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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 9/7/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie

clay says to Pablo(9:00 AM):

GM buddy

larrykn says to DIGIman1(9:00 AM):

thank you for copying this morning :)

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(9:00 AM):

yvw :)

Pablo says to clay(9:10 AM):

Hey Clay.

larrykn says(9:14 AM):

Dinar Updates “After Call – LIVE”!!

“Dinar Q & A Call!!”

Wed. 9/07 “Dinar Q & A” – w/RCookie,

Mr White & Hutch – 7:30pm EST

(9:17 AM)cobalt changed nickname to JR67!

cobalt says to clay(9:28 AM):

Our most gracious and loving heavenly Father, through your Son Jesus Christ, please gather around us as Clay's christian friends as we ask and witness your amazing love and healing power to instantly rid his wife's body of this dreaded and devilish disease. We know you want us to be well and stand up for Jesus each day we live........so now we rest in your love and her healing. Amen and Amen!

clay says to cobalt(9:30 AM):

AMEN thank you brother

Woodywoodpecker says(9:30 AM):


Dinarian1 says to clay(9:31 AM):

So be it... Amen and Amen

Dinarian1 says to clay(9:31 AM):

I will continue to pray for you my friend.

dale says(9:31 AM):


cobalt says to clay(9:31 AM):

Your very welcome Clay..and I with you say Amen In Jesus holy name.

(9:31 AM)Luke changed nickname to Bowtie!

Luke says(9:31 AM):

We speak healing in His name. Total and complete healing.

clay says to cobalt(9:31 AM):


jake1 says(9:32 AM):

amen +++

clay says to Luke(9:32 AM):

jake1 thanks :)

Luke says(9:32 AM):

May His grace bubble surround your family

tman23 says(9:33 AM):

Something that may be of interest for those that follow US politics.... Doctor giving opinion on Clinton health.. http://www.vidzette.com/index.php/20...ical-problems/

Pablo says to tman23(9:35 AM):

She's in bad shape.

BGG says to Luke(9:36 AM):


clay says to BGG(9:36 AM):

GM :)

cobalt says to clay(9:39 AM):


clay says to cobalt(9:41 AM):

thank you bud :)

clay says to cobalt(9:41 AM):

means alot

cobalt says to clay(9:48 AM):


Holly1 says(9:48 AM):


Holly1 says(9:49 AM):

Dr. Wael Abdel-Latif

7 hrs ·

(9:49 AM)Hawk was kicked out by Hawk!

Holly1 says(9:49 AM):

Whichever believe ??

When the CBI denies information made by the Minister of Finance, this Aahraly defect Kparoktir, in spite of the fact that the Iraqi Central Bank is independent moral, but this exile, and was a way to shut down what, but at the same time opens the door open to question the credibility of the Minister of Finance and the Bank file CBI, which of them believe

Holly1 says(9:50 AM):

Hassan Hassisen

Dr. Wael ... the information mentioned by the minister are not new they are mentioned in the documents Chalabi , God bless his soul before his death period Gosairh..o flags but did not focus on the reason for not informing him frankly .. In other words, the minister mentioned when P is mentioned , based on documents , Chalabi .. and the fact that is mentioned and

cobalt says to clay(9:50 AM):

Praying for peace in your hearts..........worry and fear is ths devils playground when cancer co0mes close....

cobalt says to clay(9:50 AM):


Holly1 says(9:51 AM):

Finance Minister P focused flags it this time .. and documents provided by Chalabi was done with 3 of the Finance Committee in the Parliament session Alhalah.o he called Chalabi at the time of the Finance Committee Alvraeih..o one of the members of this Committee is well Haitham Alajabura..o Majida al - Tamimi and the third person can not remember Osmh..ma Chalabi fourth .. any of these documents that teaches them Haitham al - Jubouri and participated

