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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Thursday 9/22/16 - Part 3

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 3 - Featuring rcookie

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:35 AM):

Good morning! Thank you for all the news :)

Okie Dinar says to MrsBGG(11:36 AM):

Good morning Mrs. BGG! Hope your day is going well :) (L)

rcookie says(11:37 AM):

Jubouri: Parliament does not seek to disrupt the work of the government

Thursday , 22 September 2016 11:17

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Thursday, that the parliament does not seek in any way to obstruct the government's work, noting he is free Pachtaarath is not affected by this or the other.

Jubouri said in a speech during the celebration of the House of Representatives on the occasion of Eid al-Ghadeer and pursued Alsumaria News, "The role of the House of Representatives at this critical juncture and delicate stems from the feeling Palmsalah to achieve the role assigned by the Constitution to form a new style of performance," he said, adding that "that Alldorla based on a policy of delay or hesitation. it is the initiative and foot to serve the homeland and the citizen."

He said al-Jubouri, "The House of Representatives has proven to be a free choice and his will without influence from this side or that," noting that "the Council's past to achieve more control projects put on the agenda in accordance with the public interest and within the national priority to support the government's work and instructs and payable in the framework of integration on the one hand and Alvsalb between the authorities on the other. "

He stressed Jubouri, "The House of Representatives is not in any way seek to obstruct the work of the government, but its support in accordance with the Constitution and the law, in addition to achieving the principle of transparency, quality and achievement."

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri in (16 August 2016) called, officials in the executive branch, the "interest of their duties and not to interfere in the legislative and judicial branches of both institutions."

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:37 AM):

GM OKIE!!....YVW..

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:38 AM):

House of Representatives during its session today ended the first reading of three laws (Details)

22-09-2016 02:54 PM Hits: 633

Orbit News -

A parliamentary source said on Thursday that the House of Representatives ended its regular during the first reading of the three laws.

The source said in a press statement, said that 'the House of Representatives completed the first reading of the draft Financial Management Act (Article 53), as well as the first reading of the proposed first amendment to the law of the Iraqi Media Network Code'.

The source added that the 'Parliament also completed the report and discuss the exemption of foreign companies and foreign contractors subcontractors law in licensing rounds decades of fees'.

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:39 AM):


rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:39 AM):


Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:39 AM):


Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:39 AM):

How many readings do they have to do?

SRW says to rcookie(11:40 AM):


(11:40 AM)Check out the "Current Iraq NEWS" Thread in the Forum - http://www.dinarupdates.com/forumdis...rent-Iraq-NEWS - All News - ALL DAY LONG!!

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:40 AM):

I'm sure that has been asked many times before :)

rcookie says(11:41 AM):


rcookie says(11:41 AM):

MPs: meeting next Saturday will see the seats a decision to maintain the administrative borders of Nineveh

Political Since 22/09/2016 14:28 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

MPs from the province of Nineveh, on Thursday, revealed that next Saturday will see the issue in the Parliament decision to maintain the administrative border of their wallets.

The MP said Abdul Rahman Alloizi at a joint news conference with MPs Ahmed al-Jubouri, and Abd al-Rahim al-Shammari and attended / balances News / We "We made a formal request signed by 100 members of Parliament to the Presidency of the Parliament in session yesterday for the purpose of discussing the mounting calls for the division of the province of Nineveh."

Alloizi He added that "the Presidency and promised to include this paragraph on the agenda, as parliament speaker Salim al pledged their inclusion in the session on Saturday."

Among Alloizi that "representatives of the House of Representatives for Nineveh province, are seeking to pass a resolution of the House of Representatives includes maintaining the borders of the province of Nineveh administrative Ptksamadtha in all regions and villages, districts and areas dated 03.19.2003," explaining that "it was stressed to the Presidency the need to identify the nearest date and the best of what can be ".anthy

From: Flaih slain

Okie Dinar says to rcookie(11:42 AM):

(y) Thank you!! :):-*

rcookie says(11:42 AM):


rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:42 AM):


rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:43 AM):


rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:43 AM):


Scotzgirl says to rcookie(11:44 AM):

Awesome, as fast as they're working you'd think they had someplace they wanted to get to :)

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(11:44 AM):

Parliament discusses the exempt companies from finance charges Code

economic Number of Views: 50 22/09/2016 14:22

National Center Brief / NNC - Council of Representatives of Iraq began discussing the exemption of foreign companies and foreign subcontractors Law contractors in licensing rounds decades of fees.

