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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 9/14/16 - Part 4

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 4 - Featuring tman23

(8:37 PM)MrsBGG was kicked out by MrsBGG!

wymutt says(9:06 PM):

has anyone heard from jarhead?

wymutt says(9:06 PM):

just wondering if he found a job yet?

subgirl says to wymutt(9:07 PM):

not for a while?

wymutt says(9:07 PM):


subgirl says to wymutt(9:07 PM):

yw :)

karonshaye says(9:08 PM):

George W was president when I bought first Dinars.

subgirl says to karonshaye(9:08 PM):

a loooong time ago huh? lol

magnetlady says(9:09 PM):

karonshaye, that has been a while.

(9:13 PM)sassy was kicked out by sassy!

subgirl says(9:13 PM):

Sisi: We seek to set up a joint military operations room with Iraq to counter Daesh

The number of visits: 3268 Published on: 14/9/2016, 19:49 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that Egypt stands by Iraq in its war against {Daesh} criminal, while pointing out that there are efforts to form a Chamber of joint military operations between Iraq and Egypt to face Daesh, noting that Iraq is fighting Daesh behalf of the Arab countries must be supported Arab triggering differences within the Iraqi political forces.

And be annexed Sisi in a newspaper interview that "Egypt is ready to provide military assistance and advice to the Iraqi Army and work on the training of Iraqi security forces on the streets, the style of war."

He pointed out that "Iraq faces Daesh extremist groups 13 years ago when it defends the Arab countries must stand with him and nappy its unity and help the Baghdad government in the restoration of the internal problems and address them."

"The Daesh in Iraq, heinous crimes painful and showed brutal size when elements of the criminal organization that seeks to discredit Islam through his bloody crimes spread terror among civilians."

And between Sisi "Egypt is fully prepared to support Alaesideat who suffered Daesh at them in the north of Mosul, one of the 21 crimes, which is supposed to be surpassed by historians and writers of history and Evgahoa in front of these crimes long and expressive pause and drafting security formulation to illustrate the size of the crime level in a handicap items that belong to Daesh rose President Sisi Rih on the popular crowd-Sisi he said, "We in Egypt respect the will of the brotherly Iraqi people and groups popular crowd forces which operate under the umbrella of the Iraqi government and law-abiding."

He pointed out that "since assuming the presidency of the government in Egypt, we took an end and a key decision is to support the legitimacy of Iraq and support the elected government does not interfere in political action, so the gates of Egypt is open to all Iraqis and will not stand with any Saaash force against another nor with the sect against another, nor with any strong We are against the other with everyone except the Iraqis, who joined Daesh .waljmaat

karonshaye says(9:13 PM):

I'm 75 yrs don't need the money but it's fun to dream about helping others.

magnetlady says(9:14 PM):

karonshaye I'll be 72 next month and I agree

kalis says(9:15 PM):

i just like like being part of this .

kalis says(9:19 PM):

there are a lot of hurting people out who needs money that do not even know about this dinar

kalis says(9:19 PM):

people today have not set themself up .

kalis says(9:22 PM):

50 plus males are highest suicide rate . A lot of them are buy life insurance and after 2 years offing themself i was reading . same as older people they just can make it on what the earn or retirement . it is sad that this country has become this

BGG says to kalis(9:27 PM):

It is so sad.

BGG says to kalis(9:27 PM):

I completely agree with you on that score.

subgirl says(9:28 PM):

There are a lot of people who are hurting... and I do think that God wants us to help them... We are so fortunate to be in this investment... We are watching history being made in Iraq!!! just keep remembering that... It is very exciting to watch Iraq rebuild their country!

subgirl says(9:30 PM):

Listen to all the calls and really hear what is being said on the news!

loop says(9:35 PM):

Here is an OP ED piece from the Kitbat news site.

loop says(9:35 PM):

The fiscal deficit for the Iraqi budget!

Khaled Qaraghouli

Thursday , 15th September 0.2016

In previous did not occur in any country in the world , rather than Iraqi Minister of Finance comes out a beautiful statement to coincide with the celebration of the Muslim Eid Al Adha .. Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Iraq will suffer in 2017 from a deficit estimated at 27 billion dollars and it is anticipated chaos pervades Iraq from end to end!

This statement can not be official of the national government to declare it to the media but is hostile to permit the deliberate divide the ranks of Iraqis needy and remind them that disasters await them in the near future .. and of course this does not affect the near or far to the members of the Iraqi government and state officials and members of the House of Representatives because they have prepared in advance the kit and they prepared their own affairs and kept balances inside and outside Iraq protect them from the evil of deficits and inflation .. the strange thing is that a minister like this bear was supposed to be the initiator reassure people on what will be attached to their from the scourge of disasters and problems that the good news chaos would be extended to Iraq .. and it looks like the answer is simple Vozyr Finance is still threatened with expulsion from the ministerial cabin so pre - empted and rushed things and reveal the true cover political career and his hostility to Iraq and its people .. The subject of impotence and chaos is funny because Iraq is already suffering and since 2003 chaos not seen her country in the world ever seen new so where, while the fiscal deficit for the Iraqi budget if this bear was not at the head of the Ministry of Finance and his wrong and his actions mysterious between the central government and the government of the province to the Iraqis plagued by the scourge of poverty and helplessness .. and , God willing , and in response to Zebari 2017 will be a year of safety and security and prosperity for all Iraqis except for bears!

