries of him. He said the bank that advance the state recently launched amounting to 10 million dinars to be paid in the form of monthly premiums for five years officials.

(7:09 AM)MrsBGG was kicked out by MrsBGG!

larrykn says(7:09 AM):

gee looks whos causing trouble again lol

larrykn says(7:09 AM):

Zebari: the rule of law behind a sunbed to target al-Abadi and overthrow the government

Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 8:05

Accused Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, State of Law coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, of being behind the questioning process.

Zebari said in a televised statement, that "the rule of law behind a sunbed and I will defend myself and go to the withdrawal of confidence and all the stages where I prosecuted in the integrity and the political and media build-up." He added that "The purpose of the interrogation is not I, but the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and this is the goal and begin our attempt to experiment planning and off [state law] to topple the government."

plowboy says(7:11 AM):

Who names their kid Hermine?

jackflash101st says(7:14 AM):

I knew an old gentleman who had been married twice..First wife was emmaline and his second wife was named Ermine..No the 2 women never knew each other

rcookie says(7:18 AM):


The war on corruption is beginning with the passing of laws and the questioning and dismissing of high level officials. Iraq was lost because of corruption and terrorism, and both have to be addressed.


rcookie says(7:18 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(7:23 AM):

LOL Good Morning :)

rcookie says to subgirl(7:24 AM):


rcookie says to subgirl(7:24 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(7:25 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(7:25 AM):


rcookie says to subgirl(7:26 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(7:26 AM):


subgirl says to rcookie(7:26 AM):

you are a hoot lol

larrykn says to rcookie(7:27 AM):

gm rcookie :)

rcookie says(7:28 AM):


rcookie says to larrykn(7:28 AM):

GM SIR!!...

rcookie says to larrykn(7:29 AM):


rcookie says to larrykn(7:30 AM):


larrykn says to rcookie(7:30 AM):

I agree, wonder who will be next, seems they are on a roll now

rcookie says(7:31 AM):


rcookie says(7:31 AM):


larrykn says to rcookie(7:32 AM):

who is fatlawi ?

rcookie says(7:37 AM):


(7:39 AM)larrykn was kicked out by larrykn!

larrykn says to subgirl(7:43 AM):

I pray that don't happen again lol

Woodywoodpecker says(7:43 AM):

Subby how many cavities did you make yesterday

Woodywoodpecker says(7:44 AM):

I heard Cricket made the people blind

Woodywoodpecker says(7:44 AM):

three of em

subgirl says to larrykn(7:46 AM):

I hear that lol

subgirl says to Woodywoodpecker(7:46 AM):

NONE!!! lol I dont make cavities lol lol I clean teeth! :) lol lol

larrykn says to subgirl(7:46 AM):

ty :)

subgirl says to Woodywoodpecker(7:46 AM):

oh no lol not cricket lol

subgirl says to larrykn(7:47 AM):

yvw :)

Woodywoodpecker says(7:47 AM):


subgirl says to Woodywoodpecker(7:47 AM):

you guys have a hay day with that don't ya? lol :D(lol)

larrykn says(7:49 AM):

Jabouri calls for further development plans and address unemployment and refine media extender

Light news/Baghdad

Chairman of Islamic States ' parliaments Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi, Thursday, democratic solidarity Summit held in the Turkish capital Ankara, calling for further development plans and endeavouring, upbringing and education plans out of date and lies and heresies about sectarianism patient, addressing youth unemployment and unable to work, and fine tune the media and prevent it from promoting divisive prejudices of a nation.

In his speech, Al-jibouri said a statement received "light news", "honour on behalf of the Presidency of the Union of Muslim parliaments and Parliament Iraqi people greet you and applaud through friendly Nations, and wish this meeting which is held in the sister Republic of Turkey and success in achieving its objectives and achieve the aspirations of our peoples."

"I salute the Turkish Republic, led the people and Parliament and, for their hospitality and wonderful reception, that rather than only demonstrate Turkey's keenness on the unity of the social, economic and political path for our Islamic, and all of us here, to go to the Turkish people and his command congratulations on Wade trying to pounce on Turkish democracy carried turnoff who spend embedded and headline their beds, they thought that their coup plotters put on dust control by the will of the Turkish people are blown to the ground to withstand that try draggin' defense Unparalleled Turkish democratic option and its giant State regionally and internationally. "

He said that "the Muslim peoples that stood tribute and tribute to dash the Turkish people in front of the brave colleagues in the Turkish Parliament who stood as one and one will and genuine one coherent option under heavy bombardment did not dampen the motivation did not receive from their spells to defend the will of the Turkish people and the national independent choice, attaches great hopes to be Turkish lesson lesson for trying to circumvent the democratic change formats by brute force, the behavior involves serious faces of the faces of terrorism."