A source said that "if the House of Representatives approved a law will exempt most of the foreign companies and foreign contractors under contract with the central government from finance charges.

rcookie says to Scotzgirl(11:45 AM):


Scotzgirl says to rcookie(11:46 AM):

Just listened to last night's call - great news presented without hype - only at DU! Thanks to everyone involved...

rcookie says(11:47 AM):


rcookie says(11:47 AM):


Okie Dinar says to Scotzgirl(11:48 AM):

(y) Agreed! :)

(11:49 AM)jeffjane changed nickname to jjon!

Canucklady says(11:49 AM):

Dont forget you are one of those Rock Star too MR rcookie

Okie Dinar says to Canucklady(11:50 AM):


jeffjane says to rcookie(11:50 AM):

How long do you think it will take from now until the 2nd reading?

rcookie says(11:55 AM):


jeffjane says to rcookie(11:55 AM):


rcookie says(11:56 AM):


rcookie says(11:56 AM):

Protect the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq attack on a cadre of US channel

Thursday 22-09-2016 | 1:48:15

Twilight News / defense of the freedom of the press association announced on Thursday presented a cadre Hurra Iraq in Baghdad, was attacked by elements of the protection of the central bank governor on the Keywords, during their coverage of the concert at the National Theatre on Wednesday.

Assembly quoted product news channel (Free Iraq) Raad Karim, said that "a cadre channel component of messaging Aestbrq Hassan and cameraman Mohammad Muzaffar and assistant cameraman Omar Hassan, were subjected to beatings and verbal abuse and cracking some of their equipment Moalla by members protecting the central bank governor on the Keywords after they tried to shoot backstage, knowing they Asthsaloa approval theater staff, "pointing out that the protection of members of the bank's governor, tried to prevent staff from filming, and rejected all explanations given by their colleagues about the nature of their mission.

He added that staff have for what they have suffered from the attack withdrew, and non-interference by any party official in the theater to Hmyatem.

That the defense of freedom of the press association, condemned the attack to protect the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on a cadre free channel, and demands that the security authorities to hold accountable individuals protection aggressors and bring them to justice, and to compensate the channel instead of the crash of the equipment.

Also it calls on the Keywords apologize for what happened from abusive behavior by personal bodyguards.

And carrying Assembly, Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, is responsible for attacks against journalists are constantly at the hands of the protections of officials, Kamilecat who act outside the law, which has not taken any action in this regard, despite repeated calls for him.

rcookie says(11:58 AM):


rcookie says(11:59 AM):

Parliamentary Finance: negotiations with the International Monetary Fund will not be affected by the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari

By Samarra satellite channel 22/09/2016 11:44 | Number of Views: 1730 font size: Decrease font Enlarge font

Parliamentary Finance: negotiations with the International Monetary Fund will not be affected by the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari

Confirmed member of the Finance Committee MP pros Hamadoun on Thursday that negotiations with the International Monetary Fund after the parliament 's decision to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , head of the delegation negotiating with the parties for the purpose of obtaining financial loan to cover the deficit in the fiscal budget for 2017 , the percentage will not be affected.

The MP said that the Iraqi delegation consists of several characters that can clog the place of head of the Iraqi delegation , Hoshyar Zebari , including the central bank governor and the head of the FSA during the meetings to be held with the IMF delegation in Amman , Jordan.

According to the deputy prime minister that he can work on a candidate technocrats in coordination with the Kurdistan Democratic Party , he served as Minister of Finance and not to rely on the process of filling the positions of sovereign in the agency.