Holly1 says(9:51 AM):

investigate Onjazha..o here and in my opinion that the minister playing a game ... purely an information and photos of the people that have corrupted files Haytham or the party that had belonged her Haitham al - Jubouri , and it is now being questioned because of corruption Hzh..o You thus began used as a means to put pressure on the Media Haitham al - Jubouri Akther..vi not attempt to shuffle the cards do not Okther..thiati the Houdrtk Dr. Wael Esquire

Holly1 says(9:52 AM):

Dr. Wael Abdel-Latif

Yes dear words correctly was announced on this issue dear brother of the late Ahmad Chalabi, and its predecessors, I have revealed the scandal in the ninth studio program

Holly1 says(9:52 AM):

Ali Alkazaz

Of farces government unsuccessful be administered large institution such as the central bank proxy !! surely and certainly can not be the bank to believe everything that comes from the Central Bank of Iraq being a tool Executive theft and smuggling of Iraqi funds evidence that Iraq had stolen his money day and night and this Moeadssh did not reveal curb this moment and document one of the shows and how they smuggled the money. Thank you for publishing documents sovereignty judge

clay says to Holly1(9:53 AM):

thank you :) :-*

Holly1 says(9:53 AM):

Naeem Ramadan

We believe the call and the house Keywords budgets amounted to $ 850 billion since their term of sentence to the day ... reasonable Nkzbhm to 6 billion people Akzb..ahmad Chalabi lied ..hochear lie ..

Holly1 says(9:53 AM):

Sayed Abbas concrete

If we assume we lied, Minister of Finance and believed the other question where that money went , which exceeded the thousands of billions in the rule of thieves? Mind compels us to believe the Minister of Finance , but what was said is very small

Holly1 says(9:54 AM):

Moayad Sadiq Alyass

Salim al patent did not take an hour and patent Hamad al-Yasiri did not take Saah.nevs day unravel the case .henw afore. Even if Ecuador on Jawarepk times you need more than this time and again what Tlkah.lad Ehna Ashkd Amadhok .alvesad we have a parliament and government protected ...

Holly1 says(9:55 AM):

Abbas Al Asadi

Good morning Doctor: The two are thieves and I think that all too often in the post-2003 government formation stole money and bounties of this country, my

Holly1 says(9:55 AM):

Hussein Al-Hassani

God Doctor Iraq does not become law and knew governed became Eidak Aataiwil arm and greetings to your character Karim

Holly1 says(9:56 AM):

Haider's liraqi

Majtaj whichever is incredible Doctor central bank director to hand flan head of the Integrity Commission in terms of so and so well

And the amount transferred from the same entity as well as permission What do you expect to make the score

(9:56 AM)dinarforme was kicked out by dinarforme!

flint says(9:57 AM):

wow... Hillary has Parkinson's disease

rcookie says(9:57 AM):

Deputies: Zebari threatens to open corrupted files before the courts and the "Mtablin" retracted his dismissal

Political Since 09.07.2016 at 10:49 (Baghdad time)

Report- balances News

Accused of a number of deputies of the Presidium of the parliament of being soft on peers not to attend the session on Tuesday as a result of double Bmkailen about dealing with controversial issues, while others defended them, considering that it regards the blocks and lack of attendance does not mean basically non-registration Algaaabat.

The head of the Dawa bloc Khalaf Abdul Samad's / balances News / "The Presidency at its disposal today the lifting of the meeting on Thursday is suspicious and underlines the weakness of management of the legislative institution that seemed to operate according to M'zajiat other blocs that do not satisfy that touches the Minister of their candidates. "

He said Abdul Samad said "the President of the Parliament that confirms and emphasizes the presence of all MPs inside the hall and not just an inscription in and out Eafteraa", adding that "the presence in the meeting is binding on all deputies, laws and issues that arise be MP is free to vote or not."

Legal paradise parliamentary member Salim Chawki said L / balance News / "There's decision last week to lift the session beyond the holiday for many reasons, including the travel of a number of deputies to the pilgrimage and the second reason why there are differences and debate on the subject of the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari."

