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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Saturday 9/24/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring BGG

clay says to billionaire(10:53 AM):

good to see ya buddy been a while

billionaire says(10:53 AM):


billionaire says(10:54 AM):

I know right Clay???

clay says to billionaire(10:54 AM):

wish this was done

clay says to billionaire(10:54 AM):

thinkin after Mosul

billionaire says(10:54 AM):

Me too Clay... but it's coming...

clay says to billionaire(10:54 AM):

yep :)

billionaire says(10:56 AM):

Yes Clay.. After Mosul because the country needs to have a handle on security - period. This upcoming attack on ISIS will be the pivotal point IMO...

clay says to billionaire(10:57 AM):


billionaire says(10:57 AM):

It is definately getting exciting to watch.

billionaire says to clay(10:58 AM):

I try not to wrap my brain around dates or rates but events that moves Iraq forward... and boy have they been moving forward in the past year or so...

billionaire says to clay(11:05 AM):

I haven't been active in chat rooms in a while. I am interested to hear what BGG's latest assesment is on our investment? Can anyone sum it up for me in a nut shell?

clay says to billionaire(11:06 AM):


billionaire says(11:08 AM):

Wow. I feel like I am on a deserted island, all alone, with no one to talk to, hearing the echos of my own thoughts. :D Oh there you go Clay.... I thought I was all alone. rofl

clay says to billionaire(11:09 AM):


clay says to billionaire(11:09 AM):

heading home in a bit

billionaire says(11:09 AM):

Be careful on the road. A lot of crazies out there.

(11:11 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

billionaire says(11:12 AM):

Iraqi army says it recaptured key town south of Mosul http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mi...-idUSKCN11S0MW

RickeyT says to billionaire(11:13 AM):

nobody knows.....

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:13 AM):

Hello RickeyT. Nobody knows what?

RickeyT says(11:14 AM):

the status of this "investment"

subgirl says to clay(11:15 AM):

have a great rest of the weekend! prayers are going up for you and your lovely wife :)

clay says to subgirl(11:16 AM):

thanks you too :)

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:16 AM):

Oh. Of course not. But we all have opinions. I thought you were talking about how nobody knows how alone I feel in the chat room after being inactive for so long. :D:D

subgirl says to clay(11:16 AM):

thanks :)

RickeyT says(11:16 AM):

opinions get some folks in trouble

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:18 AM):

I think I understand what you are trying to say. In order to answer my question, all I have to do is look in one or two places. I was just trying to be engaged, as I have been MIA for a little bit. No worries. Don't want to get anyone in trouble.

RickeyT says(11:19 AM):

it killed chat

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:19 AM):

WHY? I guess, I am not acclimated to chat culture anymore...

RickeyT says(11:19 AM):

unless you want to talk gardening

RickeyT says(11:20 AM):

or how to milk chickens

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:20 AM):

I live in the desert. But we can talk Chile!!!!! I am making homemade chile and it smells delicious!!!!!

RickeyT says(11:22 AM):

chili in the desert? Wow, you are a gluton for punishment!, I forgot, I turn the a/c to 50 and build a fire in the fireplace! LOL

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:23 AM):

That is funny. Yep. Chili in the desert.

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:24 AM):

When it is done, the whole neighborhood is gonna want some. mmmm mmmm mmmm

RickeyT says(11:24 AM):

Any good recipe's for fish? I have a friend that has an old phone, he wants to collect from my pond....

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:25 AM):

:D Yep. About six hundred dollars might buy an Iphone, mixed with a little bit of shopping throught the discount websites. rofl

RickeyT says(11:26 AM):

he wants to customly select which ones he wants to fry

RickeyT says(11:26 AM):

you have never heard of fishing with a phone?