The economists had expected for confusion in the upcoming meetings of the Iraqi delegation with the International Monetary Fund after the parliament 's decision to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Finance , who is the head of the negotiating team.

rcookie says(12:08 PM):

Parliamentary: people, including close to Abadi auction currency obtained all of them on the billion dinars Day

Thursday 22-09-2016 | 1:13:25

Twilight News / demanded MP Alia Nassif reform front on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi implementation of reforms in the Central Bank of Iraq and put an end to the depletion of the Iraqi people's money through currency auction, which includes countless individuals reaping huge profits on a daily basis.

Said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that "the auction currency is controlled by a limited number of characters, brokers and bankers, if the owner of the bank does not have sufficient funds to buy the currency a powerful come and deliver the necessary funds and ask him to buy the currency and take her to himself," indicating that "these people who are blinded by greed liked this way of quick profit, as each one of them gets a billion dollars per day. "

She added that "we have the names of these persons and information about them and their joint banks in these operations, and recently entered the on-line political figures close to the prime minister and opened banks and are carrying on the same work, for example, they are buying the currency on Thursday and sells them on Sunday and get the outrageous profits."

He showed that "al-Abadi was chairman of the Finance Committee and assumes that Atkhvy him such a dangerous practices deplete the Iraqi economy through the currency auction, and therefore it speed up the treatment of the subject by opening more than one port to sell the currency and the implementation of radical reforms at the central bank, the better for him to take the initiative himself the implementation of reforms rather than the storm come before the House of Representatives, and if the reforms came from the House of Representatives would be so flawed against the cabinet. "

rcookie says(12:09 PM):


(12:10 PM)BUCK was kicked out by BUCK!

rcookie says(12:16 PM):


rcookie says(12:16 PM):

Minister of Industry: the need for foreign investment in Iraq , and we seek to develop relations with China

logo jumhuriya

Minister of Industry: the need for foreign investment in Iraq, and we seek to develop relations with China

Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:01:16

# Algmehorah_uz

Called on the Minister of Industry and Agency Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani Chinese companies to invest in Iraq, stressing that, the desire of the central government in the completion of the industrial cities in the governorates of Sudan, pointing out that we are seeking to develop a privileged relationship with the Republic of China in various fields.

Sudan said in a statement that "the industrial cities will be one of the priorities of the joint action for the next phase, stressing that the government is trying to revitalize the industry and investment in Iraq in various fields through the implementation of strategies and plans aimed at optimum utilization of the resources owned by the factories available and laboratories has or through cooperation joint with foreign companies wishing to invest in Iraq. "

He pointed out that "Iraq linking a privileged relationship with the Republic of China through joint action in various fields and there is a joint committee between the two sides includes several ministries and institutions concerned with the development of that relationship and development in the industry and investment, noting that the two countries have many files in this side are being studied at the Prime Minister's visit to the Republic of China's most important with regard to the construction of industrial cities in a number of provinces. "

The statement added that "the Iraqi government is a strong desire to complete the industrial cities in the provinces pointing out that the meeting included to provide the Chinese side a detailed report on the plans and rates of achievement reached by the Iraqi side about the industrial cities to be presented to the Chinese companies that have the willingness and the desire to enter and invest in these cities and developed ".

Okie Dinar says(12:16 PM):

:D (y)

rcookie says(12:17 PM):


rcookie says(12:19 PM):

Iraqi forces liberated the city of Sharqat fully

ARAB WORLD 22/09/2016 14:04 (Updated 14:31 09/22/2016) Copy the link 1 159 1 0 Confirmed media war in Iraq cell official, Mohammed Awhitati, the day that Iraqi forces managed to free Sharqat northern city of Salahuddin province on Thursday. He Awhitati for "Sputnik": "Iraqi security forces free Sharqat northern Salahuddin province fully." The Iraqi forces have also been able Earlier Thursday edit meal island belongs to the island Baghdadi western Anbar morning and the terrorist organization had inflicted heavy losses.