He said Shawki "The third reason is the respect of the political blocs to the fact that there are those who do not want to pass on some of the issues in dispute and this all led to a lack of quorum," pointing out that "the Prime Minister know that the House of Representatives to provide ministers of defense and interior until after the holiday, and thus Fan, Tuesday and Thursday sessions do not achieve great benefit, especially since there are some MPs have obligations either in their provinces or things that concern them. "

And between Shawqi that "the House of Representatives will be ready to behind the feast and even contentious issues on the table will be on the table of Parliament in order to finish them, pointing out that the presidential record absenteeism from attending seen as present record did not score."

MP for beautiful Obeidi said the Union of Forces for / balances News / "There are 328 deputies were charged with the duties of the committees and the laws and we also have deputies in the pilgrimage n A licensed deputies, and denied the Presidency does not record absenteeism."

rcookie says(9:57 AM):

Obeidi confirmed that "the Presidency recorded attendance," pointing out that "Each deputy has seven days sick leave and seven days a routine during the legislative one and therefore, every deputy has the right to enjoy Bagazach."

MP for the Liberal bloc Awad al-Awadi, accused the Presidency to "fabricate a lack of continuity of parliamentary sessions," pointing out that "the Iraqi people has been waiting for the day to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and the fans know how to handle the Presidium of the parliament with control of executive power issues well ".

He said al-Awadi's / balances News / "The Presidency hurl Bmkailen," noting that "the Iraqi people let down again by the Presidency not to Drjha withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari," pointing out that "there are political agreements between the blocs not to pass withdrawn confidence to the fact that the Minister of Finance announced detect corrupted files before the courts. "

Al-Awadi said that "there is a change in convictions blocks were calling as a sponsor of the reform front to fight against corruption and the number 104," and wondered, "Where are those Almtablin?".

"The defense minister revealed the corruption of the speaker of parliament a footnote revealed corrupt openly gathered by the corrupt to sack him," today's corrupt threatened to expose corruption in court, so the members of the House of Representatives and the Presidency and the political blocs agreed. "

Al-Awadi said that "Thursday's meeting will not be a quorum and will be submitted until after the holiday and the reason is that the President of the Parliament was not included the sacking of Finance Minister on the agenda, despite the completion of all the legal and constitutional procedures interrogation and lack the conviction and the withdrawal of confidence."

The House of Representatives had to lift him take on Thursday not to complete the quorum, which irritated a lot of blocks and the House of Representatives regarding the decision of the Presidency for this Alammer.anthy

From: Flaih slai

Holly1 says(9:57 AM):

The agent

If false discovered what are the procedures that legal right false

I think no action dealership political and everything ends

Holly1 says(9:58 AM):

Hussein al-Kaabi

We have a proverb says (z ... and Zanha and lost the account.) It seems that the government and its institutions are all z .... and calculated Teht

Holly1 says(9:58 AM):

Kareem Alaswady

Greetings to you in the beginning, my brother D.oail the great God of Iraq rive corruption and the spread of cancer in all his joints and even became difficult for God Almighty to save him from the owners of the dead consciences and corrupt understanding of cancer specific to their God

rcookie says(9:59 AM):


Holly1 says(9:59 AM):

Ali al-Saadi

Henw good does Dr. if is half the national alliance with Zebari, except for the Sadrists and shortly before the head of state Alvavon went to Massoud and laughed and sideburns to the martyrs Rkdo account on Ashraf ministers and Qalohm because Hissou popularity Ghaban and Obeidi rose with Aerad Bacalthm increased their popularity and love by citizens

Holly1 says to rcookie(9:59 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(9:59 AM):

Abdul Bast Albadran

Keywords knows the meaning of what he refers to Zebari, and we must see to it that he shared Batabkhh

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:00 AM):

Ascetic perfection

Why is the growth of the bank's governor downright lined with falsehood and paid the price for the God there is no decision of the owner of a clean Iraq

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:00 AM):

