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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 9/1/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - No Featured Members

(9:20 AM)dinarforme was kicked out by dinarforme!

JETSET says to clay(9:30 AM):

howdy patna!

clay says to JETSET(9:30 AM):

hey brother

JETSET says to clay(9:39 AM):

another day closer

(9:40 AM)Woodywoodpecker was kicked out by Woodywoodpecker!

clay says to JETSET(9:42 AM):

4 sure :)

Baxter says(9:49 AM):

Big BOOM in Florida today.... Space ex Rocket on launch pad Blew UP... Huge Fires...

JETSET says to Baxter(9:50 AM):

saw some pics....elon must be disappointed!

Baxter says(9:51 AM):

Im 50 miles from there and I felt it...

clay says to Baxter(9:51 AM):

another one wow

clay says to Baxter(9:52 AM):

is the storms gonna effect ya

Baxter says(9:52 AM):

I dont think so.... NO rain or wind yet

Baxter says(9:52 AM):

we need the rain... BAD

clay says to Baxter(9:52 AM):

you need the rain

clay says to Baxter(9:52 AM):


clay says to Baxter(9:52 AM):

I know you told me

Baxter says(9:53 AM):

Tampa is 60 miles from me... they got ten inches yesterday... we didnt get a drop

clay says to Baxter(9:53 AM):


Baxter says(9:53 AM):


clay says to Baxter(9:53 AM):

have friends there gonna have to call them

clay says to Baxter(10:04 AM):


larrykn says(10:19 AM):

well it looks like Obama has at least saved the wildlife that is around Midway island, what a way to go out of office lol

clay says to larrykn(10:20 AM):


(10:20 AM)jake1 was kicked out by jake1!

clay says to larrykn(10:20 AM):


jtank says(10:24 AM):

he did one thing right - lol-- oboma care cost more

(10:27 AM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

clay says(10:32 AM):

jtank hey there bud

lrojac says(10:34 AM):

Anyone in the room any information on SafeDinar. Are they legitimate dealers?

larrykn says(10:36 AM):

I have not dealt weth them but heard they are ok

clay says(10:42 AM):

hey buddy good to see ya never dealt with them

clay says(10:42 AM):

Im sure their fine

larrykn says(10:43 AM):

yes I've heard from people in here saying they were good

larrykn says(10:44 AM):

they might be a little higher on prices but thats ok if you want a good site

clay says(10:44 AM):

check out xchangeamerica as well price wise

larrykn says(10:45 AM):

yes if I wanted to get more that is who I would go with

Woodywoodpecker says(10:45 AM):

check out Buy A Little Dinar.....I have dealt with them a number of times

clay says(10:45 AM):

hes gone (lol)

clay says to Woodywoodpecker(10:45 AM):


larrykn says(10:45 AM):

I feel people aren't thinking of the cost to cash out, that might surprise people

Woodywoodpecker says(10:45 AM):


clay says to larrykn(10:46 AM):

what do u mean

clay says to larrykn(10:46 AM):

the bank fees?

larrykn says(10:46 AM):

I've heard they can charge up to 18 to 20 %

clay says to larrykn(10:47 AM):

no way

larrykn says(10:47 AM):

for exchange

clay says to larrykn(10:47 AM):

more like 2% Ive heard

clay says to larrykn(10:47 AM):

if they want your business

larrykn says(10:47 AM):

that is why its important to get on the DUCE list so we know where the good deals will be at

clay says to larrykn(10:47 AM):


larrykn says(10:48 AM):

your right I would stay away from anyone that want even 10%

Elane says(10:48 AM):

How does one confirm that we are on the Deuce list.. Ive emailed twice

clay says to larrykn(10:48 AM):


larrykn says(10:48 AM):

I feel 1 to 2 % is a good amount to just exchange

clay says to Elane(10:48 AM):

then u r good

larrykn says to Elane(10:48 AM):

do you get emails from DU

Elane says(10:49 AM):

No I dont

larrykn says to Elane(10:49 AM):

like there is a call or info they want everyone to know

Elane says(10:49 AM):

Right... no I do not get a thing

clay says to larrykn(10:49 AM):

I havent lately either

larrykn says to Elane(10:49 AM):

you can go into the forum an sign up if you haven't

clay says to larrykn(10:49 AM):

used to

larrykn says to Elane(10:50 AM):

if you ever have your good to go

Elane says(10:50 AM):

Yes I have.. would just hate to have to make up time getting to where I need to be if for some reason Im not

Elane says(10:51 AM):

Anyway.. God is on this one I feel..

diagyAAAE says(10:51 AM):

Iraq, the richest country in the world in natural resources

9/1/2016 0:00

Iraqi oilFaris Al Salman

before nearly two years the deployment of the American Institute of Energy report of natural resources in the world , and as shown in the attached table (No. 1) , which shows the first ten richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources. Wealth has been calculated on the basis of the presence of oil and gas, coal, forests and «timber», gold, silver, copper, uranium, iron ore, phosphates.

