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Friday, September 16, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 9/15/16 - Part 7

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 7 - Featuring rcookie & BGG

subgirl says to rcookie(9:54 PM):

Jeopardy!!! :)

rcookie says(10:02 PM):

Exchange Arrangement

Iraq’s de jure and de facto exchange rate arrangements have been retroactively reclassified to a conventional peg arrangement, effective January 15, 2012. The Central Bank Law provides the Board of the CBI with power to formulate exchange rate policy. The CBI Board undertook a realignment of the peg from 1166 to 1182 dinar per USD on December 1, 2015, unifying the effective rates applicable to cash sales and transfers at 1190 including the central bank commission. The CBI stands ready to provide foreign exchange at the official exchange rate plus commissions for permissible transactions through its daily auctions (allocations), establishing a peg. However, because certain transactions are excluded from the access to the CBI auctions, many transactions take place at parallel market exchange rates. The CBI publishes the daily volume of the auction allocation on its website.

rcookie says(10:03 PM):


rcookie says(10:03 PM):

Iraq continues to avail itself of the transitional arrangements under Article XIV, Section 2 but no longer maintains any exchange restrictions or multiple currency practices subject to Article XIV, Section 2, and currently maintains three exchange restrictions and one multiple currency practice (MCP) subject to Fund approval under Article VIII, Sections 2(a) and 3.

rcookie says(10:05 PM):

GN DU!............

SRW says to rcookie(10:06 PM):

Thanks Rcookie and Goodnight!

rcookie says(10:06 PM):


rcookie says to SRW(10:06 PM):


subgirl says to rcookie(10:08 PM):

Good night rcookie :)

subgirl says to rcookie(10:08 PM):

multiple currency practices...

lee4 says(10:25 PM):

TY Ladies !!! GN

moneymom says(10:25 PM):

goodevening....great call was able to listen inbetween customers, just muted phone, would like to relesson, did they happen to say when the link would be available?

subgirl says to lee4(10:25 PM):

yvw :) lee4 :) and GN!! from sheila and I :)

subgirl says to moneymom(10:26 PM):

not sure BGG has the link up yet... would be in the blog if so...

BGG says(10:27 PM):

I don't - working on it...

BGG says(10:28 PM):

alot going on right now :D

subgirl says to BGG(10:28 PM):

thank you :) appreciate you! :)

subgirl says to BGG(10:28 PM):

thank you for this awesome site!!!! :)

moneymom says(10:28 PM):

will go check....again so appreciate the news guys, realy hearing them discuss important pieces to this puzzzle makes understanding easier, Great BGG thanks working all night as well so I will get to really absorb. appreciate you and all at this site

(10:28 PM)hbredfish was kicked out by hbredfish!

moneymom says(10:29 PM):

thanks again subgirl

subgirl says to moneymom(10:30 PM):

your very welcome :)

BGG says(10:33 PM):

I will have a lot of the documents referred to tonite posted on THE BLOG for today and tomorrow...

BGG says(10:33 PM):

stay tuned

subgirl says to BGG(10:35 PM):

SWEEET!!! thank you! :)

magnetlady says(10:40 PM):

Sorry subby, got a phone call I had to take.

magnetlady says(10:40 PM):

I saw you talking aboaut me though

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:40 PM):

oh you are fine! sure enjoyed listening to you on the call tonight! :)

magnetlady says(10:40 PM):

Glad you did. I didn't add much but a laugh for some. hahaha

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:40 PM):

you do so much in this room! just wanted to be able to say THANK YOU!!! (F)(L):-*

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:41 PM):

well I enjoyed you being the SUPER MOD! :)

magnetlady says(10:47 PM):

Just closed wrong window. That's what happens when you have too many open

(10:47 PM)magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

magnetlady says(10:48 PM):

Well Thank you Subby. It was fun.

SRW says to magnetlady(10:48 PM):

You did great Mags!! Maybe Hutch could install some red and blue lights on your car, so you won't have to honk your horn! :D

magnetlady says(10:48 PM):

Well perhaps I'd use them, the police don't unless they are taking some dignatary across town and stop you from getting to work on time.

subgirl says to SRW(10:49 PM):

lol :D(lol)

magnetlady says(10:49 PM):

Thanks SRW

magnetlady says(10:49 PM):

my car is 14 years old too, he didnt mention that

plowboy says(10:50 PM):

Trump is on the tonight show

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:50 PM):

lol nope he didnt say that lol

magnetlady says(10:50 PM):

({) (F) (Tp) :D

SRW says to magnetlady(10:50 PM):