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:27 AM):

Actually, I haven't. But I thought it was funny anyway. lol

RickeyT says(11:28 AM):

the older phones have a hand crank, they generate enough current to stun fish and the float to the top, get a net and dip your size

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:28 AM):


RickeyT says(11:29 AM):

it's a little illegal

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:29 AM):

I think you are telling your age. rofl

RickeyT says(11:29 AM):

I am old

RickeyT says(11:30 AM):

almost like fishing with dynomite

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:31 AM):

That sounds hazardous to your health. rofl

RickeyT says(11:31 AM):

it could be if you drop it in the boat

rcookie says(11:32 AM):

Iraqi forces liberated the village "Azwaip" in Iraq from "Daesh" 09/24/2016 - 17:56 Iraqi forces liberated the village "Azwaip" in Iraq from "Daesh"2016-09-24T17: 56: 34 + 00: 00 Arabs and the world No Comments

عرب وعالم


DONE joint Iraqi forces, today / Saturday, the village "Azwaip" southern spend Sharqat of gunmen seized control of the organization "Daesh" terrorist, with the participation of troops from the armored brigade 35 army, supported by troops, "the popular crowd," and raised the Iraqi flag it and advancing towards the village Almsg northern Salah province Debt .

And announced the leadership of operations, "Salahuddin" killed 188 terrorists, Daesh within three days of military operations, "the dawn of Sharqat to" liberate the judiciary.

The operational command to edit spend Sharqat process resulted in the destruction of 25 car bomb and blow up two shelters immune to Daesh militants, and to dismantle 71 of an explosive device, destroying four phrases and eight boats belonging to the organization and the destruction of 61 another car for terrorists.

The leadership of the Iraqi Joint Operations had announced the day before yesterday / Thursday / editing spend Sharqat from the grip of "Daesh" After three days of military operations to take control of the last bastions of Daesh in Salahuddin province north of Iraq.

RickeyT says(11:32 AM):

the military uses grenades

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:33 AM):

The military uses grenades to kill fish or crank old phones? lol

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:33 AM):

jk jk

subgirl says to rcookie(11:34 AM):

SWEET thanks rcookie!!! :)

subgirl says to rcookie(11:34 AM):

Iraqi forces liberated the village "Azwaip" in Iraq from "Daesh"

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:34 AM):

Our military is the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love our military!!!!!!!

subgirl says to billionaire(11:35 AM):


billionaire says to subgirl(11:36 AM):

My family has four generations of Vets.

subgirl says to billionaire(11:36 AM):

wow! cool!

subgirl says to billionaire(11:36 AM):


subgirl says to billionaire(11:36 AM):

My dad was in WWII as a sergeant...

billionaire says to subgirl(11:36 AM):

yep. and they all made it back.

RickeyT says(11:36 AM):

I agree......we need to prosecution of wars left to them and kept out of the politicians hands

subgirl says to billionaire(11:37 AM):

wow so did my dad... :) he loved to tell stories of what happened to him...

billionaire says to subgirl(11:37 AM):

Which branch did he serve in?

subgirl says to billionaire(11:37 AM):

some good and some bad.

subgirl says to billionaire(11:37 AM):


RickeyT says(11:38 AM):

3 army, 6 marines

subgirl says(11:38 AM):

if you all have not heard the call from last Wed. night here is the links to the call and the newstimes!!! did you hear the last call from this past week? it was awesome! here is the link and the call link... https://d.pr/1j6UN and the newstime link is: http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre...tember-21-2016

billionaire says to subgirl(11:38 AM):

My father was the Army too. He was shell shocked when he came back. So was his father. But they made great examples of men and how men should behave.

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:38 AM):

Wow!!!! That is awesome.

subgirl says to billionaire(11:39 AM):

WOW! glad they made it back...

RickeyT says(11:40 AM):

my uncle dies 2 months ago, retired after 22 years in the Corp, 9 purple hearts and a silver star

subgirl says(11:40 AM):

It was an awesome call last WED. night!

billionaire says to subgirl(11:40 AM):

Yes. Me too. I still have many family members in the armed forces. I pray for them all the time. And at the same time, I thank them for everything they do.

subgirl says to billionaire(11:40 AM):

I have a niece who went to Turkey but she is back now...

billionaire says to RickeyT(11:40 AM):

9 PURPLE HEARTS??????!!!!!!!!!!

RickeyT says(11:41 AM):