It comes Iraq in ninth place out of 193 countries (UN member until December 2014)

notes from the report that there is a natural resources in Iraq did not accounted for , many of the geographical patches containing oil, gas, metallic and non – metallic minerals not explored or not yet estimate the reserves in. the

report only to having oil, phosphate and neglected gas, sulfur and silica and other minerals class Iraq and this is to make Iraq be ranked ninth list, and Iraq has 400 sites hydrocarbon has not been excavated yet.

according to the report above Iraq contains 11 percent of the world’s oil reserves and 9 percent of the phosphate (according to a report the US geological survey ( USGS) in September 2011) and Iraq occupies the second place in the world after Morocco What mind if calculated entire wealth unexplored or unrated.

Iraq has other sources of natural wealth is sulfur , natural gas and other.

There are two types of sulfur in Iraq miners and oil (separated in oil refineries). And longer Mishraq area in southern Mosul center sulfur mining presence, where sediment sulfur located and extends for a distance of 8 km and a width of 3.5 km at a depth of 80-300m and the thickness of sulfur layers between 20-50m and a sulfur reserves in the region of 600 million tons and is the highest stocks world added to 40 million tons in the slot area in the region (Peggy), and is characterized by sulfur Mishraq turquoise light yellow by the purity of 99 percent. substance Alcaoalin announced Iraqi geological survey under the Ministry recently of Industry and minerals, the discovery of mines containing large quantities of a substance white Alcaoalin, which extracts including high – purity aluminum material within Anbar province near the Iraqi – Saudi border. And the Ministry of Industry «transfer amounts of these metals to the off – site in the form of stacks of marketed to the beneficiaries began the process, to extract then White Alcaoalin higher alumina ratio exceeds 40 percent, a figure that can be with aluminum extraction from this crude». Uranium ore also has Iraq ‘s reserves of uranium ore in the mines in Akashat on the border with Syria. Has already been to Iraq that produced until the mid – eighties of the twentieth century, at least 164 tons of yellow cake, which was obtained from Akashat mine and has been treated in the Qaim area, and the site built by a Swiss company in a timely manner. At first glance it seems to the reader that Russia and the United States may God them enormous natural resources Ahilthma to be the strongest economic areas and powers of the two there is a stronger militarily certified on a strong economy depends on natural resources.

larrykn says(10:51 AM):

your good to go :)

diagyAAAE says(10:51 AM):

Economy building and this means that Iraq could if there had been the national will to him to get up and build a strong economy it takes to build a defense force military to secure defend its wealth and he can become one of the major countries, as the expansion of the geographical area in the United States constitutes a burden on the plans and the defense budget , which would be borne by the US economy, while in China, under – resourced offset by a population explosion and the geographical area and wide, who are also constitute a burden on the defense budget and thus on the economic dimension of the state, and for this we find that the Chinese government encourages the migration of Chinese to the world through the migration organization programs sponsored by the state apparatus in order to reduce the economic burden on the motherland, as well as on the composition of human colonies tray in the world serving the Chinese national security. Because of the superiority of Iraq rewards on neighboring countries and other countries of the world to find the regional powers in the distant past occupation is trying to acquire wealth. For the land of Iraq it originated civilizations that provided knowledge of humanity and later Iraq has become a source of unifying thought and human progress by Prophet Abraham, and although invasions of enemies and destroy the civilizations of Iraq , but Iraq continued Brphi the region and the world thought and humanitarian philosophy insured presence, as well as providing the world ‘s science and knowledge through advancement periods experienced by Iraq. natural resources what I want access to it is that most of the world ‘s scarce natural resources , but they were used for the advancement of the human mind and excellence and building human and civilized. And God granted Iraq ‘s natural wealth and the human mind believer in God and in the same time is the mind of producer and creator. Development programs that what Iraq needs today is the will of the National League put the priorities of national interest as a policy graduate and apply sustainable development programs promote the destiny of the country. The work on stabilization of all economic, social and political joints have a positive impact on Iraq ‘s move to a new stage more sophisticated relying on its natural resources. Pointing to the possibility of cooperation with the effort and the international community to move the country to a new stability and a perfect stage free of all the determinants of advancement and development that confounded the implementation of projects for a long time. Finally , I say that the fight against corruption and the promotion of administrative aspects and the development of planning an absolute necessity for the construction of the national economy and create an attractive environment to invest the wealth of Iraq away all forms of corruption and bureaucracy. economic head of Baghdad ‘s forum



clay says to diagyAAAE(10:51 AM):


diagyAAAE says(10:51 AM):