إقرأ المزيد: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c

Okie Dinar says(12:19 PM):

That's good!

rcookie says(12:21 PM):

Biden Ebadi: Everyone told us that any move to liberate Mosul have your agreement


Politician Number of Views: 3 22/09/2016 20:16

He told US Vice President Joseph Biden, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi through Qaimha in New York that Washington had "notified everyone that the battle to liberate Iraq Mosul, no one moves, even if the intent to help, but with your agreement," referring to Turkey.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Office said Abadi met in New York Biden "During the meeting we discussed strengthening relations between the two countries and expand horizons in many fields, including training, arming and intelligence cooperation and the economy were also discussed preparations for the Liberation of Mosul."

He said Biden, according to the Iraqi statement "his country's commitment to support the Iraqi government headed by al-Abadi and let us know everyone that the battle to liberate Iraq Mosul, no one moves, even if the purpose of aid without the approval of al-Abadi."


rcookie says(12:25 PM):


Okie Dinar says to rcookie(12:26 PM):

That should be interesting :)

rcookie says(12:26 PM):

UNDP announces send anti - corruption investigators to Iraq next week

Thursday , 22 September 2016 18:45

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

United Nations Development Programme, announced Thursday, sending investigators in the field of anti-corruption next week to Iraq after the signing of a memorandum of understanding in this area last month, as he emphasized his intention to create a fund to support the reforms carried out by the Iraqi government.

Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, "The Prime Minister met in New York, the United Nations Development Programme Helen Clark," noting that "The meeting discussed preparations for operations edit Mosul, especially in the humanitarian side."

Clark, according to the statement, "write investigators in the field of anti-corruption next week after the signing of a memorandum of understanding in this area with Iraq last month," pointing out that "the program will coordinate the establishment of the reforms carried out by the Iraqi government support fund."

The Abadi Office announced (11 August 2016), Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to engage the international investigators in the "big files of corruption."

(12:26 PM)garygs415 was kicked out by garygs415!

rcookie says(12:27 PM):


Okie Dinar says to rcookie(12:27 PM):

(y) I love that word :D

rcookie says to Okie Dinar(12:31 PM):


rcookie says(12:31 PM):


Okie Dinar says to rcookie(12:34 PM):


(12:40 PM)Be sure to join the Dinar Updates “private” FaceBook Group… https://www.facebook.com/groups/571383766355188/ (go here and ask to join… then add some Dinar Friends!!)

Nomad says(12:41 PM):

rcookie...no we are all flabergasted...but very happy!

workhard says to rcookie(12:41 PM):

Thank you Mr. Cookie some of us are still awake partially :)

workhard says to rcookie(12:43 PM):

You've been on roll since morning WOW!!!!!

Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:44 PM):


Okie Dinar says to workhard(12:44 PM):


Nomad says(12:44 PM):

rcookie is bringing it home!!!

Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:45 PM):

YES! :)

Elane says(12:46 PM):

Just got here I need to read up to see what the excitement is about

Okie Dinar says to Elane(12:47 PM):

(y) GM!

Elane says to Okie Dinar(12:47 PM):

Good morning Okie Dinar

(12:47 PM)jetset was kicked out by jetset!

Elane says to Okie Dinar(12:48 PM):

Not soaking it in... up half thenight .. friends dad passed

Okie Dinar says to Elane(12:48 PM):

I'm so sorry! Prayers for you all!

Elane says(12:49 PM):

Thanks OkieD.

Okie Dinar says to Elane(12:51 PM):

You're welcome(L)

Nomad says(12:52 PM):

Sorry to hear that...rcookie is reporting...Keywords bodyguards are kicking butt and smashing camera equipment...Biden is telling "everyone" you don't make a move on Mousal unless you check with Abadi and the UN

Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:52 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:53 PM):

OOPS! Thank youso much!! :)

Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:53 PM):

Apparently I can't type (Tp)

Nomad says(12:53 PM):

Ha ha ha trying to multi task...didn't work...

Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:54 PM):


Midell says to Okie Dinar(12:54 PM):

Are you the same as Okie the Oil man?

Okie Dinar says to Midell(12:55 PM):

Nope :) I'm a lady... who lives in Oklahoma :)

Nomad says(12:55 PM):

So, beside the miss spellings...UN investigators are coming to Iraq to check on corruption...they are rockin & rolling!