1 tour of Korea, 3 of Viet Nam, flew a Huey

RickeyT says(11:41 AM):

helicopters are NOT bulletproof

billionaire says to subgirl(11:41 AM):

Those tours can be scary and nerving. Glad she is back.

subgirl says to billionaire(11:42 AM):

me too :) she has 2 kids...

billionaire says to subgirl(11:43 AM):

That is the sad thing about going on tours for women soldiers. Leaving their kids behind. I don't know why it is different for men but it just is...

billionaire says to subgirl(11:45 AM):

But one thing I can say. Our country is trying to take care of our VETS, with a few exceptions. My nephew was able to go to college on military benefits. I couldn't be more proud of this country because of the benefits that are allowed to our veterans and their immediate families.

billionaire says to subgirl(11:47 AM):

My battery is about to die. So I am going to go get another electronic device and listen to the last call. Nice talking to you.... You too RickeyT. you all have a good one.

subgirl says(11:48 AM):

ok billionaire :) hope you have a great day too :) take care and nice chatting with you too!! :)

Ame says(11:48 AM):

bye moneybags

subgirl says to Ame(11:48 AM):


Idaho says to subgirl(11:54 AM):

US Navy ET1 ran a classified white room for Navy,AF,Army and Marines in Hawaii Great duty...

subgirl says to Idaho(11:57 AM):


subgirl says to Idaho(11:57 AM):


(12:11 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(12:44 PM):

pssssst......hey subby.......can we retire yet?.......just wondering....enquiring minds wanna know, and all that.....

jfd says(1:04 PM):

If it is true that the SDR basket goes in effect on the 30th of this month,the TRNs which should be 20% gold backed may go into effect.If this event occurs,and the IQD RVs at about the same time then one could conclude that Iraq has not been in control of their own currency.The next 1-2 weeks could be interesting.IMO

Ame says to jfd(1:07 PM):

4 sure.

(1:08 PM)Romello was kicked out by Romello!

subgirl says to DIGIman1(1:08 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(1:08 PM):

I just got back lol

Ame says(1:08 PM):

pssstttt I wanna know too

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(1:08 PM):

so you dont know yet.......?

subgirl says to Ame(1:08 PM):


subgirl says to DIGIman1(1:08 PM):

nope dont know yet lol give me another day lol :D

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(1:09 PM):

oh alright.......:D

Ame says(1:09 PM):

back 2 my race then

subgirl says to DIGIman1(1:09 PM):

lol (lol)as if you have a choice lol

subgirl says to Ame(1:09 PM):

zooom... lol

DIGIman1 says to subgirl(1:09 PM):

ok, good point....... :D

subgirl says to DIGIman1(1:09 PM):


subgirl says(1:17 PM):

yyyaayy!!! lol I am baaaack lol

DIGIman1 says(1:17 PM):


DIGIman1 says(1:18 PM):

we were getting worried......

subgirl says(1:18 PM):

thank you :) lol (H)^o):S

subgirl says(1:18 PM):

I can tell lol

DIGIman1 says(1:18 PM):


DIGIman1 says(1:18 PM):

especially when i found the note....

subgirl says(1:18 PM):


DIGIman1 says(1:20 PM):

so what happened? cat chewed the internet cable again?

subgirl says(1:20 PM):

yep lol

subgirl says(1:20 PM):

how did you know? lol

DIGIman1 says(1:20 PM):

it was the way you vanished....

DIGIman1 says(1:20 PM):

i herd purring just before you went away.....

subgirl says(1:21 PM):


subgirl says(1:21 PM):

you are hilarious lol

subgirl says(1:21 PM):


subgirl says(1:30 PM):

The inclusion of "division of Nineveh" on the parliamentary agenda

By sd sd -September 24, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad ..

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, refused to include the subject of the division of the province of Nineveh on the agenda of the meeting after Monday calls.

A parliamentary source said, "The Jubouri face in today's session to include the subject of a request rejected the division of the province of Nineveh on next Monday's session agenda calls."

He was a member of the parliamentary legal committee Salim Chawki Saturday revealed collect the signatures of 100 members of Parliament to prevent the division of Nineveh and refused to touch the unity of the province.