loop says(9:36 PM):

in response to Zebari 2017 will be a year of safety and security and prosperity for all Iraqis except for bears!

loop says(9:37 PM):

Seems like Khaled Qaraghouli thinks the fat man (Zebari) is singing the wrong tune.

subgirl says to loop(9:50 PM):

hey there loop :) thanks for the news!

(10:02 PM)Canucklady was kicked out by Canucklady!

magnetlady says(10:07 PM):

loop I caught that too, except for bears. ???? wow

magnetlady says(10:10 PM):

OK subby, I think that's it for me. Can't stop yawning. (smile)

magnetlady says(10:10 PM):

Think I need to hit the old sack.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:10 PM):

ok take it easy and have a great night :)

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:10 PM):

Good night :)

magnetlady says(10:14 PM):

You too.

subgirl says to magnetlady(10:16 PM):

thank you :)

(10:43 PM)magnetlady changed nickname to *.MOD.magnetlady!

subgirl says(10:55 PM):


(10:57 PM)matt was kicked out by matt!

tman23 says(10:59 PM):

It has been said that Zebari will be gone..... BUT there was a deal made with the Kurds for the termination of Zebari's position as Minister of Finance........ AND although they accuse Zebari of stealing money from Iraq as Finance Minister ........remember this....... When he took the office Iraq was BROKE.....AND in several articles......BANKRUPT........ There was no money to steal, the country went into a state of austerity....... Hero Talibani is fighting with the Barzani family and the PUK has divided as well as a division of several Kurd factions.....Anbar is drawing a line down the middle as these Sunni tribes are split.... Baghdad has not paid Kirkut since 2014 and Kirkut is wanting to become a part of Kurdistan now..... I would would not take Zebari words with a grain of salt...... Sure hope he is wrong !!!

jetset says(11:00 PM):

i personally don't think zebari is going anywhere...JMO

tman23 says to jetset(11:13 PM):

I thought the same thing....... except for the rumors in Kurdistan that say a deal has been reached with Baghdad for the termination of Zebari...... This is far from over with these political groups....... What next ??

jetset says(11:15 PM):

are you saying that the deal has been reached in the last few days because it was the Kurds who prevented the vote to remove zebari from going forward last thursday...

tman23 says to jetset(11:21 PM):

That is what is being said by members inside the KDP........ A deal was made....... Tomorrow will be the tell all

tman23 says to jetset(11:26 PM):

Remember..... Abadi wanted to replace Zebari as part of his reform.... The Kurds threatened to completely withdraw if he did such as Kurds positions were being minimized and not having the 17% as written in the constitution.....

jetset says(11:28 PM):

it is getting very, very interesting, that is for sure!

tman23 says to jetset(11:29 PM):

A Kurd as Finance Minister worked as Kurds knew the truth about Baghdad finances....... If there is no one to watch the hen house and count the eggs......Barzani is not going to take Abadis' word or any Shias word.....Which IMO......would mean a deal where as Kurds are heading their own way.......

tman23 says to jetset(11:37 PM):

In a dramatic development, Hero Ibrahim Ahmed called on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Aug. 19 to stop the country’s export of oil from Kirkuk and followed up with a Sept. 7 letter to Abadi criticizing an oil revenue-sharing agreement between Erbil and Baghdad, which she said was made without consulting the PUK. She also denied being involved in any attempts to export Kirkuk oil through Iran...... THE TALIBANI FAMILY IS SO DIRTY AND CORRUPT......JAMAL IS "WEEKEND AT BERNIES" AS THEY PROP HIM UP AND USE HIS CARCUS FOR THEIR POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL GAINS......

jetset says(11:40 PM):

it's somewhat surprising to me that the kurds would agree to remove zebari... that is their guy.

jetset says(11:40 PM):

i've certainly been hearing a lot about the talibani shenanigans

tman23 says to jetset(11:47 PM):

Hero is a wicked witch..... Sulaimaya where PUK is home is where the russian plane with arms was headed a year ago.......remember the manifest said 4 tons of cigarettes !! It is also where the CBI first quit supplying IQD aand NO DOLLARS........ Then comes the story of Hero trucking out oil to Iran...... Just a few days ago there were 23 oil tanker trucks destroyed by air force ...... these were PUK trucks.....said to be in ISIS hands......LOL.......But had been operating out of Kirkut......

subgirl says(11:58 PM):

time to say Good night!

Okie Dinar says(11:58 PM):

Good night Subby :)

subgirl says(11:58 PM):

Good night okie :)

End of Wednesday's Chat Log
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