Ghazwan Nasser

Its dominant Al Dawa Party Flaimkn expose corruption because the work in a way HD

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:01 AM):

Ayser Abd

Political deals do not end at the expense of the people

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:01 AM):

Hayder Hameed

Moussawi, the man was a candidate state law and the head of the bank of the Dawa Party, means it is very clear

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:02 AM):

Samir Zuhairi

Downright minister of the Central Bank of well-known director of the Dawa Party and the thief secretary-general of the Dawa Party

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:02 AM):

Muneer Allamy

I'm with the novel's central bank because it is not logical one person converts all of these amounts in his name and knowing that they are corrupt Doaha in effect masking process

(10:02 AM)jeffjane changed nickname to jjon!

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:03 AM):

Aden Writer

Professor Wael ..... since it ..... .... obelisk was quick to deny and confirmed the central bank through this book ...... So afore Mo natural .... Keywords related pal

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:03 AM):

Farhan Abu Fadi

Those who do not realize the value of the amount it is the equivalent of Jordan's budget for a whole year - and can build 7,000 new schools, or pave the way 7,000 kilometers and a width of 45 m or build 60,000 housing units - or simply the salaries of all employees of the Iraqi state for a whole month with the privileges and disbursements - -

jeffjane says to rcookie(10:03 AM):

I thought Obeidi was out or is this a diff Obeidi (MOD)

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:04 AM):

Mustafa al-Shara

Dr. Wael 's finance minister said a bank account on what I imagine and not , as the central bank shows a personal account and the difference is clear on what I imagine

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:04 AM):

Adnan Irr

Central Bank of Iraq's biggest interface for smuggling and money laundering through the auction of dollar

clay says to jeffjane(10:04 AM):

good question

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:04 AM):

Mazin Al-Asadi

Conversion on behalf of the bank and not the name of a person normal Keywords House deny

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:05 AM):

Wathiq Hasan

Note the location on the book (Ali Ismail Keywords) point head line

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:05 AM):

Iraqi Adnan

Dr. ..albuld in very grave danger ..lon judiciary has become a game, however, the heads of the blocks and by the whims of some well-known politicians destruction of the country's judiciary and their rule .osubh Wu ride ..ajb their hands on people's appeals to the international community for the salvation of the people from the domination of individuals or individual destiny of people knock-on ordered him ..

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:07 AM):


Dr. Wael Abdel-Latif


(10:07 AM)dinarforme was kicked out by dinarforme!

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:07 AM):


larrykn says to Holly1(10:08 AM):

gm :),, thank you for the news :)

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:08 AM):



Holly1 says to rcookie(10:09 AM):

Home Country


Holly1 says to rcookie(10:09 AM):

Short Description

Man Iraqi law

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:10 AM):


Wael Abdul Latif Hussain Fadl was born in 1950 was born in the province of Basra , the latter decided to study the rights to develop and improve the development of the province and So he finished his studies and earned a doctoral degree in 2003 from the federal Islamic University in London who is also an Iraqi politician and member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives seat for the province

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:11 AM):

the Iraqi Council of Representatives seat for the province of Basra , the work of a lawyer and served as a judge during the eighties in Iraq. He served as the governor of Basra in 2003 and in 2004 was appointed Minister for Provincial Affairs and is secretary general of the party , the state, one of the entities falling within the Iraqi National Coalition lineup.

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:11 AM):

Belongs to the family credit for the prestigious one - month captivity in Basra and consonants in the district of Qurna. Jeddah , Sheikh Hussein was credited with the first district director in Iraq and Jeddah Alshahydaheik waterfall credited topline first martyr presented Basra from elders when Attah Special Envoy of the supreme authority of Mr. Kazem Yazdi to defend Iraq against the British occupation of Iraq in 1914. He formed an army of several thousand took over leadership to the region Cote Zein close to the FAO , where martyred there and stayed towering symbol

(10:12 AM)kalis was kicked out by kalis!