Well, there ya go! They would pull over because your a dignatary! We need you here!! :D

subgirl says to SRW(10:51 PM):

yes we do!!! :) Mags does so much for us here!!! :) We do love Mags so much!

subgirl says to SRW(10:51 PM):


magnetlady says(10:52 PM):

AWE you guys are going to make me blush

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:52 PM):

(F):-* :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:53 PM):

you are our special mod for the week! :) it's fun!! :)

plowboy says(10:53 PM):

I think Jimmy Fallon is going to ask him if he can mess up his hair

magnetlady says(10:55 PM):

OK, that's it only one week then its back to the old grind.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:55 PM):

never!!! :) always you are a special MOD!!! :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:56 PM):

Special SUPER MOD!!! :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:56 PM):

I know for sure you spent so much time in here copying!!!!

magnetlady says(10:57 PM):

Well, Subby you know, its a job that has to be done and when no one else was available as happens from time to time we do what we have to do.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:58 PM):

Mags you are very dedicated to this site!!! :) We all appreciate you very much!

magnetlady says(10:58 PM):

I've seen you do it too

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:58 PM):

yep we do and you have a full time job too :)

magnetlady says(10:58 PM):

SRW I like what you are doing have Trump on but missing the Gaithers.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:58 PM):

dont know how you do it!

magnetlady says(10:58 PM):

Well when you get my age maybe you can do it too. hahaha

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:59 PM):

I was telling SRW that tomorrow night my sister gave me and hubby tickets to go and see Gaither Vocal Band tomorrow night...

jetset says to subgirl(10:59 PM):


jetset says to subgirl(10:59 PM):

where at?

jetset says to subgirl(11:00 PM):


jetset says to subgirl(11:00 PM):

saw them years ago

magnetlady says(11:00 PM):

Oh wow, I had an opportunity last year and I couldnt go. I was working

subgirl says to jetset(11:00 PM):

we have seen them a few times too lol just love them and the music

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:00 PM):

awee bummer!

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:00 PM):

post rv there will be much opportunity

magnetlady says(11:01 PM):

Really love those guys. They make some awesome music

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:01 PM):

yes they do! :) you can google it on youtube... love their songs!

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:01 PM):

Bill Gaither Vocal BAnd

magnetlady says(11:01 PM):

Well if I don't get myself to bed, I'll be meeting myself getting up in the morning.

magnetlady says(11:01 PM):

Oh yes, I know it well, subby

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):

:D(lol) lol

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):

:) sWEET! you have a great night ok :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):


magnetlady says(11:02 PM):

OK all, see you in the am.

magnetlady says(11:02 PM):

night all

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):

OK :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):

GN :)

plowboy says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):


Romello says to magnetlady(11:02 PM):

Night Mag:-*(F)

Romello says(11:08 PM):

Iraq Central Bank

Central Bank: No category million dollars and we deal

9.14.2016 13:42 Long-Presse / Baghdad

It said an informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, that there is no currency of one million dollars a category, and among that this currency is real and may be used to waddle or games, he stressed that a higher currency Bank deals with are a class of ($ 100).

The source said in an interview (Amdy Press), said that "the trading day in the Iraqi market and among the citizens of the existence of a class coin (one million dollars), is not true and there is no such a category," he said, "that category may be for the purposes of Strutting ( gift), or used for the Games. "

The source, who not to be named, said, "The Central Bank does not deal with that group, and that the highest category in the dollar coin is ($ 100), so the Central Bank does not deal with that category one million dollars because that does not exist."

And circulation of citizens and the Iraqi market news for the currency of the category million people exchanged presence as part of a new currency will be worked out in the country. https://www.almadapress.com/ar/news/...%AF%D9%88%D9%8

Romello says(11:09 PM):

Parliamentary Finance reveal the central bank's reserves fell to less than $ 50 billion

09.15.2016 14:58 Long-Presse / Baghdad

Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed on Thursday that the central bank reserves decreased to less than $ 50 billion, and while confirming that the central bank does not talk about reserves "for fear of creating new crises", she pointed out that the government has turned to internal borrowing from a bank Rasheed and Mesopotamia "without the return of these amounts."

He said the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Hossam punitive in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "the amount of the Iraqi Central Bank reserves reached to below $ 50 billion," noting that "the central bank does not talk about the size of reserves for fear of creating a new crisis."

He punitive, "The Iraqi government headed domestic borrowing by government banks and private bank Rafidain and Rasheed during the years 2015 and 2016, estimated at $ 15 billion without the return of these funds with the benefits of the two banks."