Midell says to Okie Dinar(12:56 PM):

o, ok

Midell says to Okie Dinar(12:56 PM):

Thank you

Okie Dinar says to Midell(12:56 PM):

Had I known about any other Okie when I started my account I would have picked a different name :D

Okie Dinar says to Midell(12:56 PM):

You're welcome!

Okie Dinar says to Nomad(12:57 PM):

Yes, they are! Moving very quickly too, IMO!

Midell says to Okie Dinar(12:57 PM):


Okie Dinar says to Midell(12:58 PM):


(1:02 PM)1glen was kicked out by 1glen!

(1:04 PM)clay changed nickname to .VIP.clay!

Nomad says(1:04 PM):

BBL, I will yield my space to someone who knows how to use this keyboard!!!!

Nomad says(1:07 PM):

However, I am good at lurking....

Okie Dinar says(1:08 PM):


clay says(1:09 PM):

Nomad welcome to lurking (lol)

Okie Dinar says to clay(1:10 PM):


clay says to Okie Dinar(1:11 PM):


jetset says(1:26 PM):

Good afternoon, to all!

Okie Dinar says to jetset(1:29 PM):

Hi Jetset! How are you today?

loop says(1:32 PM):

Zebari Roudao: smuggled money of up to 9 billion dollars and al-Jubouri was involved in al-Maliki planned anti-government By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw 32 minutes ago

هوشيار زيباري

Hoshyar Zebari

Roudao - Erbil

Finance Minister of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, on Thursday, September 22.2016, the smuggled money abroad up to $ 9 billion, pointing out that there are planned against the current Iraqi government is implemented by a coalition of state law in order to make it fail.

Zebari said the network Roudao media, said that "the Kurdistan Democratic Party targeted by a coalition of state law is not new," he said. "Certainly there are clear attempts to target the Kurdistan Democratic Party, but will not sack me weaken President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani."

He said Zebari, "attended the interrogation session and answered all questions honestly because I am not afraid and I have nothing to hide," noting that "some Kurdish deputies tried to transfer the internal problems of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad."

He went Finance Minister said, "unconstitutional breach occurred in the sack me, the process carried out by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in collusion with a coalition of state law," pointing out that it "did not separate the two sessions of the sunbed and vote on conviction answers only 24 hours."

He emphasized that the scheme "is applied by al-Maliki motivated by hatred and revenge to thwart the current government and al-Jubouri was involved in this game," stressing that "al-Maliki project parliament uses the boss to achieve the goals of the illicit but this plan would eliminate the al-Jubouri also in the end."

He explained that "corrupt profiting from the status quo because we stand by our general corruption," revealing that "the money smuggled abroad through one of the small banks of up to $ 9 billion."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, voted on Wednesday, 21/09/2016 majority vote to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Finance centrist Democratic Party of Kurdistan, after not being content with the answers he made at a meeting held on 25.08.2016 in response to questions asked by the Prime bloc efficiencies - a close associate of al-Maliki Haitham al-Jubouri, on charges of corruption issues but Zebari confirms that the dismissal of targets for the purpose of political revenge.


Ame says(1:32 PM):

but Officer this is NOT a no parkling zone

Okie Dinar says to loop(1:33 PM):

Thank you Loop for the news :)

clay says to jetset(1:33 PM):

hey buddy

clay says to loop(1:33 PM):

good to see ya

loop says(1:33 PM):

Looks like the fat man is singing the blues

clay says to loop(1:33 PM):


loop says to clay(1:34 PM):


clay says to loop(1:34 PM):


loop says to Okie Dinar(1:34 PM):


clay says to loop(1:34 PM):

news lookin good

jackflash101st says(1:34 PM):


clay says to jackflash101st(1:35 PM):

good to see u 2 lol

clay says to jackflash101st(1:35 PM):

is that your cat

loop says to clay(1:35 PM):

I agree. THey keep getting things done.

clay says to loop(1:35 PM):

thats all we can ask for

_firefly_ says(1:37 PM):

It is Done !

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