He added that "terrorism is not armed groups wreaking death and destruction and death and taking over towns and plunder the wealth and merging moulder and underestimate the sanctity of blood and money supply, but Additionally, political style tries to confiscate the will of peoples and sovereignty over their homelands and put them in the hands of abusers to peace and security in the region and the world."

larrykn says(7:49 AM):

And the speaker of the House, that "If the terror, at different addresses, and he ate (2001) on the growth and of peace and development of some Islamic countries, including Iraq and causing many humanitarian disasters and genocide committed Wendy her forehead free humanitarian Sharif, it is no longer an element local or regional threat but threatening element being after his crimes alkaraa, seas and oceans became hits anywhere when the opportunity to implement the wild ends."

He said "it puts us in front of our historic responsibility in any armed group outside and on the will of a people of our peoples and take blood and committed massacres and wreak havoc and mischief and killed and devastating terrorist group due to fight in every corner of the ground state immune from terrorism fins John."

The President of the Islamic countries ' parliaments to proceed with development plans and endeavouring, upbringing and education plans out of date and lies and heresies about sectarianism patient, addressing youth unemployment and unable to work, and fine tune the media and prevent it from promoting divisive prejudices to the nation of the most effective means to fight terrorism and restrain him.

"The Islamic nation blessed Almighty blessed the Lord of human and natural wealth and human message some able to put a complete holistic programme had a stranglehold on the armed groups that exploit economic phenomenon here or there is a social phenomenon to lure young people into its traps and its allegations, it invites us to adopt a global programme in politics and Economics and development, development, education and the media are calling for all countries to bridge every chasm through which terrorism is implemented into the social structure of our nation."

He said "the corruption that is eating away some of our hits and their structure is another face of terrorism and a tool of tools due enucleation".

He stated that "the Iraq war has gone back to free its cities from the clutches of terrorism that hampered his career centre, suffers from severe humanitarian crisis is the millions of people displaced from their homes and their towns and who live in camps lacking basic conditions for free and dignified life, suffer from climate variability in harsh conditions, and have lost years of education, inviting us all to the camaraderie and relieve their misfortunes that innumerable, if even God Almighty for them to return to their homes and their towns that war is impossible to trace After an eye ".

The speaker noted that "Iraq was proceeding to complete state constitutional institutions despite all impediments responsible domestic and international, that democratic choice is irreversible," alluding to the oil price crisis "that has prevented him from implementing some of its programmes for the Division, which suffer from oil-producing countries, which invites us as representatives of the peoples of the Islamic nation to urge Governments to address this crisis not undercounted the right producer and consumer States, exhausting not to worsen the crisis continued to cause problems In reproduction, which makes us to reproduce crises crises. "

larrykn says(7:50 AM):

"And I don't think that finding realistic solutions to the crisis if difficult or logical and rational dialogue climates it draws from a certain humanitarian reasons for partnership.

Jabouri said that "God Almighty who created us to know each peoples and tribes through the good and the right to command us to do what we can to bridge the cultural gap between us and the other peoples of the Earth and this won't happen if I don't resolve to transfer the dialogue of civilizations from the circle of goodwill to act, without this dialogue in civilized and in its goals, remove differences, melt stalking and obsessing, and put us all on tracks we're brothers either faith or uniformity or counterparts in creation, and facilitate the process of catching up With the first world, and that the terms of conditions of human interaction and the inevitable necessity. "

Jabouri close by stating "Let me sisters and brothers to reiterate our wishes for success, and to reiterate my gratitude to the Turkish people and Parliament and its leadership to the gracious of him surrounded him and they're including us generosity and hospitality and reception".

larrykn says(7:52 AM):

America nominate a new ambassador in Iraq and infallible receives credentials

2016/9/1 15:10

[Oan- Baghdad]

Named the US new ambassador to Iraq, replacing an outgoing Stewart Jones.