America nominate a new ambassador in Iraq and infallible receives credentials

01.09.2016 15:10

America nominate a new ambassador in Iraq and infallible receives credentials[Oan- Baghdad]

named the US new ambassador to Iraq , replacing an outgoing Stewart Jones.

Recognizes President Fuad Masum Thursday afternoon at the Peace Palace in Baghdad adoption of the new US ambassador to Iraq , Douglas Allen Selman papers.

The President welcomed infallible according to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, through the decrees of the new ambassador, “stressing” the importance of the work joint development of bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and the United States in all political, military and economic fields, as well as activate the bilateral cooperation on other levels of common interest. ”

as infallible pointed to” the depth of the friendship between the two countries, and the importance of strengthening cooperation in the expulsion of the organization Daesh terrorist which has become a threat to the security of the whole world, and expressed Iraq ‘s willingness to work on the development of these relations, “again , ” thanked the United States for its support for Iraq in its war on terror, and to provide humanitarian aid for the displaced. ”

turn presented the new US ambassador Selman thanked President infallible for the warm reception , stressing his country ‘s keenness on strengthening partnership relations with Iraq in all fields, noting the importance of intensifying efforts to eliminate the terrorist organization Daesh, not only at the military level but on an intellectual level as well. ”



larrykn says to diagyAAAE(10:51 AM):

ty for the news :)

diagyAAAE says(10:52 AM):

Urgent presidency of the republic’s [where]: infallible passed a general amnesty law

01.09.2016 15:41

Urgent presidency of the republics - infallible passed a general amnesty law[Oan- Baghdad]

endorsed President Fuad Masum, the general amnesty passed by the House of Representatives last Thursday Act.

Advisor at the Presidency cult and told all of Iraq [where] that ” the President of the Republic ratified today the general amnesty law.”

Regarding the government ‘s declaration of its intention to submit an amendment to some of the paragraphs of the law for inclusion of terrorism and kidnappings, among Waeli, that “if the Board of authentication Parliament on any changes in the law, the amendments would be sent to the presidency again for approval and be the window for the preceding paragraphs covered by the amendment. ”



diagyAAAE says(10:52 AM):

Zebari: the rule of law behind a sunbed to target al-Abadi and overthrow the government

Posted, 9/01/2016 21:21

Zebari - the rule of law behind a sunbed to target al-Abadi and overthrow the government[Oan- Baghdad]

accused the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, State of Law coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki, of being behind the questioning process.

Zebari said in a televised statement, that ” the rule of law behind a sunbed and I will defend myself and go to the withdrawal of confidence and all the stages I been prosecuted and in the integrity of political and media and build – up.”

He added that ” The purpose of the interrogation is not I, but the parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , and this is goal and begin our attempt to experiment planning and off [state law] to topple the government. ”

the House of Representatives, had been questioned last Saturday , Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari [leader of the Kurdistan Democratic party and voted not to conviction Bojobth a move that could pave the way for his dismissal soon.

the cause of interrogation in the incidence of verbal altercations and conflicts of hands between the supporters and opponents for questioning in the parliament session, in what promise to Barzani ‘s party as a political target.

the prime minister Haider al – Abadi yesterday interrogations parliament constitutionalism legal right to him, but stressed at the same time the need to remove them from the “political target”.



MrsBGG says to diagyAAAE(10:52 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to diagyAAAE(10:53 AM):

thank you for the News!

diagyAAAE says(10:53 AM):

YW All!

diagyAAAE says(10:53 AM):

GM Mrs!

diagyAAAE says(10:53 AM):


Society says to larrykn(10:55 AM):

If you can get 1%, I will want to know where.......for example, currently Travelex charges 1,000 USD for 820 Euro and the current rate is 1,000 to 893Euro for a spread of 8.17%

Elane says(10:56 AM):

hmmm good to know Society.. thanks

larrykn says to Society(10:56 AM):

I agree but I also feel when you talking millions they will make a deal

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:56 AM):

Good Morning!

clay says to Society(10:56 AM):

with millions at stake dont think it will be high

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:56 AM):

gm :)

Okie Dinar says to clay(10:57 AM):

GM Clay!