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords confirmed, on Sunday (11 September 2016), Iraq's commitment to the pledges made to the International Monetary Fund Ptoukatadtha specific, especially as it is consistent with the orientations and objectives, noting that the Fund was surprised to be Iraq's reserves of foreign currency more than its forecast by about ten billion dollars.

The Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords confirmed, on Tuesday (21 June 2016), that Iraq's reserves of foreign currency of $ 53 billion, and with the exception that it is in line with international standards and regulations of the International Monetary Fund, hold the House of Representatives and the government responsible for the low reserve because Msadegthma on the financial budget deficit.

The CBI has rejected (the 13th of January 2016), the government went to draw from the financial reserve, while attributed to the fact that the law "does not allow" the government of this, he called for the issuance of bonds and sell them to banks.

Romello says(11:10 PM):

Parliamentary Education calls for the inclusion of students within the grant budget that in 2017

09/15/2016 16:01 Long-Presse / Diwaniya

It called on the Education Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Thursday, to the inclusion of students scholarship to all Iraqi provinces law within the financial budget for the next year in 2017, as promised "a catalyst" for students to "continue their education and reducing illiteracy rates."

She said a member of the Education Committee of the Parliamentary MP Suad Waeli in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "the Committee House of Representatives called for a listed pupils and students Bonus Code within the next year's budget in 2017, to be distributed allocated to all provinces equally overstated" and usually that "the law will spur our children to continue their studies, and limits the phenomenon of pupils and students from schools leak, and contributes to reducing the rate of illiteracy in the country. "

She Waeli, that "the law in its current form cross-sectarian, and make everyone equal in rights and duties," asserting that "the grant will not benefit the non-pupils and students continuing their studies."

It is noteworthy that the International Monetary Fund, counting, in (the tenth of September this), that the size of the deficit in the budget for Iraq in 2017 and a large hard-covered, and while stressing the need to reduce it by half, I suggest the need to determine the sale price of oil at $ 43 a barrel, instead of the price the current budget.

He was the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, announced, in (August 24, 2016), the date of the arrival of the budget year 2017 to the parliament will be the middle of next September, and had been expecting to pass the budget end of the year to "all pleased," he said that next year's budget represents the "peace budget and construction. "

Romello says(11:11 PM):

Long day. Good night everyone...

subgirl says(11:19 PM):

good night Romello! :)

jetset says to subgirl(11:20 PM):

it was a pretty neat experience - it was a homecoming event and we were in the front row.... all the groups were there

subgirl says to jetset(11:20 PM):

oh wow! that must have been a great night!

subgirl says to jetset(11:21 PM):

I have gone to Sandi Patti and had a front row seats too :) lol

jetset says to subgirl(11:24 PM):

i don't know if you are familiar with the ball brothers but we are family friends with one of the guys in their group...

subgirl says to jetset(11:25 PM):

oh my goodness I love to hear them sing about the CROSS...

jetset says to subgirl(11:25 PM):


subgirl says to jetset(11:25 PM):


jetset says to subgirl(11:25 PM):

chad mccloskey married one of the Ball sisters... his parents are good friends with my parents

subgirl says to jetset(11:26 PM):

oh cool :)

subgirl says to jetset(11:26 PM):

that is awesome! :)

subgirl says to jetset(11:26 PM):

then you can chat with them... :)

jetset says to subgirl(11:27 PM):

a little.... chad is a couple of years younger than me so acquainteces would be a more accurate description of our relationship level.

subgirl says to jetset(11:27 PM):

I see. :) that is cool tho :)

subgirl says to jetset(11:28 PM):

I have seen them sing on facebook :)

jetset says to subgirl(11:28 PM):

they are a lot of fun!

subgirl says to jetset(11:28 PM):

yes. I bet soo... :)

jetset says to subgirl(11:29 PM):

we were at one of their christmas concerts a couple of years ago. that was very enjoyable

subgirl says to jetset(11:29 PM):

oh I love that! :) hoping i can go this year to a Christmas special...

subgirl says to jetset(11:30 PM):

Branson, MO has some fun Special events in the winter... for Christmas...

jetset says to subgirl(11:32 PM):

that is somewhere we would like to visit

subgirl says to jetset(11:32 PM):

yep us too... we have gone there a couple of times. :)

(11:52 PM)Dinarian1 was kicked out by Dinarian1!

subgirl says(11:55 PM):

5 min left :)

subgirl says(11:57 PM):

Well it is time to say our Good nights to you all>>>> Hope you all have a good rest! :)

End of Thursday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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