(1:31 PM)jetset was kicked out by jetset!

subgirl says(1:31 PM):

Jabouri directs investigation of the financial status of the citizens of Kurdistan and their employees ' salaries

2016/09/24 14:42

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} in speaker Salim Al-Juburi, oil and energy and finance committees and legal representative, and the integrity to investigate the financial status of the citizens of Kurdistan and salaries.

A brief statement said Jabouri's Office received {Euphrates news} copy Saturday that "House speaker Salim Al-Juburi, oil and energy and finance committees and legal representative, and the integrity to investigate the financial status of the citizens of Kurdistan and salaries".

subgirl says(1:32 PM):

Parliament finish reading the four bills and raise its meeting to next Monday

24.9.2016 16:10 •

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} in the House of Representatives ended its regular nineteen headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 217 deputies Today Saturday, 24.09.2016 read four bills in the Kurdistan region staff salaries and entitlements of peasants discussed for the years 2014 to 2015, it was to adjourn the meeting to next Monday.

According to a statement to parliament agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "in the beginning of the meeting, President al - Jubouri appreciated Mahls Per efforts in the liberation of Sharqat city process, congratulated the Iraqi people in this heroic feat. This

was followed by MP Badr stallion issued a statement praising the liberation of the city Shirqat in Salahuddin province at the hands of the armed forces and the expulsion of the terrorist gangs of them, announcing obtain security clearance for the return of displaced people to their towns, calling for continued progress for the Liberation of other cities, especially Hawija. on

the other hand, the MP Rashid al - Yasiri in a statement that a distress call from a pandemic ecosystem is the spread of uncontrolled plant flower herb Nile in the Tigris River basin, alluding to the serious economic and environmental effects that lead to a significant lack of water resources.

he called Yasiri the House of Representatives to "assume its responsibilities in light of the weak capabilities of the Ministry of water resources through a request to the the government increased the ministry allocations and the launch of a special emergency grant for the purpose of combat that scourge and to invite international agencies to provide assistance in relevant, praising the local government 's efforts in Wasit province , in addressing the spread of this plant , despite the scarcity of potential and customizations. "

the head of the Council of the water Commission and the marshes" to take the necessary measures to curb the spread of the disease through contact with the authorities concerned."

then followed the Committee on women, family and children issued a statement denouncing the heinous crimes against children, in particular murder, kidnapping, rape, warning of growing these heinous crimes, cross - sectional at the same time Jraima got against children in several Iraqi cities , the government should take their responsibilities to provide protection to children in accordance with international agreements with speed up enactment of the Law on protection of domestic violence and the need to send the State Council for Child protection for the purpose of approval.

subgirl says(1:32 PM):


subgirl says(1:33 PM):

Urgent US general: Iraqi army is doing a great and exceptional editing cities work

24.9.2016 17:04

[Oan- Baghdad]

praised the US Central Command , General Joseph Votal , who arrived on Saturday, to the capital Baghdad, the Iraqi army role in the liberation of the cities Daesh terrorist gangs.

According to a defense ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Votal, expressed during a meeting with Chief of Staff of the Army First Lt. Gen. Othman al - Ghanemi, "expressed his pride in partnership with the Iraqi side, and added that the role of the Iraqi army is the leadership of all our efforts in Iraq they are doing a great and exceptional job in this regard has been the Iraqi army has achieved particularly brilliant victories in Qayyarah and Sharqat and elsewhere. "

the statement added, " it was discussed during the meeting about the great victories achieved under way to liberate the land and the operations of terrorist Daesh gangs in Salahuddin, Anbar and also preparations and prepare for the greatest battle of destiny, which is the end of Daesh in Iraq, namely , the liberation of Nineveh , of Conception criminal gangs, in addition to discussing tactically in the editorial plans and what is required of the international coalition. " he

also expressed US General according to the statement" for full readiness to provide all supplies required by the next battle , and to increase support and support for military cuts, and of increasing air support and effort of engineering, weapons and materiel and health support. "

The US Central command , General Joseph Votal arrived on Saturday, to the capital Baghdad.