He recognizes President Fuad Masum Thursday afternoon at the Peace Palace in Baghdad adoption of the new US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Allen Selman papers.

President infallible welcomed, according to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, through the decrees of the new ambassador, "stressing" the importance of working together for the development of bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and the United States in all political, military and economic fields, as well as activate the bilateral cooperation on other levels of common interest. "

Masum also pointed to "the depth of the friendship between the two countries, and the importance of strengthening cooperation in the expulsion of the organization Daesh terrorist who has become a threat to the security of the whole world, and expressed Iraq's willingness to work on the development of these relations," again, "thanked the United States for its support for Iraq in its war on terrorism and provide humanitarian aid for the displaced. "

In turn, the new US ambassador gave Selman thanked President infallible for the warm reception, stressing his country's keenness on strengthening partnership relations with Iraq in all fields, noting the importance of intensifying efforts to eliminate the organization Daesh terrorist, not on the military level, but on an intellectual level as well. "

larrykn says(7:53 AM):

Oil firm Saudi expectations OPEC's common position

2016/9/1 14:56

{Int: Euphrates news} held on oil prices Thursday after Saudi Arabia said that the Organization of petroleum exporting countries {OPEC} moving toward a common position on oil production, some investors believe that it may support prices.

No raw futures global measurement November Brent changed to settle at 46.89 dollars per barrel by 0825 GMT after low closed 1.84 dollars to settle on Wednesday.

Crude futures rose five cents to us $ 44.75 per barrel to $ 1.65 after it landed at the previous meeting.

Said Adel Al-jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Minister on Thursday that producers inside and outside OPEC are moving increasingly towards adopting a common position.

Jubeir said during an event in Tokyo, Japan, "I think that there is a move towards a common position, {adopted} towards common effort."

It is expected that OPEC members will meet in Algeria on the sidelines of the International Energy Forum, from 26-28 September and is expected to try to revive a deal to install production.

larrykn says(7:55 AM):

Oil stresses the need to raise the level of production of derivatives and improve the quality of fuel

2016/9/1 14:52

[Where - Baghdad]

Oil Ministry confirmed the need to raise the level of production of petroleum products and improve the quality of fuel for the citizens.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "The oil ministry undersecretary for liquidation Dhia Jaafar al-Moussawi visited Najaf refinery and stressed the need to raise the level of production of oil derivatives in the Iraqi refineries and improve the quality of the supplier of the citizen of fuel."

Musawi praised "the efforts of all employees at the refinery to the implementation of projects that contribute to raising the capacity to provide oil derivatives to the province."

On the other hand Najaf refinery systems according to the statement training and development courses for employees of the refinery to various disciplines in order to rehabilitate and raise the level of staff with experience, and the number of sessions held at the refinery 21 courses during the first half of the year 2016 with the participation of 665 and the various disciplines. "

On the other hand organized in cooperation with the board of integrity Najaf refinery and the presence of the agent educational seminar entitled Prevention of Corruption At the seminar, emphasizing the discipline of civil servants and public sector law and employee behavior in all ministries.

He note that "public office was stressed that in accordance with the standards of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and several agreements, including Iraqi laws that fall within the private employee behavior."

larrykn says(7:56 AM):

The Ministry of Finance reveal Zebari expenses

2016/9/1 14:24

[Where - Baghdad]

Revealed that the Ministry of Finance, on Thursday, for its minister, Hoshyar Zebari expenses.

The ministry denied in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "was announced by one of the members of the House of Representatives that the Minister of Finance expenses equivalent to 12% of what you spend each year the House of Representatives."

The statement added that "the Minister of Finance annual expenses do not exceed 0.15%, which disburses the House of Representatives, according to what documented in official records in the competent departments in this ministry."

He was a member of the House of Representatives said that the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari expenses equivalent to 12% of what you spend each year the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives, had been questioned last Saturday, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari [leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and voted not to conviction Bojobth a move that could pave the way for his dismissal soon.

The cause of interrogation in the incidence of verbal altercations and conflicts of hands between the supporters and opponents for questioning in the parliament session, in what promise to Barzani's political party as a target.

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi Tuesday that the parliament questioning the constitutionality of a legal right to him, but at the same time stressed the need to remove them from the "political target".

Continue to Part 2



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