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:13 AM):

FAO , where martyred there and stayed towering symbol in memory Altarej.ohm tribal chiefs whey and elders of Wael in Basra and aunt leader (Dean) Khairallah Hussein Fadl of the first 21 officers in the Iraqi army in 1921 and his uncle Sheikh Hatem Ben Sheikh Hussein Fadl a senior Senate in whey and Basra , which is the eldest son of Sheikh Hussein Fadl. His uncle , Brigadier General Khairallah Hussein Fadl was one of the main Iraqi army builders when forming the government in 1921.hat positions many in the Iraqi army , including the commander of the Military discipline in the Defence Ministry in Baghdad and the head of permanent military court for the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and other positions to be referred to the retirement year

1957 rank of major general .. the

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:13 AM):

most important books written about the family:

1. lawyer Abbas al - Azzawi (Iraq clans)

2. Dr. Abdul Jalil al - Tahir (Iraqi tribes)

3. Thamer Al Ameri (Encyclopedia of Iraqi tribes)

4. Mr. Ali al - Kaabi (tribal elders Iraq )

5. Prof. Abdul Ali study in a rural community ( the family of the credit)

6. Khairallah Telfah (Iraq in six years). the most important works of Dr. judge Wael Abdul Latif credit: 1. possibility of

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:14 AM):

. Khairallah Telfah (Iraq in six years). the most important works of Dr. judge Wael Abdul Latif credit: 1. possibility of federalism in Iraq (Comparative study) 2. assets work parliament (parliamentary) study in the light of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for 2005 3. constitutions of the State of Iraq for the period from 1876 to 2005 4. comparison between Criminal Court in the Hague , the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court in Baghdad 5. local government in the laws of Iraq from 1924 to 2004 6 a federal system structure in Iraq 7. federal system economics in Iraq 8. maintain equal province ( the study in the light of the provisions of the constitution of Iraq in 2005) 9. Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:15 AM):

the light of the provisions of the constitution of Iraq in 2005) 9. Constitution of the Republic of Iraq in 2005 between the prospects and challenges in addition to the hundreds of studies, articles and conferences inside and outside Iraq, currently a lawyer and a member of the Iraqi Bar Association and the Secretary General of the Party , the state and general secretary of the Association of Protection of the Constitution

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:17 AM):

Highlights info row image

ministry compound

Baghdad, Iraq

Highlights info row message responsiveness image

Typically replies within a few hours

Message Now

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:17 AM):


cobalt says to Holly1(10:18 AM):


clay says to Holly1(10:19 AM):


larrykn says to Holly1(10:19 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(10:19 AM):

Karbala news

50 mins ·

Parliamentary Finance make recommendations to the government on the decision to leave five years http://fk-news.com/59504-.html

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:19 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(10:22 AM):

Tomorrow Press shared a link .

7 hrs ·

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:23 AM):

Press tomorrow - Shi'ite leader: Can not dismiss Zebari

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:23 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(10:24 AM):


He attributed the Prime honest Bloc Hassan Salem to postpone the withdrawal of confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari to the existence of "deals" financial and political, as warned ...

eibaa.com · 8 Shares

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:24 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(10:25 AM):

Karbala news

33 mins ·

Rasheed Bank proceed to sell the dollar for travelers to "1200" BD http://fk-news.com/59508-.html

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:25 AM):


Holly1 says to rcookie(10:26 AM):

Tomorrow Press shared a link .

4 hrs

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:27 AM):

Tomorrow Press - high-Sheikh Ali Ebadi: Do you want to repeat the experience of al-Maliki in its war with Osama Najafi

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:27 AM):


clay says(10:27 AM):

hey guys been out of the loop awhile, anything on the WTO

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:28 AM):

Tomorrow Press shared a link .

23 mins

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:28 AM):

Tomorrow Press - Financial respond to central: the six billion transferred to the account outside Iraq and surprised by the speed of answer

Holly1 says to rcookie(10:28 AM):


larrykn says to clay(10:29 AM):

still working on it as far as I know

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