The visit of the US general after a day of visiting Defence Minister German Ursula von der Line to Iraq , which also came a day after a similar visit to the British Minister of defense Michael Fallon at a time when Iraqi forces backed by the international alliance check security gains against Daesh in Sharqat spend which is about 60 kilometers south of the city of Mosul.

subgirl says(1:33 PM):

from romello and 1bobby :)

subgirl says(1:34 PM):

A new action plan to ease pressure on the State budget


Another amendment to guarantee investment law number 13 of 2010 concept developer who came up with a new plan of action to ease the financial pressure on the State budget, the distribution of tasks.

Developer means that the company or implement infrastructure for all city facilities or specialized scientifically industrial or commercial or residential, and then distributing developer investment opportunities for new investors is their responsibilities of implementing various joints work», head of the Iraqi National Business Council Dawood Abdel said: "I see that the last edit was released on investment law ensures the development focus of the developer who works with detailed first developerInvestor. and added in an interview carried by «morning» first developer who specializes in creating industrial cities or infrastructure as well as residential tourism to other major projects, where the law permits it to receive land and provide full infrastructure of roads and bridges and basic services.

larrykn says(1:35 PM):

hi all :)

subgirl says to larrykn(1:36 PM):

Hello :)

larrykn says(1:36 PM):

hi subby , I'm home at last lol

subgirl says to larrykn(1:37 PM):

yyaayy!!! lol glad you were safe and had a blast! :)

larrykn says(1:37 PM):

yes had a great time

larrykn says(1:37 PM):

and the VA paid for it :D

subgirl says to larrykn(1:37 PM):


subgirl says to larrykn(1:37 PM):

what do you know? lol lol

subgirl says to larrykn(1:37 PM):

that is great!!! :)

larrykn says(1:39 PM):

how was you trip everything ok

subgirl says to larrykn(1:40 PM):

yep it was great! :) tests were great too!:)

larrykn says(1:40 PM):

great to hear :)

subgirl says to larrykn(1:40 PM):

my petscan was 100% clean and clear and my kidney test were down...

larrykn says(1:40 PM):


subgirl says to larrykn(1:41 PM):

thank you :) hope yours was good too.??

larrykn says(1:41 PM):

what is your kidney level at

subgirl says to larrykn(1:41 PM):

1.03 as of Thurs.

larrykn says(1:41 PM):

that good

larrykn says(1:41 PM):

mine is at .80

subgirl says to larrykn(1:41 PM):

yes it was 1.24 last time

subgirl says to larrykn(1:41 PM):

that is great!

subgirl says to larrykn(1:41 PM):

normal is .50 to .90

larrykn says(1:42 PM):

yep mine is right on :)

subgirl says to larrykn(1:42 PM):

yes it is! :)

larrykn says(1:42 PM):

drink that water your will get there but don't worry 1.03 is not bad

(1:42 PM).MOD.DIGIman1.copy changed nickname to .MOD.DIGIman1!

subgirl says to larrykn(1:43 PM):

yep it is coming down!!!

subgirl says to larrykn(1:43 PM):

that is the goal

DIGIman1 says to larrykn(1:43 PM):

hey larry :)

subgirl says to larrykn(1:43 PM):

well it was 1.24 and that worried me but 1.03 is great!

larrykn says(1:43 PM):

yes it is :)

larrykn says(1:44 PM):

hi Digiman1 hows it going

BGG says(1:46 PM):

Hey gang - sorry to be "absentee" so far today - and yesterday...

BGG says(1:47 PM):

gonna' hide out on the couch a while yet and sleep this thing off..

BGG says(1:47 PM):

(not feeling well). Yuck.

BGG says(1:47 PM):


DIGIman1 says to BGG(1:47 PM):

hope it passes quick...

subgirl says to BGG(1:48 PM):

hope you feel better soon!!

larrykn says to BGG(1:48 PM):

hope you feel better soon, that couch idea sounds good I think I'll try that too :D

subgirl says to larrykn(1:50 PM):

:D have a great nap!!

larrykn says(1:50 PM):

bbl have a great day all , :)

(1:52 PM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

(2:04 PM)dale was kicked out by dale!

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