Society says to larrykn(10:57 AM):

Ali with DT always said that no bank would be able to compete.....he boasted he would charge $50 per million

clay says to Society(10:57 AM):

I remember but hes gone now

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:57 AM):

Thank you for copying! :)

Society says to larrykn(10:57 AM):

It may be why he was forced out as that would keep IQD exchanged from the UST

(10:58 AM).MOD.larrycopier changed nickname to .MOD.larrykn!

larrykn says to Okie Dinar(10:58 AM):

thank for copying this morning ,,, have a great day :)

Okie Dinar says to Society(10:58 AM):

GM :)

Okie Dinar says to larrykn(10:58 AM):

You're welcome! You too!! :)

larrykn says to Society(10:59 AM):

he was forced out because he did those reserves

Society says to larrykn(10:59 AM):

Ultimately, I will ask my bank to meet (or beat) the best deal I can find as I would prefer to just deal with them.....however, at 1-1, every 1% is $10,000 per million or $40,000 at 4-1

Society says to larrykn(11:00 AM):

I don't think that is true......

Society says to larrykn(11:00 AM):

Reserves have yet to found to be illegal and they are certainly not unlawful

larrykn says to Society(11:00 AM):

I agree but I'll be checking on our dice list first to see where the best deal is at

Society says to larrykn(11:01 AM):

Agree on checking list

Society says to larrykn(11:02 AM):

If reserves were illegal, Sterling prosecution would be over instead of indefinitely on hold

larrykn says to Society(11:02 AM):

the FBI closed them down because the were doing the reseves on the currency which is illegal

Society says to larrykn(11:02 AM):

Again, the reserves have yet to be proved illegal

bubbles says to larrykn(11:03 AM):


Society says to larrykn(11:03 AM):

DC plead guilty because the were selling reserves on currency they didn't possess......that was fraud.....you can't sell something you don't have

larrykn says to Society(11:03 AM):

I'm not argueing with you but there has to be something about those reserves for the FBI to close down those sites

clay says(11:03 AM):

lunchtime bba

Okie Dinar says to clay(11:04 AM):


Society says to larrykn(11:04 AM):

According to dinarland only

bubbles says(11:05 AM):

The way I read/understood it they didnt have enough to pay if they needed to. They were takeing money for reserves and if they had to pay they didnt have it.

Society says to larrykn(11:05 AM):

I believe I will get my reserves from Sterling before it is all over.....or, the US as the Supreme court states if te US confiscates property they must pay for it

Society says to bubbles(11:06 AM):

Who are you talking about, DC or Sterling???

bubbles says(11:06 AM):

I wish I get my reserves but I dont see that happening. I dont think you will even get your money back it is gone.

bubbles says(11:06 AM):


bubbles says(11:06 AM):

actually both

Society says to bubbles(11:07 AM):

If true, Sterling prosecution would be over

bubbles says(11:07 AM):

not that simple

Society says to bubbles(11:07 AM):

True as it relates to DC but Sterling maintained in the neighborhood of 9Bil IQD to cover reserves....

bubbles says(11:08 AM):

It was said they didnt

Society says to bubbles(11:08 AM):

By whom??? Not the government prosecutors as of yet related to Sterling

Society says to bubbles(11:08 AM):

Only dinarland speculation

bubbles says(11:09 AM):

I didnt say the article. But it did say they didnt have the reserves

Society says to bubbles(11:10 AM):

The government is holding in the neighborhood of 8.7 billion IQD of Sterlings......very consistent with their position of maintaining 9 bil

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(11:10 AM):

GA Bubbles! Hope your having a great day today :)

Society says to bubbles(11:11 AM):

Yes.....the articles have clearly said DC did not have the reserves in possession

Society says to bubbles(11:11 AM):


Society says to bubbles(11:12 AM):

Case is over.....sentencing 10/25 ....US is preparing to pay reparations to those affected by DC's fraud

bubbles says to Okie Dinar(11:12 AM):

GA so far so good. getting ready for storm to hit

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(11:13 AM):

Are you in FL?

Society says to bubbles(11:13 AM):

As long as Sterling had IQD to cover reserves, the government interfered in lawful private equitable contracts and has liability

bubbles says to Okie Dinar(11:13 AM):


Society says to bubbles(11:14 AM):

Be safe tonight

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(11:14 AM):

I have family near Tampa... Use to live there myself :) Prayers for you and your family.

(11:14 AM)Woodywoodpecker was kicked out by Woodywoodpecker!

bubbles says to Okie Dinar(11:15 AM):

I am up in panhandle dont think it will be to bad. Mostly water surge.

bubbles says(11:16 AM):

cooking up some extra food just incase. :D

Society says to bubbles(11:16 AM):

Panama City and West looks pretty OK

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(11:16 AM):

(lol) Extra food is always best!

bubbles says(11:18 AM):

Just west of PC. The kids have no school today and tomorrow. This is the first time they have gotten out of school for anything. extra food never hurts.

(11:18 AM)DHOLLA was kicked out by DHOLLA!

bubbles says(11:18 AM):

can be cook now or throw away later

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(11:19 AM):

I bet your kids are excited for days off :D Glad you guys are safe!

bubbles says(11:20 AM):

they are. dont go back till Tue with Labor day. a mini vaction

Okie Dinar says to bubbles(11:21 AM):

That's great! :)

Society says to bubbles(11:21 AM):

I am jealous.....that's a beautiful area

bubbles says(11:22 AM):

yes it is. but hot and humid. But better than cold and snowy :D

Society says(11:22 AM):


bubbles says(11:22 AM):

okay take care

(11:47 AM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

Woodywoodpecker says(12:12 PM):


Okie Dinar says(12:13 PM):

Iraq's ambassador to discuss with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan trade cooperation between the two countries

2016/9/1 18:11


Discuss Iraq's ambassador to the Russian Federation, Ismail Shafeeq Mohsen with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov trade cooperation between the two countries.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday, "Mohsen met Minnikhanov in the Russian capital Moscow, the two sides discussed during the meeting, raising the level of trade cooperation between Iraq and the Republic of Tatarstan, which is one of the provinces of the State of Russia Grand Alathaah efforts and occupies an advanced economic center In which".

The statement added that "the meeting was attended by a large number of heads of foreign diplomatic missions and the Governor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, on the sidelines of the national celebration of the Republic of Tatarstan."

Okie Dinar says(12:14 PM):

Abadi show his commitment to the completion of projects in Missan and vows to "upgrade" to maintain

09/01/2016 18:11

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Showed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Thursday his commitment to the completion of service and health projects in the province of Maysan, while undertaking to provide everything that could contribute to maintaining and upgrading the service of citizens.

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, received today a delegation from the province of Maysan, headed by Governor Ali Douai," noting that "the meeting they discussed the general situation in the province and aspects and service projects where, the security situation and the provision of all the work requirements of the investment companies and the reduction of the tribal conflicts that destabilize security in the province. "

The statement added that "al-Abadi stressed his commitment to the completion of projects in the province in services, health and other sector, providing everything you would contribute to upgrading to maintain and serve the citizens Almisana," noting that "the delegation included Deputy Prime Maysan province Jawad Rahim conservative Ali Sabieh and Associate and chairman of the energy committee in the provincial council Rahi Abdul Wahid and the Head of legal and tribal committee in the provincial council Ali Hashim and adviser to the province for energy pro Salem. "

Okie Dinar says(12:14 PM):

Official statement: infallible approved amnesty law

2016/9/1 17:12

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} honest President Fouad Massoum Thursday on the amnesty law.

A presidential statement received Agency {news Euphrates} copy of it, the "infallible ratified the law on general amnesty law number 27 the year 2016.

The statement said that this law sent for publication in the Official Gazette.

Integrity – is revealed on Thursday presented a challenge to the amnesty law passed by the House of Assembly in its meeting on the 25th of August last, its lack to cover corruption offences law.

The House of representatives voted last Thursday on the amnesty law after amendments by the Committee on legal and political agreement as approved by the.

The Cabinet discussed on Tuesday during a routine meeting an amendment to the amnesty law passed by the House of Deputies has paragraphs that add or modify it for terrorism and kidnapping

Okie Dinar says(12:14 PM):

All from 1bobby :)

Woodywoodpecker says(12:15 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Woodywoodpecker(12:15 PM):

You're welcome :)

Elane says(12:15 PM):

Thanks OkieDinar and THANKS 1BOBBY

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